Jazz Jennings

A nomination for Jazz Jennings, a ‘reality tv star’ and ‘transgender activist’ who is stepping into 2020 by ’embracing who she is and the journey that it took for her to get there, by sharing a photo of herself in a swimsuit that shows off scars from her ‘gender confirmation’ surgery.

She refers to the scars as her battle wounds because “they signify the strength and perseverance it took to finally complete my transition.”

I’m still confused as to whether the creature is now a woman, or was she a woman before and became a man? Actually, do I really care what this cunt is?

Nominated by Mystic Maven

79 thoughts on “Jazz Jennings

  1. She is in this video where her gender reassignment surgeon states that because she went onto hormone blockers pre-puberty, the underdeveloped cock and bollocks doesn’t leave enough tissue to create a snatch.

    In the horrific video below, her artificial snatch ruptures (because the inverted chipolata is stretched to busting) and later you get a shot of her beef curtains necrotising (gangrene) because the blood flow was stemmed (again because of the lack of sausage meat).


    Now if this isn’t reason enough NOT to put kids on puberty blockers full stop (even if it is to provide a bit of extra sausage meat for later) then I don’t know what is. However – as the radical extremists on the left know – 90% of the boys who wanna be girls actually grow out of it and go on to lead a normal, heterosexual life, which – as we know – the left simply won’t have.

    Still there’ll be some beta, soy, neck-beard cunt who’ll pay it a visit. Either that or Jazz will go the way of a disproportionate number of surgical transitions and do a DIY Dignitas job!

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