Nish Kumar [4]

Nish Koomar (spelt Kumar – he mispronounces it for his Owen Jones cock-sucking friends) is a monumental cunt. I would go further, and did, but lost my wonderful piece of invective on another thread and I’m not sure why so I’ll keep this short.

Kumar should be pronounced using the Yourshire ‘u’. It’s the difference between how they say ‘cunt’ and we (I’m a Souverner) say it.

He pronounces it with an ‘oo’. Over the years I’ve heard whitey mispronounce names. He is encouraging Whitey to diss him.

But more importantly, he’s an Asian and thinks he represents me. I can tell you that he represents no-one but himself. He is a cock-sucking, ISIS-looking, I-read-the-Guardian–Owen-Jones-is my-hero-Maybe-I’m-Trans CUNT!

Clearly I’m drunk but I’m like Harmony hair spray. I’m worth it.


Nominated by Dark key cunt

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  1. Quite frankly I do not like the look of it at all.
    Preferably oven.
    At once.

    • Don’t you have to wait for it to preheat? Or is it on continuously? Must be enough requiring its services to run 24/7 (another Americanism I unthinkingly use but loathe).

  2. He looks like someone’s set fire to his face.

    And put it out with a fucking cricket bat.

    • It’s fizzing keeps on smouldering , please continue extinguishing it with the cricket bat

      • Whos this cunt?
        Survivor from Grenfell tower?
        A bedouin camel Jockey?
        Diana Ross wants her hair back Sinbad yer cunt.

    • Adam Hills in brownface. Have the two ever been seen together? I think we should be told.

  3. He’s as funny as your favourite dog being put down. There’s no humour there, just the dull intellect of a baked potato. He’s long since grown out of any embarrassment of being a token face for Al Beeb; now he puffs his chest out with confidence, sees an over-crowded ‘comedy’ surplus of Trump/Brexit/Johnson and adds to it without shame.

    He knows he should be in I.T. or making rabbit korma for a dirty Tandoorri but Tokenism has elevated him so much he’ll be hosting Question Time in ten years.

  4. To be fair (which I’m loathe to be in this case) it’s up to him how he pronounces his surname, isn’t it?

    I pronounce him a weapons grade CUNT.

  5. Are we sure that there shouldn’t be a couple of brackets with a number in between with this nom title?


    • If you spelled his name correctly it would be Nish Kumar [4]

      Smart arse

      • Ahhh! Yes, I remember the after dinner party thing where he walked off after getting a booing. Anyway, my first admin comment! Now I feel like a special cunt and it’s my birthday tomorrow!

  6. During the Indian Mutiny, some mutinous sepoys were tied to the ends of cannons and blasted to pieces. That fate is too good for this left-wing cunt.

    I remember a while back he presented a Horrible Histories show which told us that a lot of things like tea weren’t British. Well, tea isn’t Indian either – the British introduced it into India from China. Enjoying a good ruby, Nish? Well, chillies aren’t Indian sunshine, the Portuguese introduced chillies into Inda. Before that, Indians used pepper to spice up their food. And on the subject of spicy food, the Portuguese also came up with the recipe for vindaloo.

    Hey Nish the piss, don’t forget the British built the railways in your country and we gave you cricket. And that plane your parents came to Britain on – we invented the jet engine and the radar that makes sure your plane will be safe in the skies.

    Nish Kooooooomar, you are a fucking cunt!

  7. He is another of those up-their-own-arse cunts who would be on JSA were it not for the fact that he is another of the slimy “go-to” boys much loved by the BBC and pervades Wirelss 4 “comedy” like a fart in a space suit.

  8. What is he, British Asian, cunt, Brexit bashing twat……

    Mash report, left wing propaganda, not funny….. loved the clip of him being shouted down at the Lords Taverners. Pity they didn’t throw something a bit more lethal than bread rolls.


  9. Trouble is, this cunt is more or less an identikit of modern ‘comedians’.
    Not remotely funny, lazy, woke.
    Bring back Bernard. Or Les (no not Dennis you cunts), or Frank or any of the old guard who made comedy a craft. And made people laugh.

    • I can hear Bernard now, ripping the piss out of this excuse for a comic Kumar with his mates Mike Reid and Frank Carson up there on cloud nine…

      “That bloke’s about as funny as wordworm in a cripple crutch, I wouldn’t pay him in fucking washers!”

      Unfortunately, like Bernie, Mike and Frank, stand up comedy is dead.

  10. He’s possibly the least funny “comedian” on the BBC, although there’s a lot of competition. He’s certainly one of the biggest cunts on the BBC, an even more hotly contested title.

  11. Great Cunting Dark One!
    Nish Kuntmar is unfunny because he reads left wing drivel off an autocue, composed by them two libtard bummers Rafferty and Stokes who are equally unfunny. CUNTS!

  12. Should be a Punkah wallah, it’s about all the cunts any use for. To be honest that photo with the facial fungus makes him look like a cunt. Can we not get his mouth turned through 90 degrees, that way he’d be a perfect photofit for a cunt.

