Summer Clothing

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Other people’s summer clothing is often a cunt.

Where are the fashion police when you need them?

While summer means that pretty people in skimpy clothing are a seasonal joy, most people who wear skimpy clothing are a truly revolting spectacle.

The huge increase in morbidly obese cunts is particularly in evidence at seaside resorts, where they seem to think it is okay to expose their revolting stomachs, flabby arms, lard arses, veiny legs, and disgusting feet.

Some are so enormous that they move their elephantine bodies around on special motorised vehicles. However, and for balance I should say that skinny cunts can look appallingly wizened and warty.

It is a wonder that a yours truly, attired in a blazer, slacks, loafers and a straw fedora can hold down his lunch as he takes a postprandial stroll along the prom with Mrs Twenty.

I propose that, to end this annual horror show, the wearing following items of clothing in public, be banned:

T-shirts – (perhaps not an outright ban but at least they restricted item, available only to people of a sensible size);

Shorts – these disgusting items should be unavailable to men unless they are members of the forces serving overseas or in the Royal Navy (women’s shorts could be worn but again, on a restricted basis);

Sandals, slides and flip-flops – a ban for men except in a sports setting.

No doubt fellow cunters can think of other sartorial atrocities that should never see the light of a summer’s day…

Nominated by – Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

Joy Reid

Joy Reid is a US political commentator on MNSBC. She’s also a reptile.

There is, at last, a push back in the USA against the teaching of critical race theory in US schools. Whether or not this will turn the tide only time will tell. Eventually, I think it will – but it’s going to be an uphill struggle both in the US and here.

Many parents have been attending meetings at their children’s schools in the US and many have vehemently protested the teaching of critical race theory saying that it fosters hate, division and racism.

Many of these parents have been quite emotional and a number of videos of these events have gone viral. At a meeting in London County, Virginia, one Chinese parent who lived through the Cultural Revolution said that what is happening now reminds her of those dark days.

The response of the school was to close the meeting and to call the police to arrest the parents – thereby reinforcing the comments of the Chinese parent.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid played a clip on her show of one these parents who said – ‘Just because I do not want critical race theory taught to my children in school does not mean I’m a racist, damn it!’

Reid’s response? She laughed and said ‘Actually, it does’.

Where is this going to end. Deny you’re a racist – then you’re a racist. Best to accept that you are a racist and be purged.

Joy Reid represents the very worse type of woke broadcaster and stands proxy for the rest of them, Emily Witless included.

Nominated by – MCMM

Tom Hanks (2)

Tom Hanks? isn’t that a euphamism?

Does anyone actually like Tom Hanks? Since he won an Oscar he only appears in the most Tom Hanksien of films.

You know the sort, bland Oscar bait piles of dross that they want you to think it’s like putting on a pair of cozy slippers when in reality they’re just shit.

Don’t get me started on the pile of shit that was Forrest Gump. Watch it again, you obey orders all your life and you get to go to space! You actually think and don’t blindly follow orders you end up with AIDS, miserable and dead.

I liked Big though.

Nominated by – LazyBiscuits


Gay Men’s Chorus of San Francisco

A lot of beards there… fair few twinks too.

A nomination the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Francisco for releasing their ‘joke’ song ‘we’ll convert your children’ to wind up the right. Well it worked, so well they’ve had death threats, been doxxed and had to close their office.

Then I saw that the peaceful community has been sharing it around. I can’t help but think of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando and Charlie Hebdo office attacks.

They say multculturalism and intersectionalism are unworkable and doomed philosophies and I’m sure things like this are bound to help, especially as at least 4 of the choir are alleged sex offenders.

Nominated by – Cuntamus Prime

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The Bedwetting Media

22 skiddoo.

Feeding the public’s relatively newfound appetite for being afraid, I have noticed a ratcheting up of the language of dread in recent scoops.

Exhibit One:

The current heatwave is a ‘natural disaster’ that could lead to the deaths of hundreds (fuck me)…cue for limp twats everywhere to shit their pants:

Exhibit Two:

A man was ‘alarmed’. Police are investigating. Take my advice cunters, stay indoors until this emergency is officially over and the PM has made a fucking statement:

Soon an old lady falling over will be national news.

This country is fucking shit, full of Softy Walter types (acknowledgement to Dennis the Menace). Have the Lib Dems gained political power without me realising? I am ashamed to be British. I think I will change my nationality to Cuntish. Fuck off.

Nominated by – Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea