The Labour Party [18]

The Labour Party Conference AKA The Labour Party needs a major league cunting

In a nutshell:

“Blah blah blah trans rights” *applause*
“Blah blah homophobia, hate crimes everywhere blah blah” *applause*
“I as an LGBTQA +, BAME, disabled, genderqueer, non-binary blah blah” *applause*
Blah blah comrades we must unite” * applause*etc

The Labour Party is now an absolute shitshow of slogan-spouting circus freaks. The absolute state of it. You cannot believe your eyes looking at them. It’s a cult of jobless, talentless, Marxist cunts.

At one point at the party conference, a BAME speaker asked white members of the conference to refrain from over-representing themselves by raising a hand during questions. Beggars belief. Apartheid by any other name.

It’s utterly embarrassing watching these clowns stammer through their buzz phrase-laden speeches, milking applause by name dropping a victim group. Shows just how far down the crapper Labour have fallen. I think it’s one more flush from exiting the u-bend at this point. And hasn’t it taken a lot of toilet paper?

After the pure entertainment of ‘Cervix Gate’ it’s clear that Labour is a fractious rabble of confused, anxious and bemused ideologues each trying to out-victim eachother but not knowing which victim to plump for. So much so it might implode under the weight of its own contradictions.

‘To trans or not to trans? That is the question’ And it’s one even Queer Stammer cannot answer without galloping over his words like a startled horse.

The fact that they use the word ‘comrade’ to refer to each other makes my piss boil on its own. Don’t they know we can see and hear them? To me, being an out and proud Commie in a public forum is as morally and socially repugnant as goose-stepping around Tottenham in an SS uniform. It should be shamed and shunned for what it is: sponsoring genocide

Yet, Communism’s genocide against its own people somehow doesn’t retain the same stigma as the holocaust at a Labour Conference. Oh no.

Remember: gulags = necessary. Concentration camps = bad

They should be ashamed of themselves for being the unelectable, out of touch, petty, delusional, hate-filled and racist set of cunts they are.

The Tories are such cunts. But, they don’t hold a candle to the modern Labour Party. There is now no legitimate opposition to the Tories and therefore our democracy is all the worse for it … which underlines what a catastrophe Labour cause every day they don’t get their fucking act together.

Labour, here is a small list of things that would make you instant electoral gold

1. Stop spouting bollocks about trans people and BLM. Start talking about native workers rights, the compression of wages, creating jobs ie caring about working-class people aka not alienating the red wall etc.
2. Stop waving rainbow flags and start waving the British flag
3. Stop pitting everyone against each other as members of oppressed groups and start talking about everyone just being British like in the 90’s (remember cool Britannia?)
4. Stop going on about hate crime bills and hate speech and start arguing for the protection of free speech. Also, start policing knife crime instead of arresting people for offensive fucking tweets.
5. Stop being a thinly-veiled front for a Communist dictatorship in waiting, you bloody fucking cunts.

I could go on…

Here’s a compilation of the car crash that was day 4 of the conference

Nominated by: Cunty McCunterson

66 thoughts on “The Labour Party [18]

  1. Theyre fucked.
    No other way to say it.
    Agree entirely with the nom,
    Fractured into little cliches all trying to be more woke than the next.
    Its a shame because the Labour partys beginnings was good.
    Representing working class people.
    Im from a staunchly Labour voting area,
    Never met anyone who voted anything other than Labour till in my late teens.
    But its now the party of middle class poseurs rather than miners,
    Of the dinner parties rather than factory floors.
    Of the donkey faced rather than donkey jackets.

    ‘The workers United
    Will never be divided!
    Tarquin, honey in your herbal tea?”

  2. They are a shower of shit.Not a credible opposition.Doris and Co are shit enough but who else is worthy for my vote?None.All snouts at the trough.Oink oink oink oink.I WILL NEVER vote again.They all want clearing out.We need Guy Fawkes to blow Westminster to kingdom come.

  3. Bravo C .Mc .C I don’t watch these showers of shit pontificating on the demise of the U.K. Fucking gulag all political parties as enemies of the people. Fuck me I make Unkle T look like Francis of Assisi.

  4. Yes, I too saw some of their ridiculous speeches. One silly old tart saying “I’m trying tho hard to be as incluthive ath pothible and take quethtions from all diverthe groupth tho everyone getth a chanthe, becauthe I think diverthity ith tho important blah blah…”

    A few of the young ones also made me laugh. They were parodies of themselves, even right down to their squeaky voiced lisps. They even tried ranting. Wimps and political rants don’t go together. Adolf was a fucking cunt, but you knew he meant every word of his rant and looked like he wanted to kill somebody (which he probably did). No, you’ve got to be strong-willed to get away with a political rant (Paisley, Enoch Powell and Thatcher could also do it properly).

