The Beatles (4) and Apple Records

The Beatles and Apple Records are cunts.

As some might know, there is yet another Beatles cash-in imminent. As a reissue of the 1966 album ‘Revolver’ is about to surface.

Now, the fact that a 5.1 Blu-ray disc of the album won’t be included in the ludicrously priced box set, yet they will make it available via streaming (thus even more cashing in and screwing fans) shows them to be the cunts they really are.

However, there’s more, and worse…. For the book that will come with the ‘Revolver’ box set, there will be an ‘enlightening’ (their words) essay by some person called Questlove.

Now, who the fuck is Questlove? I hear you ask. And no, until now, I had not heard of him either. Well, he is Ahmir Khalib Thompson (born January 20, 1971), known professionally as Questlove (stylized as ?uestlove), apparently an American musician, record producer, disc jockey, filmmaker, music journalist, and actor. He also wasn’t born when ‘Revolver’ was made and has nothing to do with the Beatles or their history.

There are genuine Beatles historians like Mark Lewisohn and Keith Badman who could do an essay for a Beatles project. So, why has this ?uestlove (fuck me) got the gig? He’s a dark personage? Ah!

The Beatles (what’s left of them) have gone woke and ‘diversity’. Even the glorious past of the 1960s is not out of its reach. Got to get you into my life, the YouTube ad for ‘Revolver’ says….. Not if I can help it.

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Nominated by: Norman

71 thoughts on “The Beatles (4) and Apple Records

  1. Yes Questlove I know of because he leaves a hair pick stuck in his afro. I never understood this practice. It’s like leaving toilet paper stuck between your ass cheeks for when you need it next.
    He is (or maybe was) Jimmy Fallon’s band leader on his late show. A band called The Roots.

  2. We in the North of England call Beatles (beetles or cockroaches) Blackjacks. There were sweets that went by the name of blackjacks too. That’s all I can tell you I’m afraid.

  3. Good nom Norman.

    But after all is said and done though – Revolver – what a fucking album.
    Even the few short clips from the link above had the hairs standing up on the back of the neck.

    Simply marvellous.

    • Oh. it’s a great album, Herman. With Paperback Writer and Rain being one of the greatest A and B side combinations ever.

      But some hip diversity darling dark personage lecturing us on an English pop masterpiece from 1966 is more than I can take. I have no doubt this Questcunt will go on about how black music and black influences made the Beatles what they were. And the worst thing is he is doing it with Apple’s blessing. Woke is the bubonic plague of popular culture.

  4. I remember Blackjacks. Small pieces of liquorice with a wrapper with a golly on it. Long since disappeared off the face of the wokie earth.

  5. “All you need is love” eh, Paul? “Imagine no possessions” eh, John?
    Right you both are.
    OK then, i will imagine that i own the Revolver box rather than buying it.
    Greedy cunts.

  6. Desperate to sell a rehash?
    Scrambling to be relevant?

    Get a dark key in to spout a load of bollocks.

    Some great music,but it was released half a century doesn’t need “modernising”.

    Daft cunts.

  7. I have no problem with people making what money they can as long as it’s not illegal or immoral.
    Good for the 2 remaining Beatles if they get to pile more money on the mountain they already have.
    What I hate about them is they are champaign socialist cunts. They will never have to live under the crushing oppression of socialism but endorse it for us serfs.

  8. I like ‘Rain’. Wikipedia says it came out their Eatern trip.

    The beginnings of Psychedelia.

    But I think that jangly guitar sound is very English.

    Psychedelia was the fusion of traditional English song and Indian classical music.

    Btw this is heaping onto them far too much gravitas. It was and remains just pop.

  9. Off topic I know but great to hear of the news that The Human Gargoyle that is Hilary Mantelpiece has died. Brexit hating old cow who them went and and applied for an Irish passport but still hedged her bets and lived here. It’s no use to you now you mad old sow!!

    Beatles? Preferred the Rutles myself. All You Need Is Cash, Your Mother Should Go, Fool On The Pill etc. Neil Innes and Eric Idle…. legends as George Harrison readily acknowledged.

  10. Not sure who the biggest cunts are here: Paul and Ringo for employing some cunt with no discernable link to the Beatles, just to claim a few Woke brownie-points, or the mugs with more coin than sense shelling out £190 for a rehashed album and an essay by the same cunt. Probably all of them.

  11. I have an original vinyl of Revolver. Slightly foxed. My girlfriend left it on the windowsill in the sun and her mother ironed it flat(ish)
    Am open to offers.

  12. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

    Rather go listen to a live band .

    Fuck buying that shite .
    I’ve a copy of Revolver somewhere?
    About 30yrs old,
    It can stay lost for alI I
    care .

    The mithering Scouse cunts.

  13. I am a massive fan of the Beatles, they achieved more than any other band in terms of music and song writing (3 of them did) and they split up before they hit 30 …Yeah yeah oohh PM and ringo are now woke has been’s but you can’t take away what they achieved in just 6 years even if you don’t like the music and goodness knows why but even so you can’t take away their musical legacy of those 6 short years. Millions love it like me.
    I’ve got Revolver and others why the fuck would I want to but a re issue ??

