Non Fungible Tokens

I have read this article twice and still have absolutely no fucking idea what a “non fungible token” is or does.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

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      • I’ve been waiting for Brillo to open his channels for ages….rejoice, mikdys 😀

        Regarding my ‘Emperor’s new Clothes’ description. I read an article on NFT as I generally do when there are investment opportunities or money to be made and was trying to explain the concept to someone.

        The concept of an image being viewed 10 million times and then someone buying that image hoping to make money! As soon as I heard myself saying it out loud I said “fuck this for an investment, how ridiculous, you may as well buy the Emperor’s new Clothes”

        There is probably money to be made, but I am fucked if I know how, so I’m out 😉

    • I read the link and understood the words individually just not when put together.
      The people at the Guardian are scared of them, so probably racist?
      Possibly some type of spider.

      • Like reading Susie Orbach, MNC. The words are in your vocabulary but fuck knows what the sentences mean.

  1. It’s some scam to do with digital art.

    Digital art is now being sold like Rembrandts to gullible cunts with more money than sense.

    But anyone can watch or view digital art on YouTube or on their computers.

    These non-fungus tokens are embedded in the original to prove it’s the original one that the purchaser has bought.

    In the meantime indistinguishable copies can still be viewed on the internet anyway.

    A stupid pile of cunt.

    • I like The Guardian, Mike….the sheer absurdity of some of the stories and views amuses me. I also enjoy their crossword and their appeals for me to pay up ( never given them as much as a brass washer)


      • I wouldn’t give those twats the steam off my piss.

        I hear the students at Fiddler University have voted to remove the picture of you in full hunting regalia next to a near-extinct rhino you shot with a blunderbuss.

      • “near extinct”?…fully extinct after my fusillade..a mere footnote in history now..

  2. I would like to think “Non Fungible Tokens” refers to the occasional “Token” white person, one sees in the advertisement’s in the idiot box?
    Adverting foot powder.

    Morning cunters 👍

  3. I’ve read the other link now and still don’t get it….however, if…” On 19 February, an animated Gif of Nyan Cat – a 2011 meme of a flying pop-tart cat – sold for more than $500,000.”…I expect a self-done sketch of me in a short tennis skirt scratching my itchy ringpiece will be virtually priceless.

    • You remind me of this wonderful poster from a by-gone age (actually I had it pinned to my bedroom wall during my awkward teen years in the late 70s)

      With all due respect I don’t think an updated version of this pic with you instead of the blonde lady, will go down too well with most people – apart from The Gays perhaps.

      • I used to wonder if she had piles or worms possibly? I’m just glad that Martina Navratilova never felt the urge to recreate the pose.

      • PS…”apart from The Gays perhaps”….true enough….I’m catnip for The Gays…it’s a terrible burden. I had hoped that as my magnificent looks faded as I got older,so my appeal to the Fruity Contingent would fade…alas, no…if anything,my rugged handsomeness has only increased.

      • @ Techno….Dear God,man…there’s no fucking need for that. You are crass,rude, possibly mentally disturbed and undoubtedly common.

      • My profound apologies, Dick. I am indeed as common as muck and must remember to know my place.

        I’ll go back to fondling my new Kingston Hyper X Predator DDR4s, which arrived yesterday.

        Morning all

  4. A piece of digital art is a sequence of computerised code which is read by the computer software. Adding this non-fungus code to it means the original can be sold – possibly for hundreds of thousands or even millions to a stupid cunt. In the meantime you too can access the same sequence of code, minus the non-fungus code, on your computer, viewing the same piece of digital art and doing what you like with it. So cunts are paying huge sums of money for these non-fungible tokens.

    What can possibly go wrong?

    • Have these Cunts not heard of “Magic Beans”?…if not,they soon will if I can track down an address for the daft bastards.

    • MMCM,
      While I now have a vague idea what they are, whats the benefits of owning digital art?
      And how does the token cause environmental damage?

      • No but they cause massive financial damage to gullible rich cunts. Maybe not so bad after all.

      • And no benefit I can see to owning digital art at all. Unless I’m missing something?

        A great leaning tower of cunt, if you ask me.

      • Morning Dick. Morning MNC. Morning everyone else.

  5. I could apply this non-fungible wank to an invisible sculpture that I am currently giving up hours of my spare time to create.

    I was looking at a round £10k tag price if any cunters fancy an art world punt?

    • This may give MNC ideas about “digitising” his artisan country gate, and his favourite collection of washing line undergarments.

      If you need help with the computer side of things I only charge £500/h

    • If you apply the non fungus token to your invisible masterpiece Paul, all the viewer will see is the non fungus token.

      Brilliant. You could make millions. The new digital Dali. 👍

      • Me too. I like Dali and his melting watches. I can understand people paying millions for original Dali’s. It’s the direct, tangible work of the artist. Pigment on canvas. It can be reproduced and printed but these prints are of course of negligible value. But digital art is digital art wherever you view it.

        Dozy cunts.

