Ellinor Grimmark and Linda Steen

Ellinor Grimmark and Linda Steen are cunts, aren’t they?

Who are these yeasty Scandoes and why do they look both barely-calm and barely-evolved? Well, they’re midwife nurses who, after their refusal to carry out abortions on religious reasons, were rightly sacked. Swedish legislation requires midwives to perform abortions.

They claimed that their freedom of conscience had been violated and that that they had suffered discrimination as, despite being educated to be midwives, the two God-botherers have been turned down for midwifery jobs. They argued in several Swedish courts but lost their dispute.

In the long-running case Sweden’s discrimination ombudsman also ruled against them. Even the ECHR (cunts themselves) declined to take up the Devil-dodgers’ case.

Although midwives aren’t obliged to do the same in the UK, it still raises the question: Is it right for nursing employees to refuse to offer care? D O D G Y

This reminds me of when some rágheads working in M&S refused to stock shelves with alcohol bottles for fear of offending Alläh! If you can’t do your job because of a wacky religious belief, find another job.

Better still, if you know in advance that the job might violate your belief in bearded men living in the sky/an 8th century goat shepherd god/space aliens/bedsheet-wearing bald, Krishna-nutters/purple-robed, papist pædós/Judaic Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ganesh the blue elephant or any other variety of cloud fairy….don’t fucking apply.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous

83 thoughts on “Ellinor Grimmark and Linda Steen

  1. Hasn’t some UK vegan cunt won case? I didn’t think Star Trek counted as a religion.

      • It is the JUDGE who gave the verdict who needs the cunting! Along with ALL the other Lordships who fly in the face of common sense!

      • That’s true.

        Like the cunt politicians who flooded the country with immigrants. I don’t blame the immos, I blame the politicians, most of whom were /are white indigenous establishment cunts. Sorry to have gone off piste.

      • Ethical veganism, total bullshit. Being vegan in a lifestyle choice, not a belief system. Vegans are mostly pretentious cunts anyway, vegetarians are almost as bad. Human beings are originally carnivores, and became omnivores, we are not meant to eat ONLY fruit and vegetables. That dude was fired for a reason, nothing to do with his lifestyle choice. Unfortunately, people will use anything as an excuse to try to claim something.

  2. They should have been aware as far back as nurse training that part of the job would be to assist with an abortion procedure – they probably should have brought it up then so no sympathy for them.

    It’s like training to be a soldier and then complaining when you are ordered to shoot at a Taliban insurgent that murder violates your religious convictions.

      • These two knew what was involved when they started the job.
        Refuse to do your job? Doors that way.
        No sympathy, and interesting to note who funded them.

    • I don’t suppose that the BBC intended for us lot to find it funny that an uphill gardener is forced to move back in with homophobic parents.

    • Hilarious, no choice….. yes you have you cunt, find another arse bandit and shack up with him, or sleep on the streets.

      I think DF would go along with the diagnosis reported by Sam’s mum.

      What a cunt!

    • Had his parents been from followers of the religion of peace would the bbc have called them homophobic?

  3. Just look up Kermit( not the frog) to see how abortion will massacre the old. With not a raised eye as it will be a different morality. All happened before..Not that long ago.

  4. Impressive stuff el capitano!!
    Where on earth did you excavate these two turds from?
    The most surprising thing about this story for me is the totally fucked up ECHR didn’t side with these ridiculous cunts , I’m sure they will appeal the decision at the aforementioned court and WIN ….
    Back in better times these two idiots would have been instantly dismissed and would be lucky if their local rag was interested in this shit shower of a non story ….


    Two cunts sacked for refusing to do their jobs …..

  5. Rather like a vegan opting to work in a butchers and then saying their rights have been violated when they refuse to butcher for ethical reasons.

    It’s a crazy World.

    • ‘Butcher’ is the right word I’m afraid Willie. About the ‘proceedure’ they are asked to perform.

      Agree to differ (:

      • I don’t think abortionists cut the foetus’ up and sell them in shops Miles.

    • They’re protected by both God and their ugliness. Dear Lord, they are seriously unpleasant to look at. What a couple of ugly fiends.

  6. simply ask BEFORE their training begins if they have any problems carrying out all aspects of the job,if so no fucking job!!!
    Also, never employ a muslim anywhere ever.
    On a brighter note the small Coop in town was GIVING AWAY bread that is out of date tomorrow to older people. Scored a bloomer and a sliced white. Touchingly they gave the Mrs a bunch of flowers for free on mothers day afternoon too

    • Whilst it might be unwise to employ a mudslime because of their backward beliefs and lack of basic hygiene, unemployment just encourages the cunts and their extended CUNT families to live on benefits. A no win situation for our culturally entriched society.

    • An its alright lady Ellinor,
      Sang some geordies once, bit weird this like applying to be a pilot then getting snotty because they expect you to fly a jet.
      Pair of puddle drinkers.

