Why you no speak English


No link for this cunting as its from my experience, i would like to nominate cunts who have lived in this country for years and yet have made no effort what so ever to learn the fucking language.

Had a customer yesterday, fucking rinkydink, but other shades as well, who we have known for years, every time we see them its a pantomime, pictures, drawings, sign language trying to get the pricks to understand what they are paying for, we through all the usual bollocks yesterday, explaining that the job will be finished on the next appointment.

Guy turns up today moaning about what i spent the best part of an hour explaining in painful detail to him yesterday[ if only i could charge for the time wasted, he would fucking understand then first time around i bet], with every other sentence containing [why dont you get someone who can translate on the fucking phone] ffs, these cunts really wear me down, i usually have the patience of a saint, but this fucker nearly got the tablet today…..

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Nomination by Fuglyucker. Link by C.A. A link adds gravitas to any cunting just like learning the language of the country you live in.

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  1. No need to learn English in this country nowadays..
    Not at the rate we are being assimilated.

    • When an appointment for hospital treatment arrives not only does one get the appointment details but one also receives a leaflet with the contact info in 48 languages. Wonder what budget that bollocks comes out of. To gain permission to stay in England a person should be examined on their/he/her/wtf are you,fluency in English after one year. Fail and that should be another reason for being kicked out. The way things are going English will be one of the languages offered soon on these money wasting travesty’s

      • The cunts get translators at £700 a pop. Paid for by the NHS.
        Some of these lazy idle bastards have been in this country for 40 fucking years.
        If the cunts fail to turn up for the appoitment its still £700 because the translator did turn up.
        Parkies are always pulling this particular stunt. 3 or 4 appointments given out before they decide they will drag their bone idle carcasses out of their shit hole houses.
        Cunts. Oven

      • Some of the staff at the kidney unit do my head in. There’s this African bint who goes there. Manners of a sewer rat and miserable, thoughtless and as uncooperative as fuck. Yet when she says an English word, they giggle and praise her. Like she is a cute pet doing a trick. Only thing is she is far from fucking cute, and she has been here in this country for 25 years. Yet she still (claims) to ‘No speaky English’. Frigging cunt.

  2. Im afraid it is our fault in not learning their language. After all, it is the language of our very near future.

    • That’s mandarin. We will learn it. The dooshkas will learn it (unless they head to Russia as part of a Slavic empire), the Urdu speakers will learn it, the Somalians, the Nigerians will learn it.

  3. As previously mentioned, I work in local government. A while ago I had to arrange for an interpreter to accompany a social worker on a visit to an Afghan family – the mum was kicking off about something but no one could understand what (they had lived in UK for some time, so not newbies). Turns out she wanted a bigger house like all her friends had got, and where was the well paid job and generally fantastic life style she was promised pre-coming to UK? Just being in the UK, even with its current problems is a massive leap for these ungrateful cunts.

    • Morning U Cunt👍

      I’ve done work for councils in the past for these cunts who need a interpreter,
      What’s the going rate for a interpreter?

      Doubt its cheap.

      We were asked to work without our boots on inside as they were Muslims.
      Sorry, health and safety.
      Want me to leave it all in the garden and you carry it inside?

      They relaxed the rules and we kept our boots on

      We were asked by a africunt with bare feet if we were paying for her taxi?!!!
      (Didn’t want her in the van with us)

      And haf some cunt threatening to kill himself because he was being moved from his posh Didsbury private rented house into a council house in Longsight.😄

      I refuse all work involving them now.

      • It is amazing they no speako the English, still less read it, yet know every one of their “rights” and benefits – thanks, no doubt to university snowflakes who read sociology at The Corbyn University, North London telling them.

      • Should of brought the dog mis, tell the peacefuls he is your therapy dog..
        Can’t work without him..

      • Baz@

        I’ve come round to the dogs extremist political views regarding these asylum cunts.

        Strictly not tolerated.

  4. You speaka no Inglis? Fuck off.
    I was in Uzbekistan back in the Soviet days, no cunt could speak Inglis apart from a few Russian cunts. Bumped into an Indian engineer, he could speak English better than what I can couldn’t he.
    Funny old world, use hand signals.

  5. I knew someone who worked as a receptionist in a doctors surgery in an area suffering high immigration (aren’t they all now!).

    Sometimes, like when our “friends” really wanted something (like furniture for their house: “sorry, this is a doctor’s you’ll have to go to DSS for that”) they’d bring a paid for interpreter (who would sort things out). Other times they just had to guess what was going on (staff didn’t get paid for interpreters). So the answer then was to just make up a condition and book them in with a doctor to let them sort it (doctors get paid very well/receptionists very poorly).

