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An emergency counting for our so called Conservative party that are really stretching their power into the private lives of citizens in a way that can only be described as totalitarian.

After weeks of being told to get off our arses back to work and eat out to help out we are now being put back in our boxes being told we will be arrested and fined if we dare to have more than 6 people in our own private property whilst still being told to get our arses back to work and spend to give the treasury more of our counting money.

Are they blaming their fuck ups on testing, PPE discharging Covid positive and untested hospital patients back into care homes ,their botched app or their vague messages being undermined by Dominic Cumstains and his bullshit eye test at Barnard Castle Robert Jenricks trip to his parents and Gove getting a test on his daughter to avoid self isolating amongst many other things ??Are they fuck.No it is young people who bed wetting man sized school prefect and all round duplicitous condescending cuntflaps Hancock states are in danger of ” killing Granny”.Well after nearly 20000 deaths in care homes just under half our total occuring under his watch following his own department saying beds needed to be freed up and Covid positive patients could be safely cared for in their care homes that’s a bit fucking rich.

I have worked in a care home through this pandemic and live with my seriously ill father.The stress has been off the scale.Im 26 and have adhered pretty rigorously to all guidelines and it has been miserable.Now the government dare to strip our rights away again for a virus killing less than heart disease cancer and suicide and one that is certainly not overwhelming the NHS.

I have seen first hand Doctors trying to put suspected Covid on death certificates of people that recently tested negative.I am not a conspiracy theorist but that makes me incredibly suspicious.

I probably wouldn’t meet more than 6 people anyway but the fact that these incompetent cunts headed by Bojo the clown are dictating how we live our lives while taking our money and letting any Mohammad Mohammad or other Mohammad into the country on a dinghy really boils my piss.

Fuck the Government and Fuck Boris.Are we going to turn into a police state whenever seasonal flu comes around which kills around 20000 a year.What an absolute shitshow. We still have the highest death toll in Europe and a massive recession yet these cunts pontificate to us with as much disdain as you can imagine.

If I wanted to live in a totalitarian nanny police state I would have voted for Corbyn!


Nominated by Shaun of the Dead 69

52 thoughts on “Conservative Party

  1. Too fucking right! We voted these cunts in precisely because we don’t want to be told what to do by the libtard media (especially the BB fucking C) we don’t want middle class pricks blocking up the streets with their various “humanitarian” causes and we don’t want every thieving foreign cunt and his fucking wife waltzing in, staying in 4 star hotels and practicing kiddy fiddling at our fucking expense.
    When Boris talked about “borrowing” those working class votes I actually, despite his past, thought……this is a bloke who gets it. More fool me. Got fucked again. Fuck these cuntservative cunts to hell.
    We need Sir Nigel to get his shit together and give us something to vote for. Failing that, it’s every cunt for himself.

    • Hey Freddie,

      Many of us in the states bought into “Bojo.” We got fooled too. Bojo is now Blojo…just another blowhard politician.

      Nigel Farage has been on US television and I like what he has to say. He talks the talk but does he walk the walk?

      Also, the libtard community in the states just pees all over themselves everytime he’s on so that’s a point in his favor.

      Your rank and file Tory MPs, strike me very much like the so-called Establishment Republicans…or RINOs (Republican In Name Only.) Their rhetoric is all bullshit. Behind the closed doors of Congress (or in your case Parliament) they’re indistinguishable from the “opposition.” Public sentiment may guide their words but private gain governs their actions.

      That’s what’s really behind the intense hatred of Trump. He isn’t one of them. He doesn’t play their games and they can’t buy him. And he has a businessman’s sense of getting things done instead of a politicians sense of making profit from the public’s pain.

      • Sir Nigel is not actually in politics General, in the sense he holds no elected position at the moment. He is no Trump, far too smart for that, but the media hate him just as much. He is not given a voice in the media so he has re-invented himself as a journalist reporting on the rapist filth washing up on our beaches every day. You should look him up on YouTube.
        If only the peacefuls could face the kind of opposition your boys came up against on Omaha Beach all those years ago. I would love that General.

      • If I remember correctly Freddie, didn’t he represent England (not Britain?) in the European Reichstag…I mean Parliament?

  2. From a stateside prospective allow me to reiterate something I said in another cunting:

    Despite Labour’s unpopular policies, don’t underestimate Boris’ ability to propel them into power.

    When leaders fail. When their words are empty. When their policies produce misery and their action or lack thereof compound the suffering, people look for an alternative…any alternative. And he who once appeared the tyrant, now appears the savior.

    Be careful Britain. The choice may be between the Devil you know or the Hell to come.

