Long Covid [2]

It’s about time the mythical “Long Covid” had another cunting.

Just what the fuck is this, another skivers charter like Yuppy Flu, ME or whatever the fuck that thing was?

People have already had a nearly a year off work, yep I know people who have been happily sitting at home on 80% wages now for nearly a FUCKING YEAR and they tell me, on no uncertain terms, that they don’t want to return.

You just KNOW this Long Covcunt thing is going to run and run, I saw some lazy malingering cunt suffering from this on the TV set and he looked fitter than I fucking do, but he would, I have worked through the entire scamdemic.

In the years to come no doubt we will see hundreds of thousands grabbing all they can for doing fuck all, this covid thing is enough to make a cat puke.

Here is link to a page about lazy cunts…sorry, sufferers of “long covid” but it may make you vomit.


Nominated by: Spanky Mc Spank

Injecting a second is Jessum Priest:

A nom to add to the ” Long Covid ” nom.

I know people who are praying to get it, and not die, obviously, so they can milk it to the end of time.

The “symptoms” of long covid are so easy to fake, fatigue, ffs & people will be on invalidity in an eye blink.


43 thoughts on “Long Covid [2]

  1. My brother had a bad bout of covid last April, he was hospitalised for a week and we were very worried about him. He managed to avoid going onto a ventilator thank goodness. He is still feeling the after effects of it though. One day he can be fine, the next he’s wiped out and needs to rest. He’s far from a scrounger or a lay about. He has earned a living self employed for almost all of his working life and he’s just 59. He’s currently waiting for further tests and a scan on his lungs which may be permanently damaged. Yes, long covid is real.

    • I too have a friend who had similar symptoms to your brother. And again he is no layabout or idler, but works for a living in the building/scaffolding trade. But he has had to take 4 months off from work (still ongoing) due to Long Covid symptoms.

      So yes, this does exist. But what pisses me off is how people will quickly jump on this pretending that they too have it, and must therefore have months of time off on full pay or sick pay blah blah.

      Just like most things in life – there are always cunts who will take advantage of anything if it means they get money out of it, while the genuine cases get tarred with the shit brush!

  2. I dont doubt Long Covid but think it will become the new Fibromyalgia. Cant be proved one way or another. A definite benefits charter.
    Except St Marcus to get us to pay extra to sufferers.

      • My symptoms are my legs gone wooden, grew a parrot on my shoulder, and keep saying
        “Aaarrhh jim lad”.

        Only got that ‘long john covid’
        Haven’t I….

        Alright, alright Im going….
        No need to throw shit…🖕

    • Hi.

      My partner and my 22 year old daughter have fibromyalgia.

      They are not scroungers or layabouts, but have just been unfortunate to be struck down with it.
      My daughter actually still works.

      Therefore, again, they are getting tarred with the brush that benefit piss takers get tarred with.

  3. Most of the fucking country has been rendered terminally fucking bone idle by this Covid 19 bollocks. Some cunt told me how he had been rushed off his feet and worn out serving takeaway sarnies. No mention of the fact that he is the owner of the business and has been doing very little by way of trade for months on end. Now he has some customers back he is fucking moaning!

    Long covid, or Iamalazycuntitus as it is known in the medical profession, a godsend to the layabouts who have become welded to their fucking sofas. No one has missed the cunts for a year. Stop their furlough payments/bennies and the cunts would be declaring themselves fit again soon enough. Fuck off.

  4. Sorry to be a bore, but I can’t endorse the nom either – I think we all have friend or family member who have suffered really bad Covid symptoms and effects – an old mate of mine has been ill, on and off for a year now, and he is far from being a shirker – though retired he did a lot of voluntary work, and is angry with himself for not being able to do it now.

    Of course there will always be those who exploit any illness or complaint, but I do believe that there are people who get these unexplained prolonged symptoms, who are quite genuine.

    Judging by her inability to work and general laziness, Mrs Boggs has had long Covid since 2002, I call it lazyitis.

    • There’s no shame in not working Boggs. I myself excel at being workshy before corona I was actually considering to work but after corona happened I was just like fuck this back to not working. Its a tough job but someones got to not do it

      Is Ms Boggs fat? Because being fat and being workshy is completely unacceptable. If thats the case I’d lock her up in the basement and only give her a strict prescription of your cock she will lose the weight in no time. I’d wager an you’d save alot of dosh in the process too as well as bringing romance back to your marriage

      • Fat TS? – Mrs. Boggs has to get her knickers on prescription. One of the reasons she won’t go out is because if she fell over she would rock herself to sleep trying to get up again. When the weighing machine outside the chemists sees her coming it runs back into the shop. You don’t walk with her – you walk amongst her.

