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Since we can’t stop you cunts banging on about the crock of shit that is Qatar 2022, here’s a page you can use to stop you polluting the site.

Anything posted on this subject elsewhere will be binned without mercy.

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  1. And here are the results from today’s World Cup games:

    Qatar 0
    Ecuador 2
    Beheadings 12
    Beatings 27
    Public Lashings 55
    Unlawful detainments leading to (ahem) suicide 25
    Gays off tall buildings 7

  2. My dad would drive me mad, watching games with the sound off because he didn’t like the commentator. Started doing it myself now if there’s an excitable woman involved, or as soon as Lineker and the 3 stooges appear. I remember when he started out on tv, in that shitty sports comedy quiz. He was bland, inept and completely unfunny. At least he wasn’t all woke virtue signalling back then, he wore blackface and I seem to recall there were remarks and innuendo with regards to the shirt lifting community. It is possible it was just me shouting homophobic drunken insults at the telly. That happens a lot. Going to the pub for Iran game, might be hard to win if they park the camel. Hoping for some spicy incidents to liven things up, need the fans to get beered up and do their bit.

    • I’ve been sounding off like your father for years, having the volume turned down. I got annoyed with Sly when they ditched the red button choice of just having the atmosphere in the stadium, without the gibbering commentator stating the bleeding obvious, besides the few chosen superlatives available, for letting us know how the ball had crossed the line between the goalposts.

  3. I take it mega cunt Lineker and the rest of the BBC vermin are giving over all their world cup earnings to the dead migrant workers families.

    I’ll wait..

    What’s that I hear..πŸ¦—πŸ¦—πŸ¦—

  4. I hear those bendy kneed bunch of cunts will be making β€˜a gesture’ this afternoon. Fuck me, I hope the virtue signalling wankstains get abducted by the local militia.

      • Of course, the lesson here was ‘Stand up for the rights of the bumders and freaks’ so long as it doesn’t impact us. Oh wait, our self interest is now under threat? OK, forget it then.

        FIFA have made Wokegate an Whale Tongue Kane look like a couple of chumps.

  5. Surely lineachers comments re the cultural differences between us and them are another form of colonial expressionism. One would have thought the fucking money sponge would have realised this. We must respect the customs and beliefs of others.
    What a total cunt again.

  6. How is Kane able to breathe in this heat, with that whale tongue of his. With great difficulty I hope, the darkie loving cunt. People don’t appear to realise, anyone sympathising towards second-rate citizens, are only glad they’re not one themselves, or a guilt complex of wrong doing in their past. Which of the two is it with this lisping lunatic ? Both is my answer.

    No need to reply to my subtly in the Kane and Abel link.

    • I keep hearing that they should build the team around him.

      They only thing they should build around him is a fucking swimming pool.

      The slavering spastic.

      England 1 Iran 2 prediction.

      England captain coming onto the pitch wearing an ‘I love bumming blokes’ armband then taking the knee for black criminals. What a fucking country.

      I hope they get shat on tonight then chased around the pitch by the religious police for slagging off their country and their beliefs.

      • Top marks, Cuntybollocks. I laughed my off and I’m struggling to find them. I’ve just found one under the sofa …. now where’s the other one.

      • They can’t built a team around him, because sowesters aren’t allowed on the football field.

      • How far have England sunk?

        Once we had captains like Moore, Keegan, Brooking, Wilkins, Robson, Adams, and – yes – even Beckham.

        What have we got now? Kane the mong. That is how low England have sunk…

    • Kane is a genuine mouth breather.
      You can see by the shape of his face.

      He’s done well to reach a decent level at sports considering hes never learned to breathe properly.

      I imagine he’s particularly prone to colds and chest infections.

      • This darkie, iron hoof and cripple loving cunt, must also abuse himself with the birch. Have you ever seen him without a top on ?

  7. So the England teams big gesture is take a knee for fentanyl george..
    I’m sure all the dead workers loved ones will appreciate that..

