Nicola Sturgeon (23) A Friend of the Gypsies

Nicola fish-fanny Sturgeon is about to apologise to the biggest band of thieves to have plagued the UK since time immoral. Scotland the Brave is now Scotland the pathetic.

Fair play to our Jock cousins for once trying to civilise these cunts but it was always a pipe dream.

Our once Celtic Warrior neighbours are now led by a a wig topped bint who bends, melts and crumples at the feet of the pillaging pikies…. I say, let’s invade Scotland now, they’ve never been so weak.

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57 thoughts on “Nicola Sturgeon (23) A Friend of the Gypsies

  1. How the fuck do you integrate thieving cunts into the mainstream? Got to give them credit though, they look after their own. Fuck knows what they will do in a cashless society.

  2. She should spend some time with them, get to know them.
    She should step outside her comfort zone.
    Cheese and wine with posh cunts,
    So why not the thrill of stealing a farmers quad at 3am?
    A bare Knuckle fight in a country lane?
    Bit of hare coursing?
    Delve into the culture.
    Theyd like her!
    Midgets are lucky if you touch their heads.
    Come on wee Nicky!

  3. Lucky Heather dearee ?

    “Wi wore jess pissin boi ‘an noiticed yurr dreeve noids tarrmakin”

  4. The article says Krankie is considering a formal apology. She’d better not, because we all know the pikie mentality – demands for compo will follow an apology as sure as night follows day. Or will the Unglush have to cough up as per usual?

    • “Or will the Unglush have to cough up as per usual?”

      That’s probably the ruse, to get piss boiling South of the border.


  5. She can have all the RomanIan and Slovak gyros that have invaded over the last decade, drop 50,000 of the cunts off in Glasgow and she may not be too concerned about apologising 🤣

  6. Do what you likeys are all cunts. Trying to integrate the cunts into society is ridiculous. Send all the cunts back to Oirland and end free movement. Anyone who has had to deal with the violent,entitled, overbearing wankers will agree. Only people who havnt had to deal with the fuckers think they are some kind of saintly tribe.

  7. I wonder what ‘civilized’ entailed?

    You can imagine the look of awe and wonder of a flushing toilet. A waste of time though as they will always favour their mystical and ancient tradition of craping in a hedge next to fire damaged fridge.

  8. Am I alone in finding the tiny Scottish dictator strangely compelling?

  9. Dirty, thieving, morally bankrupt rats who would bite off your finger for the ring on it then take a shit on your carpet.
    But enough about the SNP..
    This is what happens when Tony Blair puts communist town clerks “in charge” of a Country.
    How about ENGLAND goes independent and lets the rest of the “home nations” pay their own way?
    That will shut the fuckers up and when there is no bread but plenty of Blackfords maybe they will realise just how good they had it.

    • All that will achieve us a mass migration of Scottish talent, to England.
      Bring it on😀👍

  10. Sooner these haggis shagging fuckers get their independence the better, back up with Hadrians wall, let the cunts use the euro 😬 and no English money north of the border…

  11. Scottish people have a lot in common with the travelling folk. They both keep their money in your wallet.

    • I should add I hope the gyppos shit in her swimming pool and take turns on her muff diver special friend.
      Lego haired commie dog.

  12. A wise move for Nicola, 2300 Pie Keys generate over 2milliom postal votes in any referendum!

    Nicola is on a winner

  13. Good job I’m not in charge.
    The genocide would be more than cultural.
    Human vermin.
    Get To Fuck.

  14. Fuck the Pikeys.

    A couple of years ago Three cunts filled my boot with a compressor, and power washer and some kitchen knives, at some temporary traffic lights.

    Then demanded £400 pounds off me.

    They started pushing me about, after I hit one with my stick, the other then took the keys out of my motor.

    I told them I only had 200 quid on me like a cunt.
    I gave them that to get rid of them, then the cheeky cunts took the power washer back out the boot.

    Three cunts then sped off in their brand new Toyota Landcruiser.

    I fucked up. I should have just drove off with all the goods in my boot. Soon as I’d got out the motor to ask what the fuck was going on, I was on the back foot.

    I’ve kept the reg of the Toyota, and if I see it, I will side swipe it, especially if I’m in my old LDV.

    Cunts. I hate them.

    Sturgeon must be out of her tiny mind.

    • Dvd@ – I grew up in a tiny village, one of a few hamlets dotted around. The “light fingered horse traders” decided to camp up nearby and after a solid week of everything not nailed down being stolen a bunch of seriously angry local Men got tooled up and “removed” them – and they were not pleasant about it.
      No trouble from them after that, and if they ever return a few calls are made and they disappear – they clearly have good memories.
      They behave if they fear you.

      • I think I posted this story some time ago. I lived in Rugby and about 20 of those big chrome caravans pitched up on a picnic site near a notoriously rough estate.
        They did the usual but then decided to go to the local club and cause mayhem , including pissing over the bar.
        In the early hours of that night , the estate emptied like a stamped on ants nest converging on the pikeys.
        Next morning it looked like a war zone. Everything bar 1 or 2 caravans and a couple of cars were black shells and metal trailer frames. They absolutely battered them.
        Pikeys have never ever returned for over 30 years.