  7. I’m trying to find out why they brought this case. Are they lesbian Christians and one of what their god says doesn’t tally with another part? Or am I missing something?

    • one PART of what their god says …

      FFS That lipstick on a pig Beth Pigby’s on again. ‘Offerin’, ‘Runnin’, ‘Workin’, Expectin’. What a fucking (sic) cunt.

      Aaaargh! ‘Strugglin’! FUCK OFF!

  8. You have to wonder about society when we consider abortion as care giving. Big subject but I always wonder why the same people who believe no human is illegal and think border are prisons are so pro the whole abortion enterprise.

  9. Healthcare (in what ever shape or form) is a minefield of moral and ethical situations and questions. Frankly, they should have bloody well know what they signed up for in the first place, dozy cunts.

    Apparently, their particular duties did not even involve the ending of a pregnancy, but it is important to recognise that when we say ‘abortion’, there are a multitude of reasons why a pregnancy may be terminated – severe problems and dangers with the continuation of a pregnancy, either impacting on the mother or the baby or both, pregnancy through rape or abuse to name but a couple. It is not as simple as just not wanting a child or using abortion as contraception.

    Anyone who enters into this kind of profession has to be prepared to not allow their personal beliefs to enter into the equation. The system doesn’t fucking know that you have a problem with terminations on religious grounds….only YOU know that, therefore you DON’T choose that job.

    • Exactly right, Nurse. The one on the left looks like your typical ‘militant looking for a cause’. The nursing profession can do without people like this, it requires employees who are all happy to pull in the same direction.

  10. Great nom, Cap’n Mag. Don’t worry though, the Pope has prayed for an end to the virus and walking through the empty streets of Rome. Does that mean if it doesn’t end soon God has ignored him and wants people to die?

    • Too right Johnny, and if a cure was discovered soon (by science), be prepared for ‘our Prayers have been answered’ type waffle. You can’t win against these idiots.

  11. A couple or cast iron cunts. Part of the me me me gang. I have no obligations just my poxy beliefs.
    Shouldn’t have joined the medical profession then if you couldn’t do the job.
    Fuck off to a nunnery.

    • “She was a girl from Birmingham,
      Shes just had an abortion.
      Pauline im not a animal!”

      Sang some cheerful tousled haired urchins from London once.
      Touchy subject to be sure but some abortions are medical to save the mothers life.
      Nowt do with me but as Nurses they should know this was part of the job.
      Not the nicest subject weve discussed.
      Anyone wanna talk about ghosts?

    • Had a friend text me abaaaaaht this 8pm clap the NHS… I told him that I have the utmost respect for the NHS and it’s staff but don’t tell me to do something at a set time like a cunt. Fuck off.
      I bet some cunt on Facebook came up with the idea..
      Also what if some cunt starts clapping after not washing his hands and spreads the virus to poor old Mavis.
      What a pile of cunt.

      • What next? I know tomorrow let’s all open our doors do a massive shit on our doorstep to show this virus what we think of it.
        That will scare it.

      • Spontaneous appreciation is worth more and not some Facecunt driven stunt. Anyway, B&W shows his gratitude in other ways….

      • Exactly LL, free arsehole tonguing for any er…sexy female NHS worker (preferably in a nurse uniform).
        Now that would go down well.

      • What’s the bet some poor cunt catches this virus by hanging aaaaht their door which is less than 2 metre’s away from a neighbours, clapping.
        How abaaaht dropping off a box of cakes or something to your local NHS place/hospital instead.

      • I felt very proud listening to the applause and quite humbled. Genuinely humbled. I wonder what the NHS payrise will be this year, though, cynical cunt that I am.

      • And think of all the poor individuals who will be “triggered” by the clapping, saucepan-banging &c….
        Thus overloading the NHS.
        Never mind, Fiddler’s Twilight Homes are available, catering contract with Unkle Terry.
        Great to see the best of British industry stepping up to the plate. Pun intended…

    • Anyone who’s listened to me much would guess I would think this was a bunch of cunt but leaning out the window of my council flat and hearing almost everyone clapping and cheering was quite, oh god, powerful.

    • Someone please explain to me why these cunts clapping at their doorways are the same cunts that are out shopping 2 or 3 times a day, never walk their fucking dog ever, never do jogging around the green but now there is lockdown they are more visible than a Supernova explosion and they are clapping in support of the NHS? Absolute hypocritical cunts! I hope they die first,…..cunts!

  12. I’ve been seriously disappointed at every single job I’ve ever had because the employers all wanted me to do this work stuff. The cunts.

  13. Last year my boss told me that from mid-November to December 24 I would have to wear a Father Christmas outfit. I said I wouldn’t do it.
    He said, “You have to. Look it up.”
    Turns out he’s right. Apparently there’s a Claus in my contract.