  8. Alex fucking Scott.

    Englandt told to fuck off with the gayness armbands or face bookings so they’re not wearing them.

    However, moon faced, slave owning offspring, Eliza Doolittle, Alex Scott was proudly wearing hers pitchside just now.

    Oh do fuck off love.

    Two sugars and check if there are any Hob Nobs left, there’s a good girl.

  9. There’s almost a whiff of Islamophobia surrounding all this outrage.

    It’s almost like these bed wetting virtue signalling fuckwits have just discovered that Qatar is a strict Islamic country.

    • On one hand I like the peaceful religion.
      On the other I do like the alphabet gang..

      Cue a harry hill style fight at the BBC.

    • This is the problem with virtue-signaling. You can’t virtue-signal to the LBGTQ+ community AND the Muslim community, can you? There are LGBTQ+ Muslim activists, but they fart in a hurricane in the face of the monolithic edifice that is Islam. And you can’t try to chat up the Chinese and Japanese because they HATE black people, or are at least totally apathetic to the struggles of black people.

      That’s why you can’t go wrong in this world by simply saying, “I just look after myself, my family.” No one can debate you on that. πŸ˜€

      • Looking after just yourself and your family???? How fucking selfish and conceited is that? Gosh, the ego on you. It’s all me, me me. 🀣🀣🀣🀣

      • I’ve found that people fall silent when you say that, which is music to my ears these days. Once you try to extend yourself beyond your family, you can end up is right old mess.
        I keep myself life simple. πŸ˜€

  10. Great result for England. This positivity will drive out most of the negativity from the English media.

    This group could end in the points being…

    England 5
    USA 5
    Wales 5
    Iran 0

    … if each teams beats Iran and draws with each other.
    This will probably be the tightest group.
    But who knows…

    • Hopefully these will be the only points Wokeland gets and they’ll be on the plane home before you know it. Come on Yanks and Wales!

      Negativity from the English media you say? As far as I can tell, practically everyone has their tongues up the arses of Whale Tongue Kane and Wokegate.

      • I was referring to the negativity about the human rights and gay rights hectoring we have seen over the past few days, amplified by Linekunt yesterday.

        I’d rather see England go out in the Quarter Finals against Brazil, as I have it penciled-in. But if they get beat by Ecuador in the Round of 16, then that would be funny!

        As long as it is a dramatic, entertaining four weeks with amazing goals and upsets and the odd harmless crazy moments and nothing horrifying happens, I’ll be happy. πŸ˜€

    • I could see Wales getting through on goal difference as they score more goals than USA on average. In that last game, USA might have to score 4 goals against Iran and I can’t see them doing that. England v Wales will be a battle both will want to win, too.

  11. I was pissed off today. I want no joy for Wokegate and his Chicken Floyd George Fan Club.😞

    I know cunts will be getting giddy, because the woke fairies stuffed the Ayatollah’s boys and tosspots will start playing that dreadful Baddiel and Skinner shit. But – rest assured – Wokegate’s incompetence and tactical ineptitude will show through at some stage during this World Cup. And that is when I will laugh my arse off.

    • Baddiel is too busy with his documentary about Jews to re-re-re-record, “Football’s Coming Home”.

      I reckon England will narrowly be in top place, play Ecuador in R16, win narrowly, then face Brazil in the Quarters. If they finish second, they’ll face Holland in R16 and if they win that, they’ll face Argentina in the Quarters! Eeek! πŸ˜€

      • The Argies will piss on England, Gordon. Even if it goes to penalties, they will fuck up. Wokegate and his pet darkies will see to that…

      • It will take some voetball voodoo for Argentina not to make it to the Final. Machine team with one of the greatest players of all time on great form this year. A Brazil v Argentina Final is not possible, they’ll meet in the first Semi Final, I reckon.

