The BBC (102) and its “Fact Checker” Oscar Bentley

Who Verifies BBC Verify? Well these cunts do. You need to know this.

Daily Mail

The way BBC News and Factual works nowadays is to unleash a 24/7 deluge of variations of the same story all underpinned by its own very particular interpretation of events. The old doctrine of repeating a lie often enough until it is believed. However you have to be very skilled at this or you can come a cropper.

An example of this was the BBC’s gleeful reporting of a so called IDF attack on the al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza. Soon backed up by HAMAS supplied images of burnt and bloody children, battered and confused old ladies and piles of rubble with the remains of hospital red crosses on them. Oh those perfidious Israelis but really? Being a cynical old cunt with some experience in such matters I never believed a word of it. First thought was this is a show for the media. Why would a very professional army like the IDF waste a lot of expensive munitions and trash its own reputation? It was HAMAS people.

So it soon proved with military experts on other channels concluding that it was either a rocket misfire by HAMAS or a deliberate act by them to finger the Israelis. Satellite imagery and the measuring of angles soon proved it was a rocket fired from a known HAMAS site just outside the Hospital walls. The BBC pretended not to know this and shifted its feet a little bit to conclude that the damage could have been caused by a misfire, dropped the reporting like hot shrapnel and started to show video of different burning babies and battered and confused old ladies from other parts of Gaza.

So who is out-goebbeling Goebbels, Nazi Reichsminister for Propaganda? I give you Marianna Spring and Oscar Bentley.

Marianne Spring? BBC Disinformation and Social Media Correspondent 27 years old and recipient of 80% of all online abuse directed at BBC correspondents this year.

“We are a team of 60 investigative journalists here at the BBC; we are also a new brand, and we are a physical location above the newsroom in London. The point of the team is to verify video, to fact-check, to counter disinformation, and to analyse really complex stories so we can get to the truth of what’s going on.”

Oscar Bentley? A 25 year old Vegan Hard Left Labour activist and supporter of Just Stop Oil with a face that you just want to kick and former political runner for Jeremy Corbyn. Now installed as a BBC wonk and Political Fact Checker. (Admin I dare you to post a mugshot of the smug cunt)

A BBC Spokesperson: –  “Once people are BBC employees they are bound by the BBC’s editorial rules of impartiality, but any opinions they’ve expressed before working for the BBC are completely irrelevant

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke


49 thoughts on “The BBC (102) and its “Fact Checker” Oscar Bentley

    • S’alright. He’ll grow out of. They all do.

      Looking at those Tweets though, as the days go by, the more I become convinced that us “far right” types are the more peaceful on the political spectrum.

      But no, I wouldn’t tire of decking the cunt’s smug chops, either.

  1. Oscar Bentley…….not just posh as fuck, he even looks as posh as fuck. You couldn’t make up a more stereotypical champagne socialist. I’m assuming he’s gay as that’s the only thing that will save him when the snowflake revolution comes. Yes, exactly the sort of cunt I would employ to “fact check” at the BBC. After all, it’s not my fucking money is it?

  2. The anything but impartial BBC again.
    Here’s an extract of their impartiality statement, proudly declaring it is aimed at audience expectation. It neglacts to 8inform us which audience of course.

    “The BBC is committed to achieving due impartiality in all its output. This commitment is fundamental to our reputation, our values and the trust of audiences. The term ‘due’ means that the impartiality must be adequate and appropriate to the output, taking account of the subject and nature of the content, the likely audience expectation and any signposting that may influence that expectation”.

  3. a political runner for corbyn?
    What taking jezza’s soiled y-fronts to the launderette..
    He can count himself lucky he is not with flabbottus anymore, endless trips to KFC..

  4. Full Fact, the UKs independent fact checkers’ are my favourite. The silly cunts ask whether you find their shit helpful. Ha, ha, ha. I just give the cunts the abuse they deserve – on a regular basis. The thing that really boils my piss is that they get fucking tax-payers money to lie. How the fuck can they be independent if they are getting public money from here and the EU?! Total shitmongering parasites living at our expense.

  5. Oscar Bentley, a character from. Viz made flesh.

    Does he pronounce Marianna as Mawee-Arnah?

    Neutron bombs were invented for such loathsome cunts.

