‘Grace’ the token intern

A chip on the shoulder “dat be raciss ‘n’ sheet” cunting for a lady named ‘Grace’ who landed an internship aimed at BAMEs only (not at all racist against whites of course).

You’ll need to read the article the get the full story, and while I hate bullying of any kind, I’m not sure that’s what went on here.

A quick lowdown:

1. Hired on a BAME only 2 year internship in 2018 aged 22.

2. Staff complained about her poor quality of work.

3. Staff gossiped/complained about Grace having bad BO and wearing the same clothes the next day.

4. Grace got two members of staff sacked.

5. She complained about not being liked.

6. She complained about the rest of the staff not understanding that she and other BAMEs are from different backgrounds, and that the employer should’ve accommodated her poor work for this.

7. She (contradicting point 6) whined about not being given more responsibility.

Here is my amateur, probably talking out of my arse verdict on the above.

1. She was hired due to her skin colour, not her talents or potential talents. No business would survive doing this in large numbers. Best man/woman for the job irrespective of them being white, black or purple with green spots or fuck off and go bust.

2. She didn’t really defend this. Perhaps, as a token hire, she was just unable to do the job? Guess what sweetcakes? If honkies can’t do their jobs, they get fired too. In fact, as we’ll see, you managed to stay in your position due to being black. They were too scared to fire you is what happened. Not sure if I’d have ever got the same treatment as a honky.

3. This was cruel, but the point is this…was it true? She didn’t say it wasn’t so it was probably true. If you come into work stinking the place up, YOU are the one who is being anti social (if aware of it). Once she heard the gossip she should’ve taken steps to ‘stop the stench’. Perhaps a shower, deodorant and a change of clean clothes (like every cunt else) would’ve helped? If she had a medical condition that made this difficult to manage (incontinence/skin disease etc) then I have sympathy. If so, she should’ve told her boss and asked a GP for advice on managing the problem. But that does not appear to be the case. I’m sure ‘Grace’ would’ve mentioned if she had a medical condition that caused a nasty pong.

4 and 5.

She complained about being unpopular after getting two long term employees fired. Well the mind fucking boggles as to why this would make her unpopular. Add to this, poor quality of work and stinking the place out may also have contributed? Just sayin’.

6. Why the fuck should the employee drop all the rules and standards just to accommodate her? Again, instead of looking at her own failings, she wants everyone else to change just for her. Fuck right off!

7. Well, on one hand she’s saying that she’s different and different rules should apply to her just for being black (for her inefficiency), but at the same time whining that she failed due to not having more responsibility given to her. Perhaps best man/woman for the job is the answer here? Not really her fault for being hired, but once in the real world if you can’t do the job there will be problems ahead.

What a chippy,entitled cunt!


Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

42 thoughts on “‘Grace’ the token intern

    • Nah, Lynx is shite. You couldn’t light a fart with that overpriced bog water in an aerosol.

      Bartoline White Spirit or Nitromors. Much more flammable.

  1. Welcome to the affirmative world. It has fucked up S Africa, it will fuck up everywhere it is applied. Blacks do not understand the concept of merit. Where preference is given to ethic groups the blacks invariably lose out to Chinese, Indian and other groups. This should tell us something.

  2. “If you come into work stinking the place up, YOU are the one who is being anti social ”

    A pity somebody in Dame Keir’s lot don’t have a word with AnalEase Dodds – she certainly looks a dirty cunt and you can invisage her smelling like a pair of zookeepers boots.

    As for this dark key, I suspect this will be the situation increasingly in the workplace in the future, once all the woke studnts are employed in HR>

    • Situations vacant.

      We are a new leading company in the oil industry and have a role vacant with good prospects and lucrative salary!
      Black applicates only!
      Previous experience not necessary.
      Ability to swim a bonus but not necessary.
      Knowledge of basic aquatic safety not necessary.
      MUST be willing to stink.
      And to get others in trouble,
      So BTEC in grassing advantageous.