  12. I totally respected the Iranian team’s stance during the playing of their national anthem before the game.

    This was in support of mass anti-government protests protests over the death in custody of a Iranian woman, who died whilst in the custody of the Iranian “morality” police for not covering her hair properly!

    The silence by the players was a massive risk to their lives especially in front of a huge global audience. But they did it anyway.

    Compare and contrast to those soppy England fuckwit players and cunts like Lineker, and their half-baked virtue signalling over the death of a black criminal and Alphabet rights. They bent the knee knowing full well the worst that could happen is a few complaints on Twitter

    Utter, utter gutless cunts. Fuck England, Fuck Wokegate and fuck the FA.

  13. 10 minutes to go in the Senegal v Holland match and no goals, strange. I was expecting Holland to get a narrow win. Good side, but In can’t see them in the Semis. I have them down to play Argentina in the Quarters and going out there. Be a great game that, though, a long rivalry. Five times they have met in the World Cup…

    1974 – Holland 4 – 0 Argentina
    1978 – Argentina 3 – 1 Holland
    1998 – Holland 2 – 1 Argentina (red card for both teams)
    2006 – Holland 0 – 0 Argentina (group game, both teams finished on 7 points)
    2014 – Argentina 0 – 0 Holland (Semi-Final, Argentina won 4-2 on penalties)

    I hope that is how it pans out as that would be great battle!
    Friday 9th, 15:00 that would be played.

    • Senegal 0 – 2 Holland

      A narrow squeak for the Dutch. Banal game for the Champions of Africa versus the team ranked 8th in the FIFA rankings (which are wonky) and who beat Belgium 4-1 and 1-0 this year.

      10 minutes were added on to this match after 90 minutes and fuck all really happened except the first goal. I reckon we’ll see some matches go 3 hours even without extra-time and pens – and those matches will go 3 hours 30 or 45 minutes.
      We’ll be runnin’ oot o’ fuckin’ beer, mon! πŸ˜€

  14. They took the knee before the game.Bunch of dark key lovers.George Floyd was a criminal.Why?I despair.Bunch of bum bandits.

    • Too right, Edward. Chicken Floyd George pointed loaded guns at ladies stomachs while his mates hit her and ransacked her home. Floyd would have been at home in the Gestapo. That’s what they used to do. Yet people eulogise the piece of worthless thieving violent scum. The mind boggles.

      • I never mention any darkie by name, they’re all tarred with the same brush. From your recent information, l shall pass on to Enoch Powell’s poltergeist to cause similar annoying unnecessary upset that these evil black cunts have caused over the centuries.

  15. The pre-game show on Yank telly is vomit inducing. Aside from the lovely Kate Abdo (I would and twice on Sundays), the panel of cunts includes Landon ‘I was shit at Everton’ Donovan, Clint ‘bug eyed twat and shit at Tottenham’ Dempsey and ex-Spin Doctor’s lead singer Alexi ‘I’d argue with a lamp post’ Lalas. Where’s the balance?

    The Yanks have also made a sort of promo pride/fist pumping/go USA commercial starring droopy lip Sly Stallone. It is beyond cringeworthy. The whole presentation and production is so unself-aware. Typical over-the-top bollocks from a nation which specialises in going over-the-top. But hey, at least I don’t have to suffer darkie Lineker and his band of virtue signalling cunts.

    Come on Wales! Bale! Bale! Bale! Bale! He scores when he wants….he scores when he waaaaaaaaants. Gareth Bale, he scores when he wants.

    • Kate Abdo. Oh yes indeed, IY.

      Lalas has always been an asshole. Only American footballer I had time for was Tim Howard. Good goalie and a nice bloke.

    • USA look solid, as I expected. Wales look rattled. They can’t let USA score again, they’ll need to alter their strategies in the second half.

    • The Taffs haven’t offered much so far. The refereeing has been imaginative. The yellow for Bale I didn’t think was even a foul. The Yanks need to piss off. Nauseating bunch of cunts. The commentary over here is like they fucking invented football all of a sudden.

