The Luvvies 2020

The ISAC Luvvie Award for 2020 is now open for nominations. Here’s your chance to finger (geddit?) your favourite Luvvie. Never mind the Oscars, the Golden Globes or the BAFTAs because this is the only one that is frighteningly honest.

And the nominations so far are :

Emma Thomson – For flying first class from Los Angeles and back again so she could address an Extinction Rebellion meeting on the evils of flying

Rose McGowan – For tweeting an apology to Iran for killing their terrorist general and accusing The Donald of overseeing a totalitarian dictatorship. And for being American obviously.

Idris Elba – For pledging to return to his homeland of Sierra Leone despite not being born there and never having visited it

Patrick Stewart – For pontificating on the evils of Brexit and telling us what to do about it despite living full time in the USA

Pheobe Waller-Bridge – For being an insufferable arsehole banging on about how hard everything has been for her before she won multiple awards and landed a $20million deal with Amazon.

J K Rowling – For her lectures on Brexit, her unswerving belief in Corbynism, her campaigning for an Independent Scotland and demanding that 16 publishers around the world print her books using “eco-friendly” papers.

In the true spirit of diversity and equality, we will be having a single award regardless of gender.

Further nominations will be welcomed. Please post the name of your Luvvie and the reason for nomination in the above format. If they are considered worthy and if we can be arsed, we’ll add them to the poll.

53 thoughts on “The Luvvies 2020

  1. Hugh Grant
    For trying to thwart democracy in the recent General Election by encouraging other thick cunts to “vote tactically” against Boris.

    • He was a cunt when he got famous for playing the same fucking part on every cunting film he was in, he has put in a few very good performances recently, but there again that is his fucking job. And because he’s such a whiney little cunt in real life I get angry for liking his performances, he is a cunt of the highest order.

  2. A big up for Rose McGowan. Will she now apologise (on behalf of 52% of Americans) to the families of those that died when Iran shot down the airliner?

  3. Steve Coogan

    The one trick pony that is Alan Partridge, otherwise without this mildly amusing character this cunt would be on the dole, picking his nose and scratching his arse.

    But as it is he’s another one of those metropolitan sleb types that live on Planet Uranus, and mostly talk out of it, giving the impression that he is right and the masses are all very much in the wrong – not least over Brexit and Corbyn!

    Ahaa, guess what, cunt!

  4. It has got to be that morbidly obese, Spunk-Bubble. Gobshite Toad…..James Fucking-Corden.

    Loathsome, arse-kissing Pisspot.

  5. I nominate pantomine dame Elton Bogg.
    Firstly the EU loving old tart ranted on about how he despised all the xenophobic Little Englanders (and by inference I suppose) Little Scotlanders and Little Welshlanders who voted for Brexit. Horrible inward looking, narrow minded little people who our Reg regards with contempt.
    Secondly for brown-nosing in such an obsequious fashion to the Halfwhitt-Hewitts and defending them for flying out to his house by private jet after lecturing the rest of us about climate change. Heir Miles Harry’s mom was Elton’s ‘dear, dear friend’, and he wanted Harry and Miss Sparkle to have a peaceful holiday ‘after their year of hard work’ (!!!!). Gush gush simper. Trying to demonstrate to us all how ‘intimate’ he is with royalty had nothing to do with it of course. What a fucking poseur.
    It is a mystery and a miracle of evolution just how far one individual can manage to shove their head up their own arse and live to tell the story. Dame Elton Bogg for Luvvy of the Year!!

  6. Some worthy mentions….

    Olivia Colman – Snobby as fuck horse faced luvvie dahling cunt…

    Gwyneth Paltrow – Daddy’s girl spoilt brat christmas turkey in lipstick cunt…

    Jennifer Aniston – Fat slag and daft cunt who gobs off about the Aussie fires being caused by climate change (when they aren’t)…

    But, if there is a number one, it has to be Phoebe Waller Cunt… I loathe the woman…

    • Gwyneth Paltrow deserves a nom just for marketing a perfume that smells like her growler. Who the fuck is going to buy or wear that for fuck’s sake?
      It’ll be Owen Jones farts next ………….

  7. Olivia Colman: she started her career ugly and is getting progressively uglier year on year. Surely hasn’t got much talent.

    James Corden: an obese, talent vacuum

    Jennifer Aniston: nominated above, but she is very attractive, and I’d like to fuck her tiny brains out.

    Phoebe Waller-Bridge: also ugly, lack of talent, overrated, insufferable, posh, has only gained acclaim as she is from an incredibly privileged background.

    Lady Elton: “he” should transition to wearing big flowery dresses, and then get imprisoned for letting policemen fuck him up the arse outside/inside Clapham public loos. Proper nonce he is.

  8. Ian Hislop.

    Has the kind of smug face you just want to slap with a 2by4. Another Islington Remoaner who loves to saturate Private Eye and HIGNFY with his anti-Brexit bullshit.

    So far up his own arse he needs pot-holing gear to see where he’s going!

    • Absolutely, HIGNFY stopped being funny years ago, and under his editorship Private Eye is now fucking shit. In fairness it was never all that great (as a teenager I loved it, but teenagers are cunts) but did have the odd decent talent like Auberon Waugh and Willie Rushton, even though in general it has always been Oxbridge pricks sneering. Fucking load of old shit.
      Anyway, yes, Hislop is a cunt.

