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Since we can’t stop you cunts banging on about the crock of shit that is Qatar 2022, here’s a page you can use to stop you polluting the site.

Anything posted on this subject elsewhere will be binned without mercy.

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  1. How important it is to pace yourself for the whole tournament.
    All the virtue- signallers have got of the block in timely as it were. But have they shot their bolt?

    People like Gareth, Neville, Lineker can’t really keep repeating the same thing.
    See are it not looking for the long game.

    You need stamina to be so self righteous for 3 weeks.
    It takes it out of you.

    And the actual football be itself is gettng intresting. You never know but in the we end this tournament might turn out to be about what happens on the pitch.

  2. Mexico v Poland was pure pish, mon. I actually hope that the Saudis got through. They have tonnes of fans there and if the go through they will be bouncing, rocking the casbah!

    Australia were quite shite in the qualifiers, United Arab Emirates almost outplayed them and I wanted Peru to beat Ozzies in the play-offs, but they won on pens. Havinf said that, the Ozzies seem pumped and they are used to playing in the Middle East now that they are in the Asian confederation due to being way to good to play New Zealand, Solomon Islands, etc. In 2026 there will be a gauruntedd place for the Oceania confederation so the Solomon Islands and Fiji will be determined to outscore the Kiwis. Solomon Islands, there’s a weird as fuck country. Wife-beating it pretty much legal there, yikes.

    I hope France get to the Semis against Croatia and the Croats get revenge for 2018.
    Be cool to see a first-time winner at this one.

    • Great pass, great finish.

      France have another player croaked, fuck me. Not going well for them. It’s like 2002 all over again. Defending champions always have a hard time of it.

    • Oooh! Ozzies almost equalized! If they regroup at half time and don’t concede they could sneak a draw here. France still look tasty, though.

      • 67 mins: France 3 – 1 Australia

        That’s it over. Ozzies played well, but France always come at you, they never slack off. I’ll be very surprised of Denmark don’t get through. They didn’t click today against Tunisia who are an average side, but they’ll surely come good in this.

    • Utd and Ronaldo diplomatically parting ways on the same day the Glazers look to sell. Coincidence?

      I think the spotlight CR7 shone on the shit show that is Utd has prompted this. Good on ya, mate.

      • Ronnie is a bona fide hero and the top bollocks.

        I found nothing wrong whatsoever with what he had to say. (only that he chose a cunt like Piers Morgan). Manchester radio has been balanced about his departure, with the majority sorry to see him go. There was, of course, the odd bluenose knobhead reveling in the news. Even now, they are such sad United obsessed cunts. People saying he shouldn’t have spoken about Ten Hag the way he did. Why the fuck not? If he genuinely did piss off Ronaldo, then the lad is entitled to say so.

        The national coverage (Radio 5 Live, Talksport) was a sprinkling of clueless mongs. Knobhelmets going on about how Cristiano has ‘disrepsected the the club’ and also the fans. The club at this time is a shitshow. A skidmark on the undercrackers of football. Those Glazer turds needed calling out. And I have never heard Ronaldo say a word against United supporters ever. But it is never beens like that thick sambeau off Radio 5 (Clinton something) that spout this shite. Not hardcore reds who appreciate what Ronaldo has done for United.

        Also, where did all these Ten Hag groupies come from? Why so eager to suck up to this manager? Where were all these cunts when that fuck Pogba was costing Mourinho his job? Where were they when Louis was sacked after the Cup Final? Is it because it’s Ronaldo, and the attention seeking twats want their fifteen minutes? I think so….

        If the Glazer weirdos do fuck off (if it’s true),it cannot come soon enough. For financially raping Sir Matt Busby’s dream and vision, I hope all the ugly Florida Freaks fry in Hell for eternity, the cunts. Also, Fergie needs to answer for letting the cunts into the place…

        Anyway, to Cristiano Ronaldo.The last Manchester United legend.👏👏👏

      • Morning Norman.

        It’s Clinton Morrison you speak of.

        The cunt I love to hate the most.

        This man is absolutely fucking everywhere on every platform imaginable, spouting his ill informed low IQ shit.
        There is no escape from Clinton fucking Morrison.
        Put the telly on – he’s on there.
        Put the radio – he’s on there.
        Who even is he? Irish apparently.

        He knows next to fuck all about anything whatsoever but he has that trendy accent that all media companies seem to love plus he wears his CV on his skin.

      • Without Fergje’s ego the takeover wouldn’t even have happened. Arguably the greatest manager of all time but yeah, he has to take a lot of the blame as well.