      I’d say the Taffs game plan hasn’t worked. If you’re going to concede possession and defend deep, then you need an out ball to take the pressure off the defence and hit on the break. So far, no out ball and no breakaways. Not sure what the coach is thinking, but at least now he knows his team has to score.

      Come on Wales. Buck your ideas up.

      • Yeah, the commentary at the 2021 Gold Cup Final was hysterical, hahaha! πŸ˜€ Great game, though, USA 1 – 0 Mexico. 117th minute goal by Miles Robinson…

        USA are a sold outfit. Football… sorry, soccer… will become HUGE in and after 2026. I could see American clubs buying the best players in the world in the 2030s, maybe earlier. They next Messis and Ronaldos could end up playing for the New York and Los Angeles clubs. The World Club Cup with the 24 best club teams in the world playing each other is in the works. Pandemic nixed it for 2023 but I think we’ll see it in 2025, if not 2027. Good idea, bad idea? Hmm. Time will tell.

      • The refereeing in the England game was atrocious too. The rugby tackle on Maguire should’ve been a pen and Iran should never have had one.

      • FULL TIME: USA 1 – 1 WALES

        I’d say that was a good result for both nations.
        I could see USA v England being a similar game.
        A draw, but with more goals. I have it down as 2 – 2.

      • Mexico v Poland at 16:00 British time is the big match tomorrow. If someone wins that match, then that team will finish second in the group, Argentina topping it.
        But you never know, Mexico don’t fuck about.

        France v Australia at 19:00, I had down as a damp squib, but with players out for France, that might be much closer match.

        Germany v Japan at 13:00 on Wednesday will be a battle. They have only played each other in friendlies, the last was in 2006, 2 – 2 so no one has any idea how this one will pan out.

      • Gordon –

        Re: USA are a sold outfit. Football… sorry, soccer… will become HUGE in and after 2026. I could see American clubs buying the best players in the world in the 2030s, maybe earlier.

        Nope, not going to happen for a number of reasons.

        1) The MLS is a joke and is perceived as a retirement league for great players past their best. Reputations can change over time, but they’re going to have a hard time moving on from that perception if they still go after top European club players in the twilight of their careers.

        2) Football has to complete with 3 other major and very established sports, basketball, baseball and American football. For football to overtake any of those 3, two things would have to happen. First, the MLS will need to continue to grow and attract big names and top sponsors. Possible. Second, one (or more) of those 3 established sports would need to see a mass exodus of fans who might perhaps defect to MLS. Again, possible but seems unlikely.

        3) The Yanks as a population are pre-programmed for instant gratification, especially in sports. They want and demand action-action-action. You and I know a 0-0 draw could have been a fantastic game of football. Yanks don’t see it that way. They see it as 90 minutes of running around with no end product. Their sports don’t do draws. There HAS to be a winner. It’s their mindset. Which is odd considering baseball is one of the most boring games on the planet which Yanks seem to universally love, but I digress.

        4) Football does have a reputation as being a bit of a girls game over here. The boys play men’s sport like American football, baseball and basketball. The girls play nicer easier games like softball and football. It’s changing I think, but there’s still a perception that kicking a football around is a bit sissy. It’s not manly enough for many Yanks.

        5) No superstars – yet. The Yanks have not yet produced a home grown world superstar in the mold of CR7, Messi, Pele, etc. Yeah, they’ve produced a few half decent goalkeepers but that’s not a sexy position in the eyes of Yanks. Some of their big names haven’t been able to dominate in European leagues either. Landon Donovan was the darling of US football for a while. He showed up at Everton and was shite. Clint Dempsey was OK at Fulham, but shite at Spurs. The current darling Christian Puke-sick at Chelski is hardly ripping up trees. The Yank cunt who came on in today’s game against Wales, DeAndre Yedlin, signed for Spurs to much fanfare back in 2015 and made ONE appearance before being shipped out to Sunderland and Nocastle where he did fuck all. My point is, the Yanks have not produced a world beater and until they do, their players will continue to be perceived as second rate. Which they are.