    He’s about as funny as hearing a loved one died.

    • Kuntmar is so inept he couldn’t even pull the string on a punkwallah.

  13. Scruffy cunt, unfunny cunt, opinionated lefty champagne socialist cunt. Did I miss anything out? Oh yeah, he needs a good dose of the pox.

    • Looks like he’s already got one.
      The pulsating, pustule of putrescence.
      Get To Fuck.

  14. Typical BBC poster boy, leeching off the taxpayer with his “multi cultural” snowflake formulaic bollocks. He came unstuck at the Lords Taverners because they were a crowd of drunks who had paid good money and expected to be entertained. The kind of crowd a comedian had to cut their teeth on back in the day, sink or swim. These days you just have to lick woke BBC arse like this useless wanker.
    Fuck off Nosher, heard it all before. Tosser.

  15. If they privatised the BBC (please God) this little weasel would be out of work, knocking on doors. “Hi, i’m Nosher Kooomar, used to be a big man on the BBC.”
    “Oh yeah, I remember you…..Brexit, Trump, Brexit, Boris, Trump, love Greta and all that shite.”
    “Sorry Nosher, nobody’s buying that shite anymore. Have you tried some posh students union”?

  16. Nosher must be well pissed off with that other Gunga Din rising star of the BBC, Roman Ragamuffin , or whatever the cunt’s name is. You know him…… the brown, beardy Jack Dee impersonator. The BBC used to be famed for groundbreaking comedy, look at the fuckers now. There are thousands of woke pen pushers at Jimmy Savile House who ought to be queuing down the food bank, the pricks.

    • If you’re not BAME, it helps if you’re gay, how else would talent free shitstains like Joe Lycette and Susan fucking Calman ever get a job on telly? And that Rylan fucker, and that unfunny bald prick who’s name I have gladly forgotten.

      • Not forgetting Alan fucking Carr, Sue fucking Perkins and —- (insert name of unfunny benders as appropriate)

      • Sandy Toksvig was an early exponent of right-on gayness. I blame the decline of the working men’s club, where proper comedians had to hone their acts. If the patter was no good, they’d get a bottle behind the ear and decide to get a real job instead. Now it’s all caring sharing audiences, Comedy Store and Edinburgh Fucking Fringe, and humour is dead. RIP.

      • I actually quite like Joe Lycette. His ‘got your programme’ at least sticks it to big business and he’s happy to get his hands dirty showing the cunts up. Also, although he’s overtly gay, it somehow doesn’t get rammed down your throat. I could, however, punch Alan Carr and Graham Norton until I fell asleep.

      • Of course, I meant the ‘got your back’ programme. It’s fair to say that, with my age, shape and general demeanour, I have no fears with his being behind my back.

      • PLEASE don’t mention fucking in the same sentence as Susan Calman…
        Da wimmin dat look like “her” should be painlessly euthanased.

  17. Giggly self-deprecation in the hope of neutralising the arguments against immigration was done a lot better by Blair. Who was equally unamusing. Let us be thankful that Kuntar embraced his inner cunt more passionately and didn’t do PPE at Oxford but English with History at Durham.

  18. Koomar is typical of the modern breed of so-called comedians who think that snide remarks pass for humour. They do not.

    He is an unfunny cunt who deserved to get heckled at that charity bash and was unable to turn it around.

    Of course the beeb gave him his own show because he is left wing and effnik. Full stop. The fact that he is not funny doesn’t seem to bother them at all. They are even repeating it before newsnight. I admit I watch the “newsdesk” bits to get a glimpse of Ellie Taylor in her tight red dress. Yummy. How very sexist of me. Which begs the question how do lefties fall in love with each other? Surely the very act of doing so makes them sexist? Perhaps they set up peoples’ councils to decide, on a democratic basis, who can mate with whom.

  19. looks like a rhinosceros’es’s fangina backed into an African acacia thorn bush.

    And being subcuntinental he is genetically and culturally incapable of being funny.

    So out of however many points on offer, whether 2 or 200, he still gets ‘0’.

  20. He’s a cunt regardless of how he pronounces his name. Sanctimonious, self righteous cunt, like all modern so called comedians.

  21. Died on stage recently. Unfortunately just metaphorically. Talentless, nasty, racist cunt.
    Try your routine in Mumbai, and stay there, snake.

  22. Dirty stinking unfunny bastard, I hope him and three million of his cousins get the bat-flu and die.
    How anyone can say immigration makes this country better after listening to this cunt needs a torch shining down their ear hole.

  23. The word “cunt” is woefully inadequate when it comes to describing this hirsute piece of excrement.

  24. A smile and a Stan Boardman style pubic hair wig doesn’t make a comedian.
    His date of birth says 1985/1986 in Wikipedia. I think he’d do better at the BBC as a newsreader.

  25. That this snide, bleating, Roland Rat lookalike is positioned as some sort of aspirational figure for modern manhood makes me want to puke out of my arse.

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