World Cup 2018

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543 thoughts on “World Cup 2018

  1. ITV are cunts watching the French cunts and who have they got as pundits? Three Man U cunts that’s who… I like Roy Keane as a commentator but they have Patrice forEvra a cunt and Ryan ‘I was banging my Brothers wife’ Giggs what a load of cunt. Watching the French was bad enough.

    • Mark Pougatch is ok. Also don’t mind Ian Wright.

      Unfortunately cannot say the same for the remaining ITV pundits: Gary “boring” Neville, Patrice “sit up straight you cunt” Evra, Roy “dog walker” Keane, Ryan “shagger” Giggs, Henrik “where’s yer hair gone” Larsson, Lee Dixon, Chelsea Ladies star Eni Aluko, referee Mark “three yellows” Clattenburg, former West Ham manager Slaven “scary drunk” Bilic, and finally current Republic of Ireland head coach Martin O’Neill.

      BBC much classier. Which says it all really.


        • Aluko is PC box ticking gender and skin colour over talent and achievement incarnate…. How can she possibly do television punditry on the game at the highest level when he hasn’t (and never will) play it?….. Her qualifications to appear on a World Cup TV panel? She’s female and she’s black…. The world has gone fucking mad…..

          • If they spefically wanted a black woman they could have gone for Alex Scott. She’s actually been there and done it, she’s smart and quite easy on the eye too.

    • Keane did a job, but anyone who ranks him alongside Bryan Robson or Graeme Souness in their prime is talking out of their arse… And both would have made mincemeat out of Keane… For all his ‘see you out there!’ bravado, I reckon Keane was a bit of a bullshitter and a bottler… When he had the chance to go man to man with Alan Shearer on the pitch Keane didn’t do it… Maybe he knew Shearer would have killed him?….

    • Otomendi is a dirty blue nosed berty cunt . The bin dipper Lovren has surprised me, he is dogshit at Analfield . Willy has a spot on name, woooooooooooo its 2-0 Modric

    • That last goal is the kind you score against a 5yr old on fifa. Pass across the face of goal and tap in.

      Absolutely bummed.

  2. Fuck off Argies you cheating cunts! Marafucker can stick his earrings up his fat little arse.
    Fucking cunt!

    • I’m literally crying with laughter watching the cunts get slaughtered. Assuming Iceland beat Nigeria that’s probably group over – even if they pose their final game against the Croats the Argies will need a pretty sizeable swing in goal difference.

      • The aptly named Willy Caballero is a useless cunt who makes Bruce Grobbelaar look like Lev Yashin….. And Messi is just an overrated, overhyped cunt… If that mincing little gnome is as good as George Best I’ll show my arse in the middle of Oldham Road during rush hour….

        • Imagine Georgie playing on pitches like bowling greens with shin pads and all the protection offered by TV and referees of today. Fuck – that boy was born 40 years too early. I have a pic somewhere (haven’t found it since I got rid of the wife) sat by the man himself on the bonnet of his E-type Jag. I had the pleasure of meeting him several times when he did his road shows with Rodney Marsh. Against Leicester in 1969 I used to stand right behind the players on the subs bench watching Sir Matt and George had had a bit of a knock and was on the bench. God knows why but I leant forward and touched his hair – he looked round as if it was a bothersome fly – gave me a wink and turned back to watch the match. I was 10 and my Grandma trusted me enough to get a coach from Morecambe to OT for all the home games – For 2 and a half quid you got a seat on the coach and a guaranteed ticket for the match – ALL matches. Battersby’s the coach operator had an agreement with United that if the put a coach on they would ensure everyone got entry (of course there weren’t that many all ticket matches). The best night I had was the night we played against AC Milan in the semi final of 69 when we needed to get at least 2 after losing 2-0 away. Bobby Charlton got a goal disallowed for not shouting a players name and just shouted leave it – the goal was disallowed and we lost 2-1 on aggregate. Fucking hell Norman I could go on all night about following my glorious reds. The night Georgie died I wept like a baby, like I had lost a brother or Father. For all his faults (and he had some) I will pinch a line from the film “Troy” – I lived in the time of George Best.

          Maradona and Pele – good, Messi and Ronaldo – great. George – Best.

          • Georgie in his pomp was a bit before my time, but my old man used to drink with him occasionally in the 60s and early 70s… My dad was a mechanic and his garage used to do the United players’ cars… I remember Kiddo and John Fitzpatrick talking to my dad in the house when I was about four years old…. I saw more of the 70s lads though (when I started going)… Sammy Mac was a lovely bloke and so were Merlin (Gordon Hill) and big Jim Holton… But Willie Morgan was a right arrogant cunt…. My highlight as a kid was meeting Jimmy Greenhoff in 1977…

          • Willie Morgan is still a right arrogant cunt. John Fitzpatrick was a player in the mould of Jonny Aston and Carlo Sartori but liked to think he was Georgies equal. It was about the time you started going when I was in the Navy so I didn’t follow them for a while (only the scores of course). I started going again in the 80’s with KrugeRon Atkinson – we won fuck all apart from the odd trip to Wembley for the milk cup / Coca cola cup / FA cup and the charity shield – that’s when Ron was buying / borrowing / thieving anyone he could get. We bought some right dogshite – Neil Webb springs to mind, Peter Barnes ex blue nose and Leeds cunt, but we had a few good uns too. Jonny Sivebeck (known as Jonny Stickleback) Jesper Olson, even fucking Alan Brazil. It was like going to a fucking fairground in the 80’s – you never knew who was going to turn up – I always said if you turn up half an hour before kick off with your boots you might even get a game 😉 Big Jim Holton, Gordon McQueen, stolen from Leeds and a little fucker called Arthur ??? also from Leeds. Gordon Strachan, Hughesy, John Gidman we got from Everton, always had a good game. Good to reminisce Norman – Oh and of course Big Norman – I was stood directly in his line of shot at the final between Everton and I shouted what a waste of a fucking shot – it just curled past Nev Southall and into the net. PS – I fucking hate Brian Kidd – fucking blue nosed turncoat cunt. 😉

  3. We want the Krauts out next. Come on 🇸🇪 Sweden, pay those bastards back for flooding your country with filthy rapeugees.

  4. No sympathy for the Falklands-admirers since the incident from that corpulent, cheating, junkie cunt (no, not you, Ferdinand, the other one). Adios, Messi.

    • Funny and clever, Norm. Well played that man. And yes, this latest incarnation of the Argie footy team is pretty poor.

  5. Club rivalries apart, it’s very clear that anyone who’s had anything to do with Manchester City is stinking out this World Cup…..

  6. Sepp Blatter: Former FIFA boss backs England-led World Cup bid as he defends presence in Russia

    Nothing to do with you anymore Joseph Sepp Bellend Blatter, you pathetic cuntish dwarf.

    Suspended for 6 years in 2016 due to alleged “criminal mismanagement… and misappropriation”. Just shut the fuck up and go away you irrelevant prick.

    To quote QDM “The obnoxious, arrogant piece of shit. He’s a grubby little creep, who has allowed FIFA to be dragged through dog shit during his tenure as President. He’s a slap head and a cunt”.

    Why is it that those who have lost their once held positions through ultimate failure feel obliged to speak out, and expect people to take them seriously. Perhaps their massive egos cannot accept the fact that they are no longer relevant in the world?

    People like B.Liar and Heseltine. Sure there must be many, many others.

    • FYI posting the same comment 7 times when it hits moderation the first time doesn’t get it published, it just pisses off the moderators.

      • Sorry Admin

        There is clearly something wrong this end since my computer came back from the repair shop. The reason I posted it so many times is that the first post simply disappeared, and subsequent posts did not register on my PC, then tried to reword. Not until I checked on my iPhone that there were several versions in moderation.

        I will get the problem rectified and promise to be more careful in future.

        Apologies again for any inconvenience.

  7. Neymar

    What an overpaid spoilt cheating petulant childish fucker he is.

    £600,000 a week and he is not even that good.


    • You called it, Willie. He is most unworthy of the adulation when one stops to think about the greats who have worn that famous yellow shirt with such distinction. Truly a modern day cunt.

  8. Brazilian fans are cunts.
    The incessant screaming of wet knickered cunts (that includes the blokes) whenever Neymar is anywhere near the ball.
    Cunt looked to be sobbing yet again at the final whistle.

    • Brazilian players are total cunts too.

      Makes sense that they are crying with stupid names like Alisson, Miranda, Gabriel Jesus, Fred (sorry for any Freds out there) and Freda.

      Would love to see Brazil battered and humbled by a talented physical team (like the 7-1 drubbing in 2014), however football nowadays is seemingly all about diving and strictly no body contact whatsoever (except in the scuffles otherwise known as “handbags”).

  9. Iceland you fucking Muppets.

    The World was waiting for you to make it happy. Win a game and send home those overrated, cheating, Falklands-grabbing animals. All you had to do was beat Nigeria. Not difficult.

    You fucked up, you useless bunch of geyser-slurping Scandoes.

  10. Newcastle desperate to find a No.9 in the Shearer mould. What a shame that Mitrovich is already a Newcastle player, he’d be ideal.

  11. Apparently the Russians have a tapir called Cleopatra, who can occasionally predict winners.

    She’d interview a lot better than The Flabbottamus.
    Better looking, too…

    • Apparently i have amazing predictive powers too. Every fucking bet i have made so far has gone down the toilet. Last live bet I have is England to win the cup at 15To 1. Sorry cunts, they have no chance now.

  12. Two years ago today since the referendum but still under the German yoke. I want those cunts beaten tonight and on their way back to their refugee infested fatherland.

  13. ITV World Cup panel 1974: Pat Crerand, Brian Clough, Malcolm Allison, Tommy ‘The Doc’ Docherty, and the late great Brian Moore….

    ITV World Cup panel 2018: Ian Wright, Slaven Bilic, Roy ‘moan moan moan’ Keane, Patrice ‘daft dickie bow’ Evra, Eni fucking Aluko, and some cunt no fucker’s heard of presenting it…

    How the mighty have fucking fallen….

    • Jesus wept, Norm. That cunt Wright turns up on the Yank coverage too on Fox. He’s always doing something to draw attention to himself too. Like leaning way back in his chair or rocking in his chair or speaking in such an obviously affected cockney accent or having one more shirt button undone than is appropriate. He’s just a fucking shit headed cunt and I wish he’d fall down a well.

