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Since we can’t stop you cunts banging on about the crock of shit that is Qatar 2022, here’s a page you can use to stop you polluting the site.

Anything posted on this subject elsewhere will be binned without mercy.

640 thoughts on “The Sad Fuckers’ Footie Page

    • I wonder if Erik Ten Hag was watching tonight and thinking, ‘That lad doing so well tonight is down to me Wokegate, you cunt’?😉

      Better… Just come off the old machine. I am fucked…🤢

    • I reckon you could be right IY. Any new owner will want their own man in there. Like when Martin Edwards got the Chairmanship after Big Louis snuffed it. Martin brought in Big Ron and attacking swaggering football came back to Old Trafford. That’s all I want now, really

      • Linecunt claimed that Bobby Robson mistook him for Garth Crooks whilst he was on the England bench.

        Bobby was notoriously bad with names, it is true, but think this was more his way of elaborating his swarthy credentials. He has experienced racism too, you know.

      • I know I’ve been critical of Saint Marcus in the past. But at least he has turned up this time. Which is more than anyone can say for that bottling little cunt Sterling.

    • Such an odd choice for pundit. He’s notoriously simple-minded, is Rushie. But, then you can’t have Giggs on…
      …as he’d start a gang-rape.

      • Wasn’t Ian Rush the cunt who said about his brief spell in Italy…….”it was like playing in another country”?

        That could be a myth of course but I, for one, completely believe it. 😁

      • According to Rush; “I didn’t actually say Italy was “like living in a foreign country”. No one has ever seen a direct quote from me saying that. I’m blaming Kenny Dalglish. When he re-signed me, a reporter asked me, “Why have you come back?” Kenny quipped, “He said it was like playing in a foreign country”. He’s got a lot to answer for!”

        I choose to ignore the above and believe that he said it anyway.

    • Bloody hell. Ian Rush has left it late to start elbowing his way onto pundit panels. Where’s he been? Respect though. From a time when I didn’t hate Scouserpool FC with every fibre of my being.

      Professor Ferdinand was in da house? What a joyful occasion for you all. I had to put up with crowing Yanks, preening like all their Christmases had come at once. Plus co-commentary from arch bender Stu Holden. Yeah, me neither.

  1. Has anyone else noticed that the BBC always love to remind us that Marcus Rashford has an MBE?

    Did anyone else see that daft cow celebrating England’s goals in the middle of Cardiff, surrounded by Welsh fans? Absolute brai dead cunt…

  2. Yesterday shows how soft and sanitised the game has become.

    That daft bitch in the middle of Cardiif yesterday. Shouting for England and winding up the Taffies with impunity…

    Had that been Cardiff in 1975, the silly slag would have been burnt at the stake. We were lucky to get out Cardiff alive during the 1975 Division 2 campaign…

  3. FULL-TIME: Australia 1 – 0 Denmark

    Wow! Great Romario-esque goal by Mathew Leckie! Unreal. Australia were very poor at times in the qualifiers, which are a scandalously tough qualifying stage it has to be said, but they looked so average, but they turned on the passion in Qatar!


    Here’s the goal…

    • Denmark looked so cool and strong in Euros last year and in the Nations League, but they just look poor in Qatar, fans seemed very subdued, too. They had great chances today, but it’s, farvel, Danskere, sadly.

      Ozzies are going barmy right now! Good on them.

      Tunisia were unlucky to go out. Beating the current champions! I hate it when sides play well but go out with 4 points. We’ll see what happens with the Moroccans and tonight with the Saudis, who I reckon will beat Mexico. Mexico look average and if you beat Argentina, you feel like you can beat anyone, so they’ll run out like whirling dervishes tonight! 😀

  4. Argentina v Poland

    Oh man, who would have thought that Argentina would be battling for second place in the last game?
    Will Messi Magic shine through?
    Will Lewandowski upstage him?