      • Sounds good to me Vern.

        I’m just a decrepit one man army now. Three youths in their twenties would batter me in seconds.

        Trouble is incidents like that one involving the cunts with the compressor, makes me want to travel round with a 20 gauge down the side of my car seat.

        Not that I would ever do that, just to clarify.

  15. The Sturg … magnificent beast she is. Agent provocateur extraordinaire … never a constructive nor meaningful idea or proposal for anything. She should do it … make Scotland a caravan park for the pikey types … once she’s got them all nicely settled we encourage them to become independent close the gates and permanently seal them shut.

  16. Put a family of the cunts in the Downs Syndrome Jimmy Krankie’s house for a month. And one in Blackford’s too, that’d make a great reality show.

    Any cunt who thinks pikeys are a quaint misunderstood minority group have obviously never lived near them.

    I did as a teenager and they would beat up non pikey kids (as in about ten 15-16 year old pikey cunts beating up three 13 year old non pikeys, for no reason – I was there). They would steal from sheds, houses and try to sell knock off stuff door to door. They would leave their shit everywhere and trash the area. They’d claim dole for each others kids – a trick they’ve been pulling for years. ‘We’re travellors. We doin’t have boirth certificates. What are yee, a roicist oir somefing?’

    Conning scared grannies living alone was another lovely trick of theirs. Stealing pets another. They’d sell pedigrees and use mongrels as bait for their fighting dogs to ‘practice’ on. Fucking evil fucking cunts. I fucking hate them and don’t give a fuck if that’s out of order.

    They were a fucking menace, and when they finally fucked off for good, the locals celebrated.

    Any cunt saying they’re lovely has never lived near these fuckers.

    I’d knight that Tony Martin and that old fella who killed one that was robbing his house.

    They both performed a great public service.

    • I despise them with a real vengeance. If I could kill any of them and get away with it then I wouldn’t hesitate.

    • I remember the BNP gained a lot of votes, for having the “Tony Martin Law”, in their manifesto 👍

      It sent shockwaves to the establishment, resulting in the government reiterating “Castle Law”👍

    • He did “many things” that were right: fighting against communism & Marxism, for example.

      Under Great Uncle Addy, you wouldn’t be living amongst pie-keys, chippy bleks, Eastern Euro-cunt scum and playing second fiddle to “His-lamb”🤔

  17. Filthy dirty sc*mbag animal bastards!! And that’s just the cunts on here who fantasise about shagging Wee Jimmy Krankie! Don’t get me started on the fucking pikeys.
    Cultural genocide? Is some cunt having a laugh or what?

  18. Talking Heads had a hit in their early days i think
    Pikey Killer it was called Qu”est~ ce que c”est
    fa fa fa fa fa fa fack off pikey cunts
    Run run run run runaway oh oh oh oh oh
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah”

  19. I’d like to say sorry.
    Sorry I wasn’t born 20 years earlier, because I’d be dead, or so gaga I wouldn’t care about been forced to live in this apologistic fucking world.
    What the fuck is wrong with this picture?
    You’re a weak-willed, hypocritical, backstabbing cunt, no one loves you, fuck off, you cunt.

  20. I had the misfortune of encountering our dear leader when she came to my workplace a few years back.
    We’d already had Salmond and he was an arrogant, oafish arsehole but Krankie was even worse. Came in with a scowl on her face that would curdle concrete, snarled at anyone who tried to speak to her then it was beaming smiles for the press photographers then she did her little speech and fucked off with the scowl back in place.
    What made it worse was the massive security for her, whole sections of the building were blocked off and nobody could move from one part of the building to another until after she had left.
    A huge difference when the Queen was there, very discreet security, staff and students were wandering about and she’d nod and smile to them or stop for a chat.
    I suppose the good thing about High Heel Hitler as my old uncle called her, is that she’s looking more and more unhinged every day and it’s only a matter of time before she’s carted off to a nice little rubber room.

    • Ah yes, the massive security…interesting, don’t you think, that it’s needed for such a popular leader…

      • I think it was more a case of “Look at me! Ah’m important so Ah am! Ah’m a great wurruld leader!”

      • Oh, no doubt about that, she’s full o’ her ain shit and likes to think she’s all ‘bigly’ and globally important, and not just the bampot wee nyaff of a parochial dictator she really is.

        That asides, if she showed up here without her brownshirts and stormtroopers in tow she’d be ripped apart by the women, pissed off already by her tranny fuckwittery, but now really seeing red over her attempts to fuck with their children/grandchildren.

        No-one I know, and that includes a number of (soon to be ex-) SNP supporters, likes her; one old bugger I know said ‘we’re now living in the camp, and she thinks she’s Irma fucking Grese’

        The sooner she pisses off to her promised EU/UN job the better, though, unfortunately, a new rumour has it she’s now fucked that gig up…besides, if the SNP remain in power, her going would just be a case of replacing the current deviant in charge with a new, different kind of deviant.

        You know, Longannet would have been the perfect ‘oven’ up here for an Unkle Terry franchise, maybe she was getting a wee bit paranoid…

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