      • I did a nomination for Hislop about 6 months ago so I agree 100% that he is a deranged luvvie cunt. Richard Ingrams must regret the day he ever met the twat.
        Private Eye was good when Ingrams was in charge with some exceptionally people writing for it, Christopher Booker and even Paul Foot, even if it was difficult to agree with his political views.


    Because you just know when Dame Keir becomes Labour leader the vaseline arsed little creep will go crawling back, demanding to become an M.P. and in full slap. He didn’t bother when Steptoe was in charge because he knew he faced no fucking chance, but one of the pansies in charge will embolden him, and his fellow poofters to try again.

  10. Lily Allen, there are many reasons to nominate this silly bitch and there are many other luvvies who could be contenders but the ‘this is the best manifesto I have ever seen’ must put her in pole position.

    As it turned out Joe Public thought it was Shite!

  11. Phoebe Waller Fucking Complete and Utter Cunt doing the celebrity luvvie largesse cunt act… The footlights horse faced cunt is auctioning off her Golden Globes outfit to raise money for the Australian fires… I bet the Aussies are as pleased as punch about that, eh?…
    Most people will and have donated anonymously… But thus equine featured twat just has to let everyone know, right?.. And her auctioning some rags means that she has actually donated nothing herself… Try giving the fire services some of your Amazon or BBC money, you fucking silver spoon up your arse slag….

  12. Not actually a luvvie, but he fucking acts like one… Steven Moffat… The man who destroyed Doctor Who and then Sherlock Holmes, has now resurfaced with is crappy woke BBC-centric version of Dracula….

    Oh, and Mark Gatiss is a fucking cunt and all…

  13. I’m sorry. I simply can’t vote on this.
    Only 1 nomination ? and not enough choice.

    How about a ‘fucked lifeboat’ vote ? ? ?
    A cruise ship full of ‘celebrity’ bell ends – you drill fucking big holes in one of the lifeboats they holds 10 people.

    So you get to vote for the 10 biggest Cunts who’ll sink to the bottom of the sea and become shark food. 🙂

    My 10 fucking wanker Cunts :-
    Rose McGowan – for having shit opinions & attention seeking
    Emma Thompson – for being a hypocritical wank windbag
    Mark Gatiss – for pissing on HGWells, Dickens & BramStokers graves
    Steven Moffat – ditto
    Lady Elton John – so far up Harry&Markles arse, he can brush their teeth
    Hugh Grant – keep your shit opinion to black skank hookers
    Steve Coogan – stopped being funny long ago & became a massive wanker
    Daniel Craig – let me down. 007 dressed in drag & now non-alchohol WTF!
    James Corden – Uber cunt. trying for MEGA CUNT status
    Hollywood – for suggesting we remake old films to make them PC & woke.
    (I know all Hollywood won’t fit ; the main LA cunt, but I don’t know who that is)

  14. Gwyneth Paltrow. $75 USD for a candle that smells of her cunt when the contents of the grease trap behind a fish mongers are free. A “conscious decoupling” from reality.

    • I can’t imagine her minge smells very appealing with that squeaky-voiced wankrag Chris Martin’s porridge dribbling out of it. I bet even his cum is fucking miserable.

    • Probably because if you view the site on a mobile then the announcements on the top of the home page get moved to the bottom.
      It’s bollocks, but that’s what happens when cunts do programming…

  15. I think Stephen (Neumann-)Fry qualifies. For reasons too various to detail, the insufferably smug self-promoting wet left faux-aristo flamboyant arrivist Cambridge Footlights former juvenile offender cunt.

  16. Have to vote Patrick Stewart because hes a grade A cunt and new Star Trek Picard show looks like dogshit He said he only did Picard because Brexit and Trump lol

    James Corden is a close second nomination tho the fat piggy cunt

  17. Tough four way choice for me between Coogan, Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Stormzy but I’m going with Stormzy. Simply because he’s the most vocal and most openly racist of the bunch – all the worst aspects of the other three rolled into one.

  18. May I also put forward as a contender Kehinde Andrews, ‘professor’ of Black Studies at the University of Birmingham? He’s effectively the ‘intellectual’ equivalent of Stormzy.

  19. Emma Thompson, Plutonium grade cunt, fly from L.A to London to address those E.R cunts, then flying back troughing on Beef, all the plebs listen to what I say not do.
    Humungous swamp donkey and a prize cunt

  20. Grayson Perry what is the point of it, I know it is progressive to dress up in womens clothes and portray yourself as something other than what you are, but it can’t even do that with any elan and either side of the coin it comes out looking like a cunt.
    It is recognised as an artist one of great profundity no less, indeed a national treasure, really!!! if it did ever possess any talent it disappeared down the plug hole with it’s placenta.
    A blind chimp flourishing a pair of bollocks in one hand and a twig in the other could produce something more resembling art than this cunt ever has.

  21. The Luvvie Cunt of the year has to be Phoebe Waller Complete and Utter Undisputed Fucking Cunt Bridge…. Her silver spoon up her arse self satisifed smugness and Femstapo sneering is unbearable….

  22. It’s got to be Lilly the musical Kong, reason pretty much everything the cunt says,does ,or thinks,an utter cock womble who needs a good hard kick in the snatch, and Charlotte church as a close second for being a talentless bobwhite cunt with a tiny brain, big gob and we’ll worn pigs ear….

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