The Hunger Games

Oh dear it appears that due to Brexit, climate change, white supremacy, blah blah woof woof there is a food shortage, especially for KFC, McDonald’s, Nando’s and Greggs.

Shocking stuff!

Of course we’re ok in London……we can’t have the immos burning and looting and the wokies moaning about raaaaay-sism. We come first and what happens outside the M25 we don’t give a fuck.

Of course I could organise some food parcels for you starving northern boys but i’m a bit busy crying about the Afghan gays and trannies. Sorry about that.

Perhaps the UN could help you out?

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Nominated by: Freddie the Frog


68 thoughts on “The Hunger Games

  1. I haven’t noticed any food shortage. Certainly there’s no shortage of fatty’s roaming the streets stuffing their gobs with Gregg’s Pasties, McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chiggin George.

  2. James Cordon is the answer.
    People get to eat (a lot!) and we finally get to be rid of the cunt!
    Win-win say I! 👍

  3. I don’t get it. There’s plenty of chicken in supermarkets, so why are KFC and Nandos struggling?
    There’s no milk shortage, either, so why no milkshakes at McDonald’s?
    I don’t know what Greggs are struggling to provide their discerning customers with, but for sure there will be shed loads available.
    Or is it just that they can no longer buy whatever really cheaply now?

    • The reason is most fresh food in the supermarket is British, most of these obesity enabling outlets mostly by dirt cheap foreign shite, that now due to less underpaid and overworked cunts shipping it, isn’t as lucrative to sell, well boo fucking hoo, they’ll be less fat cunts waddling around like fois gras geese now I suppose!!!!

    • Local Co-op ran out of white sugar this week. Which is fucking insane, because we are surrounded by square miles of sugar beet fields.

  4. You will be told that the shortage is due to
    (a) Brexit
    (b) Covid
    (c) Brexit and Covid.

    What you will not be told is that DVLA Swansea has been on strike for months. All driving licence applications and renewals have been delayed for several weeks: any vehicle registration tasks requiring posted docs are similarly affected. ( It took me a month to get an acknowledgement of an application for a new V5C).

    Which is why this –

    What are the cunts striking about? They want to work at home. Because Covid. Let us not forget that DVLA was relocated to Welsh Wales in order to provide the Wales Welsh with employment.

  5. Don’t you worry about us Freddie, I’m sure there is some Ethiopian version of Lenny Henry fundraising for us poor cunts right now.

    “Look at dis honkeys, no McDonalds, no Nandos. Dey will be eating da poo poo soon”.

  6. I read some scaremongering cack about this.
    All I can say is Good,there are too many fat cunts stinking the place out.
    Although I suspect it’s total bollocks.

    • Damned right, CC, none in Yorkshire either.
      Mind, we eat proper food here, none of that Nandos, etc, shite for me. Giant Yorkshire pud full of roast chicken, stuffing, roast spuds & gravy, that’s the dogs bollocks.

      • Miserable probably has a locked cupboard full of Bisto Gravy Granules for such national emergencies such as this.

      • Gravy granules?
        What’s them, when they’re at home?
        We make gravy using stock, or meat juices, with flour & a good dollop of wine or ale.
        Fucking gravy granules!
        You’ll be telling me you eat soup from a tin or packet next.

      • Wine?
        Fuckin wine in gravy?!!!
        Your not french are you JP?
        Fuck that.
        Ales fine but wine in gravy!!
        Never heard the like.
        Give it them in that London.
        They like that fancy stuff.

      • Damned right I do!
        It’s t’only way to get ’em proper clean.
        Wouldn’t eat t’ fish from Don, though, not after weekly wash.

      • We beat ’em against rocks to shift the muck.
        Then we spread’ em on bushes, to dry, after hand wringing.

      • You’ll like this one MNC. Bought a bottle of Harvey’s medium dry sherry. Tastes like engine cleaner. Wife put it in the gravy. Threw away the gravy and remainder of bottle.

  7. Fucking Chiggun shortage, who gives a fuck. Maccie Ds in trouble? Oh joy. Hopefully Disney will be fucked in the arse as well. All peddling crap.

    No shortages of essentials – Stilton, Ribeye, fresh salmon, asparagus, all in plentiful supply here.

    • I don’t think milk is the problem with McDonalds milkshake shortage.
      It’s that unbelievably slow setting concrete, like the kind they build housing with overseas, that they use to thicken the milkshakes that they’re short of.

  8. Thanks for your concern Fred but don’t worry too much. As long as there’s enough to give gimmegrants and illegals a free meal, we’re happy; they have to come first!

  9. They. have drive through Greggs now. Saw one last year.
    Maybe change the name to Fit through Greggs.
    Fat fuckers.
    Although tbf I am a few ounces overweight.

  10. Food shortage is pathetic fear mongering by the pro pandemic pro vax pass mainstream news fascists

    Seafood shortage and price increases?! big fucking deal barely eat fish or seafood in general that often for starters some things are a few pennies more? Pfft.

    Fast food is literal junk food so I’m not affected rarely eat out and would never order McDonald’s or KFC pretty much ever, greasy fatty sugar laden slop. Seriously alot of food I swear is even cheaper now went grocery shopping yesterday and it was deals galore

  11. Just got back from the local Morrison’s supermarket. Plenty of fresh fruit, salad, veg. Bread, tins of beans, pasta etc etc. The chicken shelves were piled high.
    No shortages of owt. Just more MSM bullshit and doom mongering by those with vested interests.

    A dark key couple pushing a trolley made me laugh. It was piled high with custard creams and bottled water but nothing else save some aspirin tablets. Maybe an old witch doctor medicinal cure for the gayness or something..