  5. Mexico v Saudi Arabia

    Saudis pulled off one of the great shockeroonis of all time against Argentina. Can they do it against Mexico? I say, YES. Mexico are boring, they always run out of ideas in Last Sixteen. They have 2026 to co-host, so they’ll be happy with that. Saudis have the Arab World behind them. Praise Allah!

      • I love Poland, my sister-in-law is Polish, but Poland are a poor side, they do nothing with the ball. Mexico v France would be a much tighter match, whereas I’d expect France to demolish Poland on Sunday night.

      • Another offside for Mexico, justly called, but it shows how unlucky very good sides can be in the World Cup.

    • Saudis just scored. It’s over for Mexico, so sad as they are a far better side to Poland who will surely be easily beaten by France on Sunday, 7pm.

      • Poland are a desperately poor side Gordon.
        As poor a team as you’ll find in the last 16 of this or any previous tournaments.

        Won one
        Drew one
        Lost one
        Goal difference = 0

      • Yeah, Lewandowski is one of the greats, but the other players just lumber along. Italy, Sweden, Ukraine, Scotland (23 points +10 goals in our qualifiers), Czechia, Hungary, Israel and and dare I say it – Russia, would have put on a great show, I’m positive on those alternates to varying degrees.

        Poland, Denmark and Switzerland have been boring as fuck. If you get to the World Cup, you should play open, exciting attacking football as what else is there to do? 300 million to 5 billion people are watching, so launch the ball forward. That’s what Cameroon, Japan, Ghana, Korea have done that and their fans are buzzing.

        England? Well… we’ll see on Sunday what they are mad of when the Senegal drums are pounding in the heads of Rashford and co.


      • England against a team of dark personages… Wokegate will be torn. Surely, he won’t ask his players to go easy on Senegal in the name of diveristy?🤣

  6. Rashford scores goals against Iran and fucking Wales, and there are media mongs who are comparing him to Bobby Charlton?!! Absolutely priceless cunts…

    • Rashford isn’t fit to lace Bobby’s boots ( with rainbow laces obviously). He’s not even fit to lace Jack’s boots, the dirty Leeds cunt. (RIP)

      • Obvious that Rashford can do it. But he has to cut out all the gestures and ’causes’. We want a new Jiimy Greaves. Not a new Gary Lineker.

    • I noticed he knelt down after his first goal, pointed to the heavens, like a Muslim. I wondered why?

      Anyway, turns out that he ‘dedicated’ that goal or his two goals to a friend who had died of cancer.

      Rather uncharitibly maybe from me he has always something to virtue-sgnal about it seems.

      Also just as an aside I don’t like religious gestures on tthe pitch. Yes even Christians crossing themselves I find uncomfortable. .There too much of it in America.

      If a Christian or.Muslim or anyone wants divine help or give thanks they should do it in a secluded place in the dressing- room before or after the game.

      • Oh for Robbie Fowler and his coke snorting touchline antics. Even the goal celebrations come with a ‘message’ nowadays.

      • Yeah but he also pulled off his shirt to reveal a t shirt with a slogan supporting a dock workers strike. He got hammered by the powers that be for bringing politics into the game. How times have changed eh?

      • He got into a load of shit for ‘homophobia’ against Graeme le Saux, and had to apologise for it years later. Le Saux wasn’t a gay but freely admitted to being a Guadian reader and was married to an Argentinian.

        Wrong reasons but he knew a cunt when he saw one.

      • Rob says in his book that he profoundly regretted doing that. He says he never did cocaine and I believe him, he was offered many times, but never took it. You’d be mental to that after Maradona’s insanity. Journos were out to get Fowler for years and he wanted to stick it to them, but it backfired. Great player, eighth-highest goalscorer in the history of the Premier League. Should have played in more big games for England, but injury and ill-feelings by himself and managers kept him out of big games. In Scotland he’d have had 100+ caps.
        English football is weird!

      • You’re right, Gordon. English football can be crazy. Frank Worthngton should have been an England great. So should Jimmy Greenhoff. The England set-up (whatever the era) does not like mavericks. Players like Worthington, Bowles, Currie.

