Hadrian’s Wall is Racist!

Seems that the Wall was partly built by some geezers from deepest Africa and the Middle East. But none were mentioned in the old history books, which are now being rapidly revised in order to cater for how diversity worked some 1900 odd years ago,

Seem that ethnic minorities should be recognised more for their “work” with historical monuments back in the day.

As a consequence I suppose Stonehenge was really built by some Somalian slaves, but the local honkies claimed all the glory!

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69 thoughts on “Hadrian’s Wall is Racist!

  1. More fucking devisive cuntishness.

    Fucking Dalek wants to give these ethnic commoonidees a reacharound. Or something like that. Fucking codswallop.

  2. I am sick of these fanatical fuckers.They are no different to religious zealots who claim everything is sinful.Funnily though they probably laugh at such people not realising that their strategy is identical.Cunts.

  3. Oh yeah, as the Obi Wan series ends, the N.W.A (they used that first, not me!) in it has not been killed off, and will be getting her own spin off series in the future. Didn’t fucking see that coming….πŸ€”

    • Spin-off? from the looks of things this was her series.

      Obi Wan
      Netflix’s new He Man

      all bait and switch bollocks.

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