    Another interesting anecdote was that, when families of “friends” arrived in the surgery, they would often give the same address. After having kept a tally, and worked out there were ostensibly 150 people living in a 3 bedroom terrace, this was reported up the line. The outcome? Nothing to do with us, nothing to see here, move on and keep your mouth shut (you racist!)

    This country is f*cked!

    • There probably were 150 people in that 3 bedroom terrace, the family likes to stay together.

      • I had a friend who was a GP in Stamford Hill, an area of London known for its’ large orthodox Jewish population, known by The local gentiles as Stamford Hill Cowboys. She said it was a regular occurrence that women would turn up who were 3rd or 4th generation U.K. residents, unable to speak English, and having their husbands with them to act as interpreters. It made it a bit difficult to discuss their intimate medical problems, especially knowing the Jewish males well known dislike for the painters and decorators arrival .
        I think the answer is that access to the NHS should be restricted to those who can speak English, those figures from the TPA on money spent on interpreting are eye watering.

      • Couple of years ago now Wanksock there was a programme on TV about the orthodox jews of Stamford Hill considering a plan to move en masse to Southend, I think. Don’t know if it came to anything. A few people in Southend who were interviewed seemed to welcome the idea. Not sure if they were clear what they would be taking on, men in pigtails dressed as if living in nineteenth century Poland, riding around on bicycles and the womenfolk illiterate and kept as property. Also the whole lot hugely dependent on benefits to survive.

      • I have had a fair few of those move into my area arfur.. with a lot more to come I imagine.

        Can’t drive for shit always crashing into railings and posts..

        And loads of small children on their own normally pushing babies in prams..

      • The Stamford Hill Cowboys all use to drive Volvos, they were known as frumobiles. There was a great Volvo garage in Dalston, Braydon Motors, about half the price of main agents and twice the expertise. Always full of SHC arguing about the price of something or other. I have just looked them up, sadly closed in 2015.

  6. When encountering someone speaking little or broken English I just repeat the few (rather foul) phrases of Scots Gaelic I know. They soon give up and fuck off.

  7. Round my way, you’ll hear more foreign languages than English. The arrogance these smellies have is astounding, whether it’s quack-quack Vietnamese, durka-durka Taliban, whiney Dooshka-dooshka Polish, or rápey Ooga-dooga Nigerians..Conveniently they “no dpeak Engrish” when necessary and none of the cunts are fluent in paying tax

  8. What steams my urine is the more often than not Afrikunt or Muzzee bellyaching about the interior of its rented flat being covered in a film of black mould, with the odd mushroom growing in the carpet.

    It’s always the landlord’s fault. Nasty landlord. More often than not, windows are tightly shut, heating cranked up to max and wet washing being dried.

    There was one on the ITV news last night – a muzzee woman in full regalia (I couldn’t understand what she was saying as her mouth was covered by her burka. Suffice to say, the whining cunt had never heard of Domestos.

    These cunts don’t believe in doing things for themselves. It is always the nasty landlord who should be wiping their arse. The landlord is fighting a losing battle with squalor prone tenants like these.


    • Too true Paul. We are inundated with stories such as these. I would make it obligatory for any gimmegrant or white low life to have to attend a course (at their expense) on how to clean a house prior to being allowed to move into tax payer funded accommodation. The place would be videoed on their arrival and inspected each month. Failure to maintain the property would result in eviction with no right to appeal.

  9. Well for round 2 of this nom, my little yellow friend didn’t show up for his follow up appointment to finish the job, so he obviously didn’t get it in the end anyway, even after telling me he did.
    So to reiterate, he has wasted my time and patients, he has pissed himself off because he hasn’t bothered to learn the fucking language, no doubt he is telling all the other fuckers who can’t be arsed to learn that I’m a cunt, all while living here with his extended family, dealing in cash only, claiming everything in the book.
    So to lazy, little yellow and others fuckers in the UK who don’t bother learning the language…… Fuck you cunts, fuck off, I’m not playing this game anymore after 18 years, I now can’t be arsed fuck you….

  10. My grandfather was one of these cunts. The only english words he ever said to me were ‘orreenge’ (orange) and beeskeet (biscuit). From 1950 to 1994 he was in the UK and he never learnt anymore of our language than was necessary to order a guiness at the pub. Everyweekend we would have to go and listen to them gabbling away in spanish whilst me and my bro sat there in silence . Bone idle Spanish cunt. Zero effort.

    • To be honest, I wouldve prefered to have learned Spanish over French while at school, or been given the choice.
      I suspect my grandad would’ve suggested German, given he spoke it fairly well, often to his brother over the phone.