    • Hopefully they’ll show up for the England Panama game and kick the living shit out of the beer swilling yobs – otherwise known as the England Supporters Club. I’d attack those cunts with the fucking instruments first. Shut that bullshit down pronto.

  14. I’m watching the BBC right now with Philip statement of the bleeding obvious Neville. What a boring fucking useless cunt he is. Shouldn’t he be watching girly football the two bob prick?

  15. First half, deliberate pull back on a Swedish striker through on goal. Obvious free kick and a yellow. Not given. First half, Swedish striker through on goal and about to shoot gets clipped by Kraut defender. Obvious penalty. Not given.

    Jesus fucking Christ.

    I wonder what the name is of the ref’s golden labrador. Cunt. Either that or I wonder how long it will take him to count his Third Reich pay off.

    My piss boileth over.

  16. I’ve got a feeling these greasy wops are going to lose their heads in the second half. I’d pull Kane off before they cripple the cunt.

  17. I was busier looking at the Swedish birds in the crowd yesterday than I was at those cynical, stuffy, jammy kraut cunts….

    As for Panama? There are more cheating egg and spoons in their team than there are in a British social security handout queue… No mean feat…..

    • Panama have scored one, and their fans acted like it was the winner… It was like the end scenes from Conquest of the Planet of the Apes….

  18. Well done, lads… But Raheem ‘Get the fucking violins out’ Sterling is a useless bertie bluenose cunt and a complete sack of shit…

  19. Well what a load of old wank that was. Pep Southgate giving it large at the end to the pissed-out-of-their-skulls England fans? Fucking seriously? It’s PANAMA you cunt!!! Let us review. England played a bunch of nobodies in qualifying. So far they’ve played Tunisia – a pub team and Panama – a bunch of MLS (Mickey Mouse League of Shite) off cuts who couldn’t get in a pub team. Beat Belgium 6-1 and I’ll take you half seriously. Which you won’t because the Belgies will thrash England because England are still a bit crap. Harsh? Any team that includes Jordan Henderson is out of options. But why single out that cunt? Walker – quick but can’t defend. Stones – thinks he’s Alan Hansen but isn’t. Maguire – who? Loftus-Cheek – seriously? Young – snorkel & flippers at the ready. We have a handful of very good players, but not a whole team’s worth. Get over yourself Southgate. Pinocchio penalty missing shit stain.

    • Henderson is our best player. You’ve been in ‘Murica too long, old chap.

      Nonetheless, Panama were dire. Worse than Scotland.

      • Appreciate your view, Capt. I just don’t see it, though. He’s got a foot like a sheriff’s badge. His passing isn’t that great. His tackling is average. His shooting is piss poor more often than not. Heading ability – not sure. Positioning – OK I guess. Link up play – non-existent. Overall, attacking threat – limited and defensive duties – average. If he’s our best player, doesn’t say much about the rest. He works hard, I’ll give him that. But for me, he’s in the same bracket of players like Gareth Barry and James Milner. Hard working but just bang average footballers. Nothing special.

        Anyway, Henderson wasn’t my main gripe. It was Pep Southgate at the end doing the fist pumps, etc. To celebrate a win over Panama. Good grief. I just want him gone. He shouldn’t have been given the job in the first place. Neither should Fat Sam to be fair. I’m just hoping for this era to pass because almost everything about the England team is crap and has been for quite some time. Just my opinion, but one shared by quite a few based upon the attendances at Wembley for some of the qualifiers and the lowest England fan turn out for the World Cup finals ever – I read somewhere.

    • Let’s be fair though – we wouldn’t have won that game 6-1 under Woy. Or McClaren. Or Capello. Long way to go but there’s some very positive signs.

  20. I propose a new game…


    Kicking an ugly, large, leathery spheroid through the streets of Munich.

    All-comers welcome, especially Women of Cologne who suffered “peaceful” crimes.

    Get your most pointy stilettoes on !

    (Apologies if this one has already appeared, but either my brain or my computer has been a bit iffy the last 24h…)

  21. Fuck me, there’s an awful lot of Colombians out in Russia.
    The international drugs business must be more lucrative than I thought.

  22. BBC Sport’s Alex Scott picks out Belgium’s biggest threats and discusses how England can break Roberto Martinez’s side down?! Well, I’m sure Southgate and his lot are so grateful for such illuminating advice and expertise… Fuck me! As if that Aluko cunt on the other side wasn’t bad enough… Modern football coverage in a nutshell… Jesus fucking Christ….

  23. Haven’t got any time for Iran normally, but hope they turn up against Portugal tonight.The look on Ronnys face if they crash out will be priceless.

  24. How about this……FIFA have warned that they will punish the FA if there are any pro-Brexit chants by England fans during the Belgium game.
    Freedom of speech and democracy anyone?

  25. I’ve no time for horse faced cunt Luis Suarez, the only player to be flagged by the lino, because his teeth were offside….

  26. Fascist Alert! Fascist Alert !

    Fifa have warned that they will punish the FA if England fans sing any pro-Brexit songs during the game with Belgium.

    Free speech and democracy anyone?

    • EU often compared to FIFA.

      Both organisations run by corrupt regimes and dodgy inviduals.

      Now we know there is a link between the two.

      It would be interesting to see what FIFA would do if the England fans just chant the word “Brexit”?

      Surely the England team could not be punished for that? And what the fuck is Brexit to do with FIFA anyway?

      Can the England team be punished if FIFA are cunted on a well known website, or just for being a patriot?

  27. Come on Nigeria or its back to the day job of cold calling British pensioners telling them to cough up a $20,000 handling fee so they can process your Nigerian Lottery win.

  28. Didn’t know this thread existed until now. Iran v Portugal match the other night; what a load of fucking cobblers. Bugger all football being played; just the ref faffing about with var and a load of overpaid greasy bastards mincing about and diving to get another player sent off. Ronaldo is a cunt but in fairness, he made little contact with that wop cunt who threw himself to the floor. May as well have gone to a bloody musical or down the local pool to watch the diving. Silly cunts.

    • A bit of respect, please. His full name is Diego “Dirty, Greasy, Cheating, Junkie Cunt” Maradona.

      If this were the 1980s, I wonder whether that fat, Dirty, Greasy, Cheating, Junkie Cunt would be on the IS.A.Cunt Rogues’ Gallery?

  29. Nigeria wish to apologise to everybody for a shit World Cup and the failure to eject those Falklands-stealers back to their South American shithole of a country. So full of atonement are they that they’ll refund anyone who’s made the trip to Russia.

    Just send your bank details, Account number, Sort Code….

  30. So we have finally arrived at the point where I actually want, of all teams, the cheese eating surrender monkeys to win. What a weird world.

  31. Fucking Argie cunts. Lucky fucking bastards.
    No doubt we now have to watch the Brazilians and Krauts getting out of jail.


  32. Trust those BBC cunts to report on the ‘sexism’ of the World Cup… Suddenly it’s now a ‘crime’ to put the TV cameras on any fit women in the stands… The usual twittermongs, snowflake scum, and PC wankstains have been complaining, but I shall spell it out on who is spouting such shit… Only anvil faced slags, humourless feminazi cunts, unattractive lezzas, and total mingers would go on about such at thing and so vindictively… The Two Ronnies were right when they did that sketch about a women’s Nazi party ruling Britain…

  33. Fuck me, you could see this coming a mile off. Obviously the cameraMEN are men so when they are told to focus on the crowd they naturally look for tasty birds. That’s what any normal bloke would do.
    The alternative is to have feminazi lezzers on the cameras who would be focusing on……..Er…….tasty birds.
    Sorry, i’m a bit confused.
    Obviously we need trannies and gender neutrals on the cameras who would focus on………., Oh fuck it! What are you asking me for anyway you cunts?
    My brain hurts. Will some cunt tell me what i’m supposed to think?

    • The Master Race, beaten by Koreans. Oh no, stop it, I’m bursting my fucking sides. That’s made my getting shitter by the minute kind of day a bit easier to bear.

      • Weren’t there any non-Aryans in the German team? Thought I spotted a couple of sub-primates… if so they’d make perfect scapegoats. Hope it doesn’t lead to 4th Reich scorched earth policy…

      • Perhaps Frau Merkel will shoot herself in her bunker tonight, perhaps marrying Juncker in a hurried ceremony before he takes the first bullet!

  34. You’re going home
    You’re going home
    Krauts are going home

    Fuck off you cunts!

    Fuck you Merkel
    Fuck you Merkel
    Fuck you Merkel
    Fuck you Merkel

    Fucking wankers!

  35. There were ten German bombers in the air!
    There were ten German bombers in the air!
    There were ten German bombers
    Ten German bombers
    Ten German bombers in the air!

    And the South Korean air force shot them down!
    And the South Korean air force shot them down!
    And the South Korean air force
    South Korean air force
    South Korean air force shot them down!

  36. Angela Merkel, Albert Einstein, Brothers Grimm, Pied Piper of Hamelin, Helmut Khol, your boys took one hell of a beating!

  37. I didn’t think the day could get any better. I’m self employed, nothing on today.
    The sun is out. Hot as fuck. Beer fridge is well stocked, love the football, got the house to myself and my eldest lad has made the mistake of leaving his weed stash on the kitchen work top, and for the cherry on top the Krauts go crashing out.
    It ain’t a bad life….

  38. So glad the Germans are out…the cunts. We have never had a better chance to do well than in this World Cup no stand out team yet and the lads seem to be playing like a team and not a load of individuals. Yet to face a proper test but I stand by prediction of England in the final. Cmon England.

  39. Ha ha ha, Das ist fücking vunderbar! Choös, mein first-rounder friends.

    How do you say Schadenfrauden in German?

  40. Even the fellow cunters who care less about football than me must surely rejoice in the news the krauts are out.

    • I’m loving it. So many jokes you can make at their expense as well – don’t mention the VAR, auf weidersehen, never good in Russia… This result is quite literally comedy gold.

      • All the more reason for the English fans to give a rousing.. ‘Rule Britannia’ and ‘God Save the Queen’ from the terraces against the Belgians.. ‘No anti- Euro chanting from the terraces’… get to fuck

    • Seeing the Uber cocky krauts coming unstuck was absolutely hilarious!! Without question my two favourite bits were German keeper manual neuer embarrassing himself , but the jewel in the crown was without question the kraut supporters who have been fed success after success completely unable to comprehend their defeat!!, the look of utter bewilderment and tears flowing sent my schadenfreude levels to new heights…….

  41. I would have liked those German cunts to have stayed in because I have a horrid feeling those dago cunts from South Cunting America might end up winning it – either those cheating cuntstains Brazil, or Hand of Cunts Argentina!

