Claudia Winkleman (3)

Claudia Winkleman is a cunt,

this silly annoying bitch could do with a good hard boot to the snatch, if it’s not her voice it’s her fucking fringe or the fact that loads of people had to have a pay cut so she could have a pay hike, (See old cunting – Day Admin Claudia Cuntface)

if none of that boils your piss and makes you want to smash up your telly may I suggest you watch this fucking advert, it seriously makes me want to rip the telly off the wall.

Claudia Wankaman is a total cunt…

Nominated by: Fuglyucker 

(You can’t fool us, mate. You’d still take her up the porthole! – Day Admin)

82 thoughts on “Claudia Winkleman (3)

  1. Winkleman is one of those rare wimmin – alongside Madogga, Kay Burley, Gwyneth Cuntrow and Slagelia Jolie – who genuinely leaves me cold and makes my flesh creep.

    Absolutely horrible. Fuck knows who she is blowing (allegedly and all that bollocks) at the BBC. Like the horrendous Ruby Wax in the 80s, who dropped ’em for some BBC bigwig and got her own series. Winklecunt can’t have got on TV any other way, surely?

    And anyone who wants to boff her is either clinically insane or on the the make.
    She looks like a Furby in a bad Beatle wig.

    • I concur.
      Isn’t she the silly cow that bought her kids flammable Halloween costumes, that caught fire in the house?
      I imagine she is flammable too, if you know what-I’m-saying😉

      • Yes. This made the news and was on for ages. Loads of other kids have had this misfortune. Just goes to show that these so called celebs (cunts) are more important than us normal folk.

  2. Annoying, talentless, a it girl,
    London empty headed 2 by 4.
    But id like to scuttle her!
    Id like to see the mascara run down her face when I glued that fringe to her head with my baby batter.
    And as the rythm slowly increased and my balls made a drumbeat on her spoilt little arse and we both arched our backs in animal lust,
    Id screech
    “You killed Jesus!!!!”

  3. Those fucking shampoo ads get right on my fucking tits. You can tell the stupidly-fringed cow thinks she’s god’s gift to comedy.

  4. I bet Claudiakins was mercilessly called ‘Spam’ ‘Slaphead’ and ‘Tefal’ at school. She has bubbled with resentment and been hung up about it ever since, and that’s why she has the ridiculous Ramones/Richard III fringed barnet. Fuck me, even the Inspiral Carpets (bless ’em) in1990 didn’t have hair dos that looked that daft.

    • Winklestein went to that school in London for poshos called the City of London School for Girls (Poshos).

      I’ve no doubt she was the head of the local coven whilst there, spamhead or not.

  5. I’d absolutely love to bang her all over. She was genuine fit when she was younger. Her looking a bit rough now but that just gives me more horn.

  6. … speaking of dark haired older types. I’d love to shag Alex Pollizzi too, from the Hotel Inspector. Her tits are the two of he most underrated on TV, she’s a bit of a laugh and as far as I can tell she’d be absolute filth in bed. Posh, rich-parented filth, like Claudia.

  7. I have seen her on TV but I still have no fucking idea what she does.
    She seems to be completely devoid of any talent.

    It’s not only her voice and her fringe in that advert that annoys the fuck out of me, it’s the fact that she is surrounded by microphones, giving the impression that she has something really important to say.

    • In my fantasy im wearing a monocle, it adds to the cruelty on my scarred face.
      I click my heels and say “take them,….all of them.”
      Theres crying and screaming,
      Claudia clings to my jackboot and says
      “Please Von Miserable! Ill do anything!”

      And she does!!👍👍👍😁

    • Maybe all these adverts with ‘celebs’ should come with subtitles to inform us oldies what the hell they are supposed to be famous for.
      Such as :

      Shit Soap Star
      Presenter of Shit Reality Show
      Shit Member of Shit Manufactured Pop Group


  8. Every time I see the bleeding Head n Shoulders ad, I think of The Third Man, and Dr. Winkel… Claudia Winkelmann. And what I’d do with that bright, shiny carving knife. A very atmospheric moment, that.

  9. I have no hair and this advert discriminates against me. I’m offended and need therapy.
    Is there a nazi tattoo on her forehead or something? Why is she hiding it so deliberately?

  10. I was going to say I would but after the motley crew above have had a go I’ve decided not to bother.

    Deffo a right cunt in any event.

  11. I’d ask her if I could fill the shampoo bottle with my jizz. Id insist she sucked my cock and deposit my jizz in the shampoo bottle. Probably take abour 3 blow jobs if shes got a throat like a pelican. I’d then make sure she shampood her hair with my cream.

  12. Aren’t we getting a bit carried away here?
    She’s a loathsome, self created ” personality” whose opinion about anything is irrelevant.
    End of!

  13. Winkleman looks a right dirty bitch. Not in a sexual way either, – she looks like she showers in used 20w/50 oil of an evening, and washes her hair in coal dust and clinker.

    I reckon if you put her through a mangle you would be able to collect enough grease and oil to fill a large chip pan.

    Dirty cow needs a bath in Jeyes Fluid or carbolic.

    That fringe is definitely a sign of a mental illness. No sane person would want that wafting around in their eye-line.

    And she looks like a druggie to boot. Monged-out with those hound-dog eyes.

    All in all your just an irritating mess Claud.

    But yes, I still would.

    “Do you take it up the poo chute? I’m not flirting, it’s a genuine question.”

  14. All this talk of her fringe and nowt about her minge!
    What do cunters reckon her thatch is like?
    Thin black wool that hangs halfway down her inner thighs with her giblets tucked away deeper than the eyes on an old English sheepdog or a Welsh child who’s the result of direct brother/sister incest.

    • I bet her fanny has got a permanent 5 ‘o clock shadow.

      With giblets all hanging out. All bludgeoned and loose. Like a butcher’s shop window.

      Smelly and nasty, with discharge of the vilest kind. Complete with crusty bits that have dried.

      • Yes indeed DVD, and the crusty bits are rather like croutons and become engorged with moist ichor when Claudia becomes wetly excited by standing next to Tess Daly and the eye-watering odour of her “Billingsgate fish market” flaps.

      • … engorged with moist ichor…

        A rich sweven worthy of Talos himself in defiance of bold Agamemnon

  15. Tommy Tank:

    From youthful experience, 4×2 ladies are hirsute-I reckon her “minge-fringe” resembles a grass skirt, dipped in oily tuna😢

    • And the oil is a darker black than the waste oil I got out of my shitty 2005 diesel Corolla last week. The previous owner hadn’t changed the oil in 3 years.
      Still rather smear that on my face than Sandi Toksvig’s lesbian fanny sludge.
      Still in 2 minds about whether I’d treat Winkleman to my manwinkle.

  16. A beneficiary of family connections to the beeb (perhaps). She needed a bloke to assist her on her film review show and cant look after her brats.

    You lot are mad for wanting to stick your dicks in it. Looks dessicated.

  17. I usually fancy 4×2 birds . Not Claudigums though. I would permit her to rim my 64 year old arse whilst giving me a hand around.

    Good morning All

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