    Still, the good news is that Labour again showed themselves to be utterly unelectable. About time the wimp Tories stopped dancing to the woketards’ tune and do the fucking job they were elected to do.

    Stamp on the woke and take the fucking piss.

    • Cuntybollocks@
      I think they’re the same people.
      Went the same schools
      Lived in the same nice areas
      Drank in the same winebars
      All their mummy and daddys knew each other
      Same sporting events
      All grade A cunts.
      No difference at all between Labour/tory/ libdem/green.

      • You’re probably right, but there are a few tiny signs of hope. One Tory MP (can’t remember the name) isn’t backing down after saying teachers teaching critical race theory should be investigated by Prevent and charged with terrorism offences. The MP took the expected torrent of abuse, but has doubled down. That’s a good sign.

        There are a few like this, but too many are too scared to stick their necks out and risk their place at the trough. The cunts not standing up to this woke shit need to be kicked out by the party members, including Boris if he keeps letting his ‘cunt on tap’ tell him what to do.

        But yes, the Tories are a joke and most of them are probably mates with opposition MPs.

      • Every single elected MP needs removing.

        I’ve said before we need a new more successful version of Guy Fawkes.
        If that’s inciting hate or terrorism or whatever the fuck else than so what.

        Gutless cowardly cunts the lot of them.