      There you go Grace!
      Good luck!🤞

      • Lazy cunts wanted

        •Mostly night work
        •Smoke ganja
        •Complain of da rayy-Cian
        •Play compoo’er games
        •Eat da chiggin
        •Must be good at breakin ‘n’ en’erin
        •Must be able to run faster than blonde women


  3. I sort of feel sorry for Grace. She is a dull-witted pawn in a sinister game of social engineering.

    It’s the racist shits behind these “diversity schemes” who are the real cunts.

    • Your too kind Ruff.
      She knew she was only getting the job due to skin colour
      She knew she was shite in the role an getting a easy ride.
      Least she could do is shower for work.
      If I was black id like to think I got a job by merit,
      Being good at my job
      Rather than having a better tan.
      Papa Doc Duvalier got his by merit!

    • Indeed, Ruffers. Our company has employed half a dozen or so suntanned types, whose forefathers originated in the African continent, and, sadly, we have found all to be fucking useless except for one lad, who we nicknamed “Will-I-am” – he was not offended in the least and relished the joke.

      The ones we employed had zero common sense, would not put the hours in, didn’t communicate well and would slide off for the slightest excuse. We had one, originally from Somalia who was trying to juggle his full time job and a (unbeknowst to us) a full-time university course. The university contacted us in the end as he told them his employment was part-time. So he was a lying little shit to boot.

      It will get to a state where companies just don’t take on ‘people of colour’, specifically those of African descent, which would be unfair as there are some good, hardworking, intelligent black people out there. Sadly from my experience, they are like rocking horse shit.

      • I don’t feel sorry for em.

        We had a decent dark key, good engineer when he focused, but ultimately in the wrong role and worse his face didn’t fit with his line manager. When his contract came up for renewal it wasn’t (primarily due to his line manager) so said Dark Key slopes off without so much as a word.

        Other parts of the business were crying out for resource, but this cunt didn’t even bother approaching HR or let alone ask around the wider business to uncover other opportunities he could have been considered for. All to difficult unless handed on a plate…

        I expect he’s in Londonistan now showing all the other aspiring architects and engineers the correct way to hold a knife…

      • How the fuck did a Somalian get into university? Was it one of those third-rate universities offering Mickey Mouse degrees?

  4. What a rag of a ‘newspaper’ the Metro is. It claims to take a political neutral stance on issues.
    Whilst reading this article, I was half expecting someone, anyone, to give some sort of opposing view. Not a fuckin’ chance. The zombies on London Transport must just soak up all this crap.

  5. Fucking BAME cunt! Would be more use if she was processed and canned as dog food.

    And Metro is only good for the bottom of the cat litter tray.

  6. Blimey the noms must be trickling through extremely slowly… after all, this has to have happened going on a year ago now, since it could only have been a Public Sector appointment, and as they’ve all been ‘working from Zoom’ I can’t see how they’d have smelled her stinking her own mudhut up.

  7. If you’re hiring staff from a swatch chart rather than a CV, you don’t deserve to be in business.
    The end of western civilisation we come when millennials occupy most management and political positions. About fifteen years then…

  8. I have worked in positions where I have done hiring and firing, I quickly came to understand that it is pointless hiring snowflakes by and large – no work ethic, whiny little fuckers, never off their phones and permanently screeching about their “rights”, male or Female.
    Dooshka Dooshkas generally did not get past the interview and competency test stage.
    The African types – Men are sound but thick and utterly bone idle, Women (not all but the majority) are lazy thick mouthy bitches with BO and a bad attitude and a permanent mindset of claiming racism when they were pulled up for anything.
    Peacefuls – generally bone idle, barely able to read, write, spell or speak English and would constantly jabber in some third world patois despite repeated warnings not to, the Men are by and large terrible for permanent sexual harassment of the extreme kind and the older ones stink of BO whereas the younger ones drown themselves in cheap overpowering aftershave, the Women are either fat moustached big gob chavs or skanky teen slappers who are permanently arguing with the other peacefuls as they consider them “not modest” – and anytime they don’t get their own way they would claim non existent racism – some were scared of this, I wasn’t and if they took the piss they were down the road.
    Indians – sound, Sikhs graft incredibly hard and consider it very dishonourable to do anything which was not 100% right and they fkin hate peacefuls.
    Chinese – hard working but very, very sly and never to be trusted.
    Hard work finding decent people, after about a year of having my time and company money wasted by people who just did not to work or caused permanent problems I ended up with about 25 people who were decent, the vast majority were white Men over 40.