  5. Yep, my brother in law, who lays down road surfaces etc has now become delicate as a spring flower after developing “long covid”…what a fucking sham.

    I’ve developed “fucked of with working” but luckily, it’s not serious. Lets face it, if you work hard you always have days when you feel fucked and can’t be bothered.

    Boris and his cunts have set a dangerous example for these people…I know people who I used to depend on have become lazy home dwelling cunts.

    After a year off work you have to have to just get on with it, ffs.

  6. Think I am right in reporting that Suffolk County Council workers that are not working due to Covid have been furloughed at 100% of salary. The government contributes 80% and the local taxpayer the remaining 20%.

    This is at the insistence of their union.

    If asked to return to work and there is a significant difference to the role, they have the right to refuse to return to work and can remain at home on 100% salary for doing fuck all.

  7. Get them fully checked by medics who ain’t pc/ woke. They won’t be taken in by bullshit and the skivers will be outed double quick.
    But my gripe is that fucking picture. Ffs you’d think we were in deepest Africa or Detroit. This is Britain where the vast majority are white. I’m sick of this pish. Any alien tuning in would think this was a planet solely populated by dark keys.

  8. People should of taken my advice when this corona shit first started. First thing I did was hire a chinese mistress to swear and spit on me for 50 minutes straight huge loogies and gob on me constantly while wanking my cock. I insisted she only swore at me in chinese literally didn’t understand a single word she said to me and it was fucking brilliant

    It not only gave me increased immunity to the virus an renewal into my respect for Asian women but the humiliation and sexual frustration aspect of this was therapeutic as well. Bill GaYtes hates and fears people who do this instead getting the 5g vaccine traditional chinese medicine works! Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know this!

    • I had a Chinese partner many many years ago and she was fucking insane in the sack, she used to swear and fucking spit and all sorts of utterly crazy shit.

      It last about a month before I genuinely feared for my life…getting shot of her was a cunt too.

  9. Worked all way through this fine not caught anything.

    Had the cunting vaccine last week and feel awful now fatigue, headaches ect, but apparently as a healthy person I would be selfish for not having it, wish I ain’t bothered.

  10. Long covid is your new name for post viral syndrome, can get it with any virus but let’s put a fancy new name on it.

  11. I’d like to make three points about all this:

    1- Malingerers

    I think this nomination should really be about “malingerers” and not any specific ailment. Take a “bad back” as a non-contentious ailment. I had a bad back for several years following a fall on black ice at Gatwick Airport. I didn’t know the ice was there and half-ran carrying two bags to get to the courtesy bus stand as the driver was gunning his engine to get away before I arrived (as they do!). I fell badly, the bus drove away with passengers looking out of the windows at me astonished that the driver never stopped to help, and I got on the next bus and went to Boots to buy plasters and painkillers and patched myself up in the rest room. When I got to my meeting, later in the day, lots of people asked me if I’d been mugged (my face had hit the tarmac and was badly cut/bruised). I suffered with back pain for several years following but never took a day off work. Contrast this with the daughter of a work colleague. Her car was rear-ended and she’s now been off work for years claiming off the insurance and DSS, all due to claiming a “bad back”. This doesn’t stop her from going out clubbing, shopping, going on holiday etc. Some people will always take advantage when they can. I’d agree “malingerers” need to be cunted.

    2 – ME

    ME is real. It’s a terrible thing if you get it really badly as you never recover, and can only get worse. “Malingerers”, aided and abetted by the Media, have had this terrible affliction stigmatised as “Yuppie Flu”. Health authorities don’t defend this, if they were to take just the 10% of people claiming to have ME and who actually have it badly, seriously, treating lifelong debilitating conditions would be a serious strain on health service budgets. As it is, you are very unlikely to get any meaningful help from the authorities if you have a bad case. You might be housebound, or even bedbound, but a doctor won’t come out to you to try to help your condition. You will be expected to go to the surgery but won’t be able to actually get there. Catch 22 big time and don’t be tempted to call for an ambulance or they will probably try to treat you with “graded excercise” which, if it doesn’t actually kill you, will ensure you are bedbound for the rest of your life!

    3 – Long Covid

    I believe that “Long Covid” is actually post-viral ME and that the authorities are using a different term to avoid extending any help to historical ME sufferers, and also to avoid being seen to take “Covid ME” seriously having deliberately ignored “Yuppie Flu ME” for decades. One of the most common causes of ME onset is a virus. Mumps or whatever. Covid is a virus and ME isn’t fussy which virus opens the door for it! If you know anybody with this affliction the best advice they can have is not to exercise too much. Stop when you are 75% exhausted and rest up for the remainder of the day. If ME gets worse, and over-exercise makes it worse, it never gets better again. Health authorities won’t tell you this but it’s the only thing that mitigates the affliction – there is no cure if you get it badly so don’t make it worse.

