South East Coast Ambulance Service

The Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust offered vaccines to ambulance staff on December 27. But anger arose when South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMB) allegedly forbid staff from getting the jab, despite the vaccine potentially going to waste if not used up.

SECAMB management said that staff should not access the vaccine in this way and they will be informed when it is being rolled out to them.

The union shared a Facebook post from the South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAMB) which say they have ‘protocols to follow’.

The post read: ‘We’ve been made aware of an offer of staff to drop in for their Covid-19 vaccine at a hospital site in our region. We appreciate the offer was made in good faith but we have protocols to follow in this regard. We would ask that staff do not do this.

GMB said: ‘To forbid its staff and individuals who have risked their lives all year to save the lives of others from accessing life-saving vaccines from is nothing short of potentially a criminal act.’

I totally agree and in my opinion the brain dead cunt who made this decision should be sacked immediately for gross misconduct and endangering life. He’s a fucking idiot…

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  1. “G’Day mate, You’re through to the Australian ambulance service, what’s seems to be the problem, Bruce”?

    “G’Day mate, bit of a problem here, I’m in Darwin, and my Sheila has just been stung on her minge, and now its completely closed up”

    “Oh no, Bummer mate”

    “Bonza mate, hadn’t thought of that, fuckin oath, thanks. Catch ya later, bye”

  2. Not dissimilar to retired GPs and dentists who offered their services on a voluntary basis, only to be told they had to fill in about 15 forms, include bumf about radicalisation.
    Is there a vaccine against stupidity?
    There seem to be a lot of picks about…

  3. There have been reports of NHS non medical staff being given the vaccine to prevent it being wasted, maybe there aren’t any protocols for them.

  4. The wanker who said the jabs shouldn’t be given to the front line guys should be bummed senseless by all the left wing cunts then eviscerated slowly massive fucking cunt

  5. Some cunts just can’t help themselves, they like being “In Charge, playing God”. Funnily enough often they turn out to be union leaders/reps socialists labour councillors or middle managers. Utter cunts.

  6. 2.3 million people injected with 2.6 million doses said the news the other day. Am I missing something or is that 300,000 vials wasted/gone awol?

    • I thought exactly the same thing. I assume it’s 300k of the second dose. On another note I fear that this site is becoming a magnet for out of work er, um, comedians. 🤔

  7. Who’s going to be dealing with covid cases more often? Health care staff? Have we not been told higher exposure increases the chance of developing severe symptoms?

    Common sense would dictate you give the vaccine (if they are willing) to front line workers and the most vulnerable first.

    Is it just snake oil after all?

    • And why are so few NHS frontline workers dying of it?
      I may not be the sharpest tool in the box but I know when something smells rotten it usually is.

  8. If people want it make it available, whatever their profession. But on a strictly voluntary basis.
    But do not discriminate against the people who choose not to.
    The next step has already begun – retailers (including Sainsburys who I have just called and recorded stating this is now company policy) are illegally refusing entry to shoppers without a mask – an illegal breach of the 2010 Equalities act.
    Who does or does not get vaccinated is a side issue – the elephant in the room here is the creeping day by day restrictions placed on those who choose not to comply with illegal and wholly unenforceable rules, until vaccination will be compulsory except in name.
    And then the next step when it does become compulsory – then we have civil war.
    Rules are not laws.
    A dog on a long chain does not notice a link being taken out every day. Until the day the chain is so short the dog is strangled, and its last thought – “How did this happen”?
    The march into darkness gathers pace. January the 16th – my Birthday, and I am organising mass civil action across the UK – go out, do as you please, visit who you want to, get on with your lawful business and pleasure in peace and privacy unencumbered by State tyranny.
    This insanity will not stop unless we stop it.

    • Who does or does not get vaccinated is a side issue – the elephant in the room here is the creeping day by day restrictions placed on those who choose not to comply with illegal and wholly unenforceable rules, until vaccination will be compulsory except in name.

      Drivel. I’m taking a break from this site, and will merely leave you with the thought that the more some ignorant cunts propagandise against protective measures and/or vaccination, the longer the shit of which they complain will continue. And “Hello, Mutant Covid Variant #125”, in 2030.

      Talk about voting for Christmas. And now some fantasy about physical resistance?

      • Komodo – I do not appreciate being called an “ignorant cunt”, a fantasist and a propagandist for having an opinion that differs to yours. I research and get facts – I despise propaganda and those who push it.
        That post was beneath you and rather nasty.

        (Let’s all take a deep breath please – DA)

      • I feel your anguish Komodo.

        The barbarians have broken down the door.

        We’ve had our serious differences, but I for one will miss your invaluable contribution to this site. Enjoy your break.

        Be seeing you. 😉

  9. Just when common sense struggles to the surface in Britain some cunt with a clipboard and checklist always shows up.
    Fuck Off.

  10. I concur with that Les, no need to play the divide and conquer game.
    The world is inexorably going to fuck and we might as well enjoy the journey even if we can’t stop this runaway train crash.
    We live in cuntious times.
    Take the kool aid or not, keep fuming and carry on cunting.

    • Evening Cuntle,
      She sent me a frosty reply!
      Thought yanks were meant to be friendly?
      Sent her some ideas for baby names
      Moody bitch.

  11. Appeal denied!

    If somebody is highly strung enough because someone has written something on an Internet site that they don’t agree with and then openly announces they’re going to flounce off for a while, then by all means let them flounce off!

    Thicker skin or risk turning left, woke and tearful 😢

    Fuck off!

    • When you post begging letter on an open Internet site you must be prepared for all opinions so oooh ducky clutch your pearls 😉

      PS, No one and nothing has been south of my equator other than Memsaab coolforcunts when I got stung by a wasp 🐝

      Fuck off!

      • Coolforcock@
        No begging letter.
        A appeal for cunters who contributed loads of good posts to come back, intelligent, inciteful, nowt like the shite you post.

        Memsaab? That your indian boyfriend?

    • Oh dear, your seem angry, over emotional and tired.

      Best go to bed eh, you have a long day ahead tomorrow of spending your every waking hour posting not shite, profound works of intellectual literary genius on here 😀

      PS, keep your homoerotic Indian fantasies to yourself little Mary….you’re a disgrace 😷

      • Hit a nerve?
        Don’t like been told your a failure?
        Seems like everyone tells you that?
        Hope they stop your dole you bedwetter!!😀😀👍

  12. MNC@ – Well said – we all have the right to debate and to disagree.
    This is free speech and democracy, but it smacks of childishness when a contributor runs off and takes their ball in because people disagree with their opinion and it seems (without baiting or accusing – we are better than that) that abusing people when the answer given is not the answer ordered is becoming somewhat prevalent.
    Just my thoughts, and no accusation or inference is intended.
    And remember – vote Fox! 😃👍

  13. It seems there is some confusion regarding the vaccine. I know that North West Ambulance Service haven’t been offered it yet, and the drivers and paramedics that I know have all said that they don’t know when they’ll be getting it. There also seems to be a supply problem too. We have a vaccination centre in the car park of the leisure centre near us that is constantly opening for a few days and then closing for a few days. The only reason I can think of is that they keep running out. The big problem is that when they are open, there are huge queues in both directions of cars waiting to go in. In fact, as I type this, the queue is approximately a quarter of a mile long and causing pretty serious congestion. The government really needs to get a grip on this.

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