Anna Friel

This professional snowflake is a cunt in many ways… A typical luvvie leftie cunt who is a remainer twat who lectures us working class riff-raff and who loves migrants… She won’t live with them though, naturally…

And now this libfuck trollop is starring in a ‘drama’ about a mother with a transgender kid… Of course Friel thinks such evil and warped shite is to be applauded and encouraged… Sex changes for children should be 100% illegal… A young child’s mind and body is undeveloped and growing every day of their lives, and they can’t possibly know what the fuck they want to be at that age….

But this luvvie libfuck slag believes that experiments worthy of Mengele are perfectly acceptable…. A cunt if ever there was one… Friel is also an overrated cunt too… All this ‘great actress’ shit that was bandied about in the 90s?

OK, what are her great works? What has she been in? Well, there’s Brookside, and there’s that piss poor Prime Suspect rip-off, and errr there’s lezzin it up Brookside…. What a load of bollocks… Immensely overrated in the looks department too… I recall her being seen as some sort of top totty in the 90s… What a load of crap… She wasn’t even the hottest bird in Brookie… That accolade went to the far fitter and talented Amanda Burton…

No doubt about it, Anna Friel is a proper cunt…

Nominated by Norman

Anti-fairytale millennial parenting

Not content with making all children part of some PC army, whinging the rest of us to death if we don’t respect everyone else’s rights more than our own, the anti-free speech brigade are now banning fairy tales, particularly Disney films from their children’s lives. Unless they are lecturing them on the bad old days and how they have it so much better now, that is. Forget the Grimm brothers dark twisted tales, apparently snow white was sexually assaulted in her sleep by a rich white cis gender person who got away with it, Cinderella was a money grabbing whore who would have done much better without men in her life and Arial was some sort of domestic abuse victim that had to sacrifice her talents to be with the man she loved.

Worse than the celebrities who will cough up hairballs on the subject whenever some gullible cunt with a microphone comes near them are the nobodies who have recently completed their degrees on how to suck the fun out of all life specialising on how to use all media and history to support their man hating agenda.

The end of life in the west is only a couple of generations away. If you want to get off with someone of the opposite sex you’ll have to wear a badge apologising for it.

Nominated by Quirk

Confrontational Fat Cows


No, I don’t mean Chlorofluorocarbon or Chelsea Football Club

I mean Confrontational Fat Cows. Certain SheWhales, sorry, Females, who have reached critical mass, such that just one more truck-loaded gobful would most certainly result in their upsetting Earth’s perfectly balanced rotational access and see our planet careering giddily off into the darkest recesses of space. The sort of size that if it stepped into the road in front of your car, you’d run out of fuel swerving around it. Couple this with an attitude of bullish, relentless self-assertion and a habitually offensive stance in any conversation then you’ve met the type of obnoxious fat cunt I’m talking about.

There’s one comes into our local. Jumbo’s arrival is heralded by the groaning of the foundations and floorboards. Then comes the badgering, belligerent, ear-splitting voice, which renders any existing conversation redundant. Shuffling meekly in behind Jumbo’s vast acreage of quivering backside, comes it’s partner. They have a vigorous sex life, she loudly and proudly proclaims. Now I couldn’t achieve erection in the same county as Jumbo, let alone the same room, so quite how he can manage to rut the fucking thing, is completely beyond me. Maybe he closes his eyes and thinks of Andrew Lloyd Webber turned inside-out.

She knows more about any subject on discussion, than everyone else in the bar combined, whether or not she’s been invited into the conversation. Any poor fucker needing a piss whilst Jumbo is holding forth has a choice of either (a) nipping out the front and pissing in the road, (b) pissing themselves where they stand, or (c) a 7 hour walk around the fat cunt, to the bogs. (Squeezing past it is NOT an option, unless you want to end up as a tattoo on Jumbo’s gargantuan arse).

But for me, what puts these vociferous land-masses into the “forefront of pure cunt” is that they just won’t stay quietly in the background of the pub. They have to be the centre of attention, expecting us to orbit around them.

Mouthy fat cunts.

Nominated by Cunt Reviled

Australians living in London

Nobody invited these annoying cunts here, atrocious accents, brash behaviour, loud as fuck, endless consumption of alcohol and most likely Vegan. And did they tell you they’re from Australia? Don’t worry, you’ll know straight away, because they just can’t fucking wait to tell you, whilst draped in the national flag, at the top of their voice, pissed as a fart.

Overpriced and overrated areas in South London such as Clapham and Tootling have been descended upon by those from Down Under, making it even more unbearable to walk the streets, as if it wasn’t enough being crammed full of middle-class mummies and sand demons, respectively. They’ll drain the local corner shop or Tesco Metro dry of booze, becoming insanely drunk before heading off to a rugby game on the tube, or simply fucking around on Clapham Common, annoying everyone who has the misfortune of being near them – and that’s just on a weekday. CUNTS.

Nominated by Lord Cuntony

The Irish Border

Ireland was partitioned in 1921 but there has never really been a hard border.

Irish citizens can come go under the ‘common travel area’ and this will continue, regardless of Brexit.

Irish citizens, my own family included, fought in the British army.

Switzerland has an EU border which is not exactly ‘hard’.

So what is the problem? Are we going to see billions of £s of black market trade? It seems to be mostly cattle and people crossing so this doesn’t seem likely. Besides which there are differential tax rates now anyway.

So what the fuck is the problem?

The IRA, sorry, Sinn Fein, are hinting at violence. Sounds like a threat to me, so no reason to be considered. The EU are using the border as some sort of line in the sand. Why?
Well, Ireland doesn’t like it. It will hit them I suppose but fuck them, it was our vote.
The EU have manufactured a crisis out of it, trading on May’s incompetence.

The Good Friday Agreement is dug out to bolster fears. But this agreement was signed by the murderers, Adams, MCGuiness et al because their day was done. So fuck them.

We either tell them to fuck off, the border is our business not theirs or offer to build a fucking wall. And while we are at it ban pikeys coming over here to wreck and fly tip which the Irish government has banned them from doing.

Fuck the Irish border.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble