Fake Public Sympathy

Fake Public Sympathy.

This isn’t a cunting for those raising donations for food and clothing or medical supplies or even offering up a spare room to a family, done in the right spirit they are worthy causes for a humanitarian crisis.

I’m talking about the sort of cunts who have now changed their avatar on their Facetwat page to the Ukrainian flag, the one who now has it flying on a flagpole outside of his house that I saw whilst driving to work – this cunt had an EU one flying for several years too whilst we were fucking up Brexit. A month ago I doubt they knew what it looked like or could even find Ukraine on a map of Europe.

Did they have pin badges, flags and stickers for Syria (still ongoing) Afghanistan or Iraq? Like the cultish doorstep clapping for the NHS, this is less about showing solidarity and support and more about BEING SEEN to show it, a sort of narcissistic one-upmanship.

As fake as a Jussie Smollett hate crime.

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator

Idiotic Baby Names

Parents Giving their Children Stupid Names

Elon Musk and his tart, Grimes, recently named their second child Exa Dark Sideræl, or “Y” for short (don’t ask because I don’t know!)

This follows on from another child of theirs called X AE A-XII, or “X” for short.

Musk also has 5 other children, Griffin, Xavier, Kai, Saxon and Damian, most of which are at least remotely familiar.

Of course this stupid name calling isn’t a new thing. I’m sure most of us remember Bob Geldof naming his kids, Trixibelle, Peaches and Pixie with the late Paula Yates.

And there are plenty of other examples of celebs giving their kids stupid names purely for the attention, and with little thought for the poor kid stuck with a stupid name for the rest of its life.

But its not just celebs is it. Ordinary people are just as stupid. For example what are the odds that if your surname is King you’re going to name your child “Andrew” so as to make A King. Very original!
Or Hunt, and Mike.
Or File and Peter
Or Kerr and Ewan

I really don’t know what these parents were thinking at the time, but labeling your kid with a stupid fucking name is just asking for a lifetime of ridicule and bullying.

There is an exception of course, and that’s Lewis Hamilton – or Cunt for short!

Nominated by Technocunt

Azeem Rafiq [2] – The World’s Worst Sob Story

A sorry Tale

”Azeem Rafiq claims he is “unemployable” after Yorkshire racism scandal”

Oh dear, too bad, never mind.

“If an opportunity of work came, they would have to have me like this. I won’t be prepared to look the other way any longer.”

That must look really tempting on his CV.

It seems that he put up with hurty feelings for a decade or more but when dropped decided that Yorkshire Cricket was racist, and Michael Vaughn should have his media career destroyed. All on the word of Rafiq.

I am sure fellow cunters will join me in petitioning our county cricket teams to take him on.
What could possibly go wrong?


Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Sex Litter

Sex Litter.
When your working and stop for a bacon and egg butty,
A view of the beautiful Peak District and a hot cuppa,
You dont want to see cum filled rubber Johnnie’s hanging from the bushes and shitty undercrackers where some Adrian delatouche or Michael Barrymore type had been bummed in the foliage.

Call me fussy but its off putting.

Big Baps is a roadside cafe near Hattersley (where the moors murderers lived)
Ive eaten there,
I liked the catchy name.
Just down the road in Mottram you can sit on a bench next to a lifesize bronze sculpture of painter Lowry.

Simple pleasures for simple folk.

But this is being ruined by the Ducky brigade,
Bumming each other ragged and leaving a mess.
I thought the honky-tonk club were environmentally aware?

A dog could choke on a discarded salty rubber thinking its a snack,
Or a flid in a wheelchair get spunk an shite all over its wheels.

Truck an van drivers want to eat at a nice establishment without the mary annes causing litter and open air sodomy.

Peter Sutcliffe must be turning in his grave.


Nominated by Miserable Northern Cunt

Food Travel Shows

Gordon Ramsay/ Anthony Bourdain/ food travel shows.

Everyone eats food, alot of people like to travel, a foodie travel TV show = great TV so you’d think.

I’ll start with Ramsay.

I downloaded Uncharted and The great escape by this cunt. Why does the bellend have to keep stating he is Scottish? He slips it in on average 3 times per 45 minute show, and I quote ‘I know about whiskey, I’m Scottish and I’ve been to a few distillery’s’. What’s that Gordon? You went to a few before you left Scotland at the age of 5?. Another equally ridiculous moment in the cuntfest was him talking to a pilot in a float plane, pilot says to the wrinkled dishcloth faced cunt ‘ we’ll be landing on that lake in front of us so I’ll pull the power’. Our kilted tartan hero with a look of absolute shock says..’ YOU’RE GOING TO PULL THE POWER?’, I’m assuming this multi millionaire cunt has flown before but for some reason thinks that planes land full throttle? Cunt.

Anthony Bourdain. Parts unknown.

CNN cunt, all his shows end up with a bunch of rich dodgy cunts eating expensive food and talking absolute shit. Living in the CNN circle probably had a lot of shit on alot of the cunts and was found dangling from a rope In France 2018. Long story short, I deleted the fucking lot. ((Edit at your pleasure))

Nominated by Cuntflu