John Leguizamo

Here we go again. James Franco is cast to play fidel castro in a upcoming movie and queue the uproar..

Should of been a Latino actor says the man who has played two Italians and a Frenchman in movies.

Again colourblind casting only works one way a black Anne boylen that’s fine.
The play Hamilton the founding fathers all ethnics.

But God forbid a honky playing castro, even though personally a very good resemblance of the man.

So best man/women for the job is on its way out. Enjoy the replacement

Nominated by: Barry zuckercunt

83 thoughts on “John Leguizamo

  1. Fuck him.
    Something wrong with that James Franco.

    The Goggle eyed twat looks like he salivers all the time.
    His mechanisms broke.

    If he wants to play a statesmen,
    Well, try Franco?

      • Hispanics my arse.

        The only role they should play are sleepy eyed peasants in sombreros in spaghetti westerns.

        Or Speedy Gonzales the movie.

      • I think John leMesurier is the benchmark that all others should be measured by.

        I think he’s frightfully nice.
        Simply splendid.

        Afternoon Ruff👍

      • I’m shocked they didn’t ask you Miserable, with the beard, a khaki field cap and a cigar you would have been well away.

        “Gravy on your picadillo El Presidente?”.

      • I’d of done it if asked LL.
        Can’t of done any worse than that slackjaw Franco.

        Might of had to work at that ducky accent like,
        But pretty sure I’d get a Academy award if not a Oscar?

  2. I seem to remember Pacino played a Cuban in “Scarface” and fucking good he was too. Nobody complained about his lack of “Latino roots” then.
    But that was before the wokies took over and the whole world suddenly became raaaaaaay-sist.

    • No one gave a fuck back then. Actually, Hispanics/Latinos, Mexicans are the most offensive stereotypes people in Hollywood movies/TV over the history. Loads of “cool” black characters, but the Mexican has almost always been presented as a lowly, sweaty, lazy, drug-pushing cockroach. But it’s only in the past decade that has been challenged. The value of the “Latino vote” is very high for Democrats now, so the Latinos are pandered to now and they don’t like it!

  3. So do only h0m0z play roles involving gayness?
    I thought it was called “acting”. No?
    Can a rich actor play a role where the character is poor?
    So many questions.
    Maybe a disclaimer before the feature starts about the disparities.
    Wokeness is a mental disorder. All mental disorders are some kind of disconnect from reality.

  4. I could pass for Castro with some sunglasses and a big fuck off beard.

  5. Fucking actors are all cunts. Send them to the front in Ukraine. I haven’t paid the see a “film” for years.
    Fuckem, fuckem all the doublecunts.

  6. Tell you who should play Castro-.Liam Neeson.

    That big paddy.
    He looks a bit like Fidel around the nose .

    Maybe someone has kidnapped Fidel’s daughter and asking for a ransom.

    “I will find you, and I will kill you.”

    He then hunts them down and kills them.

    Same as in every fuckin film he’s ever made.

  7. I’d like to see the cabaret singer in” only fools an horses” the fellow who couldn’t pronounce his letter R’s get the role
    He wowe dawk sunglasses and was painted bwown a dead winga fow Castwo

  8. These fancy types are always getting their silk knickers in a twist about something not worth their poodles farts.

    “You culturally appropriated my heritage and burnt my grannies village down” etc etc forever

    Soppy cunts.

    Imagine Erroll Flynn on twatter?

    Dear me what a set of limp bedwetters.


  9. A B..lick Anne Boylen says a lot about the bollocks spouted about need for inclusion but of course not if you’re a cracker..

  10. The voice of the sloth in those increasingly unfunny Ice Age films.
    A heavyweight thespian obviously 😂😂😂

    • And Luigi in Super Mario Bros: The Movie.

      Just for good measure Bob Hoskins was cast as Mario.

      • He was also in Land of the Dead, George Romero’s final (and not very good, sadly) zombie film…

    • A film he’d probably like to forget is “The Pest” (1997).
      4% on Rotten Tomatoes.
      I was surprised.
      Was expecting .5% tops.

  11. Depending what period of Fidel’s life you’re talking about, any baby with a panatella in its mouth for starters and Liam Neeson is a dead ringer for the rest of it.

  12. The Eurocrats are now contemplating taking in fleeing Ruskies escaping conscription. Well fuck me pink let’s export the fuckin war.
    What in fucks name are they thinking now that there’s hundreds of thousands Ucryingians all over the place and half not even probably housed and shit, they now want Russians sharing the same hotel as em.
    Fuck em off to Cuba or N Korea or Iran before this shit hits the fan.
    I tried to stay within the boundaries of the thread so Cuba should suffice.

