For those who don’t know who this cunt is, he’s one of the regular bellends on the abomination that is AFTV (Arsenal Fan TV – it’s on YouTube).

He became so ‘famous’ companies like Paddy Power had him on their adverts (he’s the cunt that says, ‘We are still a superclub’).

In recent times, he got into a ‘flame war’ (this manchild is in his fucking 40s) with another YouTube bellend and ended up in an embarrassing (and funny) headlock, after playing the hard man in a football match, in which he was hilariously fucking terrible.

Instead of leaving it there, he ended up kicking off again and offered some YouTube cunt to a fight. When the other party accepted, he said he had some kind of stomach injury which meant he ‘could die’ if he got hit there.

So he sent his skinny 18 year old son to fight for him instead. Of course, his son got twatted by the stronger bloke, who looked to be in his late 20s to early 30s at a guess.

What sort of cunt does that?

Well, the sort of cunt who unfurled banners (‘Wenger Out’ etc) after Arsenal came second in the Premier League (they can only dream of such heights now) under Arsene Wenger, towards the end of his reign. He was the cunt that started the ‘campaign’ to hound out the greatest manager in the club’s history.

Mr DT is the sort of cunt who then tracks his unwitting ex girlfriend with a GPS tracking app. Who then jealously tracks her down and assaults the new boyfriend. The sort of cunt who threatens an ex with a knife and kidnaps her, by saying he has her kid.

Well the cunt has just got three years. Should’ve been twenty.

Yes, he was a huge supporter of the knee bending and rainbow gayness shite, unsurprisingly (told you he was a cunt).

Arsenal, a club I supported for 40 years (the knee bending/gayness shit stopped me) has the worst fans on Earth.

Nominated by Cuntybollocks

77 thoughts on “Mr DT

  1. Mr DT?
    Whats that about?
    Daft twat?
    Dizzy tramp?

    And why is the lead singer from Hot Chocolate feeding him a lolly while in prison?

  2. Well, when he is inside. I hope some really big guy sees his a*se and says “it’s Goodenough for me”.

  3. In the link photo hes got a ‘ lazy eye’.
    It gives him that ironic raised eyebrow made famous by Roger Moore.

    So everything he says you think is sarcasm.

    “Ive got your kid in the car.
    Hes shaken not stirred”.

  4. Goodenough? What kind of wanky name is that? I bet he got some stick at school, nickname “Not” obviously.
    That AFTV is full of cunts most of whom seem to be black for some reason. I can’t say i’ve ever seen Not on there.
    Arsenal wankers.

  5. These football YouTubers are usually monumental bell-ends.

    I was reported to Google/YouTube last year by some of these cunts for having the temerity to question and criticise the virtue signalling and kneeling/pandering to rabble rousers.
    (how dare I pfft)

    I could write on the back of a stamp with a magic marker what these cunts actually know about the game.

    Fuck the lot of them.

  6. Sorry Cunty, but if you follow a stupid sport like soccer you HAVE to expect bellends coming out of the woodwork surely? A game for morons watched by morons.

    • Read the last paragraph of the cunting.

      I don’t really bother anymore. England getting to a Euro final would’ve had me massively excited once upon a time. The final v Italy? It was on (Mrs wanted to see it) but I wasn’t paying much attention, until the hilariously backfiring penalty shoot out.

      I couldn’t tell you Arsenal’s next game. Before all this woke shite, I could’ve told you their next 10 games.

      • Fair enough – you’ve seen the light! The fact remains that it has taken 40 years! I’d call it a nil-nil draw – VERY exciting!

    • I was going to write that but you’ve saved me the trouble.

      Shit attracts shit or as in this case, simpletons.

  7. D T stands for Dozy Twat, Daft Twonk, Dark Titfuck, Damaged Twatwaffle. Come on cunters anymore..

  8. “why are you gay” “eat the poo poo” Africans kill albinos because they think they have gold in their head. They are not sending their best.

