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I’d like to nominate The Guardian.

Their “woke central” editorial is bad enough but now they are starting to have a go at pensioners:

Pension Lock Demise

Here’s the thing about the “pension lock” though: it was brought in to partially address the UK’s state pension being one of the worst, meanest, state pensions there is. It’s designed to lift the state pension to prevent it lagging behind inflation due to a variety of factors including, believe it or not, abnormal increases in average wages.

Moreover, even were state pension to rise by the mooted 8% next year that would put somewhere around £42 paltry pounds extra in a pensioner’s pocket each month. Maybe enough to cover the cost of the council tax and TV licence increases next year. That’s right, £42 a month, not the £2,500 pounds a month some millennials have been scamming out of the furlough scheme. And this is only if the 8% is forthcoming. If not, then pensioners’ income will continue to slide.

No doubt some middle class pensioners, of the type who probably read this toilet paper rag, have gold plated final salary pension schemes based on an inflated last year salary bumped up by their mates in the Civil Service having spent a working lifetime administering the fucking over of the plebs. These cunts could afford to lose the “pension lock”. But for every one of these wastes of skin there are probably a thousand plebs out there struggling to get by on a state pension which pays 50% of the UK’s statutory minimum wage.

I have a solution. Don’t scrap the “pension lock” – euthanise The Guardian staff and its readers instead that will save much more money. Pure, unadulterated,

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59 thoughts on “The Guardian (14)

  1. The Guardian hates Britain so it is only right that it should hate pensioners who are unlikely to meet it’s woke standards.

  2. I only used to read the food page for recipes as I like to cook. Even that’s gone woke in the last year with vegan Somali salads and shit that would cost a tenner for obscure ingredients no supermarket has.

  3. It’s just another rant by the left dripping with envy and oozing with their never ending desire to steal from the better off.
    Wtf do they always want to make wealthy people poorer? Surely the smart thing to do is make poorer people wealthier by letting them work and keep their money.
    As for students don’t fucking start me. In the states one year at medical school costs approximately $60k . You can work out their debt after 5 years so stop bleating about student debt here,it’s none existent compared to the USA.
    Get it through your thick skulls guardian cunts SOCIALISM DOES NOT WORK.
    It’s a failed system based on jealousy and theft. It does nothing to push people forward it just drags everyone back to the same low level. ARSEHOLES.

  4. Good nom. It all fits with the Guardian’s hatred of the people who they think voted to leave the EU. Screwing pensioners over and making them eat cat food, will be seen as suitable payback by these leftie, globalist cunts. The Guardian is a shit stained rag supporting a sackful of stinking turds.

    Good morning, everyone.

  5. For many the state pension is the only source of income, to get something equivalent to the state pension through a private scheme would have required a huge personal investment during the working life, not everyone was able to do that.
    My State pension is my main income, it’s topped up with a couple of private pensions, luckily I am mortgage free so don’t have any issues with finances.

    Perhaps there should be more focus on the bone idle and baby factory cunts, I paid into the system for 50 years so don’t feel guilty about the triple lock, what do the leeches contribute, answer, fuck all. The welfare state is a safety net not a fucking lifestyle.

    The post 1997 cunts have never had it so good, pampered cunts!

    The Guardian can fuck off.

  6. Hutton is a posh BBC/Guardian EU loving cunt. He’s in his 70s himself but fucking over the state pension won’t be a problem for this piece of shit. Another one of the we know best brigade who has nothing but contempt for the working class. I’d like to know who is propping up the stinking Guardian because they can’t be making any money on their sales.