  6. Judging by how impartially the BBC have been regurgitating Hamas propaganda as gospel truth, I wonder if this cunt is actually Miles Plastic.

  7. The BBC is the only source of truth.

    Why you can trust the BBC, well, it’s obvious. The BBC are the only source of truth.

    All cunts, can’t even call Hamas terrorists, fuck off.

  8. The BBC never fact check Starmer´ś´ ridiculous claims to be working class, for example, nor the fact that he and that silly old tart Rachel Reeves have spent the one off windfall tax at least a dozen times by now, or that Eddie Izzard isn t a raving poofter. They only go after the government. They certainly never fact check Ed Daveyś idiots either.

    • Suzy Izzard. Ha, ha, ha. I wonder where the wretched spunk bubble will stand in next year’s General Election? Where ever it is, the Tory candidate will be a shoo in.

      • Likewise.

        I’d like Rachel to catch me wearing her underwear. She’d then strip me naked and give me a jolly good spanking over her knee for being such a naughty boy.

      • Penny Mordaunt?!!
        Rum, sodomy and the lash.
        Am sure she’ll be available after the next GE.
        I shall stay up for Mordaunt!!

  9. These uni twats from middle/ upper class parts of the UK, what the fuck do they know. When was the last time they ever put in a 12 hour night shift, or couldn’t afford the rent.

    I’ve spent more time in an open necked shirt than these fuckers have spent in the real world.

      • That was laughable, MMCM. They’ll probably need a spy hole amongst the selection of windows.

      • Indeed Sammy.

        “What’s through the round tunnel todays boys and girls, the round tunnel underneath the hospital. Oh look, it’s some lovely missile launchers, boys and girls”.

  10. I suppose the BBC and their fact checkers will also be busy with the new Argentinian president Javier Milei especially since he is ‘far-right’.

    Described as a “deranged Bernard Manning” and known as ‘El Loco’ if he ever gets together with Trump and Bolsonaro at a UN sit down BBC Verify will be working overtime.

  11. A pile of dog shit is always a pile of dog shit,no matter how many hard left woke cunts try to tell you it’s a Mars Bar.

    Full Oven.

  12. Yeh good nom, as an ex Royal I’ve often thought it’s mega bullshit that the IDF are targeting kids and women

    Just doesn’t ring true.

    It really isn’t worth their time , not the negative PR

    They are a well trained , disciplined bunch and I’d be surprised if their superiors could get them to act in the way described en masse

    I know they would never have been able to Alex me do it and none of the people I served with

    So fuck off to the BBC , utter utter cunts

    The day they are defunded and find they can no longer afford to pay silly pensions illl be pissing myself laughing

  13. I’m not arsed about Oscars questionable facts.
    Likewise his fellow journos at the BBC Barnaby and Crispin.

    None of my mates or me care if Israel committed war crimes, in fact we’d endorse it.

    I think Israel has shown remarkable restraint.

    As for these little Harry potter extras bleating for a ‘ ceasefire ‘
    They had one.
    Hamas broke it.

    And pestering Kier Starmer to call for one is useless.
    Like Benny Yahoo will listen to that twat?!!!

    Get your hostages back safely then wipe them out.

    • Precisely , Israel has laid it out pretty clearly for them

      Release all hostages and we will consider your ceasefire

      They haven’t done that so assume they can’t really want one

      Thick cunts , if they are relying on Israeli compassion they are going to be out of luck

  14. I have a cunning plan, totally ignore the Bolshevik Bullshit Cunts.
    I do and feel better for it, I get all my unadulterated news from National Enquirer.

  15. More of an Unreliant Robin, but I bet he gobbles…
    Cluck cluck!! Luv-a-duck, and any other avian attribution you might think of…

  16. Piers Morgan interviewing Hamas Corbyn and that scouse cunt Len McCluskey was hilarious. Corbyn refused to condemn his Hamas ‘friends’ and ended up throwing a tantrum, and accusing Morgan of bullying him.

    I haven’t laughed so much in ages.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. The same BBC that allow CuntMartin Bashir a get out of gaol card after it was discovered he lied to Diana, Princess of Wales in order to secure the 1995 Panorama interview.
    Fuck the woke BBC.

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