The BBC and that Mohan Woman (40)

The shortest cunting ever.

‘The BBC’s Gender and Identity correspondent, Megha Mohan’

Need I say more? (Ordinarily we would ask for a bit more to qualify this as a nom. But in this case even we are pretty speechless! – admin)

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57 thoughts on “The BBC and that Mohan Woman (40)

  1. Good Morning,

    It is so nice to know that BBCunts are spending my licence fee so sensibly and giving me such value for money.

  2. They have another old tart whose job is to investigate “social media disinformation”. On Wireless 4 yesterday (Feedback 1630 hours) they had an old frien orold cunt on talking about the BBCs new “diversity” policy wherein BAMEs will be better represented on the airwaves(!). The speaker was none other than James Purnell former “Labour” minister, well known for his lack of personal cleanliness, but supreme queen of the “expenses” scandal of a decade ago. A shitty minister and equally shitty BBC employee.

  3. The BBC is a service produced by Cunts and aimed at Cunts but funded by people who it actually despises.

    They live in an incestuous bubble that insulates them from the very people who are forced to pay for their liberal elite views. Most of their staff share the same “inner-city Polytechnic” views and believe that it is their duty to educate the “thick” majority who don’t. Their arrogance allows them to constantly push a minority agenda and scream “…..phobic” at anyone who doesn’t agree with their Anti-British,Pro-Deviancy output.

    A fucking Gender and Identity Correspondent indeed….do they really think that the vast majority of licence-payers give a tuppenny-fuck about a bunch of mentally ill sexual weirdos? Nobody should be forced to pay for a service that is so at odds with the views of the majority compelled to fund it…abolish the licence-fee and make the BBC into a subscription service….it would be interesting to see just how they coped if the only funds that they received were from the people who share the BBC ethos.

    Fuck them.

    • Does the Media Studies Department at Fiddler University spend most of its budget on 1970s porno fillums?

      • Certainly not….all videos are provided by PornHub ( Free Content Ony)….although I will admit to setting the filters to ensure that none of The Gayness is allowed to pollute the minds of The Innocent…anyone attempting to access that bumfoolery is immediately rusticated,blackballed and thrown down a well….we have no place at The Fiddler Seat Of Learning for the mentally ill.

        PS….Would you like to contribute to my erection? The statue ( me mercilessly beating a coloured fruity-gentleman with my silver-topped walking cane) which I commissioned is nearly ready for mounting. (Had a hell of a job finding a sculptor who wasn’t a screaming arse-bandit….most “artistic” people are,you know)

        Morning Mike.

      • PS

        Good one on Sickipedia this morning……

        PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are always trying to convince us that animals are mistreated by showing us a few grainy undercover videos of them being smacked around a bit.

        Well I’ve seen thousands of high definition videos of animals being sucked off by women and fucking them up the arse so on balance I think they are being treated a lot better than me

      • Unfortunately I’m a bit short at the moment as the manager of the Union bar made me pay for the mess caused by your shenanigans last weekend. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly you are able to disappear when a bill needs to be paid. I imagine that’s the aristocratic breeding showing.

        As ever I stand in awe of your encyclopaedic knowledge of The Gayness.

      • Morning Mr F…as you’re obviously not a big fan of a tassel going up a botty, would that include rude ladies popping dildos up each bottoms? Clarification is necessary…!

      • I hsve no objection to that.Mr.Cunt-Engine…unless the lady in question is an ugly bag….I would object most strongly if I came round to your “batchelor-pad” for afternoon tea and you insisted on playing your video of Jenny Eclair getting gaped by Miriam Margolis, sporting a strap-on 15 incher ,doing her dry up the dirtbox.
        I won’t go into graphic detail after my last description of Jo Brand inserting a tampon earned me a warning from Admin that it deserved to attract Police attention.

      • Eeuurrgghh…fuck me, that’s an image that my warped imagination has presented to me in graphic detail.
        The only video I’d like to see of Miriam Margoyles is one where she’s blown to smithereens by a land mine.

      • I bet she’s got a lovely smelling grey clams-beard,plenty of nibbly bits poking through..or perhaps she shaves for her girlfriend’s pleasure ?
        Certainly more enticing than Jenny Eclair’s “dry,itchy” love-tunnel.

      • As the Marquis de Sade noted in his novel the 120 days of sodom ‘she has a cunt that stinks like a beach full of dead fish’…delightful!

