The NHS & DNR(5)

For giving DNR notices to people with learning disabilities without consent, simply by virtue of them having a learning disability.
Seriously, what the actual fuck? What the fuck has this organisation come to?

Nominated by: General Tso’s Chiggun

55 thoughts on “The NHS & DNR(5)

  1. Sounds familiar:

    As Adolf Hitler consolidated his power at home in anticipation of war, he moved not only against Jews, Sinti, and Roma but also against those Aryans whom he considered “unworthy of life”—people with epilepsy, alcoholism, birth defects, hearing loss, mental illnesses, and personality disorders, as well as those who had vision loss or developmental delays or who even suffered from certain orthopedic problems. Hitler viewed them as “marginal human beings” who had to make a case for their own survival at a time when the nation was preparing for war.

    The first to be eliminated were too young to speak on their own behalf. In fall 1938, the parents of a severely disabled infant petitioned Hitler for the right to kill their child. He granted the petition and saw in the request an opportunity to encourage what he called “mercy killings” or “euthanasia.” In fact, according to science historian Robert N. Proctor, the goal was not to provide mercy to the victims but to improve the “Aryan” race and make hospital beds and personnel available for the coming war. Hitler also thought that the war might minimize protests from Germans who learned of the deaths. According to Hitler’s chief medical officer, “The Führer was of the opinion that such a program could be put into effect more smoothly and rapidly in time of war, and that in the general upheaval of war, the open resistance anticipated from the church would not play the part it might in other circumstances.”

    The following spring, Hitler set up a committee of physicians to prepare for the murder of mentally and physically disabled children. Known as the Reich Committee for the Scientific Treatment of Severe Hereditary and Congenital Diseases, the group was told to keep its mission secret. In August 1939, just two weeks before the invasion of Poland, committee members asked doctors and midwives to fill out a questionnaire that would identify children born with various deformities or disabilities. Initially, the focus was on children under the age of three. The committee claimed it was using the information “to clarify certain scientific questions.” In fact, it was used to determine which children would be allowed to live.

    The new normal-sounds like the old one. Still, should reduce the social care bill.

    • Mary Stopes refused to go to her sons wedding because his wife to be wore glasses. Eugenics was a common point of view in the 1930s. Today her abortion clinics have dropped her name and today call themselves MSI reproductive choices. With woke we get eugenics and euthanasia. And they think they hold the moral high ground. Cunts.

      • I don’t blame Mary smug.
        If my lad was getting married to some speccy peters&Lee type id boycott it too.
        Or compromise and insist for the wedding photos she kept her veil down.
        Image that on the mantelpiece?
        Your only son grinning in matrimony with some 4eyed Olive from on the Buses?

        No thanks!!

    • “people with epilepsy, alcoholism, birth defects, hearing loss, mental illnesses, and personality disorders”…….Fuck me…. most of.the membership of “…isaCunt” would have been in bother.

    • Hitler was a bit misunderstood but well meaning and well ahead of his time.

      Our population is unsustainable so could do with a bit of thinning anyway for the survival of our planet and every other species on it.

  2. I love when cunts try to tell me we’ve ‘advanced’ since the roaring days of eugenics, state sanctioned murder, and murder by ‘professionals’.

    Nope. There’s blood lust and tyranny lurking around the minds of many people, all it takes is the right conditions and a little twist and BOOM! in to the oven you go!

    Still barely out of the jungle.

  3. Those with a severe or profound learning disability are sixth in line for the vaccine. People with mild or moderate learning disabilities are not prioritised. Mencap has called for this to change.

    Who makes the decision as to whether that person has mild/moderate or profound learning disabilities? Even so, I am struggling to understand the rationale behind the decision; this does smack of a sinister Mengelesque plan. I am glad that MENCAP are taking the Government to task on this. At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking that Boris has some kind of moderate learning disability.

    If it is about saving the NHS money then sacking a layer of useless diversity managers would be a good start and then move on to ceasing the indulgence of the mentally ill who believe they were “born into the wrong body” who demand expensive gender re-assignment surgery. Naw, the pooves would kick up a right stink.

    • Honestly, this is something that could actually affect my brother if he’s unfortunate enough to get severe Covid. It’s absolutely sickening.

  4. Excellent nom, General.

    People will go to prison for this euthanasia crap. Mrs Twenty has been on the case with local NHS/Social Care big wig cunts since August last year. When the shit really hits the fan, she has a paper trail that will prove they did fuck all to investigate.

