Selective Appropriation

Selective appropriation and those who practice it are cunts…

After the abomination that was the ‘Yesterday’ film, another cunt has jumped on the bandwagon…using the songs of a popular white artist to push a PC and box ticking agenda. That twat Richard Curtis using the legacy of the Beatles to peddle politically correct crap was vomit inducing enough, but now there is another piece of cinematic shite on offer: The film is called ‘Blinded By The Light’ and features yet another asian personage, this time using the words and music of Bruce Springsteen. Now, some would ask what’s all the fuss about, but I see this as blatant PC propaganda and they’re using the work of the white and western people and artists they so often demonise.

What also sticks in the neck is that this stuff is totally one way and only ‘OK’ if ‘they’ do it. Some hapless, harmless cunt has braids or dreadlocks and they get ‘Cultural appropriation’ screamed at them. Kunty Perry (cunt though she is) dresses as a Geisha and all hell breaks loose on social mong media. Some actress gets the part of a transexual, but she turns it down due to rabid hysteria about it not ‘being allowed’ by the LGBT Stasi (same said actress was also told she ‘wasn’t allowed’ to have any sort of opinion, as a ‘straight white woman’) yet lard arse, car alarm voiced Beyonce can have blonde hair and look ‘western’. That ‘Stormzy’ maggot can wear a Union Jack. The Beatles songbook can be nicked in order to tick boxes and make certain types look good…and now they are doing it with the legacy of ‘The Boss’. A bit like lefties turning a blind eye to peaceful rape and murder, it appears that certain things are only acceptable in this country if certain types of people do them.

Besides, nobody will ever better the Manfred Mann’s Earth Band version, so bollocks….

Nominated by Norman

The Independent Group for Change

A full supported and relevant cunting for The Independent Group for Change.

The group of MPs who can’t even decide what they should be called (The Independent Group / Change UK) The Independent Group for Change have vowed to ‘carry on’, even though a recent poll has shown they now have 0% support.

After Chukka and Sarah Wollaston sold their souls to join the liberal undemocrats, and others like Heidi Allen became independent from the independent group???, they’re down to a whopping five members. But despite this, leader Anna Soubry, the scariest looking woman in Britain, has vowed to continue in their fight against Brexit.

Who’s even funding these fucking idiots? What a waste of everyone’s time they are. Desperate to not sink away in to obscurity they manage to find something insignificant to say to stay in the press. No doubt they’ll all be joining the only political party more irrelevant than them, the liberal dumbcats, to ensure they stay on the gravy train even though no one actually cares what any of them think or do.

They fuck off and make their own club, no one gives a fuck who they are or what they stand for, they piss and moan how no one is listening to them and somehow they’re still hanging about like a bad smell. Why aren’t they looking for another job like normal people who realise, ‘this is not for them’. Being a politician really is the easiest gig in the world, ignore everyone else’s opinion and try force your own down everyone’s throats, these fuckers are still doing it and somehow earning a living and they’re fucking useless.

I would hope this is the last we’ll see of Anna Soubry and co, but unfortunately like cats they always land on their feet. I hope those that still hold seats constituents remember what traitorous and self serving cunts they are and tell them to go fuck when the time comes.

Nominated by elboobio

Ian Hislop (4)

Ian Hislop is a cunt.

I have been reading Private Eye since school in the late 1960’s, when Richard Ingrams was the editor and Peter Cook the owner. It was a great magazine taking a pop at all political parties and seemed to me to be fairly impartial in its’ targets. It did some great work exposing people like John Poulson and Robert Maxwell. Since the referendum, they have gone into a complete meltdown and it seems that the magazine has moved so far to the remainer left that it is now virtually unreadable. The cover of the present issue is a case in point.

Have I Got News For You in the days of Angus Deayton was also fairly impartial. It is now well past its sell-by date and has become a typical BBC leftie wankfest.

Two things I have enjoyed over the years, both ruined by that cunt who calls himself Ian Hislop.

Apostrophes are also a cunt as I think mine might be in the wrong place, but I can’t be arsed to check

Not sure if I got them right either, but fuck it – admin

Nominated by Wanksock

Political Defectors

Political defectors are cunts.

At the moment the big reason for defection is Brexit, or more specifically, a no deal Brexit. Several MPs say they cannot and will not support a no deal Brexit and so therefore they fuck off to the Lib Dums or Change fuck all UK or even go independent.

It fucking boils my blood, because IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU OR YOUR OPINIONS! You’re MPs who represent constituencies, you fucking pricks; you don’t represent just yourselves. Your job is to not have an opinion; you’re job is to highlight the opinions of people in your constituencies.

Any more MPs who do not echo the voices of the people who voted for them should be immediately sacked. I think they have forgotten how a democratic government is supposed to work. In fact, it’s pretty clear we no longer have a democratic government. An MP should never use the terms ‘I think’, ‘I cannot support’ or ‘I do not agree’. It should always be ‘we’.

Fucking selfish, shit stains.

Nominated by elboobio

Project Fear 3.0

Long time no post cunters, but had to vent my spleen at events post Bojo becoming PM

If one fell into a coma in 2017, awoke today and turned on the news, he’d be no fucking the wiser that he’d been out for the fucking count two years.

Here we have project fear 3.0 …..but without any inspiration or guile…..just the same old arguments as two years ago. Fuck’s sake, back to showing lorries stacked on the M1 or whatever. The pound dropping ( strong currencies always recover) farmers and “just in time ”
FUUUUCK you’ve had 3 years to make up new stories you lazy bastards!! WE’RE NOT BUYING IT ! Oh and we know well take a hit but it’s worth it cunts
A remainer said to me other day ” see this is what leaving means ” ….. I said nah mate, this is all your fucking faults…the markets and business…..if you’d just have backed the winners we’d be 3 years into recovery you fucking insidious spineless cowardice cunts!

Good to see so many new on here…. the anger is growing.

Nominated by Squint Cuntwood