Distorting History to Suit the Woke Agenda

Looks like Scotland to me…

I know this topic has been covered before but I am getting fed up with the distortion of historical events to fit the woke agenda.

I´m currently watching “Mary Queen of Scots” in which the English ambassador to Scotland is coal black, Rizzio (Mary´s Italian favorite) is a bearded gay who is caught screwing Mary´s second husband, Darnley. Instead of having Rizzio´s head lopped off, Mary tells him she understands his “nature” and is not annoyed. Darnley can get a boner with fellow gays but is impotent with her so Mary gets him to give her a good fanny licking.

Meanwhile His Excellency is behaving very undiplomatically by trying to screw one of Mary´s handmaids who, going by her rapturous smile, is obviously a member of the Black Cocks Matter movement.

This part particularly annoyed me as I recall being taught the beautiful Scots song “The Four Marys” at school and still remember it all these years later.

Soft porn and political correctness come together to present history. It may not matter a damn because it´s a lousy film anyway but lots of people will think it is factually correct.

Nominated by – Mr Polly

Brexit = No Fried Chicken?

One vision?

Brexit blamers and doleies are cunts,, these are the fuckers who blame absolutely everything thats negative on Brexit, now it appears there a shortage of chicken and strawberries and its down to Brexit, so perish the thought KFC have to adjust their menu.

This is not because we dont have chickens or strawberries, its because we dont have the cheap, foreign labour to pick fruit and veg, process chicken carcases and many other things your average Brit wont do.

There is an easy solution here, as many jobs that can be filled with long term dole claimers, people out of work due to Covid, immigrants who are already here and this 20,000 Afgans due to land,boat jumpers from France or even the Hong Kong rinky dinks that are also due to be landing here at some point.

No benefits without a job and it looks like we have jobs a plenty for all these sponging cunts to do, i wonder how many will be so interested in coming here then…..its our own fault, and its not difficult to fix either, also Boris the idiot is a cunt for not thinking of this himself…….Great Britain would be great again i reckon….

Chicken free link

(Nandos are out of chicken too, no great loss)

Nominated by – Fuglyucker

Banksy’s (6) Little Lovely Legoland Knockoff

Trumpton goes dark.

I feel it’s time for that anonymous irritant Banksy to have the honour of another nomination. Actually, not just Banksy but the whole bullshit circus and fawning worship of this wanker who is clearly up his/her/they own arse. Not only do they seem to have acquired the right to spray they’re “art” wherever they like, they also feel free to dictate to owners of property they’ve defaced what to do with it.


I’m sure the owners of the model village mentioned in the bbc story are grateful for the publicity, but I’d be really tempted to tell Banksy’s “team” to get fucked. And how, in the age of smartphones and blanket cctv, are we expected to believe that this cunt (or cunts) remains anonymous?

And why do the bbc and the rest of our media cretins wank themselves stupid every time one of their shitty, childish and often woke bits of graffiti appear? Beats the shit out of me, whereas I’d like to be beating the shit out of Banksy. Whoever he/she/they or it is.

Nominated by – Field Marshal Cuntgomery

Meghan Markle (14) – Her Family Love Her

Hello, hello, it’s good to be back it’s good to be black.

Megain Markle is a cunt, this attention seeking cunt is moaning about family betrayal (pot calling kettle black excuse the pun). This is in her words a family member who will do anything to be famous, (this is said by Megain i shit you not) how many families who she thrown under the bus in her fame quest.

Two that we know of probably more i bet. It reminds me of that film with George Clooney and Catherin Zeta Jones Youtube Link What she needed was a rich, silly man and what she got was Harry the prince of clowns.


Nominated by – Fuglyucker

In case you can’t decipher the above or click the link one of her relatives is on the Australian Celebritity Big Brother and is slagging her off – DA

BBC Radio One (2)

Oh come on you’re not even trying.

This weekend Radio 1 is having a drag day, it’s schedule will be presented by drag queens.

Woke happy cunts, mind you Radio 1 and perverted presenters is almost traditional now.


Ironic on the radio I feel. Should be interesting listening for any Afghans straight out of Kabul.

Nominated by – Sixdog Vomit