    They’re both shit, but now with the Krauts kicked out these fuckers will probably fancy their chances.

  42. And here are some of the highlights so far of the 2018 World Cup… The one with the big knockers in the red holding the kid… Oh aye…. A superb contribution to the tournament…

    Oh, and fuck all humourless feminazi munters… That’s all from tonight’s Cunt Of The Day World Cup Special… We’ll end tonight’s show with a song…

    Deutschland! Deutschland! Uber Bollocks!

  43. Mavis Jellyfish announces to the House that the St George’s flag will fly from government buildings on England match days during the World Cup.
    Oh, how very patriotic of you. Perhaps you should fly it in Downing Street the next time the EU politburo turn up to tell you what to do bitch?
    Meanwhile some arselicker stands up and praises “our young and diverse team”, desperately trying to suck up to the plebs and the libtards at the same time.
    Can somebody pass the sick bucket please?

    • I agree, Freddie… A big fat Union Jack should fly from government buildings at all times… And all that libflake fannies shite about a ‘diverse’ team? They’re all English and were born in England, weren’t they?! Marcus Rashford and Harry Kane are as English as each other… The ‘race’ and ‘diversity’ issues are kept alive because snowflake scum and libtard mongs like the BBC keep them alive… It’s almost as if these liberal cunts want racism so they can preach ‘diversity’ and moan about how nasty white people are… These cunts would be better off supporting the team of African mercenaries that is France…

      • And you’re right, Freddie… I half expect our (not so) esteemed PM to go ‘Oooh Derek!’ or ‘Ohhhh! I don’t really know what Rita would say!’ at any time….

        • Let’s give The Hunchback some credit. After Sunday’s win she came up with this brilliant idea but was informed that nobody in government had seen such a flag since 1966.
          So Monday morning she bunged in an emergency order for some new ones……probably imported from France or Germany.

          • That’s not how government expenditure works Norman. Their rich mates have to cream a big fat profit off the top, courtesy of the taxpayers’ pocket.

  44. Best headline after the Kraut’s spectacular fail:
    “Don’t mention the Var!”

    Serves them right – cunts will roll after their embarrassing exit

    • Or How about

      Korea Play Their Cards Reich!
      Hit The Road Jack (boots)!
      Lowest Of The (Joachim) Low!
      My Kingdom For A Panzer!

    • Now I’m not saying some of the tabloid front page headlines this morning aren’t a tad amusing, but I think the vitriol directed at the Krauts is a bit over the top. Front page national daily headlines? I mean, really?

      It will be interesting to see if the Kraut press are as venomous when the shit stain known as the England football team get knocked out in the next round.

      I predict the Belgies will make Pep Southgate look like what he is – a loser. 3-1 to Belgium. Lukaku not playing is our only chance. He’s looked pretty freaking decent so far. When he can be bothered, he’s a monster of a player. If England don’t score first, it’ll be all over.

  45. Half time and Japan are playing well and still on course for qualifying for the Round of 16. Good news for me as Mrs. Yank is half Japanese. If Japan score, hopefully I will too.

  46. Rooney has signed for DC United in the MLS, seniors bridge clubs, local knitting circles and the incontinence pants department of Walmart have been issued photofits.

  47. So will Southgate rest his best players and give some of the others a game? It doesn’t matter of we lose as we’re through anyway and losing means we won’t have to play Brazil.

    That’s what I’d do, but I know fuck all about football…

    • Oh. Seems he has. Apparently it’s because we are a squad and we’re all good. Like fuck we are, but resting the key players makes sense doesn’t it?

      • It was a confident boost for the rested players. It was so Pep Southgate at the end could say, “You see – you’re better than that shower of shit I put out today”. Pep’s a master tactician you see. Or do I mean massive out-of-his-depth cunt? Oh yeah, it’s the latter.

  48. Let’s hope we top the bloody group so we face Japan and not Colombia. The japs will be easy opponents as they won’t be able to see what’s going on and the goalkeeper won’t see the ball coming. (Sorry to anyone who has Japanese friends or family etc. I actually like the japs and have several friends of Japanese origin. Any lefty snowflakes who are spying on this site you can fuck off as this doesn’t apply to you as a fly in your shreddies is enough to trigger you into a rant on your shite blog and an infuriating YouTube video).

  49. So, Colombia then……. a hard match for sure but they can be done, apparently James Rodriguez might be crocked, good.

    Now if only Falcao and Cuadrado were crocked as well……

  50. So let’s re-cap, ‘cos it’s fun to rub it in. England played a bunch of nobodies in qualifying. Cue the fanfare for reaching the finals. Yawn. Then they scraped past a Tunisian pub team. Lot’s of woo-hooing because they’d won a game. Yawn. Then they hammered a schoolboy team in Panama. Cue Pep Southgate giving fist pumps to the crowd like he’d just won the bloody tournament. Cunt. Finally, England play a team of grown ups, albeit Belgium’s second string and look what happens. Hahaha. Utterly pathetic. If it wasn’t for Pickford, Belgium’s B squad would have won that by 3 or 4.

    Columbia will be relishing this and so will I. It’s not the players’ fault that they’re not that good and it’s not Pep Southgate’s fault that he can only pick from what’s available. But he doesn’t have the credentials to be England manager and some of those players are an embarrassment to the shirt.

    I remember watching England as a kid when you had to be exceptional to play for England. Really top top players in their positions played for the national side. Players like Peter Shilton, Gazza, Malcolm MacDonald, Keegan, Hoddle, Steve Coppell. Players like that. Now we have players like Danny Wellbeck. Hahahahahaha. Vardy and Mahrez seem to have a telepathic connection at Leicester. Vardy without Mahrez to play him in is a waste of time as we saw today. To me, that looked like headless chicken time with the odd moment of interest. Pathetic. To think of the crap Bobby Robson had to put up with back in the day. Then this shower of shit represents England and Pep Southgate struts around in his suit waistcoat trying to look like he knows what he’s doing. Hopefully the press will crucify the lot of them. It’s deserved.

    • To be fair to Southgate he’s made England look better at the World Cup than either Capello or Hodgson, FFS their England teams couldn’t even beat scrub teams like the Yanks, Algeria and Costa Fucking Rica and they laboured past the likes of Slovenia!

      In any case it’s still an improvement even if in the long term England are thoroughly screwed the moments they play someone good.

      • Fair point, PMS. You’re right. It’s just that Southgate pisses me off with his professorial chin stroking I-have-an-intimate-knowledge-of-the-game persona. He simply doesn’t have the managerial qualifications to be in the position he’s in and some of the players he picks are utterly cringe worthy.

        I just want this period in England’s footballing history to be over, so some top exciting and tournament winning talent can entertain us instead.

        • It’s still a step up from the days of Joe Hart, Shrek, Stevie Me, Fat Frank and co doing fuck all useful in the tournaments.

          You can see why the lot who played tonight are the second string.

          Delph – the shits, dozy cunt.
          Alexander-Arnold – needs to learn how to cross a ball.
          Dier – dire by nature.
          Vardy – past it.
          Cahill – more like over the hill.
          Rose – better than some of the others but still the shits tonight.
          Rashford – better used as a super sub.

          Christ, get a time machine and get the Euro 96 England squad, they would wade right through all the cunts in this World Cup!

        • Mr Yank, I get the feeling that you are not keen on the FA arselicker Gareth “look at my poof waistcoat” Southgate.
          Fair enough but you have missed out the fact that he is a DIRTY FUCKING PALACE BASTARD!!!
          There’s no way back from that i’m afraid.

          • Yikes Freddie – I had to look that up and you’re absolutely right. A dirty fucking Palace bastard. A stain that can never go away. That and fucking up that penalty in Euro ’96. Utter cunt.

          • I can’t abide the snowflake cunt. I don’t know if anyone else heard him whining on a few months back about how missing that penalty had such an effect on both him and his family etc. ad fucking nauseum, completely forgetting the fact that he’s somehow contrived to land a huge job (with correspondingly decent remuneration) in spite of having, at best, a chequered record as a manager. Yeah, Gareth you’ve been really fucking unlucky in life, haven’t you? And while we’re at it, his over-animated reaction to England’s goals against the football powerhouse that is Tunisia and a team of canal maintenance men really gets on my tits. Let’s see him try that against Colombia…

  51. Every 2 years the World Cup or the Euros come round and everyone becomes a football expert ( ie they repeat bollocks they have heard on the telly )
    Spanking the mighty Panama was a big mistake. Fuck me, we’ve practically won this thing already. Our “young and diverse team” are about to sweep all before them led by the beardy, waistcoast wearing genius previously known as “that yes man arselicking wanker.”
    The higher you climb the further there is to fall. Prepare for the disappointment, the usual inquest and the well worn excuses.
    We’re shit, and we know we are!

  52. Notice how that irritating cunt, Gareth ‘Captain Ashwood’ Southgate always has to mention the word ‘diversity’ when he speaks about his players?…. As I have already said, there is no fucking diversity… All those lads are English… These libflake knobheads yadder on about equality and diversity… But there will never be equality if these cunts keep pointing out and favouring black over white and -through that-continuing a racial divide…

    As For that silly arse Southgate? He’ll be picking that Eluko cunt next….

    • I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt on that stuff if we at least do well this time. At least he comes across as not knowing any better with this shit rather than being one of the genuinely sinister ones.

  53. One of the worst things about this world cup is the standard of the UK commentary and the punditry.

    Commentators are cunts far and wide. When will these scumcunts learn that most of us do not want to hear them constantly try ham-fisted fucking ‘banter’, and would appreciate them not endlessly trying to find a memorable soundbite for each and every important fucking moment of any match.

    The pundits though are the real glass-and-a-half of full-fat concentrated cunt:

    Gary Neville – Needs a table smashing over his face
    Phil Neville – punchability factor: 10
    Martin O’Neill – argumentative bogtrotter
    Ian Wright – slovenly cunt who can barely fucking speak English
    Jermaine Jenas – face like a fucking sticklebrick man
    Alan Shearer – overly animated, yet still somehow ultra boring cunt

    And please don’t get me started on cuntfuck Shitteker.