  5. Interesting reading about how Labour is funded. Seems the Unions don’t like Starmer but businessmen do😉:

    Corbyn v Starmer: Donors
    Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party in 2015. He received a total of £512,417 in donations from that point up to the time of writing.
    Starmer received few significant political donations prior to this year. However, it is notable that Starmer received a greater amount in donations in 2020 (£708,605) than Corbyn received in five years at the forefront of Labour.
    Lord Waheed Alli and Robert Latham donated £100,000 to Starmer.
    Martin Taylor donated £95,000. Lord Clive Hollick and Sir Trevor Chinn donated £50,000.
    The majority of Starmer’s funding is accounted for by personal donations of this type.
    In contrast, the majority of the funding Corbyn received since 2015 came from trade unions.
    Corbyn’s three largest donors were: Unite (£141,618); National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (£50,000); and the Communication Workers Union (£50,249).
    The largest donation Corbyn received from an individual was £7,000.
    This came from Matt Wrack, the general secretary of the Fire Brigades Union.
    According to our research, Starmer received a minimum of nine donations from individuals in excess of this amount.
    The individual donations mentioned above are all larger by a factor of seven to 14 than the biggest individual donation received by Corbyn.
    Digging into the details
    When we deepened the level of our analysis, cross-referencing donors and significant groups within Labour, an even more interesting picture emerged.
    A few names recurred during analysis of Corbyn donors. For instance, Jon Lansman loaned Corbyn £5,123 (subsequently repaid) and the organisation he founded, Momentum, donated £50,000.
    Only the full article can do justice to the web of connections revealed by our analysis of Starmer’s donors. Nonetheless, we provide a summary below of the most striking patterns.
    Owen Smith is an integral part of the story. Smith stood against Corbyn in the 2016 Labour leadership election that was triggered by a revolt of the shadow cabinet.
    We cross-referenced individuals who donated to Starmer and Smith, those who donated to Starmer and centrist pressure groups, and those who donated to Smith and the same centrist pressure groups and found that a total of 14 donors recurred.
    They provided Smith, like Starmer, with a level of funding for a single leadership campaign that dwarfed the amount Corbyn raised over five years.
    Indeed, the £866,905 Smith raised was even greater than the amount raised by Starmer in 2020.
    Several of the donors to Smith were Labour funders who not only turned their financial might against Corbyn but voiced their disgruntlement publicly.
    Martin Clarke described Corbyn’s leadership as “simply so alien to my own views of what a Labour Party is all about” that he cut off his funding.
    Billionaire Peter Coates, who donated £200,000 to Labour during the Blair years, said he remained a member of the party under Corbyn “through gritted teeth.”
    Individual donors to Starmer were also heavily involved in the funding of groups within Labour that were critical of Corbyn’s leadership.
    Labour Together is a group of MPs who were heavily implicated in anti-Corbyn activity.
    Many participated in the 2016 mass resignation and are also members of the Tribune Group, which received funding from Labour Tomorrow.
    Labour Together has only two donors: Trevor Chinn provided £35,000 and Martin Taylor £171,000.
    Taylor donated a whopping £230,000 to Labour Tomorrow.
    According to the Independent, this group was “was set up to distribute funds to other Labour centrist groups,” such as Saving Labour.
    In total, Taylor has donated £516,000 to Starmer or groups opposing Corbyn.
    We note that figures within Labour once criticised Momentum for trying to influence the internal apparatus of the party!
    Finally, in regards to the anti-semitism crisis that has engulfed Labour in recent months, it is worth pointing out that many donors to Starmer have publicly attributed blame to Corbyn or associated him with anti-semitism.
    At least five of Starmer’s donors were signatories of the Labour peer letter to the Guardian in 2019 that was highly critical of Corbyn’s handling of anti-semitism.
    At least three members of Starmer’s wider network of connections also signed. Other donors were signatories to letters with a similar purpose.
    Chinn, the donor who recurred most often in our cross-referencing, is a member of the executive committee of the British Israel Communications and Research Centre (Bicom).
    The group has been described by the Guardian as “Britain’s most active pro-Israeli lobbying organisation” and has been notably hostile to Corbyn, a long-time activist for Palestinian rights.
    To be clear, our research does not attempt to draw direct links between donations and public statements on anti-semitism.
    However, given that Corbyn was suspended from the party for stating “the scale of the anti-semitism problem was dramatically overstated for political reasons,” it seems relevant to highlight that Corbyn clearly did have political opponents within Labour and that these individuals seem to be heavily represented in the donor list for Starmer.
    The picture
    Our report into donations to Corbyn and Starmer found that:
    • Six trade unions supported Corbyn versus three for Starmer.
    • Two individuals with a peerage or knighthood supported Corbyn versus 15 for Starmer.
    • One millionaire and/or former chief executive of a corporation supported Corbyn versus 12 for Starmer.
    • Overall financial backing for Starmer significantly outweighed support for Corbyn.
    We suggest that you do not require training in Marxism to look at each economic base and conclude that Starmer is going to drive the Labour Party to the right.
    Indeed, the “hidden patterns” of Starmer’s funding, highlighted by our research, suggest that he is the “continuity candidate” of an infrastructure of Blairite funders, think tanks and internal pressure groups.
    These groups/figures withdrew financial support from Corbyn’s “socialist” Labour, diverted resources into the pockets of his opponents and now fund Starmer as he attempts to define a brand more palatable to corporate interests.
    The fact that this process has resulted in the suspension of Corbyn, the removal of the whip and threats to expel supportive left-wing elements of the party is, we would suggest, highly suspect when viewed in the light of our findings.
    Is Labour for the many or for the money? For the workers or the owners?
    We believe our report is suggestive of the direction in which the party is moving under Starmer.

    • Thank you for finding this:

      Chinn, the donor who recurred most often in our cross-referencing, is a member of the executive committee of the British Israel Communications and Research Centre (Bicom).
      The group has been described by the Guardian as “Britain’s most active pro-Israeli lobbying organisation” and has been notably hostile to Corbyn, a long-time activist for Palestinian rights.
      To be clear, our research does not attempt to draw direct links between donations and public statements on anti-semitism.

      My research does. Notably concerning the role of ‘Lord’ Michael Levy, then a music promoter, in seeking and obtaining funding for the bastard Blair’s first election and office. Sir Jeremy Beecham, Barry Townsley and Sir David Garrard are also worth a look in the dual context of the Cash for Honours scandal, and of their close involvement with Israeli causes.

      Though it should be noted that some pretty substantial Jewish funding has also gone to the Tories – their last treasurer was one Ehud Sheleg, an Israeli.

  6. An absolute shower of CUNTS

    HIV Russell Moyle (or whatever the cunt’s name is)
    Webbe(d feet)
    Len McClusky
    Owen Jones
    Zara Sultana Happy Ramadana

    Problem is the cunts are all in teaching, local government, media. Why else would every football match now be about “racism”, and every TV show. Lots are hiding in the Tory party too, IMO.

  7. They are simply a lost cause.
    Far too removed from their core support and living high on the back of working people.
    I’d happily see every last one of them gassed.

  8. The centre left will never be credible until they ditch the momentum and silly mob, Kweer cannot Fully defend an MP for challenging the trans agenda so he doesn’t upset the left but kicks outs Corbyn which has made the left even more hostile to the cunt.
    His rule changes for electing the leader went down like a pork pie stall in a mosque and his speech which featured the ‘dad was a toolmaker and mum was a nurse’ was vomit provoking.