  3. Good Cunting.

    I’ve just been reading about their latest plan to test 1000s of people every day…at a cost of 100 billion Pounds! More money that the Country doesn’t have,wasted. It’ll probably be like so many of their schemes,,,,hand out lucrative contracts to their friends,bumble around for a week or two,announce that they’ve “listened to scientific advice” and abandon the scheme…anyhow,what kind of a pandemic is it that you need to be tested to know that you’ve got it?

    They seem to have gone stark,staring mad….Bankrupting the Country.Spreading fears of a 2nd wave while telling people to get back to work. Issuing contradictory statements daily. Introducing laws at the drop of a hat with the justification that it’s “all for our own good”.

    They are both corrupt and totally incompetent.

    • Incomprehensible and contradictory. Don’t meet any of your friends or family in your own garden, under penalty of a fine. But you must send your kids to school, under penalty of a fine, to mix with hundreds of little disease carrying sacks of shit that you’ve never even seen before. Stay at home, but go to work, go shopping. Wear a mask in a supermarket unless you’re staff. Don’t meet in groups and stay 2m apart, unless you’re coloured in which case hundreds of you can get together and contract a virus which you can then say is racist. Our ‘government’ has done more to destroy this country than our enemies could ever dream of.

      • Transgressors will be clearly marked with yellow stars.
        Fuck “Government”, fuck Boris the snake, fuck state control.
        Take sensible precautions, look after the vulnerable, open up, crack on.
        History will damn the fools for this, but nothing will be done.
        It never is.
        Vote Fox – you know it makes sense! 😁👍

  4. And the next stage is, hassle anyone who has the temerity to challenge the official madness and those sparking up any justified resistance.
    The next piece of future insanity to look forward to will be excluding, from what was once a normal society, those who won’t take the vacc needle.
    Having said that, there soon won’t be much of a fucking society left to participate in anyways. Why the fuck are we putting up with this bullshit, from the likes of Handcock and the Londinistan leeches? In reality they are no more intelligent than we are, but they do have animal cunning, hiding behind other useful idiots opinions, very convenient when the crap hits the turbine and now there is so much brown stuff around in every way, that the perfect shit storm begins in earnest.
    Just seen last night, a big white TV licence detector van, triangulation antennas on the roof and a shed load of electronics inside, their cracking down on non-payers, saw the enforcement officer involved in a heated argument outside a block of flats with three suspects, be advised, don’t answer the door to those cunts.

    • I don’t answer the door to any cunt these days unless it is pre- arranged ( ie a parcel delivery).
      If a mate, who just happens to be passing decides to knock on my door, to see how i’m getting on, then, when he doesn’t get an answer I expect him to phone me and say “open the door you cunt.” I will then either open the door or say “i’m not there, i’m round your house fucking your Mrs you cunt”.
      If he doesn’t understand my sense of humour then he has no business knocking on my door in the first place. Don’t like it, fuck off.

  5. Boris Johnson is a pillock, but then he always was. Just because he was voted in as leader of the Conservative Party and then became Prime Minister when they won the election, he was never going to become anything else. Which tells you all you need to know about the calibre of the average Conservative MP these days. Which in turn explains why he keeps Dominic Cummings around to make all the important decisions. It won’t end well, but these cunts won’t suffer, they’ll still be rich.

  6. I wonder if all of those who have religiously complied with everything this regime has ‘ordered’ this year can see the light yet? – Do not comply, do not get tested and now … fight for your life because that’s what it’s all been about … the people behind johnson and hancock are the real enemy here – they are all ILLEGITIMATE, INHUMAN and CRRUPT

  7. Mrs. Boggs enjoys her soaps so much she subscribes to “fan fiction” sites (yes – at her age, silly old cow). In that stuff their favourite characters get transformed into different characters so they can do improbable things. It seems to me the government is now a soap opera, in that they say and do contradictory things, out of character for a Conservative government. A good example is the fucking “social distancing” nonsense – keep it to 2 metres out of doors,but hey if you want to spen money in a supermarket or pub, or if you want a bus to go to school or work (nothing else) then hey – 1 metre will do.

    Boris seems to be saying, Xmas might be cancelled unless you allow some wanker to stick an oversized cotton bud down your throat every day, or every week (that one seems to have been confused). But what if you are Jewish, or don’t give two fucks about Xmas, why should we be inconvenienced just so some bastards can make an arsehole of themselves for the last week of this year and the first week of 2021?.

    They want “marshalls” self important an self appointed motherfuckers to “police” the “rules” – the only police I want are the ones in uniform that are paid to do their job – not some interferring busybody, usually to be found constantly looking behind the loace curtains of suburbia. If one of my neighbours tried to “correct” me I will tell them to fuck off. Most of us would here on ISAC.