        And Gazza was picked for England, but they thought they could ‘change’ him (they couldn’t). If George Best was English, the FA would not have liked him playing for England. Because they are such a bunch of boring cunts.

      • No other nation has the mongo attitude towards their selection of the national team like England has. Matt Le Tissier: 8 caps. That says it all. That would be like Cantona getting 8 caps for France (he has 45). Or Mexico overlooking Hugo Sanchez.

        F.A. cunt: “Don’t pick that one… he’s got a French name.
        Probably a bender.”

      • The FA are also like that with England managers. That’s why Cloughie never got the job. The closest they came to hiring a maverick was Terry Venables. And although I liked and respected Bobby Robson (RIP), the list of boring cunts as England manager after him is almost endless. Taylor, Sven, Hodgson, McLaren, Capello, Wokegate…

  7. Looks like Pele is in trouble……been admitted to hospital. He’s 82…….it comes to us all but let’s hope he gets away with this one. Life is a cunt.

    • He’s been in a wheelchair for a few years now. Pele lifted football from being popular to becoming a form of religion. To be 17 and score a hat-trick in the semi final against France then score twice in the Final against the hosts is the stuff of dreams. Brazil had shamefully lost the 1950 World Cup and Pele promised his father, “papa, one day I will help Brazil win the World Cup,” and he did – in style.

      Get well soon, Pele! 🙂

  8. Croatia 0 – 0 Belgium

    At 15 minutes, the ref gave a penalty, rightly so, then VAR overruled it via offside. VAR isn’t designed for that. So much fake drama caused by VAR, just like at the African Cup in January. We’ll see more this play-stopping fake drama, I’d put money on it.

    Belgium are lucky, they need to win this and the team is on disharmony. If they squeak through, I’ll be gutted, as I love Croatia and Belgium are… well… Belgium are Belgium. One of the Great Enclaves of peadoughs.

  9. Croatia 0 – 0 Belgium

    At 15 minutes, the ref gave a penalty, rightly so, then VAR overruled it via offside. VAR isn’t designed for that. So much fake drama caused by VAR, just like at the African Cup in January. We’ll see more this play-stopping fake drama, I’d put money on it.

    Belgium are lucky, they need to win this and the team is on disharmony. If they squeak through, I’ll be gutted, as I love Croatia and Belgium are… well… Belgium are Belgium.

  10. Japan 0 – 1 Spain

    Spain looking in control. Japan really should have beat Costa Rica, now they are chasing a tough game, even a draw could put them out.

    • Looks safe for Spain and Germany. Japan will have to go kamikaze in the second half, not right away, but they can’t play soft and safe against Spain, they control games, their midfield is amazing.

      • FUCK! Ref has given a very controversial goal. Ball looked out for a goal-kick, was knocked back across and headed in by Japan. Unreal. That could cause massive controversy.

        53 mins: Japan 2 – 1 Spain

      • Replay isn’t showing a good close-up of the ball on the line.

        Crazy times, crazy times! 😀

      • Japan need to just shut this game down. They often nod off and let in goals in the last 10 minutes…

  11. Germany 1 – 0 Costa Rica

    Really can’t see Germany failing to score a few in this one. All the pressure is on Japan and Spain won’t be making mistakes.

      • Germany 1 – 1 Costa Rica

        57 mins: Costa Rica score!

        Looks like Germany are heading out! Holy shit! 😀

      • If Costa Rica score to be winning and it stays Japan 2 – 1 Spain, then Spain will also go out! Oh Jesus! 😀

    • Germany 3 – 2 Costa Rica

      85 mins: Havertz scores, 3-2 Germany.

      But they are still heading out until Spain score and equalize against Japan which I can’t see happening, Japanese look solid.