  54. The only thing I’ve gained from this World Cup is knowing that Phil Neville has a new word in his vocabulary. I’m now betting on how long into the match it will be before the cunt says “physicality.”
    And how we’ve survived years of punditry without the pearls of wisdom from Alex Scott is a mystery. She talks like a manager giving a half time team talk to group of under 7’s.
    Sorry girls but women’s football is shite, although there’s no doubting all of them are tougher than Ronnie “the adams apple” Ronaldo…

  55. More BBC fuckery… The cunts are now bleating ‘World Cup 2018: What went wrong for African teams in Russia?’

    How about ‘They’re a bit shit’? ‘Who fucking cares’? Or ‘All the best ones play for France’?….

  56. Much as I hate the cheating bastard Argies at least they’re not fucking EU Merkel loving cunts!
    No, I want the snail eaters turned over today the wankers.

  57. France vs Argentina

    This is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end – you’re not going to be happy whichever side it is.

  58. I want France to win as much as it pains me

    I detest Argentina and their entitlement of thinking they’re going to win the cup because of half-pint Messi.

    At least the French offer some flair, even though they’re also untrustworthy cuntsticks

    Argentina and Brazil – hope they both lose. Entitled cunts.

    • I’ll legitimately piss myself laughing if Brazil lose to Mexico. And given how Mexico performed against the Germans its certainly not beyond the realms of possibility.

      • I so want the Spics to win. I want to see that snowflake-personified, Neymass piss in his shorts when he realises he’s shit team are out!

        • Neymar has to be the most petulant, arrogant son of a bitch I’ve ever seen in my life. Can’t stand the cunt. Wonder how he’ll react when Mbappe starts outperforming his overrated ass at PSG.

  59. Cracking game so far, with the Froggies just just about on top… But typical of the BBC cunts to feature Alex Scott getting down with the Russian ghetto kids and that daft bitch, Gabbing Logan, babbling her usual crap..

  60. On another note, reckon those Atletico Madrid Uruguay defenders are going to go out of their way to kick the shit out of Ronaldo?

  61. Mbappe sure looks like a damn good player for the frogs. New Ronaldo (the original Ronaldo that is) perhaps?

  62. come on you Frog cunts; beat those wap dago greasy fuckers. If you have to just mention “belgrano” and “Falklands” and they’ll fall apart quicker than Rover Metro

  63. Adios, you bunch of animals and don’t forget to take Maradona with you, that is, if the aeroplane can take off with the corpulent, cheating, distasteful, junkie cunt on-board. Dirty cunts.

  64. Ha! And down the Argies go. Sunk without trace. Sound familiar?

    Dago Maradona will be balling his eyes out; might even top himself


  65. Portugal losing at the moment and with Uruguay’s defence they will have a hard time changing that….

  66. Those Ivan cunts really do have no class, don’t they?… If they did they wouldn’t have that generic shite by those inbred White Stripes mongs blaring out at every game…

    And now those two overhyped and overrated cunts are out, maybe the TV panels will stop their crawling Messi this and Ronaldo that arselicking…. Good riddance to both preening primping ponces, especially that manager backstabbing Argie snake of a cunt….

  67. And now for Brazil and that soppy sack of stale cunt juice – Neycunt!

    I hope they lose so that he can top himself along with all the sycophantic twats living back in Rio de Shitto

    • Neymar

      A spoilt child in a mans body who throws tantrums whenever he does not get his own way.

      £600k a week ffs and he’s not even that good.

      And stupid hair.

      Everything I hate about football summed up in one fucking big headed twat.

      Woulld pay good money to see him and all the other Brazilian cunts humiliated again.

  68. It is a good world cup. better than the last few dog turds. more attacking play.
    at the start it looked like the cheating south americans and africans were going to get away with the most blatant fouls : but someone in FIFA (who must be only one there who is not a cunt) told the refs to award penalties every time a forward was stabbed or shot in the penalty area. since then the cheats have got the reward that cheating cunts deserve,
    as a supporter of Ennngerrrrlaaannnd, I was hoping the cheese-eating-surrender-monkey cunts would get knocked out by the we-cant-help-being-animals, we-want-the-malvinas-back cunts. because the former pose a greater threat later on in the competition than do the latter.
    as for ronalcunt, – who gives a shit who won that match – both teams are packed full of high-octane cunts (ear biters and preeners).

        • I hated those fucking things, couldn’t even focus on the matches because of them.

          I hope there’s never another WC in Wonga Bonga land again.

  69. When Gary Arselicker finally kicks the bucket, he should be sliced up into very thin slices, baked in fat with loads of old shite sprinkled in; and turned into a bag of Wankers Crisps – “Smarmy Cunt” flavour!

  70. Adios Espagne, you bunch of overrated, greasy bull-murderers.

    Especially Ramos, the dirty piece of shit.

    • Brazil and France the only major players left. I have a funny feeling we’re gonna have a different winner to the usual this time and maybe a new one entirely. My tips are either Uruguay or Croatia to win although we sure do have one hell of a chance ourselves now.

  71. And now we have Croatia vs Denmark.

    Also known as:

    A bunch of blokes who look like they walked off of the set of Taken vs Vikings and Viking wannabes.

    • I watched the second half. 45mins I’ll never get back.

      Watered plants during the extra time then watched the penalties. That was good, if only to see Smichael and Son of Scmichel at the end. Hahaha.

  72. Was hoping that the Argies would go through – Jesus I hate the fucking frogs – so our lads would have the chance of playing the Belgrano bastards and give them the kicking they deserve. Get kicking Hingerland – don’t care if you don’t go all the way but at least fill a coupla Russkie hospitals with the opposition.

    • Fair point, Sir Limply… Would have been nice to see Harry McGuire go through that little cunt Messi like a knife through butter…. The Froggies look a good bet now though…

  73. Noticed that Motorway Mick twat, Kevin Kilbane trying to blame De Gea during the penalty shootout… The spudeating cunt should stick to producing retards…

  74. So today is the Spics versus the overrated Pricks at 3pm

    I hope Mexico win on penalties and kick that fragile cuntstick Neymar all over the park, even if it means taking one of the team! Hate the soppy little cunt with a passion, along with the deluded and entitled fans, who seem to think they should be handed the cup directly without having to compete purely because of who they are!

    Well fuck them and fuck him.

    Come on Mexico, do something on the big stage before Trump builds that fucking wall to keep you all hidden away!

  75. Here’s hoping that diving self important little cunt, Ney-Mard, gets his scrawny arse kicked today and Brarse-il go crashing out… Viva Chicarito!

  76. Well it’s end to end stuff with no end result. This needs to improve otherwise IY will find something else to do. Got my eye on the next game. It should be a stroll for the Belgies, but with a half Japanese Mrs. Yank I have to root for the Far East boys. Thank fuck she’s at work so I can watch in peace.

  77. That was a bit underwhelming I must say. Brazil through to face the Belgies or Japan. Yawn. I thought that deliberate stamp on Gaybar was appalling. I though VAR was supposed to spot shit like that and get the ref to do his fucking job. That Mexican cunt should have been sent off for that. Go Japan!

  78. Now the burrito bandits are out, they can come and pick up their kids from the border where The Donald has been babysitting them.

  79. What the fuck is it with these cunts that have their socks pulled up as high as they can? Are they Britney Fucking Spears fans or do they just like looking like school girls as well as fucking play-acting, (or, fucking cheating in any other man’s language), like them? Even the cunting referee got in on the act in Denmark’s defeat to Croatia. What a bunch of fucking cunts they look. It should be an instant yellow card if you step out of the fucking changing rooms looking like you’re wearing a pair of fucking tights. Cheating, diving, stupid-looking cunts.

    Good evening.

  80. Neymar is the biggest cunt in the tournament, biggest cunt in Russia at the mo.
    Not sure I could handle seeing that cunt with a winner’s medal.
    Do the fabrique Belgiques but no further.
    The cunt is a mate of Lewis Hamilton, what else do you need….

  81. Well that’s a fucking great kick in the ball sack. Belgium did not deserve that. They may have won in extra time or they may have won on penalties, but they did not deserve to win that in regulation time. The moment the idiot Japanese crossed in that corner close enough for giraffe neck to catch it, I knew they were in trouble. The Japanese should have fucked around in the corner and eeked out the last few seconds. Not doing that was stupid and it cost them.

    Onwards to tomorrow. I hope Columbia piss all over Pep Southgate and his band of mongs. I know, I know….not very patriotic of me, but the England team are a shower of piss sans Kane and Professor Southcunt is a massive cunt and I want to see him taken down. Fist pumping after ‘thrashing’ Panama FFS!!!!! Playing pub teams in qualifying and the group stages does not make you a world beater, you massive poo hole. Did I mentioned that I really fucking hate Southgate?

    • Fuck off im no fan of Southgate either but get behind the fucking team you fucking idiot living in that septic shithole has fucked with your head
      How the fuck and why the fuck would any cunt born in England would want them to get beat by fucking Colombia is beyond me sort your fucking life out

        • Labour are even more of laughing stock and hive of cunts now than they were under Blair or Kinnock… And that’s no mean feat… They really are hilarious more than ever… An IRA collaborator and peaceful rapist/terrorisr apologist as leader? A pig ignorant whites hating racist who can’t count as Shadow Home Secretary? Another peaceful apologist and appeaser as Mayor of our capital? And a bloke masquerading as a tranny circus act as their ‘Womens Officer’? They are pure comedy, Willie… Fucking priceless….

      • You might want to run your eye over the site rules concerning flaming other cunters. Just sayin’. 🙂

        As for a “septic shithole”. Well, let’s see. We see the sun and very hot weather about 90% of the year. The eating out options are amazing pretty much everywhere and don’t cost a fortune. I can be outside at midnight in shorts and T-shirt sipping a margarita and ordering food because (a) it’s still hot and (b) the bar is still open. A gallon of petrol costs about £2. My last house in a semi-rural cul-de-sac location, sitting on 2.5 acres of mostly my own woodland cost me about £195K. I can own a gun if I like. The leader of the government says what he likes and isn’t afraid of his own shadow. The job market is crazy good and overall, I enjoy and quality of life and standard of living which simply isn’t available to me in the UK. So yeah, I live in a real “septic shithole”. Hahahaha. Thanks for playing.

        • I think he must have meant “antiseptic” shithole. Don’t know about the States these days (last visited 30 years ago), but hard to imagine it’s worse than here, if the majority of those testifying on ISAC is anything to go by.

          As for football, I know nuffink abaaaaat it, though assumed (probably wrongly) most of our players are foreign anyway. My so called home team certainly are…

          • It’s no Utopia, Ruff Tuff. For starters, the place is full of Yanks! That said, I am fortunate to live in a very nice town and enjoy a quality of life I simply couldn’t attain in the UK. I would need to earn 3 to 4 times what I do to get close to it and what I do for a living simply doesn’t pay that.