      • Fergie refused to talk to supporters groups just before the Glazer takover. And he was ‘advised’ by his dodgy agent son (the one that was on Panorama) to welcome the Glazers, and so he did. He gave it all this bullshit about ‘protecting people’s jobs’ at the club. From the man who ruthlessly sacked everyone from Whiteside and McGrath to Keane and Van Nistelrooy. And his sickening ‘no value in the market’ statement because the Glazers wouldn’t shell out on players. While City nabbed Kompany, Silva, De Bruyne, and Aguero under our noses. It was a slow process, but the owners came with one intention, to bleed United dry. And Fergie knew that, the rotten old cunt.

      • I wonder which despotic regime or dodgy businessman will be in the frame to buy Utd?

        The tiddlywinks? Qataris? Saudis? They will be right at home in the PL.

    • Cunts like Clinton Morrison (an utter knob) and the do anything to get on the telly not from Manchester modern ‘fan’ mongs, saying that Ronalso has ‘tainted his legacy’? Complete bollocks.

      First of all, what cunting legacy? He is a footballer. A damn fine footballer, but a fooballer, that’s it. He played for us, did really great. Left us, then came back, and it didn’t work out. Ronaldo owes United or it’s fans nothing. If anything, they owe him. Some clueless P@k! or Nigeiran cunt, or some knob from Dublin or Essex telling us what a bad boy Ronnie is? Get to fuck, you retards….

      Also, George Best (RIP) fucked United and a few managers about much more than Ronaldo ever did. But I still love him as a player, and my memories of him are not tainted. These cunts have no clue. We were lucky to have both Best and Ronaldo. Because we won’t see their like again.

      • Oh, and if the Glazers do finally fuck off for good, expect a load of collaborators and aoolytes to do a massive turn around and give it all the ‘I never liked them really’ and ‘I thought it was for the best interests of the club’. A bit like the Krauts at the Nuremberg Trials. The excuses from management like Fergie and Gill, and MUTV crawlers like Macari and Crerand should be very interesting….🤔

  3. I wouldn’t want similar bosses to the shitihad factory who will eventually slide down the old coal pit shaft in Bradford, that would be cheating. Much the same as in the era of Ferguson, without the selfishness of those thieving fucking yankie bastards.

  4. In past World Cups, the employers of Jimmy Savile, would have the option of crowd sound only. Similar to sounds coming from Jimmy’s gaff.

  5. Remember the ludicrous “daylight” for offside. Do you think VAR’s “gnats dicky” just as ridiculous or fair. Drop a note in a bottle. Someone might be arsed.

  6. Japan 2 – 1 Germany

    Amazing victory for the Japanese! Great second goal. Germany looked rattled in the second half. Japan have often been unlucky in the World Cup, but this could be the one where they get to the Quarters. First the Saudis now the Samurais!
    Get in there! 😀

    The goals (90 second clip):

    • Shocking that the Argentinians and Germans both shat the bed. I had a feeling that the Asian nations would do well, but never expected these performances results.

      • People always forget that Japan and Saudi Arabia have a huge football culture. Hell, I didn’t realise how big it was in Saudi myself until recently.

      • Argentina AND Germany losing their opening games. Has Sunak slipped their leaders a couple of backhanders?

    • And Wokegate has already declared that England won’t be doing the same thing as he knows that the British public wouldn’t stand for such disrespect of the national anthem.
      Somebody should point out that if you’re going to copy the Yanks and “take the knee” in homage to some druggie, low life career criminal you’re supposed to do it while the national anthem is playing you cunt. That’s the whole fucking point! Do it properly or shut your fucking cakehole Wokegate!!!

  7. I’m loving all the United lefties wanting Jim Ratcliffe as owner. A big contributor to the Conservative Party and tax exile in Monaco.🤣🙄🤔

  8. Going on his form (or lack of it) for United, How the fuck has Maguire the Mong started for England in Qatar? Only Wokegate would do that. An absolute imbecile.

      • 79 mins: Portugal 3 – 1 Ghana

        Ah fuck it. Ghana made subs that needn’t have and they nodded off. Portugal making it look easy in the past three minutes.

      • Go Portugal. CR7 strikes again! Read it and weep, Utd.

        Worst refereeing performance I’ve seen so far. I could see nothing wrong with CR7’s disallowed goal. The headbutt by the Ghana thug doesn’t get a straight red. So many fouls missed or given to the wrong team. Absolute shit show. Should not ref another game this tournament. Nationality? Yank. Need I say more.