        6) The Yanks have no heritage. Their domestic league has been tried before and failed (NASL). Their club competitions come and go and no one in Europe even notices because they’re shit. Europe has the top leagues in the world and the best European competitions too. Until some wank outfit from Oregon or LA can go toe to toe with Man City, PSG, Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern Munich, Ajax, etc. the Yanks won’t have a claim for anything other than an also ran league in a country which doesn’t get it.

        What say you?

      • Time will tell regarding soccer in the USA. The money is being pumped into European teams from American investors. And the money is being invested in MLS. The World Club Cup will be heavily, heavily invested in and promoted by FIFA. The 2026 World Cup will be drenched in dollars and you won’t be able to escape it if you are American and Canadian. The rivalries are n now real between Canada, USA and Mexico. Soccer is here to stay in USA, you’ll see it become huge. If anything, interest in NFL is what is waning with the horseshit that goes on there.

        Time will tell. πŸ˜€

  16. I beg to differ on your “toe to toe” list, Imitation Yank. The first team mentioned have only been around for five minutes, falsified due oil. There neighbour’s United should take their place due to longevity. If the shitihad are still there in the next twenty years, they can truly take the place in being the little toe that went to market.

    • Great point, Sammy. I was really going on form and who’s dominant/high profile just now. The oil money does leave a bad taste I agree, but whether you like City of hate ’em, they do play good football. Based upon heritage and world wide recognition, yes United have a place on that list.

      How long do you think it will take Utd to sort out the mess they’re in? It’s been 10 years since SAF retired and it’s been one shit show after another ever since. Even some top shelf managers have failed to turn Utd back into the force they once were, so it can’t be just the managers who can’t cut it. Or will Utd live in City’s shadow from now on? I have no skin in this game, but I don’t see the bald twat in charge now being the next SAF. Cheers – IY.

    • One of the big shocks in the history of the tournament if it stays like this.

      Looked like a potential cricket score for Argentina first 25 minutes as well.

      • It’s all their own fault as well for repeatedly being lazy and straying offside. The laws are fucked but we all know what they are by this point.

  17. Germany lost an early opener to Algeria in 1982 and reached the final.
    Likewise Argentina in 1990 against Cameroon.
    Spain lost their opener against Switzerland in 2010 and won the tournament.

    Judging by that performance, Argentina don’t look much like reaching the final of this but it’s a funny old game as they say.

  18. Remember when Monty Python did that sketch, where John Cleese played the thick fuckwit footballer (‘Good evening, Brian!’)?

    Well, that is Harry Kane to a tee….πŸ˜‰

    • They should’ve allowed players to suck each other off, Harry Enfield style, after scoring a goal. Especially in Qatar. They’re very nice about these things as you know.

  19. All it took was the threat of a yellow card to make Southgate, mouth breather Kane and the FA backtrack with their rainbow promo bollocks.

    Absolute cunts.

    The epitome of virtue signalling.

    As soon as they are directly affected by the consequences of their actions, they soon back down from their holier than thou stance.
    Hypocritical fucking shithouses. Just shows how bothered they are about gays.

    Just need FIFA now to start issuing yellow cards to any cunt kneeling for BLM.

    • It’s like I predicted earlier. The underaged young girl shaggers will allow them to have their say until shenanigans are all over with. Let’s wait and see if they allow out of the country first.

    • I read that, when they took the knee, the TV link blacked out.
      So the only people who saw it were the live audience, as it were.
      All of whom were thinking
      ” I wonder if you can fly?”

    • Qatar would normally have cut out Kane’s tongue for answering them back, but they’ve decided to allow him to continue suffering with it, rather than help him out.

  20. Bloke in the pub challenged me to name 3 Qatar players. I said George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.
    That shut him up.

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