  9. I worked in a place where they hired someone with physical and mental “issues” as they say.
    This person left within a matter of weeks as was incapable of doing the job. Couldn’t even work the photocopier and was constantly asking for help while everyone else just got on with it.
    This hiring based on being inclusive always gets found out and fails in the end.

    • It used to be that disabled people in the workplace had pride and a determination to prove they could do the job just as well – and better, in my experience, than those who were not.
      We now have a situation where people are claiming to have disabilities and issues they do not have just for a free ride knowing full well they are virtually impossible to sack.

  10. Can’t be doing with any of this BAME, Woke, Snowflake shit anymore.

    If I hear something about it on the radio it gets switched over.

    Don’t watch the idiot lantern so have no truck with that shit they pedal.

    Any cunt going on about BAME, or woke or mentalist green climate bollocks, or slavery can just get to fuck. If they don’t like this country or its white, Christian based values and that fact it gave technology, democracy and progress to most of the world, well then get to fuck.

    I have no time for it anymore and if that makes me waycist, then whatever.

  11. I once worked in recruitment and upon a particular meeting with a well known city accountancy firm I was told that there was some concern amongst the partners that they weren’t attracting the type of clients they wanted and that a couple of potential clients had asked for their diversity and inclusion policy.

    Fuck me sideways the HR director made it clear to me that she wanted to hire more BAME’s in the workplace so it would be nice to see some CV’s with names like Patel, Wintson, Chelsey, Abdul, Boogaboo, etc. (you get the drift).

    I nearly fell off the chair so said I judge people on their skills and experience not because of some policy. She said, I don’t care, surely there are BAME’s out there who fit what we need – I am not too bothered if they don’t tick all the boxes..!

    So there you have it folks, straight from the horses nashers if you want to (in some cases) improve your chances get yourselves some black up and start chatting like a nig*a or bud bud dinger…

  12. I once landed a position in a top city brokers simply by having a home perm, fake tan and a complicated handshake.
    Only lasted a week.
    But they paid me off well!👍
    I was back the week after wearing my missus kimono and yellow food colouring on my face.
    Got a higher paid job.

  13. Who the fuck would want to be an employer these days!?

    Having to constantly be accountable in making sure you hire a good proportion of BAMEs in order to tick another box. Which is all very well if the person you hire actually knows what the fuck they’re doing!

    But of course most of them are thick cunts, and they know they have social media to fall back on if they think their bosses are not doing enough for them. Even asking them to work an extra half-hour’s overtime (with pay) will be construed as some form of hate crime/racist act (“Why you pick on me to do stay over?” “You are being racist cuz I iz black innit!”). And there they go, straight onto social media (during work hours) moaning about it!

    The only decent BAMEs are Asians from HK, Japan and perhaps China – they have the right work-ethic and most have come from university graduating in proper subjects.

    • And British Indians.

      According to the ONS, Indians and chinese where found to have higher average earnings than the white brits .

      Pakistani and Bangladeshi workers were at the bottom.

    • The Chinese, not so much.

      They’re over in the West learning all about patents, process and products so they can fuck off back to Beijing to tell their CCP masters.

  14. It’s an indystry (at least in the US) .
    DIE (Diversity, Inclusion and Equity).
    The problem is it costs in terms of useless training courses and productivity.

    It also leaves the BAME person alienated.

    A lose-lose situation.

  15. Grace says her manager barely acknowledged her. Yep coz women bosses in the main are cunts.
    Dunno if she’s just lived a social media driven life where ” we only want the nice and can switch off the nasties”. We’ll guess what liquorice stick this is the real fucking world.

