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Fucking wankers they are. Now before you all get frothy start and blaming me for being a cunt in subscribing in the first place, you should know that all I watch these days is UFC and MotoGp. Two pleasures in life.

BT, when I asked the question about UFC big cards before subscribing a couple of years ago, assured me along with thousands of others that all cards would be included in the subscription. Now I’ve been waiting for the Khabib v Gaethje fight for ages along with the many matchups on the main card and prelims, and these cunts want to charge a box office fee for watching it. In these times.. where there’s little pleasure to be had wherever.

On top of that, the cretins monitoring BT’s social media accounts are deleting the hoards of grumbling comments attesting to the above. Utter fucking cunts they are. Probably squirrelling it away to pay the wages of that thick dullard Vagina mouthed Rio and that chinny lacquered quiff Ray Mears lookalike “Desperate Balding Dan”.

Nominated by: Ernst Stavro Cuntfeld

(More info here UFC PPV rip off)

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  1. Not so much UFC but didn’t we hear that because fans weren’t being allowed to watch football in the stadiums that some PL games would be free to air……

    That didn’t last long 😂

    • would that be the “free” that involved giving Sky £15 to watch a lack-lustre PL game between Arsenal and Leicester. I’ve seen better watching my local Olympian League team up at the playing fields. And at least they play at 3pm on Saturday.

  2. Don’t know anything about sport and don’t care a cold dead rat’s ass about it either. It would be a cold day in Hell before I parted with any of my hard earned cash to sit watching it on the idiot box too.

    The reason I comment is because I see our culturally enriched peaceful friends have been busy slicing people’s heads off again….quick, let’s all organise a candle lit sing song.

    The world is basically fucked.

    • Yeah, three dead in Nice, one of them a woman with her head cut off. Suspect arrested, soon to be picked up from a dinghy by the Royal Navy.

      • Every fucking dinghy should be sunk and all the goat shagging filth cleansed from Europe and the UK.
        Fucking savages.
        Wipe the cunts out.

      • What price freedom of expression?

        Whoever put pen or pencil to paper to draw those satirical cartoons of The Prophet in the Charlie Hebdo offices I wonder did they realise the effect they would have?
        They certainly suffered themselves with 12 dead, many injured.
        Samuel Paty beheaded because of them.
        Now news of three dead with two beheadings (one a woman) in the cathedral in Nice.
        So that’s 16 dead, many seriously injured.
        For cartoons.

      • Samuel Paty was NOT beheaded because of Charlie Hebdo.

        He was beheaded because of religious extremists and their hatred of Western culture, especially freedom of speech /expression.

      • It was not cartoons MP – it was the fact that evil fuckwits decide it is acceptable to murder people for having a sense of humour, and the sooner those muslim rats are cleansed from the world the happier I would be.
        I used to work for BT, they are cunts in general – conning people into signing up by saying the Premier League would only be available through BT Sport, a deliberate lie – and evil Lineker visited one day – I had visions of strangling him so was kept away from the PR op of having a photo taken with Saint Gary as I “am not keen on the fellow”.
        BT are thieves.

      • I’m disappointed with your opening sentence Miles – “ Whoever put pen or pencil to paper to draw those satirical cartoons of The Prophet in the Charlie Hebdo offices I wonder did they realise the effect they would have?”
        I hope you didn’t mean it but it smacks a little of appeasement.

      • Until the fucking savages accept that blasphemy is NOT a crime the don’t deserve any respect and if they aren’t happy with a secular society they are free to fuck off to any of the shitholes that think the death penalty is a valid punishment for drinking water out of the wrong bowl.

      • Just saw this on the news feed

        “”The Kremlin has released a statement on the incident in Nice.

        The Russians say it is “unacceptable to insult religious believers’ feelings” and it is also “unacceptable to kill people”. “”

        Just fuck off.

      • That explains the Russians remarkably understanding approach towards Chechnya. 😅

    • It’s a sport where two blokes or women get into a cage and beat the shit out of each other.
      In the header pic, the one on left as well is being an ugly fucker is being touted as the greatest (GOAT)

    • It is also called cage fighting HtB – it used to be called “all styles” when I did it.

  3. BT are vermin.
    I’m a big UFC fan and would rather watch the highlights on YouTube than pay the cunts a penny.
    I have heard that the fights can be obtained I’m HD via the Internet machine.
    That must be for Korean hackers only,maybe..
    Fuck BT to hell.

      • dodgy streaming £60 a year every sport in every country full hd ……so ive been told

      • You’ll have me thinking all northerners are cunts and bastards Miserable. Its only the thoughtful, open-minded and enlightened IsAC musings of Fiddler and Vernon Fox that keep me from thinking otherwise. That Bertie character though….