  7. I like the guardian.
    Its very absorbent.
    I used to line the kids cages with it when they were little.
    And its free!
    Always a copy lying about on a train, its readers are right fuckin litterbugs,
    Which is funny as most are into green issues.
    If on a train and some whey faced, speccy,smug twat is reading the Guardian,
    Sing something patriotic,
    Get others to join in if you want!
    Rule Brittania, hope&Glory,
    Vindaloo if you want,
    Theyll leave the carriage!!!😀
    Patriotism is like garlic to vampires with guardian readers.
    If pissed on a train (Di Abbott) or feeling churlish,
    DON’T let them leave.
    Bully them into joining you in song,
    Say as menacing as possible

    “Sing it. Fuckin sing it.
    Vindaloo, vindaloo…

    Film it on your phone.
    A lefty singing while crying 😀👍

      • Infidel@
        Mean singing lessons?
        Naw, like a angel I am!
        Lovely voice.😁

      • I’d be more than happy to help make Guardian readers blubber.
        While wearing a pith helmet and Churchill bow tie, for the maximum intimidation factor…😀👍

    • I’d make the fuckers sing, MNC. Pull their fucking fingernails out with pliers. Send them to fucking China and see how much they enjoy a communist utopia. Cunts.

      • Make them queue in the cold for hours for a small loaf of bread, while reminding them that they are in paradise…

      • Twenty@ – The trust fund soyflakes would do well to endure a year of socialism (Venezuela seems a good destination) then come back to tell all how great it really is.
        Assuming they come back, that is.
        As my sadly departed Hungarian friend Ishfan the head lopper used to say “communists don’t like being bayonetted”! 😀
        (He fought in the Hungarian uprising and was awarded honorary UK citizenship, worked until he died as a mechanic and didn’t let the minor inconvenience of one leg stop him).

  8. I believe that there is no national pension fund in the UK.

    Nothing to invest.

    The money paid in one day through social security and taxes is paid out the next day in pensions.

    This is a fucking national disgrace.

    Talk to any foreigner about the amount of money that pensioners receive in the UK and the amount of years that they have to contribute and they simply don’t believe you.

    • When I started work back in 1971 my NI contributions ( both mine and my employer’s ) would have bought two ounces of gold per month. Wise investment over the next half century would have ensured a wonderful pension pot for each state pensioner.
      It is not my fault that HMG chose the ‘pay as yo go system’ . Fuck ‘em !

      • And it’s not our fault they give our money away to foreign aid. I’d like to see us all get a vote on that little gravy train ride.

    • The promise of a decent pension is one of the biggest drivers of immigration.
      People used to turn their toes up pretty soon after saying fuck it at 65, so it was easy to cover the cost, with all those (I’d be one of them) boomers paying into government coffers.
      Things have changed. You may have noticed!
      Governments NEED taxpayers to even pretend to cover their promises.
      Most legal immigrants – which is what I really am, as I moved to Canada – are OK types.
      Add to that the ‘divide and conquer methods governments use to keep people looking in the wrong direction which has weaponised immigration.
      I’m past retirement age, but I’ve always made a living doing something I mostly enjoy, so why pack it in?
      MOST humans are cunts – we are just placing them into categories!

  9. I’m no where near reitred, however I certainly wouldn’t want them to get rid of the pension triple lock and also considering it was an election promise. The guardian is stupid and spouts utter shit.

  10. They are just poison.
    A bunch of weak smug cunts.

    The day they announce their bankruptcy will be the day I open a very fine single malt.
    Alternatively I’d quite happily see every last one of the Quisling swine shot.

  11. ‘The Guardian’s view…’ when I see that now I think who gives a fuck. We all know newspapers are not impartial anymore.
    Same with it’s sister paper ‘The Observer’s view…’
    That’s all passed you thick twats. Just be honest and come out with your ideology and dont try to pretend it’s a balanced and fair opinion.
    The Left are always years behind everybody else.

  12. You don’t see them writing articles about people having a second home in a foreign country and not being taxed enough.

    Because the cunts there all have their Tuscan barn conversions or cottage in the French countryside you see, the fucking cheeky cunts.

  13. I wont retire until ill health stops me from working.
    A shit private pension and state pension would have to suffice.
    And thats the deal for lots of working people.
    So for some guardianista to lecture on unfairness,
    And that people who’ve paid into the system all their lives are somehow depriving youth of benefits, rankles somewhat.
    Will Hutton hopefully will choke on a fairtrade prawn sandwich or be fatally mugged by one of these ‘children of the poor’
    The pompous cunt.