    • Kicking off outside my house, we have a green outside and some kids are all playing football, even got a bow & arrow & target on go!!
      Our next door neighbours bollocking them and their parents over not complying with the lockdown,
      The parents are telling her to go fuck herself and mind her own business!
      Comes to something when im the most responsible person in a 30ft range!
      Im practising being haighty when i walk past.😁

  14. The one on the right looks particularly loopy. Anyone sticks their winkle in her funbox and she’ll be howling like a junkyard dog, and whirling like a dervish.
    The other one looks like one of Victor Frankenstein’s first prototypes.

    In other news, my missus is driving me fucking crazy, this Chinese Plague is freaking her out, can’t stop babbling and generally acting like a complete fucking nutcase.
    I may have to have her sectioned.
    Every cloud ………..
    Get To Fuck.

    • The one on the right looks like an Irish Frankenstein. She’s probably lost a few of her own from her Irish hubby’s non-medical fists.

      The one on the left looks like a tranny who’s recovering from some Jo Brand acid treatment.

  15. I thought all Swedish women were supposed to be beautiful?
    Then again there’s always an exception to the rule, or two in this case.

    Perhaps the resident Lothario, Mr Bombastic himself, B&WC can advise, or is he self isolating??

    • Nah still aaaaht and abaaaaaht HS, I have to travel between cities although I am limiting time out in public.
      As for Swedish women…some of the finest specimens I haven’t had the pleasure to give a good pounding/tonguing.
      Passed through Sweden whilst in Denmark and saw some fine ladies…I’m sure they were giving me the eye as well.
      Another time perhaps.
      I think Danish are better though.

      • Looking at the picture I thought, `Fuck me, ABBA have had a difficult few years.”

      • Does Your Mother Know That You’re Rough

        Take-Your-Teeth-Out and tell me what’s wrong

      • Never had the pleasure B&W. I’d like to go there and have a look around.

        Good to hear that C-19 hasn’t go you yet but it’s probably reduced your debauched activities for the time being.

      • In my prime HS, I ain’t worrying abaaaaaht this virus. Although I don’t want to see it kill loads of people I am not gonna worry too much abaaaaaht it.
        It has put a limit on going aaaaht and meeting new ladies.

  16. Arent abortions meant to be carried out by doctors? It is not a midwifes job, they are for birth assistance. Anyway, firing them for refusing to do something against their religion, that has lawsuit written all over it! However, surely just dont apply for a job that may require it…?

    • While i support the NHS and grateful for all theyre doing at the moment whos the fuckin genius who thought of getting a load of stir crazy worried people to make noise?
      The daft cunts round here have fireworks!!
      All year round wtf?
      Bonfire night again.
      Cheers 👍
      Think this coronavirus might be a good idea in a way.

      • Thats what I thought I didn’t think midwifes were needed for abortions. I heard of doctors performing abortions solo but probably varies, different ways to carry one out maybe the doctor just needed assistance but just not with the killing part per se i dunno

  17. The blonde one on the left looks like the ageing lead singer from a hair metal band, who just can’t let go of the fact that it’s not 1989 anymore.

  18. They look like a pair of Morlocks to me.

    Pair of fucking useless, kumbaya cunts.

  19. In other news I’ve ordered a curry to be delivered, Tandoori mixed grill, Lamb Balti and pilau rice.
    I thought everything was closed. The money grabbing cunts.
    I’m paying cash so how the fuck is that gonna work?
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • I don’t believe you will get any bumhole tonguing offers following that spicy ensemble, squire.

  20. I pulled a weird bird last night. She wanted me to rub her clit with my keys.
    Had to fob her off….

    • New restaurant in london: the g-spot cafe. Most men cant find it. Ah, classic.

  21. As Jack the Cunter said that one on the right looks proper demented.
    She look like she’s said to the blonde ‘I’m going to kill you after this picture’ and the poor blonde is shitting herself. 😁

  22. Timothy 2:9-15
    Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works. Let a woman learn quietly with all submissiveness. I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve; …

    Peter 3:1-22
    Likewise, wives, be subject to your own husbands, so that even if some do not obey the word, they may be won without a word by the conduct of their wives, when they see your respectful and pure conduct. Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious. For this is how the holy women who hoped in God used to adorn themselves, by submitting to their own husbands.

    Sound to me like they need to shut up, scrub off that makeup and do whatever they are told by the neareast man, if they want to quote their book of fairy tales as irrefutable law.

    • Selective belief: use parts of your religion as an excuse to do what you want.

    • If I so much as mentioned the word “obey” to my wife she would kick the fucking snot outta me! A nasty look from her can melt glass!

  23. Alot of cunters here taking the pro abortion route but I applaud their actions, just because you are a nurse doesn’t mean it should be mandatory to perform one.

    I dunno the full history of the case but I don’t see them getting a million dollar deal out of this they got bans. After reading a few paragraphs of their predictiment they might not even have the privilege of basic nurse work after not performing the abortion. So honestly I don’t get the piss up here but fair enough carry on

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