            It’s far from perfect, but it’s a million miles away from being a “shithole”. At least my little corner of the US is.

          • I don’t doubt it IY. I seriously considered relocating to the West Coast, when I was young and dishy… Long may you run.

          • Tbh I wouldn’t mind moving to the US at some point myself. I rather like the idea of living somewhere with a more individualistic mindset.

          • Yeah I know. But if you’re going to make derisory and ill informed comments about where someone lives, then expect a reaction. It ain’t perfect by any stretch, but I choose to live here for a reason. Many actually.

          • Hate the way patriotism for England is looked down on like it’s some fucking disease that needs to be cured these days.We don’t need any fuckers permission to be proud of what England used to stand for before being diluted beyond recognition by a load of traitorous cunts.

    • Seriously? Regardless of who’s managing the team a true Englishman gets behind his country. I mean, I’m no great fan of Roberto Martinez for example but if he was the manager I’d still want the team to win. Maybe it’s a good thing you moved across the pond with that attitude.

  82. At least it might dampen down the rabid hysteria of the “England are gonna win it!” brigade. If Brazil and the Belgians were knocked out today they would have been demanding that FIFA hand over the trophy now and cancel the rest of the games.
    Crazy mixed up kids.
    PS I had a tenner each way at 25-1 on Uruguay before it began so i’m looking good. Fuck everyone else.

    • You are looking good there Freddie. Jaws and his band of gays, thugs and hair dressers look a really good bet. I thought the Belgies would be up for it, but if Japan can take them to the wire, I think not.

    • Honestly, Uruguay are my favourites at the moment. I do think England can get to the semis if they win tonight, possibly the final depending on the draw but I’ll be surprised if we win it.

      • I mean, let’s face it – we’ve never had a better chance to go far in one of these tournaments and if we lose tonight we won’t have a chance this good again for potentially decades.

  83. Isn’t it great how the BBC keep sticking Keown on with Dan Walker (religious crank) to test his lack of belief in Evolution?….

    • Expect to see all the SJWs and delicate snowflakes slip out of their bed (lazy cunts), and complain BIG STYLE on scrotal meeja about what a complete cunt that bloke was to kill the psycho octopussy!

      No doubt they will be scarred for life and demand the bloke to be hung, drawn and generally fucked about with until dead.

      • Like when the Twittermongs mob went mental over that little lad wearing the ‘Coolest Monkey In The Jungle’ T-Shirt… The boy’s mother was fine with it, but the snowflake mob saw it as a crime… Why? Because they said so and nothing more… Needless to say, the social media liberal savages subjected said mother to hate campaign and death threats… Horribly unnerving to know that social media is now even more powerful than a parent’s judgment on their own child and even the law itself….

  84. Sergio Ramos

    This irritating, arrogant gobshite has managed to avoid a cunting on this site until now. Many footballers are overpaid, jumped-up nancy boys; however, Ramos really grinds my fucking gears. Just seeing his smug, swarthy Dago mug on me tele gets the old piss boiling. He’s the type of cunt who is quite happy to dish it out, but can’t take it. The bastard gets satisfaction out of poleaxing opponents and ‘asserting his dominance’ over anyone else who gets in his way. A dirty cunt and certainly not a man. However, the slightest bit of contact and he’s on the deck quicker than you can scream ‘cunt’; rolling about as if he’s been shot by a sniper. Hopefully the twat gets badly injured so we won’t have to put up with his antics any longer. Ramos, you are a cunt.

    • I genuinely can’t work out who’s worse between him and Neymar. At least his team got knocked out by the Ruskies though.

      • Ramos puts the “tit” in Titanium Cunt. Sent off twenty+ times in his career, dirty pikey lookalikey and all round piece of shit.

    • Someone should tell Sterling to make sure someone is there to get the ball when he does a backheel. Cunt.

    • If he’d been sent off for that none of us would have been surprised and no one would have said it was harsh. Still, gotta give props for anyone smacking Henderson. He is so shit.

    • There’s been an edge to their play for sure. I’d be surprised if there’s still 22 on the field at FT.

  85. Well, that was crap.

    Dele was anonymous. Sterling continues to be ineffective. Kane looks isolated. Best action was the handbags in the England area. If we’re going to pile in on Gaybar for play acting, then Henderson’s reaction to being knocked by that Columbian defender at that free kick deserves an honourable mention.

    England seem to lack some ideas here. The creative players aren’t doing it. Over to you Pep Southgate. Sort it out – if you can.

    • Tbf to Henderson that was a clear headbutt. Barrios moves his head up the chest and butts him right under the chin in an uppercut kind of motion.

      • Yep, I see what you’re saying. It was an upper cut kind of deal rather than a straight nut job. I think that’s what prevented a red. Was it serious foul play and an action intended to injure another player? Yes. So a yellow was VERY fortunate.

        Back to the telly.

  86. Does that Colombia no.6 have a second career in MMA? What a twat doing it right in front of the ref!

  87. Get in Kane! Serves you right you dirty arrogant cunts! It’s like playing against a whole team featuring Sergio Ramos!

  88. England need to cool off here.

    I second that comment earlier that it will be a surprise if this finishes with 22 on the pitch.

  89. Credit to the ref, he’s not taking any shit from the Colombians, that is 5 yellow cards for the fuckers now.

  90. Columbian animals are trying for a record yellow cards. When you haven’t got the skill, this is the inevitable cheating shenanigans.

    Dirty fuckers.

    Sterling is still wretched.

  91. By the looks of it, the Columbians don’t have the players to beat England at football. Their tactics seem to be get players sent off and gain an advantage that way. Pep needs to make changes. I’d take Kane off to protect him. One of those buggers will break his legs sooner or later.

  92. I will say this now, we will not win the World Cup with a mong like Kyle Walker in defence, he does most of the stupid shit at the back.

    On another does anyone else think that Lingard is the shits?

  93. Sterling off at last, the useless bastard. Not sure about Vardy being the one on thought, should have been Rashford or Welbeck.

  94. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

    Not penalties please. Anything but that. I can’t take penalties again.

  95. It’s called game management, Southgate. You fucking twat. A couple of minutes to go and that happens. Undeserved in my view. That said, the majority of the England team have been very poor. Better than the cheating dirty drug dealers, but still poor.

  96. We let the cunts back into the game in the last 15 minutes and when you have mongs like Walker and Dier on the pitch…..

    • That’s why us Spurs fans didn’t shed a tear when Walker fucked off to Shity. He is a massive liability. Always has been. Dier is overrated too. I don’t think he’s national team quality.

  97. Hate to say it, but Columbia look way better now we’re in ET. One goal will win this. It’s down to mental strength now. Who has the bottle?

  98. ……Aaaannnd the defence is doing stupid shit again, it will be a miracle if we get to penalties at this rate.

  99. It’s pens then. I think England were shell shocked to lose a goal so close to the end of regulation time. They never looked like taking the game to Columbia in ET.

    Who thinks England will croak? Should never have come down to this. Blimey!

  100. Poor old Hendo.

    Totally deserved. See you later Columbia, you junkie piss-ant discharge-ridden animals.

  101. We’ve finally won a penalty shootout! Yeeeesssss! Get lost you dirty cheating South American cunts!!!

  102. Still not convinced with England; can’t stand Sterling; no midfield flair, and vulnerable at the back.

    But at least we beat those cheating drug-addled cunts; they’ll probably end up dead when they head back home

    So who’s up next, Sweden?

    • Let’s see:

      Walker is an absolute liability at the back.
      Maguire and Stones also prone to doing stupid shit.
      Sterling is a useless doss cunt who isn’t anywhere near as good or clever as he thinks he is.
      Lingard in horribly inconsistent in the best cases, in the worst cases he has a piss poor first touch, piss poor decision making and a dozy fucker.

      We are a bit to reliant on the aging Ashley Young for attacking play and Kane for goals.

      • I can only think Sterlycunt must have a clause in his contract that states that he must appear in all England games regardless of form! Because I see no other reason why that overrated cunt should be picked over inform players!

        I suppose if he gets dropped he will blub to social media and no doubt play the fucking race card!

  103. FUCK MY OLD FUCKING BOOTS!!!! Who would fucking believe that? We won a shoot out!!!
    Fuck off you dirty drug peddling cunts. Oh…..and before I forget…. fuck you Krauts and cheating Argies. Just fuck you ok??

  104. Sweden…… not relishing that one, for me they are England’s bogey team, they have a nasty habit of turning results on us when it’s looking like we’ll beat the cunts.

    Eliminated us from Euro 92, granted we were the absolute drizzling shits at that one.

    When it looked like we were going to beat the cunts at the ’02 and ’06 World cups the cunts scraped a draw both times.

    • I reckon we’ll have them, even as average as we are. What do the Scandoes have, aside from a good defence and the rape capital of Europe?

      • A capital city with possibly an even worse peacefool infestation than us?

        Like I said, they are a bogey team for us…… saying that like Colombia, it’s a hard game but they can be done. Thank God Ibrahimoshit retired from internationals.

  105. I agree, the Swedes are no bunch of mugs, and they are EU cunts as well.
    Let’s worry about those fuckers later.
    We just won a penalty shoot out for fucks sake!!!!!
    Enjoy the moment you miserable old bastard!

  106. England winning a shoot out… fucking el. I predicted us in the Final but did naffink abaaaaaht it and didn’t put a bet on. What a cunt.
    Cmon England.
    Ps Sterling and Alli are useless cunts and he needs to play Loftus-Cheek and Rashford next.

    • Alli is a crocked useless cunt at that!

      Rashford…… he’s a weird one, seems to do better off of the bench as a super sub, I hope Southgate doesn’t leave it so late next time.

      Sterling – utter cunt. End of.

      I hope he doesn’t use Alexander-Arnold, I know he’s young but he needs to learn how to cross a ball.

    • I think the Colombian dagos misinterpreted the shootout and thought it was Escobar’s last stand. Falcao looked like he had been on the marching powder at times.

  107. Colombia knocked out… Adios, savages, and fuck off back to Cocaineland…
    And Falcao can fuck off and all… Once a donkey always a donkey….

  108. And Fellaini is still a cunt… The Twittermongs are so full of shit… So he scores against a back four that could pass for the Warwick Davis family and all of a sudden he’s Pele?…..Fuck right off….