  4. Match of the Day last Sunday. Being the last day of the season they showed all ten games. Er…..I should say the “highlights” of every game. But every single fucking game began with all 22 players “taking the knee.”
    Do we need to see that? Is it a fucking “highlight”? Well it is if you’re the B B fucking C and you’re trying to hammer home a political point at every opportunity. I hope, when the day comes, they include the Leicester Taxdodger dangling from a lampost in their “highlights”. I hate the fucking smug right on cunts.

    • Yes i noticed that Freddie. MOTD used to be a woke free zone. It’s the BBC just letting us know that every player at every club in the entire league are supporters of BLM.
      Yeah right.

  5. Oh come on Megha Mohan ( mega moaner) gotta be a made up name for a made up position.
    Best thing I did this year stopping payment the bbc.

    • Me Mum’s moving house very soon. I’ve told her to stop paying for the licence but she’s too worried about the consequences. Sadly, her generation see it as a duty to pay for it (and when she’s over 75).

      • If enough over 75’s refuse to pay I would love to see the BBC taking action against 100’s of thousands of them, oh the backlash would put the BBC out of business.

        Come on Captain Tom, take on the BBC, tell them to fuck off, even the Supreme Court wouldn’t take him on 😂

  6. I just have no idea where we’d be and how empty my life would be without a gender and identity correspondant.

  7. They’ll soon be appointing a “European Social and Economic Change and Development Correspondent”
    The “Brexit is Shit Just Like We Told You Bird”.

  8. Every employee of this pernicious shithouse should be impaled on a stake atop the White Cliffs of Dover.

    Morning all.

    • Fair comment, unkle Terry, and not forgetting ovens, you seem to be forgetting your modus operandi

      • Yes you might be right sir.
        I thought it would be an appropriate welcome for the excellent Boat People of the Sand.
        But also mustard gas,lots of that.

  9. I await with baited breath the BBC’s “Tuppence Licker and Fudge Packer Equality Correspondent”

  10. I’m looking forward to her in-depth report into the gender and identity of the various groups involved in raping lots of underage white girls with impunity.

    • And the fact that the CV19 spike in the Northwest is due to “poverty”. Every parking stanley I drove past yesterday was in a Merc, Beemer or Audi.

  11. Imagine the pressure. She’s just one incorrect pronoun away from having to sign on at the job centre.

  12. Here’s a quote from Megha the BBC arsecrawler :

    “Gender fluidity existed in many communities that colonialism has erased.”

    Oh I see. So if Megha goes to Pakistan, tells them she’s a tranny and they set fire to her it’s all whiteys’ fault! Well done Megha. Thanks for explaining that to us dumb fucks.
    This girl will go far at the BBC.

    • What a lying cow!

      Back in India, there used to be a practice of wives throwing themselves onto the burning woodpile at their husbands’ funerals. It was even expected that the women would do it. If they didn’t, the men in the village would grab her and throw her on the fire anyway.

      I remember the story of the British General who first witnessed this ‘ceremony’, He ordered that a long row of gallows be built in view of the village. He then had it translated to the locals that if this practice is seen again, then the men in the village would be hanged.

      It stopped overnight, throughout India.

      Oh, and look at how Iran turned out when they lost their western influence, the stupid bitch cunt.

      • Unpleasant to us Hindu practice called suttee or something like that. Mainly carried out by members of the Brahmen caste and royal castes. Funny old World. Us evil colonial bastards put an end to thuggery as well; most likely carried out for economic reasons ie safe travel on the roads but many native lives saved all the same. What thanks for that? a great big box of fuck all squared. Why bother.

  13. Wow, 40 cuntings for the Beeb. We must do something to commemorate such a feat of cuntishness.

  14. We were always told at school that as our society ‘progressed’ new jobs would come along that would replace jobs such as miner, steelworker etc.
    I bet 40 years ago no fucker could have envisaged people becoming ‘Gender and Identity Correspondents’.
    What a load of fucking bollocks.

  15. I wonder how many straight white blokes were considered for the position of gender bender diversity bollocks corespondent ….. I would put my life savings, pension, everything on Zero, Nil, not a fucking chance.

    I reckon DF would have been perfect for the job.

  16. None of the bullshit ,usually incomprehensible vocabulary that is used by these woke fucks existed when I was a lad.
    Our vocabulary comprised normal words like “cunt” and “fuck” and “rspandit”.

  17. I could do her job.
    Only two gender, M and F,and two types of sex straight and gay.
    Wannabe M to F weirdo is just an effeminate gae.
    Wannabe F to M weirdo is just a butch dike. (and fucking ugly )
    No such thing as bi, they’re just gaze who are in denial.
    It’s as simple as fuck .