    BUT …and it is a big but… the alternative to the Tories, and at the moment Boris, is Dame Kweer Starmer an his bunch of idiot homosexuals, SJW feminists and hypocrites, and Kweer is straining his tenaladies toget his arse into number 10?

    Who could replace Boris? – Rishi and his wet dreams of spending more than Corbyn?. Matt Hancock, the failures failure?. Only IDS would stand a fighting chance and the Tories won’t give him a second chance anyway.

    Ten million tests a day by next year?, three million a day by the end of this year. Even Mrs. Boggs and her mad friends would baulk at that plot.

  8. All part of some cunts masterplan, and I don’t mean Boris. Boris had balls when he was elected, now he seems to have none…. a fucking eunuch. It’s like a James Bond film. The chinks have gone quiet and started firing rockets at the Ragheads. The Russians are totally muted. We are heading into a winter of uncertainty and nobody can find a vaccine for a virus. I smell a rat that says we’re heading towards a cashless, police state and to hell with anyone who questions it.

      • Morning DCI. I assume it’s a reply to:

        CuntyMcCuntface, who on September 9, 2020 at 11:23 pm said to ‘I shagged cunt DP’ aka CS:

        Fuck me, talk about pretentious.

        What’s wrong with….

        My girlfriend lives in West Didsbury, there’s a tank parked up that’s causing an obstruction, according to some, as such it’s I felt it was pertinent to the nom
        to mention it.

        I’m going to see her tomorrow. We’ll have some fun and games as I’ve not seen her for a while (to be honest no one really gives a fuck)

        Not that this is relevant but just around the corner is an eatery owned by some cunt called Simon Rimmer, he’s a cunt and needs a cunting.

        Fuck. Me.

        What a boring cunt you are, perhaps that’s why you flower your tiresome prose.

        No one cares.

        (In reply to one of CS’s more provocatively impenetrable posts yesterday)

      • He replied on this thread because if it had appeared under the original post no one (more or less) would have seen it.
        He is obviously, despite being very intelligent, very insecure.

    • CS
      Take no notice, you keep posting lad, if people don’t like the post?
      Too fucking bad.
      Everyones equal on ISAC,
      Stick to your guns mate.

      Ps they have a point, sometimes ive not a fuckin clue what your on about!!😁😁👍

      • Quite agree, MNC. It’s rather like having a foreign station break through in the days of analogue radio. Fascinatingly incomprehensible. What’s that language? Sounds like Cuntish….wheeeee….crackle….

      • It’s like people who post on Facebook with just a word or a meaningless statement simply to get replies, ‘what do you mean’ or similar….

        Attention seeking cunt! 😂

      • I have made my peace with cs. It would annoy me what I thought was the deliberate obscurity, what I thought was just name dropping. the correcting of grammar (his fallback when he is attacked).. But he’s worth it. For example in the post the word niveau. ‘A plateau’. Well, I learned that. And the names he drops he does actually know. And yes even the grammar you learn from. As he says you don’t have to read it.

      • Miles@
        I like him, hes never done owt to me, never had a snidey dig or anything, so I’ve no problem with him.
        Friendly enough bloke,
        Can be funny, no harm done.

      • From memory:

        “Of lordling acquaintance ne’er boast
        Or duke that ye dined wi’ yestreen;
        A crab louse is still but a crab
        Though it crawl on the curl of a queen.”

        Robert Burns.

      • Yes, he namedrops a bit eh?
        but ive never heard of most of them!
        Hes harmless K,
        I feel a bit sorry for him truth be told, everyone ganging up on him,
        Not a crime is it?
        Talking bollocks, all do it occasionally!
        Know I do, but im unrepentant!😁

      • Aye, but you admit you talk bollocks. Even I have been known to, although this happens rarely….

        Never mind, it will be back under a different nick , easily recognisable, unlike its other one, but apparently reformed, until it throws another wobbly. Think it’s a professional Remoaner, btw.

  9. …..and yet I have witnessed, with my own eyes, these same people breaking every fucking one of their own rules.

  10. It’s the ‘Marshals’ that bother me. You know the cunts that will just cream their pants at this. Self-righteous fuckers that are on Community Speedwatch schemes and the like. Professional finger-waggers. The PCSO of the volunteer world as I’ll bet they’ll be volunteers. I see a few of them getting a panneling, that’s for sure. The hi-vis wankers.

    • Exactly – the sort who write to their local newspaper every week as “name and address supplied” about every minor matter under the sun

  11. I have lost faith in them.I don’t respect them.They please themselves.We are turning into a dictatorship.Come back Sir Nigel all is forgiven. Shoot those useless twats in government.