    Good morning.

      • Mrs Twenty is not the person to have on your case!

        Seriously, BCC if ordinary people don’t do the challenging when this is over, no one else will. The cover ups will not be subtle. I can imagine people disappearing for merely asking the wrong questions.

    • I agree, our reluctance to offer a way out to people who have no hope and are in terrible pain is a disgrace, but this is a different argument to DNR.
      The old term ‘free list’ was when someone was so ill that if they ‘died’ there wouldn’t be an attempt to resuscitate.

      It’s a tough call because relatives are usually acting emotionally and would do anything to keep their relatives alive but clinically it’s not in the best interest of the patient.
      I cannot believe that a doctor would issue DNR because someone has a disability, there would have to be other factors.

      • @General
        I would love to see specific evidence where someone was given DNR purely on the grounds they had a learning disability.

      • Tbh Sick I think it’s more that some people assume that if someone has a learning disability then they must by default be in poor health, and that it’s not worth trying to save them. Which really isn’t any better.

      • @General.
        If that were the case then whoever is responsible for the patients care should be struck off.
        My point was really that if someone is assessed as DNR then they are pretty much 99% of the way to meet their maker regardless of their disability.
        As we know underlying health issues like diabetes are a factor in the outcome of survival of severe Covid infections but also as we know age is the biggest factor by a county mile

  5. One thing in the article stood out

    ‘Younger people with learning disabilities aged 18 to 34 are 30 times more likely to die of Covid than others the same age’

    Given that the chance of someone dying age 18 to 34 is virtually zero, then 30 times almost zero is still pretty low.

  6. It’s eugenics, simple as that. It’s a good thing Attlee isn’t alive anymore – he would be ashamed of what the NHS has become.

  7. I’ll give BLM one thing – they’re right that there’s injustice in Britain. But it’s not against black people, it’s against the disabled. We’ve barely moved on from the days of the asylums.

    • We haven’t. The way people, especially children, are treated inside places for the mentally afflicted is disgraceful. I’ve heard rumours these places are still used by the elites for nefarious purposes.

      We love to pretend we’re beyond that sort of stuff. But we’re fucking not.

      • One of my mum’s friends has a lad who’s in an ATU and it pretty much is like something straight out of the 1950s. Comprehensive reform is needed.

  8. Isn’t the NHS awash with diversity woke types? Could it be the woke are the real supremacists?

    The woke sleepwalking us all into totalitarian nightmares. These cunts will wake up into a real nightmare. The same cunts who fight for dingy invaders rights even the proven rapists and murderers are the same cunts pushing this agenda. They always go for those least able to defend themselves first, unborn children aborted in their thousands is celebrated now the disabled and that’s fine.

    How long until it’s legitimate to let white property die no matter what? Too many white cunts in the country after all.

    We need to start eating babies don’t ta know?

  9. This is a very fair point, not knowing what you are signing, but why would anybody in their right mind ever sign a DNR form? Why do they even exist? Beats me and if anybody ever puts one in front of me I’ll tell them to shove it…

    Yet another part of modern culture that I don’t understand and don’t welcome. Total cunts!

  10. What’s wrong with this picture?

    How did we go from owning an empire, to being on the verge of ‘owning nothing and being happy about it’, in the chronological blink of an average life expectancy? (82 and rising, despite the ‘pandemic’).

    Despite the endless funeral processions, the conscription of the remaining populace to assist with the medical and municipal clean-up efforts – operation pop-up morgues, funeral parlours, crematoriums (too dangerous to inter the dead, after all a virus is dead and remains dead until it finds a living host to activate it). Except that isn’t happ… oh, nevermind.

    Why believe empirical experience using one’s own eyes and ears when the gogglebox will tell you what to think. Literally. We’ve come to the point where we turn to ‘Gogglebox’ to tell us what to think about the gogglebox.

    Britain ostensibly still has its freedom of movement – aeroplanes, ships, the Chunnel. Even your own arms and legs if you’re up for the old Dover to Calais. However, as the various real-time global flight and shipping trackers attest to, there is an apparent imbalance between incoming and outbound traffic at the moment at our traditional ports of entry and exit. And even then, a port of entry these days seems to consist of anywhere traversable a dinghy can land.