    • I’d like to be associated with those observations.Best band from my native Manchester ?… i would say …10cc.Hybrid of Beatles and the Beachboys.Best all round band for pure musical prowess…would be the mighty YES.Just working on ‘Turn of the Century’ on mi guitar.Steve Howe takes some copying.

  14. I still know beatles songs from the early days. Are the kids of today going yo remember all these mind warping rap “songs”?

  15. Slightly off topic but that recently added picture of Macca on the wall.
    Was that picture taken while he was getting a prostate exam from nurse Edward Scissorhands?

    Asking for a friend.

  16. The thing I hate about The Beatles is searching for a quick ‘Beatles Best of’ compilation on YouTube, playing it and it being a covers band.

    Fuck off with that you cunts!

    Includes cunts who post videos of themselves playing FIFA when you’re trying to find an old classic footy match. Click on the pic (which shows a real pic of the game) only for it to go to some spotty nerd playing computer games.

    I’d give them the electric chair, while Cliff Richard wanks on them and Diane Abbot sits on their faces.

      • Can’t believe, “wop” made it through! Anti-Italianism must not be high up on the racism pyramid.

    • I’ve also noticed that on YT, CB. I don’t really follow football anymore, but if there’s some hype about a particularly good match, I might check out the 4 minute highlights on YT. Only to find it’s a video game of the two teams involved.

      I’d like to know how much of a cunting video do you have to watch on YT for it to be considered a “view”. 1 second? 10 seconds? More than half of it? I’m sure those types of video are just there as click bait. Cunts.

  17. Oh dog, not the fucking B*****s again.

    I just don’t get it. I freely admit that I don’t much care for “pop” music. I much prefer something with substance, edge and depth. Lyrics like “She loves you yeah yeah yeah” make me want to hurl due to their puerile and superficial nature. Nothing I have ever heard (by accident) by those cunts has ever caught my attention and made me think ‘wow, that’s a great song’ or ‘what a great bass line’ or ‘clever insightful lyric’ or ‘killer percussion’, or ‘outstanding vocal performance’ etc. Nothing.

    Again, based upon what I’ve heard their musicianship is/was nothing to write home about either. Arrangements? Nothing special. I’ve often heard claims of pushing boundaries, being experimental and pioneering recording techniques. Oh do fuck off. Writing paperbacks, immortal fields of strawberries and getting back to where you came from hardly conjures up images of a band on the cutting edge of anything. Perhaps it was all in the production? George Martin gets lots of praise for his work with them, but I’m not sold. He produced Quartet by Ultravox which wasn’t a patch on their previous album, Rage In Eden produced by Conny Plank.

    Stupid haircuts, stupid grinning faces and that fucking accent. I just don’t get the lasting appeal. Two down. Two to go. Oven.

      • OMG LC – I’d completely forgotten about that Big Train skit. I have the DVDs and need to watch them again. Ta for the reminder.

        The stare-out competition with Barry Davis doing commentary always amused me too.

        And yes, GM produced Ultravox’s Quartet. A very odd choice indeed. It’s not a bad album by any means, but it just doesn’t stack up well against its predecessor Rage In Eden. That album had an unnerving edge to it, a slight shadowy darkness to the sound. Quartet sounds very bright and shiny. I’m sure GM wasn’t responsible for the songwriting per se, but a good chunk of that album is too commercial and lightweight for my liking. Perhaps that’s what they wanted for that project. All I know is, it’s not as good as Rage In Eden or Vienna for that matter. The Lament album, which came after Quartet is better although it does contain the woeful, Dancing With Tear In My Eyes.

        Speaking of Vienna, I’m a big Steven Wilson fan but his mix of Vienna is pants. Played it once. Never will again. The original (also produced by Conny Plank) is far superior.

      • They should have got Steven Wilson to remix Revolver.
        But Giles ‘Daddys Boy’ Martin s doing it, again….🙄

  18. The 4 track ‘EP’ that takes up a whole CD in both the ‘Let It Be’and ‘Revolver’ box sets is a rip-off that Del Boy or Arthur Daley would be proud of. Apparently, Apple and UMG are doing this so the CD box exactly matches the vinyl box. But, why the fuck does it have to? 4 tracks on CD that can hold over 20? Fuck off!🤣

  19. They probably need the money to ride out the cost of living crisis, can’t have these old pensioners dying of hypothermia……scouse cunts..!

  20. I already got a shit load of different takes of Revolver tracks so Questlove get fucked

    He Isn’t gonna bring anything different to these tracks with remastering the audio shameless resell until I see otherwise

  21. What is the point of these massive deluxe reissues? The BBC Sessions (1994) and The Anthology CDs (1995/96) were interesting. Because they were full of alternate versions and rarities in their entirety and they were double CDs. But they weren’t full of demos and unfinished bits of crap that were never meant to be heard. Mind you, Apple in the 90s was run by the more thoughtful Neil Aspinall. He did care about the Beatles image and legacy. But it appears that Apple now run by… sorry… with UMG would put John Lennon farting on CD as part of a box set priced at 200 smackers.

    • Too true, Johannes. Why does it have to be ‘enlightening’, just because a dark personage has written it? I’d never even heard of this Questcunt until he was mentioned in the promotion for this reissue. So, the cunt has hardly set the world alight before, has he? It’s just more ‘black is better’ woke hard sell.Total bollocks.

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