      • The clodhopping cunt isn’t even the best United player with an afro… That was the great Remi Moses… Remi would have done Fellaini in a fight and all…

        • Big Paul McGrath used to have a good afro too… At his best one of the best defenders in the game… Fellaini is a cunt, mind…

  109. Maybe that little Gorton Globetrotter cunt, Sterling, keeps getting picked because Gareth thinks he’s a peaceful, with a name like Raheem…. Because I can’t think of any other reason for the useless little shit to still be in the starting XI….

  110. Big downside to still being in the World Cup……..having to listen to that John Barnes rap bollocks on the radio every five fucking minutes!
    Give it a rest for fucks sake!

  111. I read the Jap team cleaned their changing room and left it spotless after being knocked out. England left a pile of the managements team shit stained shorts in a corner following the penalty drama, Raheem Sterling’s clogs he was wearing and a floater in the ice bath.

    Imagine having to play cunts like that every few months in South American qualifying, Argies, Uruguay and the rest just as bad, fucking feral.

  112. Neymar

    Neymar is an unbearable, brattish and self-important piece of shite. I’ve fucking had it with the cunt. Before the World Cup, I could just about tolerate him; but my patience has worn thin. His cheating, play-acting and various other antics are beyond ludicrous and are, quite frankly, a fucking embarrassment. He needs to be given a right good hiding to teach him not to be such a blatant nancy boy. Neymar is an absolute bloody disgrace as an athlete, a professional and as a person.

    Despite his disgusting attitude and abhorrent behaviour, he appears to have a large army of loyal fans who will go to great lengths to defend him. Mexico’s Miguel Layun and his family have received a number of threats and a barrage of abuse after he and Neymar were involved in some sort of altercation. To threaten and abuse someone for something so minor is about as low as you can get and just completely pathetic. To involve their family, especially children, is sick and perverse. Neymar’s fan club are twisted cunts and Neymar himself is also a massive cunt. Fuck off you filthy, abominable cunts.

  113. The “Anyone But England” mob deserve a cunting. Especially the ones who are themselves English, but don’t consider themselves such. So, to most people’s surprise, England have done quite well at this world cup. Well enough that it’s caused much annoyance to anti-English pricks like the SNP and their knuckle dragging followers, Ellie Mae O’Hagan, a Welsh fan of the Corbynmessiah. Fellow Welshwoman and Grauniad writer, Dawn Foster is supporting Sweden, and Rachel Cockerell wrote in the New Statesman that she hoped England lost to Colombia. The most ridiculous comment though, came from everyone’s favourite gobshite, Kevin Maguire, who tweeted; “That sound is Germany laughing at English fans who laughed at Germany going out. They do have a word for schadenfreude #EngCol”. Yes, Kevin. They also have a word for ‘dipshit’. And that word is, ‘Maguire’.

    The SNP get the award for most immature act. Apparently Tuesday was Estimates Day in the commons, which is when MPs formally consider estimates of future spending by government departments. Quite often, there are no votes during this procedure, but because England were playing, the SNP decided to force MP’s vote on various issues, just to delay English MP’s from watching the match. That is as childish as it is pathetic.

    I have no problem whatsoever with people not supporting England. What grinds my gears, is when dickheads, especially dickheads who live and work in England, express their undiluted hatred of England and all things English. If you’re living in England, and you the hate the English, move. It’s that simple. Fuck off to another country. You won’t be missed, far from it. If, however, you’re not willing to move, then shut…the fuck…up!

    • I don’t support “anyone but England” but I’m not cheering on cunts who play for Man Utd, City and Tottenham, fuck that.

      • The only one I don’t like is that little cunt Sterling… The cunts quota has gone down with England recently… It used to be full of them… Rio, Rooney, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Stevie Me, Beckham… It used to be a Cunts XI, and their Wagslags (Dog Spice, Crosseyed Cheryl etc) were just as bad…

  114. That greasy little handballing Argie gnome, Diegcunt Maradona, is now bleating that England ‘robbed’ those dirty cheating Colombian savages… Well, we all know this whoremongering, coked up, cheating, pill popping fat dwarf loves Colombia, eh?….

  115. Alan Shearer is also a complete cunt… The other day (after the England vs Belgium game) on the GBC (the Grenfell Broadcasting Corporation) Shearer was giving it ‘Semi-Finals? How can England be so arrogant?’… Now the cokeland savages have been disposed of, he is now giving it ‘England have shown they can win the World Cup’…. What a two faced fair weather cunt…

  116. I think it’s fairly obvious that the foreign ponces and libtards who hate this country are appalled at the nationalistic feelings that have been engendered by the relative success of the football team.
    Of course, i’m just talking about some cunts, shown on the telly, jumping up and down in some pub when England score. To the Liberalati this is a fucking Nuremberg rally! If England actually win the thing they can see barbed wire and gas chambers on the horizon. Of course, as long as those gas chambers are full of Jews ( just like the old days ) brexiteers and Trumpers that’s ok.
    So, even if you don’t give a fuck about football you should want us to win just to wind up the scumbag, whining little neo-liberal, vegan, beardy, sandal wearing, hypocritical, Nancy boy shitheads who suck the EU cock and hate white people more than they would hate some peaceful who has just raped their mother.
    The lines are drawn.

  117. Colombia are due a cunting. It started with their so called footballers thinking they were in a Mexican wrestling match, bringing down our boys left, right and centre. Literally. Harry Kane gets a penalty, so they crowd the ref, and distract him from the fact that a number of their players are attempting to dig up the spot. One cunt escapes a red card after a very deliberate headbutt. One of the coaching staff barges Ashley Young with his shoulder and gets away with it. They managed to play enough football to snatch an equaliser, but rightly lost on penalties.

    Cue Maradonna, the world’s biggest cheat and Colombia’s best customer claiming that England cheated. YOU have have no right calling ANYONE a cheat, you handballing, coke snorting twat. Then the team’s skeleton faced manager jumped up, claiming that the England players were diving and the American ref was biased towards England. Fuck you. Now it seems that 190,000 Colombians have signed a petition, demanding the match be replayed in the interests of fairness. Well, if you wanted fairness, your lot shouldn’t have been such dirty cunts on the pitch. You lost, deservedly, get the fuck over it.

    Colombia, a nation of whingeing cunts.

  118. What the hell are Brazil doing? The pedo boys are going to well and truly victimise them at this rate!

  119. Belgium are the EU of football, a mongrel race of multi-racial , Flemish/French/German speaking cunts who are a plastic country with no real history.

  120. And had their country done over by the Germans time and again but still lick their arses.

    Also they put mayonnaise on their chips the dirty bastards.

  121. Thank fuck for that!

    Those entitled Brazilian fans can all start to cry their eyes out and go into mourning now that those cheating over-rating cunts have been eliminated.

    Neymarse – you’re shit, and you know you are!

      • And Zico, Socrates, Eder, Falcao (the original, not the Colombian Donkey), Junior, Careca, and Romario all piss all over that little diving turd, Neymard…. Good riddance to the mincing little shit….

        • Hopefully the Brazilian FA and fans will get a reality check and work out that Neymar is the weakest link with all his wanky histrionics. Just maybe he will be told to cut the shit and get on with what he’s good at (playing football and not being the cunt that he is)

          Or, given how Brazil – like most South American countries – always carry a heavy grudge against one of their own, he might end up murdered when he flies back home.

          He’ll have something to fall over and cry about then the cunt!

    • Well Ligue 1 is getting that way when the Qatari oil money funded PSG always win.

      It’s a shite league, just like the Bundesliga, the SPL and Serie A.

  122. nearly 300,000 Colombians cunts have signed a petition to get FIFA to review the possibility of having their game with England replayed due to poor refereeing decisions going against Colombia ffs!!!!

    They’re of course turning a blind eye to their own appalling savagery against our players – that’s all brushed under the carpet. But these cunts seems to think they should have won the fucking match had it not being for biased refereeing decisions.

    Hopefully FIFA will just tell these dago chancers to go fuck themselves and get back to work of cleaning toilets with their hands!

    • Never mind that they were the worse team in that match and were chopping our lot left right and centre. Cunts were bringing the game into disrepute.

      • I agree. The (Yank) referee WAS a disgrace; too inept and cowardly to produce the two or three red cards those South American savages deserved. I say ban the cunts from the next tournament. Ploughing the penalty spot like a bunch of fucking shire horses.

        • I’d never seen that one before!

          Fucking cunts, for all their so called talent they had to resort to the worst kind of foul play going! Imagine if it were the Brazil vs Belgium ref, I loved how that guy was blatantly disgusted with Neymar’s constant diving.

    • Alas, it means France vs Belgium.

      That’s like picking up the clean end of a turd – you’re not going to be happy either way.

  123. Fuck me! Was that the same Lukaku tonight?… Because he was immense, I have to admit… Who knows? Maybe he’s sick of being pissed about by Mourinho and playing with shite like Hererra, Blind, Darmian, and all those other sacks of shit at United?…. Same goes for Pogba: put them amongst quality players and they shine… But that shower of shit at Old Trafford and that cunt Mourinho do them no favours…. And that’s coming from a Stretford Ender since 1975…

    • I think Lukaku gets a lot of unfair shit from some of our fans. Especially when you consider the alternative could’ve been Morata. Even in a team which was rather mediocre for much of last season he still managed over 20 goals in total.

  124. And Gabbing Logan’s stupidity and babbling crap is now insufferable… She’s talking to the England manager before the biggest England game for 20 years, and all she can say is , ‘Hi Gareth… Let’s play a word association game…’ And, of course, more blabbering wimminbollocks follows… Southgate should have said ‘Don’t waste my fucking time, you useless jabbering clueless cunt!’

  125. I wish some Ruski hooligans would get hold of that England “band” and stuff their instruments up their arseholes.
    Fucking annoying cunts.

  126. We’re all over these cunts. We need gangsta boy to score for once in his life and wrap this game up.

  127. Fuck me Sterling, do you only score for that overrated ‘saviour of English football’ Uncle Pep.

  128. May I remind everyone that we are watching GARETH SOUTHGATE’S England. The man who got sacked from Middlesbrough’s England. And they’re about to make the semi finals of the World Cup.

  129. Well done England. Sweden were utter wank, but thankfully Pickford was more on the ball (in all senses of the word) than our ball-watching defence.

    Trippier and Pickford, were my men of the match. And a big FFS, why does Southgate still insist on playing that headless donkey Sterling!!??? He’s had a shit load of games to find his form with a few goals, but time and time again he just doesn’t know how to finish!

