Women in Politics

Wimmin In Politics…

‘In politics’, St Margaret of Grantham once observed, ‘if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman’.
It’s a refrain we’ve heard many times in recent decades. Limit testosterone-fuelled, toxic masculinity in political life, and give more power and influence to the (so-called) gentler, nurturing sex. As a consequence,discourse will somehow become less confrontational, more amicable and co-operative, and then real progress will be made on the resolution of difficult issues. Recently, former US President Barack Obama has pursued this theme, stating that, ‘Men seem to be having some problems these days. If every nation on Earth was run by women (sic) for two years, things would be better’.

It must be true of course. Just look at some of the wimmin who have so civilised the tone of political discourse in Britain in recent times. There’s Shirley Williams, Bernadette Devlin, Olga Maitland, Margaret Beckett and Edwina Currie. Then there’s Shirley Porter, Harriet Harperson, Virginia Bottomley, Teresa Gorman, Diane Abbott, Hazel Blears, the Baronesses Scotland and Uddin, Theresa Maybot, Caroline Lucas, Jo Swineson, Nicola ‘Wee Jimmy Krankie’ Sturgeon, Angela Soubry, Fiona Onasanya, Margaret Moran, Dawn Butler, Shabbi Chukkabutty, Rebecca Wrong-Daily and Emily Thornberry. How each one of these female paragons has enriched the life of the nation by their contribution.

Take a look across the pond to the US too. The situation is equally encouraging in that bastion of female empowerment. By way of evidence to support my thesis, I offer the examples of Shirley Huntley, Sarah Palin, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Ilhan Omar, Michele ‘Batshit Crazy’ Bachmann, Christine ‘I’m Not A Witch’ O’Donnell, and of course, the gloriously embittered Hillary herself. You’re really raising the tone up there on Capitol Hill, ladies.

As for elsewhere in the world, let’s not forget the outstanding contributions made by the likes of Imelda Marcos, Jiang ‘Madame Mao’ Qing, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Winnie Mandela, Indira Gandhi, Isabel dos Santos, Elena Ceausescu, Eva Peron. Yes, there’s no doubt about it. The march of feminism in the last hundred years has allowed wimmin to come forward and truly express themselves in politics, and haven’t all our lives been so much better for their moderating and constructive influence? Or… or… could it just possibly be that given the opportunity, wimmin have shown themselves to be every bit as as malign, egotistical, vicious, arrogant, vain, incompetent and venal as men? They’ve given, and continue to give, a demonstration of behavioural traits that radical feminists are quick to label as ‘problematic’ when displayed by mere males.

Well,’problematic’, oestrogen-fuelled, toxic femininity is what I call it.

Nominated by Ron Knee

Charity Adverts (3)

I would like a regular as clockwork, every ten minutes cunting for begging…sorry, charity ads, where you can’t watch anything on telly without a quarter-hourly attempted guilt trip by some money-making solicitors or charity, trying to guilt you into lining their pockets with images of donkeys, African kids, Indian kids, abused kids, Syrian kids, refugee kids, homeless kids, drug addicts, beggars, kids in wheelchairs, deformed kids, Muslim kids with no Christmas presents, ginger kids, puppies, kittens, whales, plastic, disabled kids dressed like Clark Kent, old people, garden birds; the list goes on and fucking on, every 15 minutes without fail.

I know I’m totally politically incorrect, but it’s got to the stage where I don’t give a flying fuck for any of them, due to the fact I’ve been force fed these fucking ads for years by these cunts. I’m now of the opinion that even if you give money, it doesn’t go where you intended, or is so little by the time it gets to its final intended destination, its not worth bothering with, or it’s mismanaged by the so-called charity. That’s why when they give three quid a month, you ring to donate and you get some con man trying to talk you into a direct debit for TWENTY-THREE quid a month.

You can buy a nice whiskey for that and drink it until you disable your central nervous system and then, and only then, can you ignore these fucking ads.

Nominated by Fuglyucker

You all know the one – put the TV on and they begin – “Enoch is going blind, Juju has to walk ten miles to get water, Ingbing has to marry a man forty years older than her, the poor Yemeni children are starving” etc, etc, etc, and they are never ending.

I am not a mean person and I do not like to see people suffer, but what makes me fucking furious is that firstly WE have people with nowhere to sleep except the street, WE have people who have to go to food banks because they do not get enough money to avoid starvation and WE have people who receive no money for Months at a time and cannot afford the basics of Human dignity – who the hell thought that our citizens would face starvation and dying of cold in the fifth richest Country in the World?

Why are people standing for this? Because every time the plight of white English people is mentioned instead of terrorists, paedophiles, thieves, economic migrants and murdering vermin, the (white) person making the point is immediately and permanently demonised as being racist, fascist, nazi etc, to try and bully, humiliate and silence citizens with every right to free speech and back up their threats with violence – this was done in the 1930’s by a very similar organisation called the N, Na, Naz – nope, can’t recall what they were called but I think they were led by a little Man with a distinctive moustache and some unpleasant tendencies.
I am of the opinion that you do not bale out any other lifeboats before stopping yours sinking, but this opinion seems to be at odds with the traitors who believe they have the right to make false and malicious allegations against anyone who disagrees with their hate speech and newspeak.

Hateful, corporate greed masquerading as kindness, but we are being slowly awakened to this agenda – because charity adverts are a CUNT!

Nominated by Vernon Fox

Over 50s Life Insurance Ads

I would like to offer a heartfelt cunting to the bloodsucking bastard companies who not only offer this service, but advertise the fact through shitty adverts with poor quality actors at every break on several commercial TV channels.

My enjoyment of “Talking Pictures” (Channel 81) is constantly undermined by their appearance at every advert break – not just one but all of them. During the “Night Of The Demons” the other night, we had the one where a group of people grab a friend or relative to tell them about the “wonderful” offer from one, then not to be outdone, the old bissom gets her letter about her Over 50s Life Insurance and talks about it to her daft-as-arseholes daughter. (“What’s that mummy?”) There is the one with the DIY man and his grandson, and the one where you can either pay for your funeral, or “leave a gift for a loved one”. Add the charities that want you to leave them a gift in your will.

We all know we are going to kick the bucket, but why do they have to keep reminding us with these asinine adverts? I don’t intend leaving Mrs Boggs anything – I like to think she could fend for herself. Nice to see romance ain’t dead – Admin

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Peloton (2)

A shove it up your arse cunting for Peloton, please. Smug, woke, irritating cunting advert that makes my fucking eyes bleed every time it’s on. Especially the cunt in the studio, ‘Let’s nail this, same time tomorrow’. At least we should be thankful they’re ‘cycling’ in their homes rather than on the road in front of us.

‘What’s up, Peloton’? My fucking boot up your smug ricker.

This one?


Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

Nicola Sturgeon (17)

A “she-can-dish-it-out-but-she-can’t-take-it” deep fried cunting please, for tartan tart Nicola, who has now complained that Boris “abused” her by referring to her as “wee Jimmy Krankie”:


She claims never to have heard the insult before. I am sure she has because we all have, but then the dried up old arsewipe lacks self-awareness. An attempt to make us feel sorry for her just enrages me against the old cunt even more. Give her to novice nancy, Andrew Adonis, to practice his buggery skills on.

she then made a U turn to wreck your nomination she hates you Mr Boggs 


Nominated by W. C. Boggs