  9. Karma!
    Katie Price, next please.
    Then Rayner.

    Of course Satan B.liar deserves a dose of karma, the most👎

  10. Pisses me off on Match of the Day (Sunday am watcher whilst the missus sucks me off), is at the beginning of every match everyone drops to one knee and the commentator says along the lines of…. “all players and officials showing the continued support in the stance against racism”….like they have to keep fucking reminding me…if I wanna be fucking racist – I will. CUNTS!

    • It’s even worse at “the Emirates” (a fucking abomination of a name), where all the woke “supporters” clap like seals – it’s like a Tursday night during lockdown. I’m getting sick of all the bollocks – the kneeling, the white shirts. If it wasn’t that it gives me a chance to meet my boy, and he still enjoys it, I’d fuck it off next season.

      And yes, AFTV is a load of wank.

      • ” If it wasn’t that it gives me a chance to meet my boy, and he still enjoys it,”

        Fuck it.. take him fishing…, much better.

  11. What got me was his original sentence was 12 months, increased to 3 years after review.
    Even that seems woefully inadequate, considering his actions.
    I think it would have been great to have sentenced him for each individual offence,
    Attempted kidnap
    Being a crap father
    Being a total knobend
    And making him serve the sentences consequently.
    That should have added up to more than 3 years!

  12. Looks like a massive cunt. Sending your son to fight someone you called out is probably the most gutless thing I have personally ever heard of. What a wanker

  13. @Cuntybollocks

    Glad you mentioned the treatment Arsene Wenger received from some of these so called “fans” and TV/radio “experts”
    Just a combination of absolutely unbelievable arrogance, stupidity and complete lack of knowledge or understanding of the economics of the game if you ask me.

    The man is a managerial legend without any doubt, who happened to keep a team (who continually sold their best players every year to help finance the new stadium) in the elite European competitions year after year. While scooping a few domestic trophies along the way.
    (other clubs take note)

    Even in the leaner times, the Arse were always a force to be reckoned with on their day, who also played the game properly.

    *Apologies for the boring football rant

  14. If there’s no Dark-Keys, Bum-Bandits or Front-Wheel Skids, I’m not interested.

    • I’d genuinely never heard of “front wheel skids” slur before, until Gutstick mentioned it in a post the other day.

      Good Evening DF

      • No,I hadn’t heard it either…but it’ll be getting some use from from me now that I have.

        Evening, H J.


      • You’re welcome lads. I can’t quite remember where I heard it, but I’m reasonably sure it was a Spike Milligan gem.😀

    • Mr DT is a honky who talks like he’s a dark key from ‘da hood innit bruv’.

      Does identifying as a dark key count?

      I don’t think he’s a gay, but I doubt that will stop him from getting a destroyed ringpiece in a London prison.

      Front wheel? I don’t think he is, but he’s got a suspect beard. A few too many ‘Gs’ in his surname too.

      • Those white Cunts who talk like Sooties are even worse than the real thing,

      • Evening DF

        Indeed. First came across this phenomena about 20 years ago. He was a ginger lad in his early 20s. Mate of a mate hadn’t met him before. He was in the local.

        I thought he was taking the piss and said his Chalkie Whitelaw impression was fucking ace. It was then I noticed his hair was in ‘dreads’ and he wasn’t joking.

        I felt a bit embarrassed, until I got pissed and then ranted at him that eating a Jamaica Ginger cake once upon a time, doesn’t make you a fucking Jamaican.

        Never saw the cunt again in the local after that. Thank fuck.

      • Are they still called “wiggers” or was that reserved purely for wigger knobend Tim Westwood?

      • Dick @.
        Disturbing visions of Mr. Cunt Engine, in Davy Crockett headgear, checking his traplines for ensnared totty, fruitlessly wriggling as the wire tightens. 😀
        Evening, Dick.