    • Trippier is one of the most underrated players in Europe. I’m surprised the Barcelona, Real Madrid etc vultures aren’t circling for him.

      • Oh that will happen once the World Cup is over, those two will engage in the usual tap-up/unsettle targets that they always use. Fuckers.

  130. I saw some Swedish bird in the crowd with a tiny baby wearing noise cancelling headphones. Fuck me, if you can afford to travel to Russia you can afford a baby sitter for a few hours.
    You have to wonder at the mentality of some people or, as in this case, if they have a fucking brain at all.

    • Some top totty in the Sweden end though… Probably gone to Ivanland to escape the peaceful hordes back home…

      • Yes I noticed a lot of the crowd shots were of Swedish babes; I don’t think I saw a camera focused on any English women – which says something about our munters!

        • Oh aye… No England fitbits on our TV screens… There’s been plenty from all the other countries… Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, France etc… Even Iran and the Ivans have had some very tasty pieces, and there was a bird in the Belgium end I woud have done on the spot…. But English fit’uns? Nah! Fuck all there….

          • Well the birka is not a great photo op, they can’t drink or sit with men. The Africans are out so the sisters can’t dance and the balance 20 pc were probably harpooned by the japs or mixed up for the Russian hotdogs.

  131. Land of hope and glory
    Sterling is a cunt….

    Rule Britannia
    Sterling is a cunt…

    There’ll be bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover
    Because Sterling is a cunt…

    There’ll always be an England
    And Sterling is a cunt…

    • Tbf I don’t think he played badly today. I just think he has a really, really shit end product whenever he plays for England.

  132. And if one more media mong (Russell Cunt Brand, Gary Linekunt, Gabbing Logan, that poove comedian, some D-List slag etc) says ‘It’s coming home’ I shall do an Elvis and shoot the telly… I fucking hate that ‘3 Lions’ shite by that nu-footie snowflake cunt Baddiel and that face like a monkey’s arse cunt, Skinner…. Cunts…

  133. Baddiel and Skinner are only happy because of the extra royalties they’re getting for that shit song.


  134. Chuckle brother Neville and wonky mouth Ferdinand seem to be up Sterling’s arse. “His movement and runs he made were so good; yes Sterling, no Sterling, three bags fucking full sterling”. That may be but he constantly minces about with the ball, doesn’t pass properly and wastes a load of chances. He shouldn’t be in the starting line up.

  135. Luka Modric

    Funny looking cuntish dwarf who has been accused of defrauding tax authorities plus responsible for luring Gareth Bale away from Tottenham to Real Madrid.

    • Definitely a tougher proposition compared to the Swedish turnips; they’re quick on the break, have some midfield invention, and not afraid to go route one getting the ball behind the back 4 – which worries me because our defence is fucking shocking! Had it not been for Pickford’s brilliant displays we would have been knocked out much sooner.

      Need to drop sterling and Henderson – they’re utter wank.

      • Henderson is more useful than Dier so keep him in, but Sterling is utter shite.

        No, the main liability is Kyle Walker, sure Stones and Maguire do some stupid shit at the back but Walker is the main reason why we could lose.

        Croatia has some lethal bastards in their team as well, between Mandzukic, Modric, Rakitic, Rebic and Brozovic we will have a hard time.

          • Wouldn’t mind having Maguire at United. Based on his performances not only for England but for Leicester as well he’s gotta be an upgrade on Jones and Smalling.

    • I love the 1970 classic ‘Back Home’ and New Order’s ‘World In Motion’ (the 12′ Carabinieri mix being the best one)…. I don’t mind 1982’s ‘This Time’ either… I can’t stand Baddiel and Skinner though…To me they represent everything I hate about post-Premier League lads mag nu-footie cunts…. Skinner though – to be fair to him – is a diehard West Brom lifer, but Baddiel is a nu-footie all of a sudden Chelsea fan… Not unlike that other cunt, Damon Albarn, who also ‘discovered’ Chelsea and football in 1993….. I never liked that Fantasy Football shite, but it was Baddiel who was (and still is) the main cunt….

      • I liked the Newman and Baddiel comedy duo. Still laugh out loud at my old VHS tapes of them. Their History Today skits were piss achingly funny.

        Apparently they really hated each other. I saw Rob Newman live one time and he was VERY funny. Maybe he was the real talent of that duo after all.

      • Tbf, Chelsea weren’t exactly all that in 1993. They were a bit like Everton – they would mostly hang around the top 10, occasionally challenge for the Uefa Cup and maybe win something but nothing beyond that until Abramocunt came in.

        • I think ponces like Baddiel and Albarn just ‘chose’ Chelsea after being a football fan became trendy after the Premier League started and all that lads mag bollocks came in… Just like that slag Zoe Ball ‘chose’ Man United (or was it Liverpool? Of course, it was both)… Loathe them or errr loathe them, the Gallagher cunts were proper Man Shitty fans and followed the team when they were (very) shit…. But cunts like Baddiel are like those cunts from U2… Showed no interest whatsoever in the game and certainly not in the Irish team…. But when Jack ‘Dirty Leeds Cunt’ Charlton got his plastic paddy freakshow to the 1990 World Cup and Bono and his band of Diddymen were suddenly lifelong Eire fans… Fucking cunts…

  136. The next empty headed grinning cunt who says “ It’s coming home “ to me is………
    probably not going to get the answer they expected.
    Fucking parrots. Fuck off.

  137. Supermarkets Aldi and Lidl say they will close stores early on Sunday if England get through to the World Cup final – because “football’s coming home”…

    Errr… Aren’t they fucking Germans?….

  138. And all this ‘Bigger Than 66’ bollocks the media cunts keep babbling is just that… Not dumbing down what the current England side have achieved (so far), but they haven’t won it (yet?), and those lads in 1966 actually did… And to say it means more now than it did then is also crap… Typical modern snowflake weren’t even born then entitled bollocks… In 1966 the country – while at the height of the ‘Swinging Sixties’ was still in some ways recovering from the war, and the opponents in the final were the hated Krauts, and feelings of contempt for the Germans were still very high back then… Also that 66 World Cup was won while the tournament was full of top, top players like Pele, Eusebio,
    Garrincha, Beckenbauer (Messi and Ronaldo, my arse)… I really hope England do win it on Sunday (and especially if we beat the hated Froggies), but to say it’s better than 1966 is a load of shite…

      • It’s just a thing that generation snowflake and millennial cunts like to do… Everything now has to be the ‘best of all time’ and a pissing contest in their favour… Like brain dead cunts who say that tuneless fat slag Adele is the ‘best singer ever’, or that insipid beetroot headed Sheeran cunt is as good as Bob Dylan, and Messi is better than Pele or Best, or Grenfell (naturally) is worst than Hiroshima and Pompeii combined… No sense or knowledge of history or past greatness, and they’re not bothered either… Pig ignorant spoiled cunts…

  139. All types of media whore celebricunts are now hijacking England’s (so far) success…
    Justin Timberlake has ‘officially’ thrown his ‘suppor’t behind England’s World Cup campaign…. The piss poor Wacko Jacko tribute act was playing chief cheerleader for Gareth Southgate’s team last night in London… Timbercunt bullshitted:

    “Somebody told me the first time that I came here I became an honorary Brit so…
    It’s Coming. Home!”

    He then went on to praise England’s goalscores Harry- Kane and Harry Maguire -using his best mockney accent….

    What a complete cunt and cretin… It’s no coincidence that ‘Yank’ rhymes with both ‘Plank’ and ‘Wank’….

    • I heard him say Raheem Kane and Dele Henderson were ‘ like totally like awesome’ and he hopes they score more touchdowns than Croatialand to make the Masters of the Universe World Series of Soccer-Ball final.

    • If there was a good reason to lose it is to show all these cunts up for the true media whores they are.

      It ain’t coming home u cunts and thank fuck that song is over.

  140. There were no black players in the raaay-sist England team of 1966 therefore it doesn’t count.
    We should apologise for pretending we were world champions when clearly , ethnic minorities were excluded.
    Fuck me, even the referee and linesmen were white supremacists burning crosses in their dressing room.
    Fucking disgrace.

  141. What a shit awful semi that was. Christ on a bike. After the frogs scored, you’d think the Belgies would go at them full tilt. But no. Those garlic snorting surrender monkeys are not that good and haven’t played that well IMO.

    Let’s hope we give the Croats a good game tomorrow. Win, lose or draw Southgate is still a massive cunt and I hate his guts.

    • Nothing wrong with Southgate in my view. I mean, even with the easier draw we wouldn’t have done this under Woy Wodgson or Capello or even probably Allardyce (being very much in the Wodgson mould). Yeah he has leftie politics but I get the sense that’s more to do with him just not looking into this stuff rather than anything particularly sinister.

  142. Cunts constantly saying “it’s coming home” like it’s the cleverest and most original thing in the world……..please shut your fucking stupid cakehole. You’re just a cunt , the kind of cunt who ruins everything with your stupidity.
    Cunts wearing waistcoats……..please die soon.

  143. What in Fuckery have ITV got Roy Keane on for a Semi-Final with England? This hateful peasant loathes anything to do with Blighty. I’m surprised he isn’t wearing a Croatia shirt. Or a France one. What next? Maradona as a pundit?


    • Surely foreigners telling us what to do is par for the course these days. Keane, like the others, is happy to take our money but don’t expect any gratitude, or even basic manners.

  144. Willie won’t like hearing this as a Spurs fan but the vultures might be circling for Trippier after this tournament.

    • Trust me, if that cunt Levy smells a tidy profit for himself and his bum chum pay master Joe Lewis, Trippier will be on his way. Spurs are run to make money for the owners. That’s just how it is. Cannot wait for the lot of them to fuck off and take their serial loser manager with them.

  145. We can do these cunts! Every set piece they are shitting themselves.
    Goal from gangsta boy will do.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  146. England playing with an invisible 12th man and Henderson keeps passing to him. What a fucking cunt he is. Lovren should be off by now and someone please kill that fucking band FFS! All cunts.

    • Sterling unable to finish…… heh, I wonder if that’s a problem for him in other departments as well?

    • I fucking hope so, the Croats like their penalty shoot outs and I don’t think we could survive another one of those again!

  147. Bollocks! Should have had it won by half time but can’t complain.The Croats won fair and square, didn’t kick anyone or cheat. Hope they piss all over those French bastards.
    On the bright side……no more thick cunts saying “it’s coming home” or wearing waistcoats.
    Expect the plastic, can’t hold their drink, so-called “football fans” to go on the rampage tonight. …..over here I mean, not in Russia where they have a real police force.