    • UN food packages?
      Nowt wrong with them!
      Proper posh stuff.
      Butties with the crusts off,
      In date bread as well.
      Raised on UN food packages me.
      I had scurvy till I was 8yrs and me mam an dad got the aid packages in.
      Best thing id ever had!!
      You cunts in that London wont be laughing when theres a soya milk shortage or lattes dry up.
      Its coming!
      Be fuckin riots in London when it does….

      • Scurvy? You lucky bastard. We had the Black Death in Cwmscwt. Aid was sent in from Biafra.

  12. There is a massive glut of food. We’re the most pampered fat society in history. The most powerful king in European history, Louis 14th only had 12 dishes to choose from every evening.

      • England cooked the frogs for 700 years. The cunts seem to have the upper hand at the moment sending riff raff across the English Channel with no response.

  13. Personally, I haven’t seen a single empty shelf. This is all clever marketing, contrived photography, and Remoaner whingeing (and those cunts are the world champions at whingeing). ‘Fake News’ as Donnie Trump might say.

    • True el Capo, as for shortages of pickers/packers producers have been too reliant on cheap foreign labour prepared to work for at or below minimum wage. There are some lazy Brits who would refuse work for sure but this Remoaner trope of the country being unable to feed itself because of a lack of Bulgarian turnip pickers or Polish cabbage packers is bollocks.

      • Sorry!
        You too Maggie.
        Although wasn’t impressed by your cheap dig at gravy.

      • Pay higher wages and people will pick fruit. No, No, then the prices will rise for the consumer and cheaper foreign stuff will be bought. The only practical solution is to curb benefits after six months of unemployment and we’d see the lazy, chubby slugs who sit around all day playing computer games and imbibing kilogrammes of crisps suddenly find a bit of self-respect, slide off their sofas, and get their chubby arses into gear.

        Evening compatriots.

      • We’ll steal your packed lunch an piss in your thermos flask
        And laugh while we do it!!

      • Stay darrn south lads, we don’t do hoity toity high teas and paper doilies, while pointing our little finger towards the bleedin’ moon!

  14. Ive always considered the African an inferior meal especially those with SLIMS or Tuberculosis. Ethiopians are gristley, and devoid of any meat worthy of note.

    Sand Soldiers however, seem to satisfy even the choosiest of my cats, and their meat is always greeted positively.

    In the years to come, as the burgeoning global population saturates the market, meat prices will fall dramatically. That will please my Bank Manager, as supplying the necessary nutrition to my fourteen cats is o the least , an expense.

  15. Ha. Ha.
    It works both ways,.
    I am the dandy highwayman..
    I can sniff a northerner before he even leaves his mums coal shed in Blackburn.

    • Those posh cunts in Blackburn?
      I didnt get my own coal shed till I was 38yrs old!
      One day I’ll have two,
      Be the talk of the town!😁

      • Don’t let the power go to your head Miserable, and turn into some slum landlord of coal sheds, renting them out to undesirables and lowering the tone. Put Granny Raynor down for one though!

  16. Maccy D might be fucked but Burger King seem to be going strong, because I scoffed one for lunch today.
    I would like to point out that it’s not a regular occurrence, but hopefully pisses off the odd hippy… 👍👍👍

  17. What food shortage? Do fuck off. This is hardly WW2 rationing and could never in a million years be described as ‘dire’.

    I’ve seen a few spaces here and there in my Tesco Extra but overall there is plenty of fish, meat, poultry, bread, dairy, veg, rice, pasta, tinned goods, booze and biscuits. Nothing like the total wipe out we all experienced last year.

    I go to the supermarket once a week; sure sometimes there are a few items out of stock, hardly the end of the world. I notice that some of the frozen sections are suffering; only lazy cunts reliant on tasteless and embiggening ready meals care about that so fuck them.

    • I wonder what my parents would have thought about people in a panic because some none-essential convenience foods go short temporarily. Basic foods were rationed from 1940 until 1954 and my mother had a ration book for me and my younger brother. We are both still around and I weigh eleven stones.

  18. In the good old daze, local shops sourced local produce, which is what happened in the 1st lock down. We have a garlic farm down here, the local groTesco sells Chinese garlic. Fucking cunts.

    • Local shops out in the rural boonies where I live had actual eggs and flour and other food to boot whilst the supermarkets were wiped clean; I’ll never forget how grateful I was to find fucking eggs at the local farmer’s shop.

      Chinese garlic can fuck off as can those prawns the big shops sell – it seems almost all prawns are out of a tank in Thailand where the poor fuckers are made deliberately blind so they’ll mate with each other.

      What is wrong with the world that it will make prawns blind for money? I can’t eat the things now.

      • “…the poor fuckers are made deliberately blind so they’ll mate with each other.”

        Not just prawns. Half the occupants of the Mail’s Sidebar of Shame…

      • I’m far on being anti-china especially nowadays but bleaching garlic with chlorine because of natural spots from sprouting. I don’t get that one

        Never heard that bout prawns but doesn’t surprise me. After watching a documentary on pollution and plastics found in the ocean. It disgusted me enough to think twice about eating seafood

  19. No shortage here.
    Local Morrisons had masses of cooked chiggun on offer, but unfortunately it was all hidden inside brown bags. I bought some once and the chicken pieces appeared to have been in Uncle Terry’s oven for a couple of days.
    Once burnt…

  20. KFC, McDonalds, Greggs and Nandos face shortages, and the ready meals in the local BP M&S Garage were largely cleaned out, but the cold section was bursting with vegetables, fillets, steaks and chops.

    Are people really that addicted to salt?

    Let the lazy cunts starve. They should’ve learned to cook.

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