    • Thats what I was trying to get at, the workshy malingerers who will seize any excuse not to do a hands turn, ever.
      So, good point. It wasn’t my intention to malign the genuinely afflicted.

      • Thanks. As you may have gathered it is a subject close to my heart.

        I don’t want to say too much more about it but which of these, fictitious, people would you rather be?

        A 25 year old diagnosed with cancer. Prognosis is maybe live another 5 years, reasonable quality of life for 2-3 years. Boatloads of sympathy all round. Work your way through your “bucket list”.

        Another 25 year old struck down with a bad case of ME. Housebound. Only able to get out of bed for half a hour “on a good day”. Never likely to recover from this state. If mentally strong enough (such that you don’t deliberately OD to get away from it) you could live another 45 years like this. Any contact with the outside world sees you stigmatised as having “Yuppie Flu” and being a malingerer. Your teeth start to go bad, you can’t get to a dentist. No regular health care checks for you either, your GP refuses to visit you. You manage to get on disability benefits (thanks to the efforts of your family and no thanks to the health service) and regularly receive letters threatening to stop your benefits if you don’t attend “an assessment centre” which you are incapable of visiting. (This would be a “bad” case of ME – not the worst case – anyone capable of visiting a healthcare facility doesn’t have a bad case of it!).

      • That would be the first choice, but I do wish you hadn’t mentioned teeth, I’ve had raving toothache for weeks and am about to go postal.

      • Having witnessed the devastation of both, I honestly can’t choose between them.

        Caring long term for someone as described in the second scenario is almost unbearable – these two “bastard diseases” are indeed, Cunts😢

      • My point was ME, for those who have it badly, is every bit as bad as cancer and maybe worse. It also affects more than just the individual as it can ruin the lives of whole families. I have great sympathy for anybody that gets post-viral ME because of Covid.

  12. If you get seriously ill, or hospitalized, why wouldn’t you expect to not be fully fit for some time afterwards? What is this expectation you should be right as rain again, especially if you weren’t entirely healthy to begin with. And let’s face it, the majority of this country are either obese, unhealthy, stressed, using one or more substances, or all and more!

    It’s bollocks. Post-viral fatigue is nothing new. Just a bit of hysteria and propaganda.

      • Fuck me, even the flu is a lie. That 50 million people who snuffed it must have died of boredom because the First World War had finished.

      • Ive got a boil on my arse and im just wondering if its a government plot?

      • I didn’t say people didn’t die ffs. The experiments conducted on transmissibility evidently show something else was occuring.

        There are records of spread of influenza prior to 1918 that similarly defy logic (spreading faster than humanly possible), such as the 1889 epidemic.

        Influenza has defied explanation for as long as viral theory has existed. Plenty of experts have studied the various facets, proposed their own theories etc, because there’s so many inconsistencies with it!

      • It’s white privilege Mis, being able to sit on your arse while you get slaves to do all your work for you.
        You might have been microchipped without knowing it!

      • There are no fucking boils. It’s statistical manipulation, propaganda, and outright fraud. I’m yet to see a single boil on somebody’s bum on the way to Tesco’s by the way.

  13. Advert just came on the idiot lantern before.
    Elderly ish looking BAME woman looks into camera and says “Take the jab!”

    Fuck me sideways!
    Welcome to medical tyranny.

    Take your experimental injection, take your shit fucking virus, take your embarrassing, failing, desperate propaganda and stick it in your fucking arse.

  14. “1 million people have Long Covid” Shelagh O’Flabberty, LBC, 07/04/2021, reminding us all how dangerous this thing is because 1 million people definitely have Long Covid, even though its 1 million people ‘could’ have it according to some extrapolation bs study.

    Sadly caught 5 minutes of LBC in the other car on the way to the shops and this tub of bleeding heart flab was on.

    • They’re all over this shit.
      The lot of them in the media bar the odd dissenter, are just a bunch of vacuous nodding dogs terrified of ever saying the wrong thing against the unholy trinity (Covid BLM XR)
      It’s no surprise that this horrible woman is one of them.
      Jeremy Vine is the worst of the worst in that regard.

      • Shelagh O’Flabberty, Jeremy Vine, Susanna Reid, Naga Munchcunt. There’s an endless parade of them.

  15. Have to disagree on this one.
    My daughter works with a woman who has had covid and now is suffering from long covid.
    She’s totally fucked. No energy, no stamina, struggles like hell to get through a normal day and has had to reduce her hours. She’s not a skyver or work shy and is dertimed to fight on and not give in but frankly she’s buggered.

    This thing is real Nad sure there will be people who take advantage of the situation but believe me – it IS real…

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