      • If you are a sexual-freak – then stay the fuck home like people used to , and don’t make tv programmes about these social nightmares.
        Our children deserve to grow up without knowing most of the filth that purports for education nowadays.

      • Strange that so tiny a percentage of the population has so much power so to speak. In the case of our transgender citizens from all the propaganda you would think that 80% of the population shared their weird ways. Extrapolating from the amount of coverage this portion of our population gets on news, social meeja etc
        I would expect that most of my village are trans. This is of course fucking crap. Attempts are being made to get us to believe that all this pervery is normal, just like the fucking eu did, drip, drip drip slip in the little asides over time your target population on the whole accept the new paradigm. Those that do not often haven’t the resources or skills required to fight back and thus are isolated and labelled dissenters or worse by the powers that be. No surrender!,

  18. I bet it has a raft of pointless qualifications that wouldn’t amount to dry shit in the real world, and there is probably an ever expanding department staffed by cunts like this. Nature dictates genders and only mental illness argues with it. Get a fucking grip.

  19. It always amuses me how people who are experts are fucking loosers, ‘ I’m a marriage counselor, I know my job, I’ve been married 3 times before!’ .
    So how many whites were involved in the Rwandan Genocide? Can think of Stalin’s Marxist Russia where somebody white turned on their own.
    There are times in history when the boil has to be lanced and these Woke cunts will be lanced soon I am sure.

  20. Typical AlBeeb woke shite.
    Slightly off topic, I happened to hear a news story the other week on Radio 4 Today’s programme about a teenage girl, Hazel Hill, who contributed to the design of the Spitfire in the ’30s.
    The end of the story was something like: “Blah, blah, blah- the Spitfire that helped win the Battle of Britain – just!”
    That littke word “just” got my piss boiling at 8:50am in the morning.
    How fucking snide and ungenerous that last little aside was.
    These cunts on the BBC are fucking CUNTS the lot of them.

    • Fucking cunts always put the women that were in the ATA on the same field as the RAF ‘Few’, slyly, to those listening that haven’t a clue, that they were alongside the fighter pilots, air-fighting. Constantly using the title ‘Spitfire Girls’. Fuck off, you cunts, birds didn’t fly in combat so shove your agenda up your politically correct arse.

  21. The silly cunts still try to claim to be impartial. Sure her job is really important and necessary.

    By coincidence, I saw another bint like this (some Diversity and Gender ‘Expert’) on a documentary series I’ve been watching about the Unabomber. Some new facts are revealed, including that the bomber applied for a sex change in the 60s.

    Of course, the bint in questions claimed that the bomber wasn’t a real ‘transgender’ or that he had any gender issues (just a bad man). It seems trannies and the like are over represented when it comes to psychopaths (another one was that Robert Durst bloke – great documentary about him by the way).

    But no…it’s nothing to do with trannies being mental, it’s just bad honky men lol.

  22. If they have a job for Gender and Identity correspondent, it is only fair they should have Freddie The Frog for amphibian correspondent, and Komodo for lizard correspondent.

  23. Why don’t these cunts just concentrate on making television and radio programmes (without their own agenda) you know, like a ‘Broadcaster’ is supposed to? Fuck the cunts, I hope to be moving soon and if they think I am going to fund their fucking bullshit they can fuck off and think again.

  24. More nonsense from an organisation so far up its own arse it actually believes the 95% per cent of the population who think this ridiculous drivel has no credibility or legitimacy are wrong and need to be educated with permanent left wing propaganda until THEY JUST UNDERSTAND.
    But the BBC are bolstered by cultural marxism which has infected the organisation, MSM which panders to lunacy and a “Government” which is so afraid of soshul meeja (and in the case of Moby’s love interest his own wet shadow) it seems to change policy if the dislike buttons hit double figures.
    If Al-Beeb are so convinced that what they produce is quality and watchable then put it to the test and either have adverts or make it subscription only.
    The upside to this is that when the 11 viewers who have paid don’t balance the books I will be able to offer the by now destitute Sista Fista propaganda reader Jane Hill £20 to ram her straight – she may have a face like Kryten from Red Dw*rf but a huge pair!
    Sensible Fox solutions? “Fox TV” (For ahem, legal reasons involving dirty diggers I am not allowed to call it F*x news!).
    The news: Not much happened, we’ll let you know if it does – get back to your tea, and if you’re that bothered flick to Sky”.
    The weather: “It’s wet and cold, it usually is in October – get back to your tea”.
    Sorted – once a day at teatime, and anyone missing it is probably out bleedin’ rioting – fkin commies.
    Common sense and fiscal fecundity from the Fox! 😄👍

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