    Labour are shite and will be for the foreseeable future.

  9. There are no political Parties in the UK. Well what I mean is, they are all the same festering scum, who very cleverly have formed the illusion that each ( party ) is different from the others. No they’re not, they are ALL festering scum.

    The cleverness is, no matter who you vote for, you will get festering scum.
    The Labour Party are some of the greatest fraudulents you will ever see. Mind you, they are well able to appeal to their party faithful. People of low intellect who feed on chiggun and have lots of time on their hands.

    • You are Vic Tolman from The Sweeney episode “Bait” and I claim my free five pounds. Or fourpence hapenny as it probably was back then.

  10. British politics has turned into a woke shit show since the Brexit referendum.
    Politics saw massive change back then and it was exciting. Now Society is going backwards at break neck speed.

  11. Check out the Reeves and Mortimer Bra Man at around 03:10. A bloke in a blonde wig with tits. Wouldn’t look out of place in a PT Barnum circus of freaks.

    What a fucking shower of shit.

    • What ever it is I would lay good money it dies a virgin. I’d love some of them whinging bastards to find their way into our snap cabin at work.
      They’d have a heart attack, just after getting a black eye of course, fuck all to do with the working man, and haven’t been since oily tony was in charge.

  12. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, old men in old skirts and tatty wigs. Liza open your legs, there’s a dear. AnalEase has shit herself judging by her facial expression

    My summary of Labour at Brighton 2021

  13. Reform make the right noises, but people will be put off by the fact they’ve not got a polished set of intellectual experienced politicians like the Tories or Labour. (stops laughing)

  14. I had to tell a mate to stop sending me the Lotus Eater videos simply because a minute and half of watching these cunts tells the whole story.

    Every time these freaks lose at the ballot box they double down on the very identity crap that lost them votes. They appear to have lost Scotland and now the north, and the more libtarded southern constituencies are much more likely to vote in a Lib Dem than Labour (see Winchester and Guildford’s past results).

    The woke vote is now split between SNP, Green, Lib Dem and Labour. 4 parties going for the same few votes of BAMES, activists, council apparatchiks and city-dwelling students/graduates.

  15. Its just a joke isnt it.

    Labour used to be about doing something for white working class workers. Though to be fair, During the Blair years we had a labour government and a labour local council and all our local services were cut and there was no local investment. Maybe we missed the cheque in the post? I’m bored of the lies. If i vote labour, as a white working class man they will do absolutely fuck all for me once they have the vote. But Abdul will be moved in across the road with his wife who is also his sister and their 9 deformed kids and the taxpayer funded disability motor. And then when their 50p tax fails again, they will either abandon their manifesto or put MY taxes up.

    I’ve voted torie at the last few elections. Once seemed impossible. Purely for the reasons that they piss on scroungers, have introduced a visa system and are the last guardians of the traditional britain. They will keep woke out of law.

    White british People need to keep voting Torie until the labour party has a cleanse, bad as it once sounded.

    Imagine Keir Starmer as PM? An ex oxford lawyer. Man of the people? He seems like the kind of bloke who likes to watch other blokes shag his wife.

    Can we really have these hateful woke cunts in charge, pushing anti free speech agenda, lqbyabc shite and opening the door to the entire cavalcade of foreign shite waiting on the doorstep. Can we really have dianne abbott as home secretary with her race baiting shit and ‘the cost will be eleventy four point twelvty’ bollocks? The cunt cant even put a pair of matching shoes on. To the likes of her, white straight british males are absolutely the lowest of the low, the public enemies, the shit of society. Thats fine, but dont expect my vote because you are posing as ‘labour’. They are more like the lib dem party now.

    Fuck off labour, you cunts.

    • “Imagine Keir Starmer as PM? An ex oxford lawyer. Man of the people? He seems like the kind of bloke who likes to watch other blokes shag his wife.”

      Lol. Thanks for that, some wee almost came out.

      • Haha, indeed…and when he asks if he can please join in he’s told “no, go and make coffee and a round of corned beef and pickle sandwiches for when we’ve all lost our mess up your bird.”

  16. I lasted about 5 minutes of the link. Dear god they are a deluded bunch. Each out victiming the next. Fucking clueless and condescending.

    • Please don’t take offence, but isn’t cervices the plural of cervix as in indices, vortices, matrices etc? Our elder daughter who is a doctor seems to think so.