    After a year of being able to sit back, observe and ruminate on the global catastrophes and irreversible demographic and societal changes taking place, this feels considerably less a ‘pan’ and more exclusively ‘West’-demic. Swathes of South America, Africa and the mid-East have, to use the now forbidden mantra, ‘carried on as normal’. Except standards of ‘normal’ for them are somewhat more never experienced to start with, and therefore not ‘missable’ in terms of what we’re currently bemoaning.

    Look further East, towards the ‘land of shadow’ of the current looming global boogeyman and all-seeing malefic eye (how prophetic of Tolkien, considering the layout of his Middle Earth map), and sure you might get shot dead on sight in places like the Philippines for your mask momentarily falling beneath your nose, but then we’re talking a handful of countries where the edifice of religious morality and democratic liberty by decree of the people has always rested on a tightrope.

    And yet even now, open ‘defiance’ is being practised, without consequence, where there is the collective will and might to do it. Huge parts of Florida and North Dakota open for business like they always have been. Want to assemble, hug and go shopping whilst not having to recycle your own CO2 back into your lungs? Go ahead. Equally, want to take the recommended social distancing and PPE precautions? Go ahead – your body, your choice. Even Western and Eastern Europe are getting in on the act – as fast as a government can attempt to impose a new edict to quell the return to enjoyment of the ‘old normal’, the people are rising up and resisting via the courts or, if it comes to it, just good old-fashioned civil disobedience.

    So where are the studies on the effects of these rogue pockets of defiance upon the continued trail of devastation the pandemic should be raging in their wake? Best not to count the tumble-weeds for fear of falling back to sleep, since the realm of dystopian nightmare has already occupied our waking hours for the best part of a year.

    Maybe, just maybe, those that have chosen to take back control of their own daily lives and communities are, after having a year to cogitate on it all, immune to studies and data telling them one doom and gloom scenario, with scarifying numbers and graphs, whilst the reality around them attests to the opposite. Quite simply, if the ‘official’ narrative doesn’t match the real picture, they ain’t buying it anymore.

    What’s wrong with this picture is, almost curiously unique to us Brits now, that we are all to willing to continue to buy it, even whilst we open our front doors to the non-existent sight and stench of death and malaise, and we survive yet another supermarket dash to scramble for the dwindling stocks of what few comestibles there are still being produced, before retreating to the safety of our abodes, and switching the TV back on to to save the NHS by not seeing any adverts telling us how to boost our immune systems with Vitamins C&D, essential minerals like Zinc and Iodine, and the benefits of sunlight and exercise.

    What’s wrong with this picture is, ‘Pay for Play’ continues to mean for our ruling elite what it always has done, corruption and troughing regardless of the consequences for those left on the ground, whilst on the domestic front, pay for play is wondering how to afford the next rental installment of the PS4 to keep the kids occupied, since any free forms of outdoor recreation are currently verboten. And even if your local park isn’t under lock and key, is it worth the stress of risking an outside stroll should a gaggle of our esteemed boys, or girls, or any of the 300, critical race theory-trained genders in between, arraign us under accusation of having a picnic?

    On the subject of money, the unstoppable progression of its flow and renewal is the other societal impact playing out mysteriously invisibly before our eyes. We’re all on furlough, no-one’s spending anything except on toilet paper, the economy has tanked and we’re running on the fumes. Yet in reality, who is actually on furlough? Not the goods and services industries, where one’s hands continue to use tools and machines to make products, fix and build things, and not the beloved and heroic Public Sector, where one’s hands continue to use keyboards and Zoom meetings to then throw that income and Council Tax-stolen money away on delivering non-essential essential business via ‘working’ from home.

    No, look a little below the surface and it seems like only one sector is currently truly ‘on hold’ – that of leisure and hospitality. Going out and socialising, doing anything that brings any of those now-outmoded and no longer necessary forms of actual human interaction, dialogue and discourse into play, is as the WHO, CDC, WEF and UN keep telling us, bad for the world, selfish, sinful. Yet strangely enough, whilst under house arrest you can switch on your Tell-A-Vision, and watch a bunch of fashion models and social media whores who happen to have better than average ability to kick a ball, back to business as usual. I say business, but then, playing to empty stadiums and with it no longer being viable to advertise or sponsor the beautiful game, since there are no consumers to go with the trappings around it, what, or more prosaically who, is funding that now?