      • Of the northern ISACs LL,
        Fiddler is Chief, Miles is chaplain and Foxy and I are the sergeant at arms, Bertie is the wise druid.
        We’re gathering in force too.
        Im considering merchandise,
        iSAC flat caps and whippet collars!😁

      • Morning Bertie, you’ll offend all us Lincolnshire carrot crunchers with talk like that you beastly northerner.

      • Just send me your email address and I will send a link. Lol
        Never pay by, sky or albbc ever again!!!

      • Easier still, just get an Amazon Firestick & sideload an app called Mobdro. Then you can watch all the BT / Sky channels for nothing.

    • Also, if you like sailing the high seas, the perfect site for acquiring films is:
      I use all the time, they’ve got some really rare old films on there too.

    • Spot on.,Unkle. BT is just a doss house for loser ex footballers and useless commentators. They even employ that jug-eared mong Line Acre. Still it could be worse. It could be Sky Sports, where they give work to a baboon faced scouser who spends his spare time flobbing at children. Utter cunts.

  4. As for the fight Ernst don’t give them the pleasure of your hard earned just stream it. Loads of sites out there that can do the job. No Pay Per View. Wankers.

    As for the latest piece of macabre street theatre in Nice I’m sure it was just a mild case of the Mental Elf. Few candles, religion of peace is the Bees Knees…..right time for lockdown fun again you lucky lot! Macron imo is one of the smoothest and sinister characters involved in this hysterical fandango

  5. Ultimate Fucking Cunts. Punching interspersed with bouts of gay wrestling and upclose sweaty intimacy.

    Until they have an assortment of weapons available like the original gladiators, but updated to reflect pur age.. tasers, acid in a evian bottle, riot shield, machete, zombie knifes etc, then the ‘Ultimate’ should be dropped from the title.

  6. Be interesting to see how the BBC are going to spin this story…..Tarquin and Jemima wringing their hands over how to portray this subhuman filth as the victim. They…..errrr…must repeatedly have fallen onto his knife while he was taking a shortcut through the church to his butchers job. And errrrr mental elf innit

  7. Get your self a fire stick
    As advertised with extras..😜😜
    And probably a good VPN …. not the mainstream shit that they advertise….
    And you get the lot
    Football , F1, Moto Gp
    And fuck the rip off packages offered right off

    • Too right 2000+ channels all mainstream tv, every sport live, box office, every game in the premiership and championship, movie channels etc……so ive been told hahahaha

  8. “Ultimate” fighting my arse….they’ve never seen a pair of 4 foot tall,18 stone,mortal-,drunk Geordie lasses fall out…. gouging,eye-raking,hair-pulling and the final “KO” move…one braying her stunned opponent over the head with a stiletto shoe.
    Connor McGregor would have filled his pants…particularly if he was the prize and faced a night of “sweet,gentle lurvvin'” with the victor.

      • I took your advice and had some paracetemol and ibuprofin this morning….I never knew that you could take both at the same time. Certainly seems to have done some good…can get around on it now for 30 minute bursts before I have to sit down and take the weight of it for a while.
        I think half of my trouble is that I’m rarely ill,so when I am, I’m convinced that the best bet is just to work through it and it’ll come right… which it normally does given a bit of time.


      • Glad to be of service, Dick. Both, every four hours. If it persists, you may need to see your GP. Don’t bother with NHS 111 – bunch of cunts that pass utter shite in a ‘Why the fuck are we here’?, way.

    • Don’t be silly. Their efforts in telephony are adequate at best. When I used them (about 15 years ago last time) they were abysmal at providing a telephone service although their ability to collect money was outstanding.

  9. I hope these cunts are on their last legs. I’ve stopped subscribing because the money grabbing cunts did not give a penny back to subscribers when no football was being shown during lockdown and I suspect many others have done the same. BT sport won’t be able to survive if their football takes a hit. Their football coverage is crap anyway with third rate pundits.

    • Their rugby coverage has some goblin-faced trollop spouting forth, too. Wouldn’t be so bad if they SHOWED her goblin’.

  10. I dont think I understood a word of this cunting except BT. But I can agree that BT are cunts.

  11. BT are cunts for many reasons but the biggest one is that they employ that jug eared twat Gary Linekunt.

  12. Obviously they’re going to make as much money as they can, people want to watch the big fights as they happen and are willing to pay for the privilege, just as they do for boxing and football. The rest of us will wait to see it for free. All these things come around sooner or later. This afternoon they’re showing Bellew v Usyk. I’ve been waiting two years to watch that.

  13. Their football coverage is fucking shit.
    Rio ‘Wobbly Gobbed Tosser’ Ferdinand and Michael ‘Welsh Dwarf’ Owen?
    Are BT purposely trying to bore viewers to death?

  14. Thought I’d try and watch the Arsenal in the Europa last night. Haven’t watched any footy for ages due to the knee taking.

    But thought I’d pop in and take a look. First thing I heard was sone split arse commentating and off it went.

    Libtards and multiculturalism have ruined sport.

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