  13. I dont think Socialism made him happy. He always a hangdog miserable expression.

    Mind you Cuba sent doctors all around the word.

    They certainly tried to create a ‘socialist’ state. Good intentions at first I would say.

    But not much fun in it.

    The Cuban Missile Crisis springs to mind. The Bay of Pigs ‘fiasco’. Eyeball to eyeball-Kruschev and Kennedy. Who would blink first?

    I suppose we’ve got to think about that now-who will blink first? Vlad or Joe?

    • Uncle Joe couldn’t find his arse with both hands and a funnel. I don’t think Vlad is scared of that ageing puppet.

      • “Look man, Putin don’t know what’s comin’ to him! I just got off the phone with Santa Claus and me an’ him made an arrangement not to give toys to Russia this year! No Hoola-Hoops or Atari games for them this year! Sanctions, man! That’s how Napoleon Dynamite fought the enemy! Art of War, man! Chapter One: How to Defeat Corn Pop!”

    • Franco has a Charles Bukowski in the can, been working on it for years. He’d better not make a cunt of it, or Buk fans will tear him a new asshole. He’d probably enjoy that, though.

  14. Is Franco not a Spanish surname then?
    You know like Francisco Franco the Fascist leader of Spain during WWII?

    A quick skim read of Wikipedia finds that James Franco’s father is of Portuguese descent. So kind of, sort of Latin then in a round about way.

    I wonder if he thinks only trans people should play trans characters too?
    I hope so.

    Then he can squirm and look uncomfortable while he tries to rationalise the film Too Wong Foo:–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTY0NS41MjM4ODU5ODk1NjI1/

    • Let the cunt play Ferdinand Magellan, then! His story is 1000 times more interesting than some bearded Commie charlatan in the Caribbean.

      • Everyone was high as giraffe pussy on coke in 1986, remember!

        There is actually an unreleased 2016 comedy directed and starring Oscar-winner, Jamie Foxx. Why is it unreleased? Well… Robert Downey Jnr. plays a – GASP! – Mexican character! Becoming a Hollywood habit to mothball a big movie, David O. Selznick must be rolling in his grave!

  15. Cubans like chickens fighting, rum, tight trouser, lisps, and cigars,
    Like a sort of gay George Peppard?

    Oh an communism.

    Well, I say that I mean the ones that stayed put and didn’t fuck off to Florida.

    • Mis, be honest, back in the 80s, you wore those massive Cuban-heel boots to boost your height like a Northern Tom Cruise!

      • Hehehe 😄
        I’d be like Herman Munster!!
        I’m a right odd fucker LeCunt but lacking in height isn’t one of my problems!

        I did have a mullet though!
        In the 80s.

        Billy Ray Cyrus of the Northwest 😄

      • There’s what looks like a deeply misguided reboot movie of The Munsters out now, not sure why the bothered with that. Early reviews say it falls flat, despite being in the works for twenty years by Rob Zombie. The TV series is actually brilliantly written, I saw an episode a few weeks ago and the family are actually live-and-let-live paragons of virtue.

  16. I’d actually love to see a factually-accurate mini-series on Gaddafi. His life overflows with drama. It would be great to see the truth about him, the good, the bad, the sleazy presented over 10-12 hours. The costume designer would have a field day for one thing! But get an Arab actor to play him. No actors playing the western leaders, just have them represented on Gaddafi’s TV via archive footage and him laughing at them. His paranoia scenes would be great, as would his umbrella to protect him frok bombs!


  17. Fucking actors what I bunch of self absorbed ego maniacs, who in the real world gives a tuppeny wank what they think.
    Its down to the silly bastards who idolise these wankers that they have got above their station.
    As soon as the twats start getting well known they miraculously become the font of all knowledge about any subject they spout forth on.
    Riddled with wokes, lefties, poofters and diversity maniacs the acting profession is a suppurating sore on the ring piece of humanity and as such should be excised without any pain relief. Cunts to a man, smegheads of the first water.

  18. I remember seeing this twat on Soccer a.m. years ago.

    He said his team was Leicester, but he pronounced it ‘Lie-sess-ter’ the dumb cunt.

    Crap actor btw. Any cunt involved in that pile of shit film ‘Summer of Sam’ should never be forgiven.

    Piece of piss to make a good film about serial killer David ‘a dog called Sam possessed by Satan told me to do it’ Berkowitz , surely? Writes itself.

    Well, give it to Spike Lee and it ends up being about two moaning eye ties and whitey bad (of course, it’s fucking Spike Lee). The film barely touches on the fucking ‘Summer of Sam’ the lying cunt.

    Fucking god awful actor though, this shit house.