      • Evening Mr F…well, I’ve been out on a couple of unsuccessful dates. They both seemed to find me rather objectionable for some reason…I did at least attempt not to display any unpleasantness and managed to keep most words of the conversation under four syllables so they could understand.
        One lady didn’t particularly like it when, upon being asked about how the chinkyflu had affected my work, was informed that I hadn’t had a single vaccine and that masks are for spineless pussies.
        Ah well, never mind, they won’t get their hands on my money…I’ve got my eye on a ‘J’ reg Morris Oxford instead.
        Far more satisfying.
        How about yourself? Has some buxom wench caught the roving Fiddler eye of late?

      • Thomas@

        Pulling lasses is easy.
        Its all about confidence!

        You need to make them insecure and feel worthless.

        Then swoop in while the defences are down.😀

      • They’ll feel worthless after they wake up with the previous words they heard ringing in their ears…”Does this rag smell funny to you?”

      • Dick @.
        Mr. Cunt Engine. The ISAC equivalent of Ted Bundy.
        If I remember correctly, the Morris Oxford was built with a capacious and accommodating boot.
        Pack ’em in like sardines.
        That’s more than enough evidence for me to point an accusatory finger.

      • Jack@

        Ted Bundy was a big fan of the VW beetle.
        Thomas is a more typically english serial killer.
        Sort of like Morse but with cable ties and a combat knife .😁

      • Evening Jack, if I’m out and about kidnapping people, I’d get far more in the boot of my ’64 Galaxie. You could fit 3 blokes in there. Or 4 birds. Or 5 midgets.

      • Now that is a sight that would make me smile for weeks!!

        The rozzers pulling you over and them opening the boot to find 5 highly distressed gagged and tied midgets!😁

      • MNC@.
        It’s called class.
        Probably drinks vodka martini.
        And has a Bondesque switch on the dash, that diverts the exhaust gases to the boot and activates the Wagner CD.

      • TTCE@.
        Galaxie ‘ey ?
        A roomy specimen.
        An excellent dogging chariot.
        Good evening.

  15. Being an Arsenal fan.

    This turd doesn’t fit the usual Gooner stereotype of a fat, bald, cholic-faced, pie-chomping cunt in an unwashed, humming Goon shirt..

  16. The world is full of cunts!!! On a brighter note Fat Reg has got flu Manchu hopefully it will be fatal and a long lingering death

    • Isn’t it amazing that another certain virus hasn’t finished the old queen off long before now?

      • To give the old póof a grudging bit of credit, at least he’s moderately interesting and doesn’t seem to actively promote transbumderism.

    • I highly recommend checking out his whole YouTube channel
      (while it’s still there…)

      • Buggernation street is still on there, i highly recommend it, there’s about 28 episodes so watch it from the beginning as there is a storyline to it, whoever is behind this is a fucking genius

  17. Football. Played by cunts, watched by cunts, talked about by cunts, run by cunts, officiated by cunts, owned by cunts.

    Burn them all and the dead one who’s been added to list of scouse victims at Hillsboro back in the day. Cunts.

  18. Who gives a fuck. Football played by overpaid knee taking cunts who will happily play in Qatar in stadia built by modern slavery and awarded by corrupt FIFA officials.
    If Pol Pot was still around the clubs would be queuing up to be owned by him.

    Fucking vermin.

    • In soccer, turds don’t fall far from the bowl do they?

      I’ve worked with people who were “football fans” they were pretty basic and none of them were what I would call bright.

  19. Anyone here been to Aylesbury?
    There’s a cunthole if ever there was. I’m hardly surprised this armchair shit head supports a London team, the bandwagon jumping rotter only came on board after Arsehole Whinger started winning shit. Probably.
    PS: Thierry “peanut 🥜 head” Henry can Va Va Voom off of Beachy Head for good measure.

  20. Is the Emirates as soulless as they say? Heard from a couple of Gooners and WHUtd fans who didnt think much of it.

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