      • Fucking Hell, mon! Should have been 3 – 3 right at the end! That was mental. Ghana and Portugal should have had a player each sent off. How can you headbutt (lightly) a player and only get a yellow card at a World Cup? Players get reds for fuck all these days.

        Brazil v Serbia on next (BBC). Serbia will be going out to win this, Brazil might get a shock just the Gauchos did the other day.

      • That referee should never referee an international match again, what an absolute joke he was. No VAR for the Ronaldo penalty? It was a 50/50 decision of ever there was one. Then the lack of red cards and a general feeling to the ref being a bit dopey and lax.

      • That referee should never referee an international match again, what an absolute joke he was. No VAR for the Ronaldo penalty? It was a 50/50 decision of ever there was one. Then the lack of red cards and a general feeling to the ref being a bit dopey and lax.

  9. 62 mins: Brazil 1 – 0 Serbia
    Richarlison (62)

    A goal from Brazil has been coming all through this match, they just hit the post before this goal. Can’t see Serbia caving, though.

  10. Serbia showed a complete lack of ambition tonight.
    Almost like they were content with a 2-0 defeat.

    Cameroon and more importantly – Switzerland to come.

      • Naturally I have forwarded the report to the Qatar authorities…told them that Gareth Southgate was heard humming an Elton John tune too….hopefully the pair of them will soon become martyrs for the cause.

    • Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike this man any more than I did already.

      I wonder how many elderly people, who will probably die this winter’s heating bills that the price of that gay watch could have helped contribute towards.

      What a brave, fearless and patriotic man Harry Kane is.


      • It really is quite jaw-droppingly distasteful,isn’t it ?….cowardly virtue-signalling allied to a complete lack of class.

    • The greatest outrage about Qatar 2022 is the DEAD WORKERS, not the anti-gayness of an Islamic nation. He’s just picking an easy-to-do virtue-signal. In 2022, being pro-gay is hardly brave, is it? At Italia ’90 it would have been, in the midst of the AIDS crisis, pre-Freddie Mercury sympathy, etc, Liberace jokes still being the rage. Kane is a wazzock. 520,000 quid Rolex! What a cunt. The families of the dead workers in Qatar have received no compensation, no memorial is proposed. Donate 520,000 quid to the families, you decadent diamond-tipped douchebag.

      • Totally agree..but there are few virtue-signalling points to be had in banging on about a load of exploited labourers….whereas Bummer Rights activism is the flavour of the month.

      • If he wasn’t a footballer, Kane would be lucky to get a job in McDonald’s. He makes John Terry look like Isaac Newton and Rio Ferdicunt look like Einstein. I know most footballers (with rare exceptions, like Cruyff and Cantona) aren’t the sharpest fly on the dog turd. But Kane takes it to a totally new level.
        Also, what sort of shamless flash cunt buys and wears a 520k watch? Well, apart from Mongo Kane and Fat Reg, obviously…🙄

      • Footballers never speak out about people trafficking. There’s actually a sub-culture of, ‘football trafficking’ in Africa, Soutb/Central America…

        I’ve never heard of this! I only found out a minute ago when I Googled, ‘footballers people trafficking’. These players are dumb, they don’t know what goes on in the world, they are 100% focused on football, money, status. They do as the F.A. tell them, their agent/PR person tells them. They need to start piping down. “No comment,” is a phrase that need to make a comeback, haven’t herd that phrase in donkeys’ years, it was the boiler-plate response by sports people up until about 2007. Now a celebrity/sports personage has to have a nuanced response to EVERY loaded question they get hit with. Leave them alone, grill the politicians. Remember them, journalists? The people who run the countries? Spend out taxes on shite? No? Politicians! Those men in suits and women in spangly red dresses on BBC News!

    • I simply don’t understand how a fucking watch, of all things, can cost that much and why anybody, no matter how rich (and/or thick) would pay that much. I hope there are a couple of Italians on a moped knocking about.

  11. Slaves don’t matter unless they were owned by whitey two hundred fucking years ago. Arsebandits wearing multi coloured hats and mincing in the street are the new, and far more fashionable, victims.

      • Should flown over – ‘HHHUH!!!” – Tom Jones. With the great man done up as a drag queen with a rainbow-painted leek hanging out his arse, singing, “Sex Bomb” then he detonates a suicide vest.

  12. Thank God that Michael “Iron Mike” Jordan is not on the gridiron for USA with his slam-dunking home-runs with his hockey-stick.

