Musical bog trotters

I see those bogtrotting hypocrites, Slob Geldof and U2 are at it again… Apparently the smelly one and the taxdodging dadrockers have condemned Aung San Suu Kyi for having the nerve to deal with the peaceful cunts in Burma… Someone should tell these thick village idiots that the Burmese don’t want any rapes, murders, or terrorism from these parasites in their own backyard… Simple as that… Mind you, I don’t even think these Irish cunts would even be arsed if the muslamists committed an atrocity in Dublin… They’d either be too busy appeasing the murderers or living it up in their tax havens… Cunts…

And, of course, Bono and his cunts have bigged up Aung San Suu Kyi for years… She was their ‘virtue signaling mascot’ for a long tine… But now she’s committed the heinous (to celebricunts) crime of daring to stand up to the peaceful cunts, Bonio and his pals have chucked the toys out of the Amnesty International pram… Cunts…

Nominated by Norman

My cuntometer went off the scale today, triggered by that cunt Bob Geldof. It was as though his tired, stroppy rebel act wasn’t wearing enough or the spectacle of he and his cunty tosser rich pals hurling puerile abuse at British fishermen from a boat on the Thames last year. Then just today, he managed once again make my blood boil in a way not seen since his dull as dishwasher one hit in the 1980s where he whined tastelessly about some school shooting or other. The cunt is “protesting” the Burmese president by handing back his Freedom of the City of Dublin award. Gee Bob, the Burmese president is quaking in her Gucci shoes at your bravery. Hey Bob, you cunt of cunts, why not put your ill gotten gains where your mouth is. Cunt!

Nominated by Slack Alice

Children in Need [2]

knitted rudolp

knitted chugger cunt

Is it too early to nominate Children in Africa – sorry – Children in Need for a cunting?

A night of ABBC cringe-worthy programming interspersed with famous cunts in Africa still following M’Tebe on his 8 mile walk to get a pail of water liberally mixed with bison piss only to walk back again.

“And it takes M’Tebe all day to do this. And the next day he sets off again. It’s a never ending battle just to get this most basic provision.”

Hey Ewan MacGregor, while you’re there, why not tell M’Tebe to move nearer to the fucking water? Oh, and while you’re on, instead of interviewing the hand-wringing mothers and their rotund bellied offspring, how about finding one of the papa-san’s who’s responsible for continually impregnating them? Oh, and don’t wait for the cunt to take off his AK-47 and dual bandoleros of 7.62 rifle rounds!

The ABBC will throw in the odd token local raspberry foundation story but – like Sir Cunt Geldof before them – the real story of the night is Africa.

It’s not that I’m unsympathetic to the plight of the starving millions in the dark continent, it’s just that after 40yrs and billions of pounds in worldwide aid, nothing has changed. Millions still starving, countries still run by tyrannical despots (who annex said monies/aid for themselves or to then sell it on to the peoples it was intended for in the first place), and the rich and famous still using it as a vehicle to signal how virtuous and caring they are, when the reality is that we all know they’re cunts at heart!

I used to be duped into giving to Pudsey and his clan but when I hit my 30’s I decided that the money would actually do more good in my own arse pocket because once the exec administrators have taken their cut, the aid facilitators taken their cut, the transporters taken their cut – only for the remainder to be annexed by the destinating Govt – poor old M’Tebe is lucky if there’s enough left to afford him an extra fly to go along with his 2 grains of rice and glass of bison piss!

Fuck off Children in Need!

And fuck off ABBC! If you’re that bothered about children, then please explain Savile? You cunts!

Nominated by Rebel without a Cunt!

Humanity at large

We appear to be in the midst of another full blown Moral Panic. This sort of bullshit is nothing new.

The Govt, career politicians, commentators and opinion makers, having run out of easy ‘fool the public’ pain-free solutions to our urgent virtually impossible to solve issues, have gratefully latched onto the latest media bandwagon frenzy (Weinstein vs. slags) to distract and smother the infantile, snowflake electorate under a slag heap of sinister trivia. Talk about ‘Fiddling’ while Rome burns!

Another cunting due for Humanity at large anyone?

Nominated by Shitcake Baker

Bono [12]

Bono is a premium cunt…
We all know about the immense legacy of cuntitude this buffoon has behind him:

Giving speeches on green issues, then having a hat (a fucking hat!) flown across the world first class on a Jumbo Jet….

Using his vast wealth to pursue and ruin former employees in the high court over a pair of trousers….

Going on about ‘Make Poverty History’ and all that finger clicking shite, then blowing 250 grand on a ‘party’…

Appearing at every UK political party conference during General Election campaigns, when he’s Irish and UK politics has fuck all to do with him…

Pontificating about Brexit and how ‘wrong’ it is (again, fuck all to do with rich Bogtrotters)…

Tells the ‘riff-raff’ to dig deep for those lost cause Africans, when he has luxury houses in Dublin, New York, Barbados, Malibu, Amsterdam, and Monte Carlo…

And now the piss de resistance… After years of telling the ordinary working man and woman what to do with their hard earned cash, this cunt has been rumbled for tax dodging and ‘investing’ in a Lithuanian Arndale Centre… The whole thing smells worse than a Pakistani wrestler’s jockstrap fried in two week old chip fat…

He really is the Crème de la cunt…

Nominated by Norman