    • I’m no Barry Norman, but I tell you who is a fucking great actor.

      Daniel Day Lewis. Probably a cunt, I have no idea.

      Fucking incredible actor. Haven’t seen a better one to be honest. Fucking incredible performance in ‘There Will be Blood’ (fucking great film). The best.

      Well, apart from maybe that Albert Tatlock bloke in Coronation Street, obviously.

  19. He couldn’t act the goat,
    Useless cunt.
    Just stares
    And grins.

    That’s not you want from a thespian!

    Some wetmouth staring and grinning.

    You want someone with ‘presence ‘ gravitas and is cool as fuck!

      • “Dirty Deeds” is a song that plays in my head when I have to do DIY for some reason! My cousin’s boyfriend is from Kirriemuir, wee town where Bon Scott is from.

    • You’re right. You’re absolutely right.
      Chief Dan George was a great actor.
      Not sure who that Yank actor is. Looks smelly.

    • Evening MNC…I’ve read Leguizamo’s autobiography entitled ‘Pimps, ho’s playa hatas and all the rest of my Hollywood friends’ and it’s an eye-opening read.
      Shit actor and spıc cunt, but he’s shagged quite a few famous bints, culminating in the chapter where he persuades Gwyneth Paltrow to piss in his hair, the dirty beaner.

      • Evening Thomas👍

        The filthy beggar.
        I don’t know who he is,
        But he’s not coming to my house for afternoon tea,
        Stinking of piss.

        That’s Joe Bidens job.

  20. Depends what the casting people think is most important. If it’s the beard, going off that picture, Franco’s the man. If it’s acting talent, they could do a lot worse than Leguizamo, he was great in ‘Body Count’.

    • Well, the new Marilyn Monroe movie, Blonde is out on Wednesday on Netflix and she’s played by a Cuban actress with her natural accent intact. Meant to be a fucking mental movie with a talking… nah, can’t spoil it here! A must-see, for me, at least.

      • Ah yes Ana De Armas. I’ll watch any movie she’s in. Knock Knock shows all of her. As many here know, nearly all actors and actresses are really porn stars.

      • A talking what? Come on, Le Cunt, spill the beans!
        A talking bumhole?
        That would be funny, especially if it was her ringpiece breathily singing “Happy Birthday Mr President” whilst her mouth lip-synched the words.

      • I can’t reveal what the talking “thing” is, it will have to be seen to be believed. I’ll post a link to the movie when it becomes available on the illegal stream sites.

      • Latino Marilyn Monroe remakes:

        How to Marry a Cholo (1953)
        River of No Re-fried Beans (1954)
        There’s No Business Like SNOW Business (1954)
        The Seven Year Spic (1955)
        The Prince and the Puta (1957)
        Gringos Like It Hot (1959)
        Let’s Make Cocaine (1960)

  21. 1966 saw me on a ship rescuing Cuban refugees and passing them on to the U.S. coastguard, then onto Florida.
    None of them could use a toilet which resulted in shit everywhere and they all had crabs and lice. The crab infestation was so bad we were walking sideways.
    There, got that off my chest.
    Dirty fuckers.

    P.S. This has been mentioned before, Gary Glitter has a kid there.

      • Sound MNC, i know them recordings well, I played those tracks to near death in a self maintained bedsit when soaring.
        Also liked the AC_DC link, i dunno what it is about their lead singer when he is on stage he just reminds me of the actor James Caan, it must be the hat and memories.
        Cant do smileys on a Belgian keyboard on the iMac so in the words of may a Rocker: Alright Man yah Alright

      • You know what man
        Im to fucking old to get my kicks, before the whole shithouse goes up in flames, alright, alright, alright ok man.

        The movie will begin in five moments
        The mindless voice announced
        All those unseated will await the next show

        The program for this evening is not new
        You’ve seen this entertainment through and through
        You seen your birth your life and death
        You might recall all of the rest
        Did you have a good world when you died?
        Enough to base a movie on

        Im getting out of here
        Where are you going?
        To the other side of morning

        that is why i liked the Morrison
        and im half pissed as well so fuck you too and Bono as well while im at it.

  22. Has Jimmy Franco been charged with anything at all after that ‘Time’s Up’ witch hunt a couple of years ago? Nah, thought not.

    Has Scarlett Johansscunt apologised to Franco for instigating and leading that said Me Too Weinstein diversionary tactic witch hunt? Nah, thought not.

  23. Breaking news. Fatima whitbread is to play Colonel Gaddafi in a new film about the downfall of his rule.

  24. My brother-in-law looks far more like Castro than Franco or Leguizamo, but he is a painter and decorator and therefore unavailable.

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