The Shortage of HGV Lorry Drivers

Best I could do, sorry.

From Yvette Cooper’s favourite built-up shoes, and “Junior MIss” fashion range, to my favourite jam to your favourite whatever, to (according to Anna Soubry, who is crawling back into the limelight, following her recent Wireless 4 “Any Questions” appearance), – IKEA furniture, to Eddie Izzard’s favourite brand of pink lipstick, everything is in short supply, due to “a shortage of lorry drivers”.

The latest, and certainly, potentially most dangerous – even more so than Dame Keir’s favourite moisturiser – is the flu injections for the elderly and health impaired:


Of course, the BBC, the Guardian, Daily Mirror (Starmer’s favourite arse wipe) and Independent like to pin this purely on Brexit, as does Lord Nancy Andrew Adonis,who Twitters constantly about it. Another chance to Brexit bash – how this explains the USA’s shortage of lorry drivers, I can’t imagine. Perhaps when she closes her mouth and her legs, Soubry can enlighten us.

In the case of flu injections, I suspect the NHS and Boris are so obsessed about Covid they have fallen down on the flu jab – flu poses a far greater danger to the elderly since, unlike the teenagers (11 to 45 these days) they don’t inhabit the night clubs where Covid and it’s variants are to be found and spread (I have even given up my weekly viists to the Steaming Pussycat Strip Club, which as you know, is in Soho).

I hate to say it but Boris is becoming increasingly lax – as are some of his ministers. We have no opposition party to speak of, so Boris is doing Dame Keir’s work for him as well. Or instead of.

Get your fingers out, Boris, and Ali Baba, or whatever the Health’ Secretaries name is.

Nominated by – W. C. Boggs

Employees – and their ungratefulness

Employees are cunts, as a small business owner employing people is very risky and potentially disastrous for the company especially if they are small.

All sorts of factors have to be taken into consideration, I will give you some examples.
Employing anyone who’s not white, as soo as anything they don’t like happens, more often than not out comes the race card and you get sued, weather your right or wrong.
Employing gays, trannies , rug munchers and all the other bollocks these cunts like to go by (See above virtually the same story)..

Employing jobsworths, contract wavers, lazy fuckers, unreliable fuckers and weak arsed cry babies (I have done this to my detriment and now its family only).

Employing people with disabilities, means ramps, lifts, special toilets and parking spaces.
Employing smokers, means these fuckers spend half the time your paying them for huddled in a glorified bus shelter satisfying their fucking disgusting habit, and then flicking fag butts everywhere.

Employing women, and that brings me to the real reason behind this nom, its a fucking nightmare,and I’m trying not to come over in a sexist way, but following is true, you have all the sexism problems, distracting the workforce, no innuendos and no fun, then they get pregnant and you have to pay them for months and keep their job open for them.

Then when they eventually get back its early finishes, late starts , doctors appointments, strops, moods and generally makes your place of work somewhere you don’t want to be, and if all of this isn’t when they cant get their way they take you to the fucking cleaner, see above link, all that cunt has done is make all women of a certain age less of a good prospect from an employers point of view.

I bet her ex boss would like to slap the grin of her silly face….what a cunty twat, i hope her sprog came out sideways and her snatch is now like a wizards sleeve, and her husband will have to put pie lagging around his cock so it can touch the sides.

Being an employer these days is a fucking minefield with cunts like cowpats at every step. I’m sure any possible future employer for this twat will see that news link and go for anyone else rather than that cunt…..

Nominated – by Fuglyucker


Spencer Elden – Oh well, nevermind

No, we’re not uploading the original pic.

You have all seen Spencer Elden before. He was the baby in the swimming pool from Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album cover, swimming after a dollar bill.

Mr Elden, who is now 30, says he has been so traumatised by this that he is suing Nirvana for damages totalling some $2,250,000 He claims that the image amounts to child pornography and that his parents never signed a formal release for the photo to be used. As a consequence, he says his “true identity and legal name are forever tied to the commercial sexual exploitation he experienced as a minor which has been distributed and sold worldwide from the time he was a baby to the present day”.

Elden claims he “has suffered and will continue to suffer lifelong damages” as a result of the album cover, including “extreme and permanent emotional distress” and “interference with his normal development and educational progress”.

The legal papers filed in California state that “The images exposed Spencer’s intimate body part and lasciviously displayed Spencer’s genitals from the time he was an infant to the present day.” His lawyer says that because of the inclusion of the dollar bill, which was superimposed after the photograph was taken, the minor seems “like a sex worker”.

How this claim makes any sense is beyond me. No one that sees Me Elden today would know that he was the baby and that it was his tickle-tackle on display. But I suppose the fact that his torso is covered with “Nevermind” tattoos could give it away.

Anyone else would be happy to say “I was the baby on the Nevermind album cover”. Mr Elden was happy to recreate the pose on other occasions. The image is obviously not pornographic.

Just another greedy cunt with dollar signs on his eyes.

Never mind the cunt.


Nominated by – MMCM 

Afghan boy survives war, dies falling out of a window.

The sad death of an Afghan boy who fell from a hotel window has predictably got the usual suspects outraged.

”An urgent independent investigation must be carried out into the safety of accommodation provided to Afghan refugees, a group of MPs has said.”

Surely the fucking Ritz was available? A suite at least. Something they are accustomed to back home.

And you cant expect the parents to take any responsibility. It’s the government’s fault obviously. I mean, a budget hotel. With fucking windows. Shame.. It’s a good thing there are no homeless Brits in Sheffield who would have had to endure this disgraceful treatment.

Nominated by – Cuntstable Cuntbubble.


Jake Davison – Do White Lives Matter In Plymouth?

Sane fellow, give him access to a shotgun.

As we all know, some nutjob shot dead five innocent people in Plymouth a few days ago Typically MSM have already suggested the killer was some kind of deranged misogynistic incel terrorist!

Thing is though, all the victims were white (as was the killer). Will there be any knee bending at sports grounds I wonder? Will anyone dare utter “White Lives Matter as well?” in MSM

Had the killer shot 5 BAMEs then obviously MSM would have gone into “he was a racist” overdrive. But as it was he killed 5 white people, but rather the MSM suggest that all victims were white, they’ve gone down a woke rabbit hole and suggested he hated women and therefore he had a misogynist agenda (even though he killed 2 women, 2 men and a child)

Seems that in the great woke hierarchy of things:-

BLM comes first
White women second
White men probably 3rd, although if a snail or grasshopper had been shot, then white blokes would be 4th or 5th


Nominated by – Technocunt

The more I read about this the more nobody learned from Dunblane. You allow a kid who’s spent years obsessing with guns access to a shotgun, who has massive pent up anger loose on the public. Where were the teachers/police (who GAVE HIM BACK THE SHOTGUN) and social workers. Beggar’s belief.