The Energy Bill and Prison

Ministers want to grant themselves “unlimited” powers to create new criminal offences and civil penalties against home owners, landlords and businesses as part of its commitment to sustainable Net Zero targets by 2050.

To do this they’re seeking amendments to the Energy Bill, which includes tightening up on Energy Performance Certificates, which most homes and businesses must have when it comes to selling a property. (The EPC rates a home’s energy efficiency between A and G, with A being the most desirable.)

Ministers want all properties to be set to at least Band C by 2035, meaning the compliance costs will fall on the owner. And now they want additional “enforcement” powers to make sure people don’t fall foul of these tough new rules with the threat of anything up to a year in prison or a fine running into the thousands!

Fortunately, there is a Tory Backbench backlash against such heavy-handed, Orwellian-like plans, and the Department of Energy Security denies any such rulings exist.

However, we are living in a different world now, and I wouldn’t put it past these cunts, or a future Labour government to put such proposals forward in its efforts to look as if its complying with the globalists net-zero dogma, even if means sending people to prison for it!

Link below is behind a paywall, but here’s a snippet

“Property owners who fail to comply with new energy efficiency rules could face prison under government plans that have sparked a backlash from Tory MPs.

Ministers want to grant themselves powers to create new criminal offences and increase civil penalties as part of efforts to hit net zero targets. Under the proposals, people who fall foul of regulations to reduce their energy consumption could face up to a year in prison and fines of up to £15,000.

Tory backbenchers are set to rebel against the plans, which they fear would lead to the criminalisation of homeowners, landlords and businesses.”


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54 thoughts on “The Energy Bill and Prison

  1. The cunts would put a tax on breathing out carbon dioxide if they could.

    I’m truly getting sick of this shit.

    Morning all.

  2. We’re going down the path to totalitarianism and it doesn’t matter whether its by Tories or Labour. The Blairite civil servants, lobbyists and lawyers are running things and everytime a cabinet minister does something they don’t like, they have their chums in the media start a witch hunt.

  3. Talking of prison. That cunt Khalife who escaped from Wandsworth had pleaded not guilty:

    Why is this even in a court, it’s fucking obvious he is guilty and a waste of our money. If he was so keen on passing on sensitive information to his Iranian bum chums while he was in the army perhaps he’d like to go and live with them, permanently.

    I’d torture the cunt, fuckign traitor.

    Also, on Ali Baba Beebie last night I saw the news were dissecting and pouring over Rishi’s election winning policy of changing net zero from 2030 – 2035.

    They interviewed a cross section of cunts. One had an electric car, one had a heat pump and the other was some woke hipster who is renting and now feels let down that landlords won’t be forced to make changes to boilers to achieve these goals.

    He was clearly a ‘warrior’ and probably a vegan and was telling the camera that he is disappointed his landlord won’t be legally liable to do anything in the home he lives in. The poiint is, this cunt rents – it is not even his home and he’s pissed becuase his landlord won’t be forced to make changes.

    What an utter cunt and I told my TV the same (which resulted in odd looks from my wife, who I equally told to be quiet – did I fuck 🤣🤣).

    • Any normal person knew that there was no chance of these measures being delivered yet the fucking BBC claim that Sunak is facing ‘a blizzard of criticism’ for back tracking on these ludicrous proposals. The fact is that to continue the headlong rush to ‘Net Zero’ is a surefire vote loser.

    • The stuff about gas boilers was a bit of a white wash, the sale of gas boilers was 2035 already, only 2025 for new builds but I am still not clear on the policy ‘you won’t be require to…. Until you rip out your old boiler’, fucking nonsense.

      The only thing the cunt changed was on petrol/diesel cars, just like the EU, so not really revolutionary.

      I think someone has actually got through to these idiot and pointed out that you can build as many wind farms as you like but until you upgrade the grid, they are pointless.

      • Rishi knows he is probably going to send up back working in a curry house as a waiter so desperate times call for desperate measures.

  4. This is all about being able to force us out of home ownership and into rented boxes in 15 minute ghettos, the same policies are being implemented across the world.

    You will own nothing and we will be happy!

  5. Will I have to insulate the stable I’m going to have to build to keep my horse in? Is there VAT on buying a horse? Do I need a licence for a horse and cart? Will I have to pay the ULEZ charge? What’s the fucking point in living?

      • Don’t worry, that’ll be your main, and only, form of heating. The fart is directed to a gas burner and is supposed to keep you warm for a week. The unflavoured bugburgers will be designed to be eaten straight from the biodegradable packet and anything that needs any form of cooking will be illegal. For us. not for them.

  6. Well it clears the way for a filthy illegal to take your house..

    Five years in prison for a inefficient boiler.

    Still I’m enjoying the bedwetters reaction to the delay in net zero..

    Fuck it let the world burn..

    • Sadly it means fuck all. For a bloke who backstabbed, lied and cheated to become PM the Suntan Kid doesn’t seem too bothered about holding on to it. Mind you, if I was a multi billionaire I wouldn’t give a fuck either. Meanwhile the Starmtrooper is jetting around the globe ingratiating himself with his fellow world statesmen. God help us all.

    • Net zero is a fantasy. It will never be met, and even if this country did, it’s pointless as it shares an atmosphere with China, India and a lot of soon-to-industrialise countries who don’t want to be told tbe white liberal geriatric cunts they can’t use gas and oil to raise living standards.

      Even Old man Attenborough said it’s too late to reverse climate change.

      All of the posh old cunts at Just Stop Oil should’ve been blocking roads in their thirties if they wanted to reverse CO2 emissions, but they didn’t.