  12. The whole world went into lockdown because a lot of terminally ill people died from what is essentially flu. Now we seem to be slipping back into lockdown because some teenagers are catching a cold.
    He’s a cunt, but Frankie Boyle made me laugh last week when he said this of Boris. ‘His head looks like a dandelion, that you blow on to find out what the time is in Cunt town’. Or something like that.

  13. As some footballer said of England manager, Steve McClaren…….”when we needed Winston Churchill we got Iain Duncan Smith.”
    Well, I reckon even Smiffy might be an improvement on the Jellyfish. He’s always struck me as a bit of a cunt and that’s what we need right now.

    • Sorry but I don’t see it. We have a galactic cunt in charge now, supposedly, and he is really not what we need right now.

      • Ah, but I depends on what type of cunt it is. We need a belligerent cunt, instead we have a wishy washy useless cunt.

  14. Do I trust anyone who thinks they know how to run a country? Boris writes a good incendiary news paper article but so does Katie Hopkins.

    Boris is surrounded by city wide boys and socialists disguised as conservatives all advised by civil servants with their own agenda.

    Boris sees himself as Churchill but Winston didn’t din an invisibility cloak in a crises did he Boris?

    Fuck em all, they are busy screwing us.

  15. There are three options.
    1. Protect those likely to die of the virus. At present, the only way to do this is to prevent them getting infected, and, short-term, the only practical way of doing that is to separate them from the rest of the population. If they are protected, then the death toll in the remainder will be negligible and there is no need for measures to protect it.
    2. Protect everyone, and pray for a vaccine. Which is not imminent.
    3. Let the epidemic run its course, probably killing 1% of the population, and giving the rest herd immunity.

    The cheapest and least disruptive option is (1). I don’t like it, being in a higher-risk age group, but I like it a lot better than being dead.
    (2) is impossible in practice. It’s impossible to enforce the social controls required, and people by and large are self-destructive cunts.
    (3) should be popular with Malthusians. Anything that kills 1% of the human population can’t be bad news for the planet, either. But it’s a vote-loser* for our great and selfless public servants, so it won’t happen.

    Mass testing, given the inability of Joe Public to comply even with measures designed for his/her/its own good, would be a monumental waste of time, resources and money. Ultimately, like HS2, the costs will vastly outweigh the benefits.

    “This plan transmits unbounded optimism, disregarding the enormous problems with the existing testing and tracing programmes,” Martin McKee, professor of European public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, told The BMJ.

    “It focuses on only one part of the problem, testing, and says nothing about what will happen to those found positive, a particular concern given the low proportion of those who do adhere to advice to isolate – in part because of the lack of support they are offered.”

    He added: “On the basis of what is presented here, this looks less like Apollo 11, which took Neil Armstrong to the moon successfully, and more like Apollo 13.”

    (Sky News, today)

    *More legacies could be quite good for party funds though.

  16. Back in the 70s I was known as a miserable old cunt. Still am, dont want to meet 5 people. Fuck em all.

  17. You can blame the government, if they did fuck all it would be wrong, if they do something it’s wrong….

    Just sit back and accept that it’s happening.

    The main problem is the media, just shit stirring all the fucking time!

  18. I had a bit of a tickly throat last week. Pretty sure it was down to pruning a bush (and I’ve already thought of ALL the “stray pube in the back of the throat” jokes, so don’t go there!), but thought it was the responsible thing, just in case, to visit my local walk in Covid testing compound. As if yesterday though, I am now irresponsible for doing so.
    “Clarity”? Thanks for that.
    Whatever the colour of the politics, this is all just SO FUCKED UP!
    And STILL no word about nuking the culprit.
    A portion of napalmed fried rice for me please.

  19. Whilst I am duly sympathetic to the views on the current government even though I don’t necessarily agree with all of them, is there anyone who could do any better?

    All I hear from the benches opposite is criticise, criticise, criticise. NEVER do they put forward any alternatives.

    It’s easy to slag off the other guy but you need to back it up with an alternative plan of action of your own. It’s also very easy to criticise in retrospect. Something went wrong so it’s very simple to say “we wouldn’t have done it that way”. Strange they never say that at the time. Hindsight is always 20/20.

    Politics is a fucking joke – and that applies to all parties here and across the pond.

    Biden or Trump? Boris or Starmer? Not much of a choice is it…

    • I still say that if we had done nothing this would all be over by now. More people may well have died but the economy may have stayed alive. Covid is now on the increase again and anybody who didn’t foresee this is a cunt. More people will now die from all the conditions that have been ignored by the NHS in favour of keeping whole wards closed for a single fucking Covid patient.

  20. “Remember whom ever you vote for the government always wins”. Political parties are different colours but yet all smell of the same shity corrupt, spin a token, doublethink party member shit.

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