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This is the worst example of journalism in the UK. It has a circulation of about 8000. It strongly supports Scottish Nationalism and Independence. You cannot comment on their articles unless you are an approved supporter. It’s shite. Who is paying for their website and printed publications?

Many people voted SNP because they were the least worst of all the political parties, not because they want independence. What do the SNP have to do for people not to vote for them?
1. Embezzle money from independence supporters? Natalie McGarry. £32991.
2. Embezzle money from independence supporters? Peter Murrell et al. £660k.
They Embezzled money from gullible fools because they know there is no chance of independence.
3. Promise something they have no control over? John Swinney: A vote for the SNP will ensure a second independence referendum in the next parliament.
4. Continue to pump money into a useless shipyard making 2 ferries 8 years late?

It seems some people would vote for the SNP if they were all caught in a brothel discussing declining moral standards. Cunts!

The national

Nominated by Anton Pillar.

43 thoughts on “The National Newspaper

  1. ‘Journalism of cunts, by cunts, for cunts’.

    A Lincoln (deceased).

    Useful for bog paper, but may irritate the arsehole.

    Morning all.

  2. Looks like the jocks read your nomination anton..
    And cast the one trick ponies to histories dustbin..

    I’m sure Rodney starmers diverse band of poofs and ethnics will sort out all Scotlands ills..

  3. I’ve inadvertently looked at this rag’s website a couple of times and yes, it’s a load of utter crap.
    You’ll get more thoughtful, incisive political commentary on the Oor Wullie page of the Sunday Post.

    • It’s great fun looking at the Scottish papers this morning; Jim Sillars calling Wee Jimmy ‘Stalin’s wee sister’.

      It’s more than time for Legohead to get her collar felt by the Old Bill. What an asteroid like fall from grace.

  4. The Scottish and the French have historically enjoyed a special relationship. I wonder what it is that they have in common?

    Good morning, everyone.

  5. As much as I despise Liebor particularly and virtually all others in the political class I must say the drubbing the virtue signalling thieves that are the SNP got last week was much fun.

    As for their mouthpieces in the press..

    Tartan Oven.

    Good morning.

  6. I was always hoping that the sweaty socks would vote for independence, fuck off from GB join the EU and the euro and stop being a constant drain on England’s finances.

    Alas twas not to be….🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • The only had to invite the English to take part in their referendum and they would have been guaranteed to be up the road

    • The EU won’t have them.
      They don’t meet the criteria.
      Be a drain on an already economically troubled EU.
      If nothing else, Scotchland’s budget deficit is about three times larger than the limit for EU membership eligibility.

      • Greece without the Sunshine & hard workers. The average life expectancy is about 10 years less as well and most over 50 have chronic health conditions, in short an economic basket case with only Aberdeen’s oil industry (shortly to be destroyed by Red Ed) and Edinburgh financial industry propping up the whole edifice.

      • No they won’t. Remember Sturgeon going over to Brussels to try and give her country away to them after the referendum? She was laughed at by that French cunt Juncker and told to fuck off back to Edinburgh

  7. Not really on board, I’m afraid. Not when you have shit like The Daily Mirror (Daily Record in Scotland) and the Guardian who are so much up Labour’s arse they would write an enthusiastic and supporting editorial even if Starmer got caught arse-raping Prince Louis.

    I am not a Jock, but because people didn’t vote for the SNP they added to Kweer’s majority just like those Tories who voted for Reform.

    Swinney isn’t Sturgeon, he isn’t the little Paki who had to resign as SNP leader and he certainly isn’t Blair’s toady, so I will overlook this paper’s enthusiasm.

  8. Never heard of this racist publication. I suspect it’s funded by the same shadowy cabal that bring us ‘The New European’ anther disposable piece of shit paper read only by Mad Al Campbell and his partner in crime at new liebour, Peter ‘Mandy’ Mangledbum.

    Fuck the SNP. Lock her up…

      • Kept referring to them in the third person, as if she wasn’t responsible for the shite they find themselves in now. Vile hag

    • Big thumbs up for that comment.

      Yep, dust off a couple of Vulcan bombers and let her rip. Millions of pounds worth of improvements.

  9. In one of the comments in that rag it is pointed out that Scotland has 57 seats while London has 75, the implication being that this is unfair. It certainly is. London has a population of nine million, Scotland has a population of five-and-a half-million. Scotland is therefore heavily over represented in the HoC. To achieve equality Scotland should lose eleven seats or London should be given nineteen more seats.

    • I’m betting that if you counted the actual population of London, as opposed to the census population data, it’d be nearer 11m, or even 12m.

    • The trouble is because the cunts in London are so pro-Labour you would have even more arseholes like Sam Carling representing themselves. London is bad enough already – think of some of the scum there now.

      • Both valid points, Moggie, WC. I’m sure the real population of London is over ten million. Consider the huge number of illegals we know of and the numbers we don’t have any track of and the fact that virtually all illegals wash up in London. Only plus point though is that they won’t be voting, they’ll be keeping their heads down.

        Though having said that my last employer interviewed an asian guy in London for a field service job. He claimed to be certified on HP servers. HP said they had never heard of him. Enquiries with the authorities turned up the fact he was in the country illegally and to quote the DVLA; “His driving licence is a work of fiction.”

  10. Worst paper in Britain is the stinking Grauniad.

    The very height of the Covid lockddown in 2020. People dropping like flies, tons of dead. Yet their front page was a bunch of spoonfed cunts taking down a statue in Bristol. The day after that, it was that scum Chicken Floyd George. The day after that, it was a BLM protest. And so on.. No sign whatsoever of Covid on the front pages.

    The biggest and worst health criisis since the Black Death, and their priority was eulogisng a piece of criminal black shite and thinking vandalism is big and clever.

    • Not sure. For wokery and mental gymnastics i’d say The Independent is worse these days.

      I’m not keen on any national daily paper, to be honest.

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