  16. As a leccy foreman I had to deal with more than my fair share of spooks sent to site by agencies and they were universally fucking useless, always ‘tossing it off’ (skiving) in some remote corner of the job, always seemed to congregate to talk smack no matter how wide I dispersed ’em over the job. And talk about lazy… you’d have the white sparks on the radio yelling for the labourers to get another 4 bundles o’ conduit to them pronto where yer bl*ck had managed to get through four lengths all day and three of those were scrap ’cause they couldn’t bend a fucking double-set to save their worthless fucking lives!

    Doing the second fix on some halls of residence I spent a fascinating a’noon watching one of the rastafarian paint & dec crew trying to fit coving round the ceiling line of one of the rooms. He was holding two bits up trying to get his head round a simple mitre joint (two 45deg cuts needed) and he’d turn round to the workmate put the two bits down and saw away not realising he’d put them down 180 degrees out. The pile of offcuts was testament to the fact that he simply couldn’t do the mental/spatial transformation needed to do his fucking job.

    • I too work in construction and the laziest most useless cunts are the agency sambo decorators.

      The first thing the worthless shitpiles do is try and plug in a phone charger to play music on their stolen iphone (because only whitey beez payin’ fo’ dat ‘lectrickety n’ sheeeiit) , only to find that we drop the busbar out of the consumer unit,
      leaving just the lighting circuit live so that DeShawn can see what he is meant to be painting.

      The next thing DeShawn will do is break the lock off the consumer unit so it can plug its mobile in. Again, no busbar you thick cunt!

      At some point in the late morning, DeShawn will shuffle down to the stores and actually pick up some paint, usually after extended tea break number two and a good long chinwag with any other DeShawns that it runs into while waiting for the lift to take him to the first floor.
      Acceptable topics for conversation with its fellow DeShawns are: ‘Whitey beez racist. Whitey gots all da best jobs. Whitey beez keepin’ me down and of course, fuck whitey! ‘

      Some time around early afternoon a couple of walls may have received an uneven mist coat, which means this is a good time for DeShawn to have a two hour heated conversation with his sheboon, begging her to let him back in the flat ‘coz I lubs you baybee and I only fucked that ho coz I wuz lonely and beez missin’ yooz n’sheeeiit’

      It’s now late afternoon and DeShawn is felling all dissaspected because the site manager has called him out as the lazy, worthless cunt that he is and the damaged consumer unit is coming out of his wages.

      Not taking such a personal sleight laying down, DeShawn then steals all of the light fittings and lamps from the flat. Only to discover that the light fittings are worthless without the magnetic roses that hold then into the ceiling.

      After a hard day of shuffling around at a snail’s pace, wasting time, doing virtually no work and annoying the shit out of the sparks, DeShawn can go home safe in the knowledge that he will be back on the dole tomorrow and can once again go back to getting up a mid day and smoking weed until he passes out.

      All of this is true.

  17. Had to put a secondary posting up after reading this on the Big BAME Cunt website (BBC).

    Can you fucking believe this: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56153016

    BBC headline: The Muppet Show: Disney adds content warning over ‘negative stereotypes’

    I had to take a little step back and steady myself for fear of falling over. I believe it is very soon going to get to a point in this sad world that we live in that me (being a white man) may not be able to step outside the house without being branded a racist, homophobic, vegan, WOKE, millennial, poofter hating cunt.

    Now that this softy leftist shite is penetrating all walks of our lives I bet you now comedians will be the next target.

    Everyone’s becoming a cunt.

  18. Quite a pathetic tale. Businesses simply cannot hire people who are incompetent and lack the required skillset for the role based on ethnicity, that isn’t sustainable, even in small numbers.

    • ps isn’t the word ‘internship’ american – not your typical english trainee or whatever – more removal of the english language – fuck the americanisation of our language too

  19. Affirmative action, in action.
    Sub-saharan intelligence, in action.
    Africunt personal hygiene, in action.

    Unkle Terry, fire up the traditional clay oven👍

  20. We had a black girl at work. Only got the job due to her colour. Guess what ? Six months in and it was fired for being late, lazy and unwilling to work. She sued the company got 80k and her job back will extra benefits.
    She is my favourite cunt to hate.

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