    What’s wrong with this picture is that it’s no longer worth a thousand words to the willingly excised soul and spirit of the human experience. Especially now that most ‘pictures’ these days come in a digital frame, and we definitely don’t want that returning to the ‘old normal’ because you know, progress. Just like digital passports will arbeit macht us free – and funnily enough, the first ones who that concept were sold to are now the first ones rolling them out upon their acquiescing populace.

    TL;DR – I’m a misanthrope and the West’s fucked. Move to Tanzania.

      • If I’m not pissed by 10 in the morning then you get a verbose meandering cunty rant rather than a cunty one-line catty comment. Sorry! 😘

      • As much as I love the smell of celerity in the morning, I prefer to take two bottles into the shower…

      • As Winston famously said:

        but tomorrow I’ll be sober

        And how! Brief lunch break from the naughty boys. They’re frightened about the “taxman” charges¹ but I’ve not yet fully conveyed the good news about the police and CPS fuck up.

        ¹ involving video evidence of threatening another fairly major drug dealer with anal rape in a Cheshire field by a “Purple Aki” type. My clients undoubtedly are indeed guilty, and one in particular is a very dangerous man… but the prosecution evidence is holed through.

        Fascinating job, but a bit full-on. I’m looking forward to some shandies later.

    • Blimey – hope you feel better after uploading that lot😊

      I think that’s what this site’s about – where else can you moan about all that’s wrong with the world without a load of trolls winding you up further?!

      Keep it coming👍

  11. Couldn’t have put it better – the proles get beaten further into the floor every day with their Soma of social media, the haunted fish tank and constant berating from people who do not seem to realise what they are pushing is the destruction of all that we have, as the elites sit in their mansions on their piles of money and privilege whilst constantly browbeating those with nothing about their fabricated white privilege, as every pleasure and release we have ever had is being removed.
    We have been castrated, emasculated and the indigenous white population is being exterminated – if this happened anywhere else in the world the people would be, possibly quite literally, “up in arms” but so many here just sit back and accept it.
    We need politicians and a system which not just resists this madness but takes action to reverse it – if we do not I would give the UK 50 years before it tips past the point of no return.

    • Your last name should be ‘Coleman’ not ‘Fox’! More truth in three paragraphs than we’ve had from our ‘leaders’ in the whole of the last year. 👍

  12. Stay homes.

    Save lives.

    Protect the NHS, in order for them to retain the ability to offer what exactly…. when this sort of DNR shit is carrying on.

    Should be the sort of questions one of those so called fucking journalists spouts at the 5pm shite show, but won’t of course….

    Terry’s oven the lot of em, and GPs. If you can find one.

  13. Heard that fucking cunt Bill Gates on the wireless this morning, advertising his new book. That’s fucking it, no more wireless for me.

    (Funnily enough we have a Bill Gates nomination about to go-live later this week! – DA)

  14. Covid has hopefully put a DNR order on the NHS. It’s high time hospitals, and those who work in them, are moved to the private sector, where, if you are a cunt and shit at your job, you get fired without a gold plated pension and golden goodbye.

    Then we won’t have to listen to these cunts interfering in our daily lives, and might be able to choose to go to an establishment that won’t ignore us or try to kill us with incompetence.

  15. they’re now working out of the cabinet office to instigate ‘ police cadets’ for kids via the Disney corporation to reinvent this country as the ‘Magic Kingdom’ – and all will be wonderful

    Don’t forget they’re not asking consent for their injection either

    These bastards are living on borrowed time (as well as borrowed money, actually it’s on the printing press as we speak) and should be hung slowly before being burnt and then chopped up for landfill the cunts

  16. i understand from a source that Johnson has just announced that we are now on an irreversible way out of lockdown except when he reverses it – this is the cunt who wants to save the nhs by preventing anyone using it in a time of national upheaval – they’re all psychotic sociopaths

  17. has anyone else received their ‘census 2021’ forms in the post today?
    my suggestion is that we don’t complete them, crowd fund any fines as a result and tell this fucking cabal to do one – sharpish, like – what say you??? 60M replies telling them to fuck off would be brill, just brill!!!!!!!!!!

    • My suggestion is we wipe our shitty arses on them, send them back and say “here’s what our country finally looks like, you Blairaite CUNT”.

    • I would reply to you LDC but it was put in moderation. I must have said something other than “blast”.

      Seriously, sort it out you lot.

      We don’t work for you, so do one – NA

  18. As Dr. Ron Paul once said, ”When we give government the power to make medical decisions for us, we in essence accept that the state owns our bodies.”

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