  14. Neatly cunted. On reading the article, Hutton describes the people he thinks require no pension lock:

    “Baby boomers, reaping the advantages of a 50-year property boom, generous private pensions and virtually free higher education…”

    So that’s middle class baby boomers who made it to university when universities were still highly selective and still somewhat class-driven. For free. Who then managed to get on the property ladder (though they were by then probably paying enough in tax to pay for everyone else’s pension, while living very comfortably thank you on the rest). Who got jobs-for life before secure employment became a hilarious anachronism.

    Quite right, Hutton. Would those have been, would you say, you champion of expedience, the majority of pensioners from that era? I think not. They may be the majority of the cunts you meet at dinner parties and golf clubs, and they may be as obnoxiously unentitled to the same treatment as everyone else as you assert, but they are not, repeat fucking not the majority, and I’d guess at least as many baby-boomers are living on the State pension alone, having not gone to university, having not scored in the property lottery, and having done unskilled work all their lives, well below the pay grade at which pensions are attractive.

    Hutton is a cunt, who should be on basic State pension only, and the Guardian, as if it needed any further demonstration, is a monumental cunt and an affront to its (Manchester Guardian) founders.
    Though it has to be said that if every successive government since WW2 had not diverted NI contributions to other purposes, the need for pension reform might be less urgent.

    Cunted, and I thank you.

    • Spot on – concerning the “50 year property boom” comment it should be considered that, for the majority of people and not including the elite wankers that might like this editorial, their home is not a liquid asset. It is somewhere they live. Whether they bought their home for £2k and it’s now worth £400k is totally irrelevant. It is a roof over their head. Because property values are ridiculously inflated why should somebody like this have to sell the home they love and move out? Equally, why should they pay a boatload more council tax to fund services they never use based on the value of their house?

      Division driven by the MSM now focusses on “racism” and “wokeism”. No longer does the “class divide” feature anywhere. Bloody convenient diversions right there and, I suspect, not having arisen by accident.

  15. If I were one of those stinking rich men like Jeff Bezos, or Dick Branson (though who would want to be that streak of shit?), fuck space, I would buy The Guardian making them an offer they couldn’t refuse, then from the next day, in large type it would read:

    then underneath in 8 point type
    Incorporating THE GUARDIAN

    My first leading article would call for six strokes of the whip for every small boat immigrant, then the boat be pushed back to France, the cat o nine tails for any repeat offence of any sort. Immediate imprisonment for Sadiq Khan, for being a wanker, and a trial followed by public execution by hanging for traitot=rs like Dominic Cummings and Adonis.

    The new editor will be Dick Fiddler – a man who always writes sense, but very entertaining sense.

  16. The guardian mission to drive the final nail in Dr who’s coffin is finally fucking complete. After years of pushin for stupid shit no fan wanted, isolating their white male fanbase because misogyny?!, talking about race issues where there wasn’t one to begin with

    Guardian luvie journos can now go back to what they do best sucking cock and taking in up the arse go fuck yourselves

    • Typical Guardian double standards, TitSlapper, old mate.
      It was the Guardian who were screaming for a woman to take over the lead role in Doctor Who, and when they got what they wanted they still weren’t satisfied. It wasn’t broke, but they decided/demanded that it needed fixing. So everything was changed and it was completely ruined. Even the ‘new’ and anorexic looking Daleks look shit. And – let me guess – The Guardian reckons that the only way Doctor Who will be ‘saved’ is if a BAME woman plays the part. I also think the show needs to either go back to how it was or stop for good. But it’s only because of woke psychos like the Guardian and the BBC who have destroyed it.

      • Big Finish will make sure the name and the series continues. They do excellent audio projects, featuring original and classic Doctors, much loved characters, and all the classic villains. The recent Time Lord Victorious series was great, with loads of ace and new (proper) Daleks.. So fuck the BBC and the stinking Grauniad. Because the (proper) Doc will never die.

  17. My sphincter would projectile vomit faeces with rage if I dared to wipe it with this rag. The only thing it would be fit for is picking up the dog shit from the garden. If I ever bought it, that is.
    Or had a dog.
    Or a garden.
    Get fucked.

  18. And if you retire abroad, depending on the location, the government kindly locks your pension at zero increases for life. And you can’t pop back for NHS treatment despite having paid in for forty odd years. Unless you arrive in a dinghy I suppose…

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