      They went on holiday.

      • Who believes that old shill Attenborough, man made climate change is made up shite.No CO2 no life on earth Dave, now fuck off and join your brother.

      • Attenbore is a TV presenter and knows fuck all about climate change.

        Dr. David Bellamy on the other hand was a Botanist and PhD in his field who denied man made climate change exists and was swiftly cancelled from ever presenting anything ever again.

        Do you think there is some kind of agenda behind all this?

  7. But it is a small price to pay for keeping everyone saaafe. Carry on sucking the state teat and taking the jabbies, all will be well. Trust in the government. Look into my eyes, not around my eyes…

    • Soon you won’t even be able to call that duck-faced useful idiot Olivia Attwood a ‘fucking slag’ cos it should be illegals innit.

      • She did inadvertently advertise a celebrity-bashing site on her recent documentary/propaganda piece. I had a look but it’s shite compared to dear old IsAC.

        The lilo-lipped twat kept moaning about how her trolls make fun of her stupid lips on instagram.

        Stupid cunt.

  8. Open all your windows and stick the boiler on max. Post to X (Twitter) and wait for meltdown.

  9. Will all these dirty immigrants be expected to adhere to carbon neutral – or should they be put on a pyre to provide energy security for us?

  10. Burning tyres give out a load of heat and I can pick them up free from any hedge or verge around here.

  11. Good luck enforcing that load of shit.

    The coppers are going to have their hands full stopping the Enrichers murdering each other and mass shoplifting.

    Fuck politicians into Oven,that’s where they are heading with their open borders and woke bullshit.

  12. Right, i’m going start leaving my iron on from now to off-set some of this shite!

    We’re supplied by EDF (inept cunts) keep estimating the bill.

    • That’s what happens when the corrupt cunts in charge sell off the national infrastructure to criminals around the world purely to line their own pockets with greasy cash.

      This whole climate change thing is nothing but a fraud to make the rich richer and the poor lower than dog shit.

  13. How are they going to put us all in prison……they’re bursting at the seams as it is. How about throwing up some “re education” camps……wooden barracks, barbed wire, watchtowers etc. Does that remind you of something?

    • They’d get away with it under Blair’s appalling caveat ridden Human Rights Act that actually removed them.
      For example “You have a right to a roof over your head”. Not the words “A ROOF”, which could be said concentration camp or “reeducation” centre, not YOUR roof as in your property. That cunt Blair put in a raft of “laws” that filleted is like kippers, all with disarmingly fluffy sounding but misleading names.
      The Civil Contingencies Act that stole your property and travel rights.
      RIPA aka the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, that empowered over 240 bodies to spy on us.
      The appalling Civil Contingencies Act that gives the state virtually untrammeled power over us for non-compliance.
      We can’t get rid of the cunt. He’s like a dog turd you can’t wipe off your shoe.

  14. Are the Scottish Nazi party still going ahead with the ‘you can’t sell your house unless it is rated C or higher’, that will stuff the housing market.

    • I own a lovely eighteenth century cottage which I rent out. Several years ago I had the roof renovated and the entire loft space stuffed with insulation . However, as there is no access to the loft space I have been told that the cottage automatically is places in the lowest energy category. The fact that my tenant is paying sweet fuck all for energy cuts no ice (see wot I did there?). The whole system is badly thought out.

    • Sell it for cash and tell the bureaucrats to fuck off. Remember it’s YOUR property not theirs, capitulation to this eco-shit will remove your property rights. One more step to “you’ll own nothing” and the elite will be happy.

  15. Marginally off the point, it is great to see X tell the pompous Caroline Dineage MP to fuck off regarding the Russell Brand case. It was especially pleasing to read that X regarded the letter from the HoC Culture Committee as ‘deeply disturbing’ and that X had no interest in joining ‘the cancel culture mob’
    I await the reply to this stinging rebuke with interest.

  16. I hope these dirty Bulgarian gyppos caught for spying for the Ruskies get the book thrown at them.

    I’d pay to be allowed a little bit of torture.

    Nothing that would involve me slicing, cutting or drawing blood, but some water boarding would be acceptable to me.

    • Good old British names. The tip of the iceberg I suspect. If they got caught by our Old Bill they can’t be very good.

    • Cue bleeding heart woke Liberals “Don’t send them back, don’t imprison them it’s against their Human Rights” and Humans Rights Lawyers seeing their bank balance bulge even more. How about OUR human rights for a fucking change? Is that too much to ask?

  17. I emailed my MP that on the event of some “official” or Plods attempting to use “reasonable force” to force a “smart” meter on me, I would respond with deadly force to protect me and mine.
    I’ve turned over in my own mind whether I would do so,and concluded that after the constant attacks on and erosion of our civil liberties and property rights, I’d have absolutely no compunction at dispatching the cunts and to hell with the consequences.
    Better dead than a slave

  18. Shouldn’t worry about it too much – when we end up with some cunting Rainbow Alliance next year – and I aint talking about Ritchie Blackmore and Bungle – the resulting cuntfuck up will make Birminghalal look like Hawaii. And on that bombshell evening all!

  19. To be honest I think we’d be better of in prison given how the more modern ones look more like hotels than old school prisons similar to what you saw in Porridge.

    Your very own dorm (no longer called cells), central heating, double glazing, power points, tv, access to a games room, education centres, gyms etc. and three meals a day and hardly a bill to worry about.

    And you fancy some female action just tell the judge before sentencing that you identify as a transwoman, and job done, in a woman’s prison you go!

    Who the fuck wants to live in the real world when prison seems a far better option these days.

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