    But seriously, USA aren’t shit these days, they have players playing in England and throughout Europe. Hard as fuck team to score against and their counter-attacking is often excellent.

    • USA playing very well. England look sloppy at times. USA just need to watch going forward and too many players pushing up the field and losing their shape coming back when England counter, Other than that, keep playing like this.

      • Full-time: USA 0 – 0 England

        Great chance at the end for Rainbow Rolex.

        I can’t believe there were no goals in this, there should have been 2 or 3 for USA who played a far better game. England never looked deadly, very average at times, nothing that would scare Ecuador, in the next round never mind France, Brazil, Holland, Spain even Japan, to be honest. Japan harrying England would rattle the crap out of them.

      • USA need to go out and demolish Iran.

        Wales need to go on all-out-attack against England.

        But Iran won’t be a pushover.

        Squeaky-bum-time! 😀

  13. Great result for the Yanks and they could have won it. Why can’t we beat those cunts? It’s a fucking wimminz game in the USA. Obviously Wokegate’s mob of desperate virtue signallers will qualify now. Don’t know who they have got next because I haven’t got the Sun wallchart.
    If I was Harry arsecrawling Kane I wouldn’t put my half a million pound gay watch in the hotel safe. No fucking way. Keep it on your wrist Harry…… can’t trust anyone…….know what I mean?

    • Limeys 0
      Septics 0

      Nobody won. Nobody lost. Nobody’s feelings got hurt. A virtuous time was had by all resulting in a just and equitable outcome for 21st century sports.

      And since there were no cards handed out…yellow, red or rainbow…we can assume nobody got triggered.

      • Great idea General……..rainbow cards for not being gay enough! Immediate six game suspension.

    • It was indeed a bloodless affair. You need killer instinct to be champions. West Germany used to epitomize that, now they are Boy Scouts (no offence to them). Even Holland of the old days had the killer instinct. These days, hardly anyone gets stuck in. Cypriot team Apollon got stuck in at the Champions League. Not hacking violence, just not scared to win it and sin it as we used to say in Scotland!

      I wonder what Argentina v Mexico will be like tomorrow night? Hmm.

      I hope Spain gub Germany on Sunday night and Japan get through and play Belgium, a team they were 2-0 up against in 2018 then let
      them win 2-3, unreal.
      The Japanese, as we know, are the Scots of Asia. 😀

  14. Wokegate will be more bothered about bottybashers than not beating the USA. I tell you, England are on a hiding to nothing with this cunt in charge. And Mongo Kane is fuckng shit. He couldn’t score in Hamburg with ten grand up his arse.

  15. THAT was fucking shite. As much as it pains me to say it, the Yanks played better and looked more interested in actually having a game of football.

    If there were prizes handed out for going sideways and backwards, England would win hands down. Utterly clueless they were. At least when the Yanks got the ball they had a go and tried to attack. England, not so much. This is what happens when Wokegate’s cunts come up against a team that actually wants to give them a game.

    I haven’t watched an England game for several years and today’s shit show is exactly the reason why.

  16. Typical England performance – lots of endeavour in the first 10 minutes and then sat back and pissed about for another 79 minutes before making one final effort in the last couple of minutes.

    Kane was interviewed afterwards and gave the same old rent-a-quotes about not performing and opposition are really strong, and must do better and blah blah blah next please.

    Most of the England players did next to fuck all. No midfield dynamism; the defence failing to pick up opposition players and set pieces; Kane out in the wilderness, Sterling did fuck all; Rashford comes on for 5 minutes and did fuck all. The busiest player was Pickford remonstrating with his shite defence.

    How the fuck Wokegate can pick consistently awful players like Shaw, Maguire and Stones as the back is astonishing. With better finishing the US could have scored 3 or 4 good goals thanks to cunts like Shaw and Slabhead being completely out of their depth again.

    I hope Wales beat England 3-0

    • The players can’t think for themselves (obviously), so their style of play was dictated by the coach. It’s obvious they were told to knock the ball about sideways and backwards, avoid pressing and don’t play any long balls or give the appearance of trying to attack the opposition goal. At least Grealish tried to have a go when he came on, but by that stage the scene had been set and the team wasn’t geared up to lay siege to the Yank goal.

      The subs were overall ineffective and brought on too late. A clear sign Wokegate decided to play a containment game and not risk anything. That might be acceptable if England had already qualified, but not when a win was needed and could have been achieved. In the end, the Yanks were by far the better team (sounds of me vomiting) and could have/should have won that.

      Wokegate is and has been a failure. And WTK (Whale Tongue Kane) is a cunt.

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