      • Germany 4 – 2 Costa Rica

        But they are still going out unless Spain score, 5 mins to go in the Japan-Spain game…

      • Germany are OUT! There will be massive, massive fall-outs over this. Japan goal-line footage still hasn’t been shown properly. Germans will be livid.

        But a great moment for Japan. Could this be their tournament?
        Not to win, but Quarters/Semis?

  12. Ball was out of play for Japan’s second goal, by my eyes. But no official word on it from the experts. The ref never really looked at it in VAR, unlike some meaningless VAR moments. Unreal.

  13. Belgium out, Krauts going home…….fuck off wankers. Wokegate has got lucky again. I imagine he will be ultra defensive against Senegal and hope to win on penalties. Let’s hope he picks the penalty takers on their ability to score not on the colour of their skin.

    Fucking raaaaaaay-sist.

    • Yes, it’s been a dramatic 24 hours! I actually expected Germany to shit the bed, but not Belgium. Australia getting through shocked me after their weak qualifying campaign. But here they are!

      England. Hmm. Senegal. Hmm.
      I can’t see that being a dull game.
      The Lions of Teranga v the Lions of… err… London.

      I hope Ghana finish second (they won’t top the group, surely?) and that means they’d (surely?) play Brazil on Monday night.

      But Serbia and Cameroon will come out like maniacs. I can’t stand Switzerland as a nation, a team, just… no. Cameroon would be great. Four African teams in the Last 16 would be a circus maximus! 😀

      Rock on! 😀

  14. Lukaku… Still a big useless slab of chocolate, lard, I see…🤔🤣

    I can also see other headlines in the papers for tomorrow.

    Don’t Mention The Var
    Not In Their Reich Minds
    Over and Kraut

      • Cheers Gordon.😀

        And the BBC commentary on the Germany vs Costa Rica game. ‘

        ‘It looks like there is a communication problem’.

        What, with a woman official? Surely not?🤣

  15. Lukaku can fuck off, the great lumbering sack of shit……and Thierry ‘slow hands’ Henry can join him.

    Pair of cunts!

  16. Germany might be upset because ze Sausage-eaters are on ze aeroplane back to ze Svineland due to a questionable decision regarding a ball crossing/not crossing ze line.

    Now you know how we felt in 2010 when Lampard thundered a shot that bounced off the top bar and down into the goal before spinning out. We saw it go in, the players saw it go in, the tens of thousands there saw it go in, but not the officials.

    Fuck you Hun and fuck the blind/corrupt officials that day.
    Auf Wiedersein, ze Hermans.

    • That moment was when FIFA should have brought in VAR for 2014, even Euro 2012, certainly years before they actually did – and still make a monumental cunt of it when at least 3 billion of us are watching.

      But hey-ho, that’s part of the drama of soccerballing.

      Serbia v Switzerland will be a bloodbath, btw. Ghana v Urg, too. Two huge recent rivalries. Eeek.

    • Indeed, 2-2 at halftime would have meant we wouldn’t have to go chasing the game. The foreigners cheated us like they always do. They fucking hate us because of our history so we may as well recognise that. They are having their revenge now and we are too weak and stupid to recognise it.
      The Barbarians at the gates of Rome!

  17. Good to see the Germans booted out on a controversial decision. Brings back so many happy memories.

    To slightly misquote Captain Killgore from Apocalypse Now “I love the smell of Schadenfreude in the morning”

    • This ‘groundbreaking’ (according to the BB of C) female official?
      I was hoping for one who was a fit ‘un. With an arse that could crack walnuts and a pair to die for….

      But, of ocurse, she wasn’t….🙄

  18. Couple of tasty looking ties today.

    Serbia v Switzerland

    Serbia looking for revenge after the last minute defeat to the Swiss mongrel cunts in 2018.
    Plus the fact that there’s more Albanians in the Swiss squad than there are residing in UK hotels should helps spice things up no end.

    Ghana v Uruguay

    Ghana still haunted by the infamous 2010 cheating/gamesmanship of Hannibal Lecter himself aka Luis Suarez.

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