      • Yes it is! My typos and spolling mistooks are dreadful these days.

        Lol did you ask your daughter what the plural of cervix is and mention it in the context of IsAc and/or the Labour Party?!

      • She’d have to be living on another planet if she didn’t associate the cervix with trannies and Labour. 😂

      • Very good evening both. She’s working tonight so I texted her; “Plural of cervix?”. Received one word answer; “cervices”. She is in Devon which is on planet Earth so I’m sure she realised the source of the question.

  17. Just one long suicide note…and that’s why I refused to grace the Right-on Conference with even 1 minute of my attention. How is it possible for supposedly ‘intelligent’ people to be so lacking in self awareness? Fucking Muppet show … what’s that Paul Begala quote…?

    “Politics is show business for ugly people.”

    …there’s the truth of it!
    And boy oh boy what a fucking selection of delusional screeching gargoyles we have arrayed before us. Chops tips his hat to the guy who sifted through the hours and hours of ‘sledgehammer’ peecee cuntwaffle to bolt this excellent compilation of unrelenting cuntery together.

    But when the “conservative” party has in fact positioned itself well to the ‘left of centre’ what were we to expect, liebour had of necessity to shift their manifesto/optics even further left to achieve an illusion of difference in policy.

  18. Unelectable clowns.
    They still haven’t worked it out yet, a friend to all is a friend to none. You need to nail your colours to the mast and fuck em all.
    Into the lions den with the jaw bone of an ass and let battle begin.

    • The one which baffled me and still does Smugcunt, is why David Cameron was so heavily invested in same sex “marriage”. WTF? Why?

  19. It amazes me how the left is so morally smug and gets away with it. You can say you are a Marxist and wave a flag with a hammer and sickle on it or wear a Che Guevara tee-shirt yet if you were to wave a Nazi flag or hold up a picture of Hitler you would be immediately be the subject of a police investigation.

    • I sent off 12 labels painstakingly soaked off of Robertson’s marmalade jar yet still haven’t received my cute, fluffy golliwog.
      Wonder if they do T-shirts?

    • I sent off 12 labels painstakingly soaked off of Robertson’s marmalade jar yet still haven’t received my cute, fluffy g0lliwög.
      Wonder if they do T-shirts?

    • Yes!!! Exactly this!!
      Is it because we were not taught how bad the gulags were??
      It is obvious the concentration camps were places of pure evil and terror and are quite correctly to remind us all of the horrors of a Nazi regime.
      Not so much towards the gulags? If any cunters have a spare few weeks I would recommend the gulag archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. harrowing and disturbingly brilliant!

      • You raise an interesting point there Biff. Difficult to see why the concentration camps get so much exposure in the MSM while the gulags are hardly ever mentioned. After all Stalin killed many more people than Hitler and George Orwell reckoned we actually knew in the 1930s how bad the Russian regime was. No surprise the left are blind to this, they are followers of Stalin’s late apologist Eric Hobsbawm. And remember always that the chief goblin at the EU for so many years, Martin Schulz, was a great fan of Hobsbawm and was said to have read everything he had ever written.

  20. They are two parties like the Tory wankers except the latter know how to shut up. You’re better off with the latter as there are just a few less loonies. That ginger woman sums it all up, shitty language, insults flying, kneeling down to fringe groups.

    Hoo-ee, what a bunch of cunts.

  21. Funny isn’t it; they can spot a self generated “micro-aggression” committed against some non-specific ‘oppressed’ group a continent away but fail to notice open contempt and seething hostility in their own electorate.

  22. Starmer is a cunt. Constantly going g on.about how his dad used to do a 90hr week to put food on the table, and how bad it was being poor. Just like Suck Dick Khan going on about his immigrant dad being a fucking bus driver.
    Starmer had a crack at driving a hgv recently and it resembled the Labour Party, moving but with no direction

  23. I honestly don’t understand why on earth politicians are all jumping on the rainbow bandwagon.
    Is their vote so massive that encouraging and supporting such fuckwittery is worth it?
    I truly doubt it. I don’t care what anyone does, or with whom, as long as they don’t frighten the horses, or indeed involve horses, but I can tell you that I won’t be voting for any cunt that spews out this supposedly ” politically correct” crap.

      • Fantastic, now all relocate to a whatever stronghold & vote appropriately. Trouble is, I don’t know who is appropriate these days. None seem to be fit for purpose.
        Perhaps I could get my money back under the Consumer Credit Act.
        I truly despair.

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