  11. I agree that you should make an effort to learn the language of the country you’re inhabiting but the British are hardly the greatest exemplars of this.

    • The reason the British don’t learn other languages Hardy is because rhey don’t need to. Anyone of any significance can speak English. This is because every civilised country in the world outside Western Europe is a former British colony. The single exception may be Japan but even they were pushed into the modern world by a former British colony.

      • I speak Tagalog fluently Hardy ,
        And a dialect of Comanche.

        Sure it’ll come in handy sooner or later…

    • The difference between Brits living abroad and foreigners living in the UK is that, in general, the Brits have their own income, pay rent or own property, have private healthcare and pay local taxes.
      They do not expect the host country to fund their lifestyles, unlike the majority of non- English speaking types that wash up here on a daily basis.

    • I agree in principle but it comes as a benefit of crushing Napoleon and taking over the planet for 80 years.

  12. Correct me if i’m wrong but if you decide to live in France it’s obligatory that you learn the language, not a fucking option

      • Nobody- even the dooshkas are leaving in droves in dinghies to get away from the dooshka-infested toilet……

  13. You can’t blame these cunts for being piss takers and being entitled.

    They’ve been led to believe this is the case.

    The fault lies solely with our politicians.
    They’re the cunts that have allowed it.

    Both Labour and Tory have had time in office to deal with this.

    This country has been slowly poisoned since the 1950s.

    Cheap labour.
    Fuck the impact on the indigenous.

    That greasy little cunt Rishi keeps shutting about it but I’m not seeing any action?

    • Shouting.

      This phone needs a interpreter the fuckin foreign cunt😡

      • That mex in the header pic?

        He’s a proper Mexican.
        He’s got it nailed.

        No Armani suit an sunglasses drug cartel bollocks for him!

        Little tash, chubby chops, sombrero= classical.

        How I picture all Mexicans,
        With a burro or donkey and snoozing under the shade of a cactus.

        Well done that man!👍

    • Very good point MNC the end of the 50’s was the end of what the U.K. should be Ok, bit harsh on the riders of the alternate omnibus and a smiggen on the racist road but shit, things would have eased off by now. The English have always been accommodating and helpful especially at shooting themselves in the foot.
      As you rightly state the fault is with the politico who in most cases will only listen to you if you’re ethnic or transbender or even better a mixture of all with a disability. This twattery about cheap labour ain’t seen many peacefuls, or Africans in the fields round here or the kebaberies . The huge growth in English population is down to the useless governments woke to the,nth degree civil servants and the indigenous populations apathy.

    • Donkeys years ago when foreigners came here, an interpreter would tell them their large family would live in one tiny room and the wage earner would sit at a machine all day working for a pittance. No need to learn our language, due to the simple details I’ve just explained.

  14. I build high end flats for people who rarely live in them.

    Recently the rinkydinks seem to be hoovering up anything with four walls in London, thinking the the UK housing market only ever goes upwards.

    We get customer satisfaction surveys through once a month and some of the entitlement of these slitty eyed dog munchers is off the fucking scale.

    The most common complaint is that nobody on the estate team speaks fluent Mandarin.

    Why the fuck would they? You live in England now Tingtong. Learn the fucking language you ignorant cunt!

  15. African role model Idi Amin Dada (R.I.P)
    Had the best approach to foreign infestation I’ve seen.

    24hrs to pack a suitcase and fuck off.
    You lose all property and if you want to argue your legal rights you can discuss this in the crocodile filled river.

    Weather was here
    Wish you were nice 🖕

    • And that’s how we ended up with priti useless as home secretary for 3 years..

      Doing her best to let every cunt in..

  16. There was a Chinese lad I was at school with in the 1970’s, born locally, and from very hard working family, that ran a restaurant.
    He wouldn’t speak English then, and when I bumped into his missus recently, she said he still won’t, and she has to interpretate for him.
    He’s also disapproving of his kids speaking English too.
    Bizarre to say the least.

  17. You have to have a ‘head’ for languages. I fancied myself as becoming a sophisticated ‘polyglot’. Started with French. Studied pretty hard. Yes went to do an O Level at evening class.
    Met a French person who talked to me in French. Totally bamboozled.
    Foreign languages should be introduced early. When there is that ‘window of opportunity’ when children are learning by mimicking.

  18. Luckily i dont have that issue around my abode. The Chinese and Indian restaurants are run by people who can speak better English than most of London.

    Still, that’s not saying a lot these days.

