Facebook (4) Avatars

Anybody who uses Facebook “avatars”.

You know the cunts I mean. That stupid punchable Mark Zuckerberg lookalike graphic, usually wearing a party hat and grinning with all the authenticity of “Princess” Meghan, pointing up from the bottom right of some cheap wallpaper graphic used.

Usually accompanied by a near-illegible, poorly written question so inane anyone with half a brain, one eye and able to type “google” into a browser could answer for themselves in less time than it took to decide what fucking pose to put their cunting “avatar” in. Or if it’s not a question it’s a statement basically serving no purpose other than to advise total brain stem death.

“anyone no what time budgens open tia x”
“will be raining later pls?”
“who else remember generation game! Always my favourite watching while mam made tea on a saturdays lol”

Cunts. Every fucking one of them.

And then there’s the delusion and outright deception. You can pretty much guarantee there will be zero correlation between the avatar and that persons real life appearance.

Avatar looks like Zuckerberg? In real life they’ll likely be somewhere north of 25 stone, bald, and/or the other side of 60.

Blonde 20-something smiling cute female avatar? Forget it. None of those attributes will exist anywhere outside of their cheap shitty android phone they post from. Greasy unwashed hambeast with a mobility scooter and borderline downs syndrome is almost certainly closer to the mark. That or they’ll be older than the post office tower.

Thinking they’re supposed to individuality and quirkiness, all they do is single you out as being in the absolute fucking arse end of the gene pool. Every time I see that smug inane little cunt scroll past it makes me want to smash my phone screen-first repeatedly against the wall.

Live in the real world or fuck off. And take your body dysmorphia with you.

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Patrick Thelwell – The Yolk is on Him

Laydees an’ gennelmen (and anyone in between) of IsAC, I have absolutely no hesitation in proclaiming student Patrick Thelwell (23, going on 12 and a half) to be an A list cockwomble.

Thelwell is the Jack-the-Lad involved in the notorious ‘egging’ of King Charles last November. He’s now appeared in court to plead ‘not guilty’ to a public order offence, on the grounds that his actions were a form of ‘legitimate protest’ against er, ‘the establishment’. One can only assume that turning up to court wearing what appears to be the contents of an ageing hippy’s dustbin was meant as a further indication of his contempt for said ‘establishment’.

On leaving the court, the Extinction Rebellion and Green Party supporter declared ‘this country needs a revolution’. Oh, but isn’t he just the little class warrior though? No doubt he’ll be just dying for the court to find him guilty and give him a smack on the wrist and a tenner fine, so that he can boast about his martyrdom for the cause to all his comrades in their local wine bar.

I’ll tell you what he also is in my opinion. He’s a smug, arrogant and utterly self-absorbed little poseur who’s absolutely loving his fifteen minutes of fame.

Bore off, you wanker.

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Nominated by: Ron Knee

Emma Mukandi and Claire Rafferty

(Header pic unrelated to the 2 moaning wimminz here – Day Admin)

OK OK it’s women’s football….again.

But this isn’t a cunting on the basis it is shit, or how the BBC push the agenda to brainwash the easily led into thinking everyone is watching women’s football…except them, so maybe they had.

No, this is a cunting for this lady footballer Emma Mukandi who feels as a ‘professional’ athlete they are being victimised by men who make the rules on them popping out sprogs, and how it may inconvenience their club and their ability to actually do their jobs, so think the maternity leave and pay is somewhat ‘unfair’

BBC News Link

Apparently, so she says, it ‘must have been made up by a man’

Her further comment of ‘”Bear in mind our body is our job, who even came up with that? Surely not someone who’s played football and had a baby. Is that a man? It had to be a man. A man was definitely involved in that.”

Yes, love it’s your job and if your body is your job, then you don’t get pupped up to compromise that job. It’s different if you are a desk based pen pusher…your performance is barely affected by having a kid (I prefer child, but it’s her word not mine) But surely she is no so thick to realise the one thing that earn her money- her body- is the one thing you shouldn’t be compromising on. Sure have a ‘kid’ but realise it will affect your body and possibly your future performance- whether a male has made the maternity rules or not. There’s a history of sports people doing things not relating to work, that has compromised their work performance- or insurance companies have forbid them to do so.

And then we go on to Claire Rafferty.

BBC News link

Another woman footballer, who now doesn’t believe it is ‘right’ that physios, sports nutritionist and the like, who are employed by clubs at vast cost to improve players performance, should take into account a woman players weight as part of that assessment- just in case a player is mentally so weak they ‘may’ get an eating disorder. Sorry, didn’t Emma Mukandi just state your body is your job???? Can’t have it both ways love…….either clubs take an interest in fitness and the well being of your body, as quite rightly it is not only important to you, but also the club, or you don’t want them to and let you go out and pig out on shit food and beer every night. If you are that weak that having your weight taken because you are a professional athlete gives you metal issues, then you are in the wrong job.

Never heard Gascoigne moaning what he was putting on some timber and being called a fat cunt by the opposition…….maybe this stupid tart would prefer that instead of others taking an interest in her health. Fuck me, I am sure she would be the first to complain, if she were dropped from the team

Nominated by: Chuff Chugger

Greta Thunberg (15)

Ms. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome herself has been up to no good again.

This time, the millionairess grifter trudged of to Germany to protest the expansion of a coal mine. It seems the sausage eaters are doing this to relieve the costs imposed on families trying to heat their homes in winter.

Well, this bag of shit turned up and got herself forcibly moved on by the rozzers. Should’ve battoned the bitch.

Yes, you see Greta ‘the science is settled’ Cuntberg is demanding the lederhosen wearing shit eaters keep paying a fortune to protect the millionairess’s ‘future’.

Will she be worrying about putting her gas on? Which no doubt she does.

Fucking turn off all the power to this cunt’s life. She die of shock at not being able to Tweet some bollocks after 10 minutes. If not, the spoilt little cunt would freeze to death on the first cold night.


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