  6. It’s not a substitute for mushrooms 🍄 on toast is it. Remember in the new world 🌎 order mushrooms have rights and need to come out of the dark.

    • So these token things are put in a code as sort of a proof of ownership,
      Like copyright!
      The only damage environmentally is use of electricity!
      Like having your fridge running.
      The Guardian are scared of everything aren’t they?!!

      • That’s it. Except I think it only proves ownership of the “original”. Whatever “original” means for digital code. And I think I read it’s not quite the same as copyright. The original “artist” still retains the copyright. So these non-fungus tokens are made for gullible twats.

        Surprised the Nigerians haven’t caught on to this scam yet.

      • That’s because it’s run by fruits and lezzers for fruits and lezzers.

  7. The comments on Euro 20 seem to be closed.

    (Yes, apologies for that slight mix-up. This is the active link you’ll need from now on, which is also visible on the sidebar of the home page- DA)


  8. I like Lowry.
    Dont want art made by a computer or some fuckin robot.
    Terminators an daleks lack a appreciation of beauty.
    Lowry painted loads of places I know well.
    And he painted match stick men which is slimming
    As nowadays theres lots of fat cunts.

  9. Just another example of Digital Age wankery. Produced by cunts, for cunts.
    The modern world is mad and can Get To Fuck.
    I won’t tolerate it.
    Good morning.

    • Morning Jack.
      I don’t like this modern world either.
      The rules keep changing
      Everything is back to front
      And you cant opt out.
      The only sanctuary I have is when I go to sleep!
      In my dreams its the mid 70s.
      (The era not the temperature)

      • Hello, MNC. The world is all fucked up since we stopped running it.
        Liberals, foreigners, hippies and do gooders have ballsed it all up.
        It’s a right old mess.

      • You aren’t the only one MNC. Its the best way to escape the insanity of the current timeline. Theres never a DeLorean with a flux capacitor about when you need one the most.

    • Much of the technology we have adopted recently is the biggest enemy to our way home from live. The shit our government plans to impose on us requires us to have devices such as smartphones. Ditch the tech and reject these cunts. Don’t give NHS or any government departments a mobile phone number ever and where possible only use a cheap unsmart 2/3g phone with no Bluetooth features such as this…

      Don’t scan in electronically anywhere either.

  10. From what little I understood after reading the article

    People (some) with a lot of money should have it confiscated

    Verification of this digital art bollocks uses a lot of leccy

    The internet is evil 😂

  11. No doubt the mug punters who buy into this shit (and other cyber fuckwittery), will soon start bleating when they realise they’ve been scammed out of thousands of pounds.

    They’ll whinge in social media about being duped with comments like “I am absolutely sure I was stung out of £200k because the person said I would be rich very quickly. But I didn’t have time to read all the T&Cs and the myriad of exclusions because I am very important. Therefore I demand my money back!”

  12. Lord Fiddler has unknowingly, but no doubt with plenty of malice aforethought, hit on a terrific nom here.

    Digital art is a towering pile of cuntitude. Take a look at digital art on Google. Notice what a disgusting and juvenile load of wank it all is. Serious auction houses are selling this retarded junk for tens and even hundreds of thousands, complete with these fungus tokens, treating them as if they were Van Gough’s. All they are is a sequence of digital code which any fool with access to the internet can view with the same degree of pain and “ownership’ as the cunt that paid for the “original”.

    This idiocy needs to be featured on Mr T’s Great Fools tv show.

    Infinitesimal worm like cunts.

  13. This is the ultimate in cuntitude. It’s the digital equivalent of that silly twat buying a sliced up cow in formaldehyde. It proves where there’s money there’s a cunt. I wish I’d thought of it though.

  14. Paying for something that’s not there? Sounds like a typical government plot. Example our very tough immigration system. How can anyone in their right mind buy an image that anyone can use but a little bit of code means that the image belongs to you or something. Fuck this I’m sticking to rubbing old lamps the odds are better in the long run.

  15. Basically you buy something that doesn’t exist. Like bit coins are in the mind. One day this bullshit is going to hit the buffers. Cunts will be left with highly expensive nothing. The human race are total shit heads.

  16. Selling nothing to fuckwits.
    How very 2021.
    Stick to Burkes Peerage, Tatler and the FT Sir Fiddler, like what classy people like me does read – this newfangled nonsense is not for the likes of us! (IE, people with a functioning brain)

  17. This just reeks of scam to me. I read the link posted by DA and after reading twice I am still asking myself “what the fuck”? Like the digital currency, i won’t be investing in this malarkey in any way. Expect cunts like Schwab to try attaching such a token to your home in replacement for any actual ownership rights. This shit isn’t being wheeled out without some future ulterior motives.

  18. These fungilbe tokens look like lsd “acid blotter paper” I agree with above comments gay people did this stay away from this shit

  19. Offers are invited for my fungible nail infection.

    Looks as if the usual scammers, impressed by the success of crypto-cuntery, took the concept a stage further. We have entered the end times.

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