  19. it needs to be mandatory that if you are not able to hold a conversation in the nations native language after 6 months (I’m being generous) then throw em on 1 of the left over dhingys in Dover and get the fuck out of here they are never going to conform to life in their “new home”

  20. Ridiculous state of affairs, to say the least.

    Government has lost the plot, weak and incompetent. Bloody shambles.

    Two miles up the road from me are illegals housed in a 4 star country hotel. The place is Tudor/ part Victorian and beautiful.

    Meanwhile my OAP Mum who never claimed benefits in her life, lives in a shitting ugly tower block in South London. This is not acceptable. FFS.

    • Totally agree Mrs C. My mother who died ten years ago lived in a block in the West Midlands and also never claimed anything but her state pension. Started work at Fourteen in 1939 and worked on munitions at Kynoch’s in North Birmingham throughout WW2, subject to regular air raids by the Luftwaffe in one of which a close friend died. After the war raised three children, all of us still around and was widowed at fifty-one. Her generation contributed so much and to see how little reward they received and the amount spent on illegal immigrants now, well it stinks.

  21. I see these cunts who refuse to speak English every week at the kidney unit. It was a bitch two days ago. A Paggi on either side of me, both of them yacking loudly on their phones for three hours non-stop. Wired up to a dialysis machine with cunts like that next to you is no picnic, I can tell you.

    And my consultant – an Italian lad who learned English in six months – fucking hates these play dumb cunts. A Paggi or African cunt who has been here for over two decades look like mongs when the Doctor asks them the very simplest of questions. Next time these fucks say ‘No speaky English’ he should say ‘Why the fuck not?’ But it’s typical. All take and no give, those cunts.

    • It was the same in my kidney unit when I had kidney failure as a child.
      I was in Guys in the middle of London around 1994/95 and their was a family of pakistanis. The mother wore a hijab and never spoke the other mums, but when the relatives showed up it was a cacophony of eebs and allas. The women had strong hints of facial hair as well.
      luckily there was a majority of English speskers back then, including black children and their families.
      No prizes for guessing the nMe of the Pakistani boy, either.

  22. Anybody from China/HongKong is lucky, because we do have a nurse from Hong Kong where I am. Bloody fit she is too.

    But, there are no patients from there. We just have half of fucking Islamabad and Somalia in the bloody place.

  23. To flip this nom slightly, Scandinavian students outperform English students in English skills. A college lecturer will often ask a highly literate student what part of Scandinavia they come from, as the teaching of English is a much higher stand.

    To compound the failure of our school system, todays 16-24 year olds are less literate than those going into retirement ,(OECD), despite do many of them attending university.
    Even worse than that, the UK is the only developed country where this has happened.

    Perhaps the know-it-all Marxist teachers might want to consider this next time they take the kids to a climate march or spend enter lessons on how many genders there are, or how white people are born racist.

  24. That Paggi woman who tortures my eardrums in the kidney unit so much really overstepped the mark today.

    I arrived at the dialysis unit this morning and I sat down and then left my shoes near the chair before I went to the scales to weigh myself. But the minute I got up, this bitch took my seat without a by your leave.

    Now, this paggi hag saw me sat there, and she also saw me get up to weigh myself. But she just sits in my seat without a hello or kiss my arse. That was annoying enough, but the bitch also moved my shoes out of the way and put them near the middle of the room. I went apeshit and I told her that keeping me awake every fucking time I go is bad enough, but taking the piss and touching my personal things is outrageous. She knew full well I was sat there and that they were my shoes. But the slag thought she’d come it with me. like she does with the staff. When I asked where her manners were and why she didn’t speak English after 40 years of leeching/being here, all I got was this whiny ‘No, no no’, which is what she says to everybody there who isn’t a Stanley. Two staff members eventually calmed me down and I told them what happened and that she was taking the piss and that chucking my gear out of her way just was not on. They of course attempted to smooth it over and make excuses for her, including the ‘doesn’t talk English’ classic. To which, I replied that she can bloody see, and that she fucking saw me sat there and she saw me remove my shoes. I have tolerated this rude and thoughtless bitch for months now, but a joke is a joke. I don’t give a fuck who or what she is. Had she been English and done the same thing I’d still have been pissed off. A man who has worked and paid in since he left school at 15 can’t even have dialysis treatment in peace because of scum like that. I have demanded that the staff keep her out of my way, and if she touches my things again, it will be the last thing she ever does. The fucking pig.

    • And in spite of her cuntish thoughtlessness and indecently loud phone, I have offered the bitch my seat several times when the waiting room was crowded. That’s what I mean by taking the piss. I will never do it again. Give vermin like that an inch…. Not for nothing are they called gimmigrants.

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