    • Yep, should have had 3 in the first half.

      We were the shits in the 2nd half. Trippier and Young, our two best players in the tournament started doing stupid shit and was nowhere to be seen respectively.
      Walker’s stupid shit finally backfired on us, he needs to learn to keep it simple.

      It’s galling to say this to the team that beat us but I want them to beat the frogs as well.

      Oh well, time for a rematch with the pedo-boys! WOOOOOOO!

  148. Not good enough, though well-played in the tournament. Congratulations to Croatia and I support them against the frog-eating Cowards.

    Ultimately, we didn’t have the players and we weren’t skilful enough. At least we outlived the arrogant Krauts, the insipid Spanish, any Middle-Eastern shithole countries and any South American, cheating animals.

    Let down by our players and our useless PM in the same week. Roll on Christmas.

  149. These fucking pundits on the telly make me fucking laugh.
    Gary Neville—did fuck all in the World Cup
    Ian Wright—never played in the World Cup
    Lee Dixon—never played in the World Cup
    Roy Keane—ran away from the World Cup like a fucking girl because nobody would tuck him in at night.
    Fucking wankers the lot of them.
    I seem to remember the chant…..”if Lee Dixon plays for England so can I.”

    • Agreed… At least Klinsmann, Shearer, and (cunt though he is) Lineker on the other side did a thing or two at the World Cup… But the worst cunt in the ITV team? Jacqui cunting Oatley… Just before today’s semi, this helium voiced cunt said ‘This is the first time England have got to a World Cup semi-final in three years…. And (and smug look) that was the women’s team!’

      Just one thing to say… Fuck off and choke, you clueless fucking slag!

      • Yeah, see if ITV show the Wimmins World Cup on their main channel at peak viewing time. Their advertisers will tell them to stick it up their arse because nobody wants to watch that shit.
        Of course the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation will have a different attitude , but they’ve already stolen the money from our pockets up front.

        • Wimminz World Cup, nobody apart from Al-Beeb obsessing over their diversity quotas would give a fly shit. If people wanted to watch substandard footy they would fuck off down the local park on a Sunday and watch fat hungover cunts kick each other.

          • And I think Southgate showed great restraint at this tournament: in not chinning that cunt, Gabbing Logan, with her inane questions and babbling crap…

          • Wimminz football: Scottish Premier League standard but with tits, a similar amount of rough looking, stubbly bulldykes, and the same amount of skirts. Unwatchable cack.

          • And I bet that daft slag Oatley can’t even make decent chips either… She’s an undisputed cunt…

  150. Off subject but having just vented my spleen towards my rather large flat screen I have to say that it isn’t coming home. What another sad day when even as a total pleb you watch those cunts throw it all away. Total respect for Pickford but the tossers that kept on passing back even in the closing minutes really makes my semen curdle. Once again it appears that England only have one player in their team, Kane. Used to be Rooney and apparently there was some chappie called Beckham that everybody relied upon until the new flavour came along. As an ex pat of 25 years I will not run blighty down but when I read/hear the news, Brexit, feral kids, immigration and on the odd visit am pleased to get back to my adopted country I really feel sorry for the older generation watching everything they fought and worked for literally crumble in front of their very eyes. It appears to me that playing by the rules and turning the other cheek is not the wisest thing to do.

    • Sorry they lost, if only because this country could do with a shot of national pride. And a final against France, win or lose, would have been sort of symbolic on the Brexit front.

      On the bright side, there will be no flags flapping from cars tomorrow.

    • We were never going to win it. Couldn’t beat Belgium, and the rest of our games were against such wank teams anyway. A few set pieces doesn’t make up for the fact we’re distinctly average at best.

      If we had won the cup it would have been thanks to some of the most boring football of the tournament. Only games I fell asleep in were ours!

    • It was never going to come home, Billy. The reason: football as it’s now played (a passing rather than rushing game) originated in Scotland, not England. Ironically, having created the modern game, Scotland have reverted to its previous incarnation…

  151. Am I the first one to say that within a short space of time some
    cunt will tell us that England lost against Croatia ‘because of Brexit!’

  152. Sick if hearing about the Wags… Seriously who cares what these useless slappers are up to. Their comforting their Husbands/Boyfriends… More like their thinking what dress and matching diamonds they will be getting for their support.

  153. Someone told Raheem that he’d been playing in the World Cup in Russia… He said ‘I knew naffink abaaaaaht it’

    • You make much ££ from the WC B&WC? Been backing games to go to extra time and pens for the knockouts when too close to call and did OK. Only one 0-0 who’d have thought it?

      • @LL, been betting a fair amount and lost all of it. Thankfully I’m not a regular gambler otherwise I’d be skint. I get attracted to the big odds. Anyways I’ll put what’s left in the Bet365 account on Croatia beating France. Probably lose that as well.

        • Well ive done my bollox betting on this World Cup,closest I got was £3 at 100/1 the Japs to beat Belgium 3-2.Think ill have one more desperate punt,either Belgium to beat the “Three lions on a shirt” 4-1 (33/1) or the Froggies to clinch it by the same score(50/1). Hope Im wrong (I am 95% of the time) but I can see Zero chance for the Croats against the Gauls.

  154. So the vibrant and diverse three lions lose 2-1 after extra time. The result was surely too close to call. We must have a re match until we get the result we are looking for. Perhaps a ‘people’s world cup’ to allow us to have a say in the final?

    We should try again, as apparently the boys didn’t know what they were playing for, Lies and half truths abound regarding the opponents and what would happen to the economy, jobs, the NHS, etc etc if we’re to leave.

    Has anyone in the FA triggered the FIFA equivalent of article 50? Do they know we are leaving?

    Following the result has the head of the FA resigned? Clearly it was not the result he campaigned for during the tournament and now must feel duty bound to hand over the reigns to someone else to steer the good ship England thro the choppy waters of EgWCexit.

    Has the government set up a department for exiting the World Cup?

    Are there going to be acts passed in House of Thieves, following legal challenges by Gina Miller or other ‘Patriots’ who just want the fans to have a say in the final outcome?

    Have any of the waistcoat wearing ones back room staff quit following the disagreements over the content of the white paper regarding the tactics and approach England displayed in the second half of the game?

    What’s Vince Cable, Kier Starmer, Sourberry and Cuntbells view on the outcome?

    Has Sir Gary of Linekunt expressed a sporting, non political view of the whole sorry thing?

    So many questions, so little answers.

  155. So England finish 4th. Not to be too harsh but in reality they’ve only played two good teams and got beat thrice. Back to earth with a bump.

      • Heroes: Pickford, Maguire, Trippier, Kane

        Cunts: Walker, Stonezzzz, Sterling (no coincidence that they’re all Abu Dhabi City bluenoses)

        • Sterling thought he’d scare the opposition with his assault rifle tattoo. Maybe a water pistol would have been more appropriate. Or one of those joke guns where you pull the trigger and it releases a flag with BANG written on it.

  156. Not much chance but hoping these dirty Frenchie bastards get turned over today. The beauty of football is that the team with the better players don’t always win.
    Fuck me, if Leicester can win the Premier League then Croatia can beat these cunts!
    I’ve convinced myself……come on you red and white check boys!

  157. As much as I enjoy watching the footie, somewhat pleased the WC is over. Fucking drags on a bit doesn’t it. We did okay, definite improvement from previous years. Still a long way to go however. Some good youth players waiting to be called up. Lots of them playing abroad which can only be good as the premier league is made up of 69% foreign players so they have no chance of getting into first teams. Those soap dodging frogs are probably having a laugh at us; smug gits. Good tournament all round and a decent performance from England. Over and out.

  158. Laughable to hear that apecunt Keown yapping on about how ‘disrespectful’ and ‘insulting’ it was when Eric Cantona referred to Didier Deschamps as a water carrier… Disrespectful?Says the cunt who behaved like a demented feral baboon when Van Nistelrooy missed that penalty…. Fucking monkeyman cunt…

  159. Kane a hero? Er, no.

    The lad tried hard but his record against even half-decent opposition was woeful. Consider the facts: he scored twice against a weak Tunisia side; both were from set-pieces, and frankly even Sterling wouldn’t have missed the first one. He then went one better by scoring three against a team of canal maintenance men, said goals being one deflection (his only goal from open play) and two penalties.

    And that was pretty much that for ‘Arry. He had one shot on target in the remaining four games – the penalty he converted against Colombia. That’s a pretty damning statistic for a man whose main attribute is the ability to put the ball in the back of the onion bag. Perhaps even more damning is a return of one goal from open play in six games.

    Of course, he’s the sort of player who needs service in order to prosper. That he didn’t get it is in no small way down to Southgate’s failure to select a truly creative midfielder in the 23. But that’s another story…

    • Tbf, he was having to drop into almost a midfield role quite a lot precisely because of that lack of service. Can’t do much in the way of scoring when you’re having to do that.

  160. At least it pissed down on the filthy cunts.
    Who were the androgynous birds in the background behind Putin and Macron? I’ve seen fucking waxworks sexier than that.

  161. I’d sooner have watched Boris Spassky play Bobby Fischer, fucking boring shit for the most part. Why have the goals at each end, when they should both be on either side of the half way line?
    Why they kept playing that Sterling I’ll never know, if he beats a couple of defenders he turns around and tries to dribble against his own men. He’s fast but that’s no use at all if you’ve got no sense.
    The modern game has no appeal to me now because it’s all about being afraid to take a risk, so you’re passing the ball back to your goalie more often than you are passing forward.
    Add to that all the Russian and Arab mafia money polluting the product and you get what you see .. scared players directed by scared managers.

    The good thing for me is that half of the players from the World Cup could walk down a busy street in Vancouver and hardly a cunt would recognize one of them.
    Strange place this city is, ‘cos nobody would recognize many of the famous sports personalities from Europe. Chris Froome could probably walk around unmolested for days before somebody noticed he was here. Only hockey players get that sort of adoration.
    I don’t like any of the pro sports scenes anyways because it’s mostly cheating, lying, drugs and lawyers.

  162. Was nice to see England get to the semis. but the usual hype and hysteria has ensued… Pickford is a good goalie and has done well, but any social media mong who says the lad is better then David De Gea is a gargantuan cunt….

    And, I’m also wondering, how long it will take that cunt Mourinho to undermine Pogba and make him shit again?….

  163. Somewhere in Siberia a huge iron door creaks open and thousands of Russian football hooligans emerge blinking into the summer night…..

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