Bono & U2

Now there’s so much to say about Bono and the rest of his band…

We could look at the fact that ‘Bono’ basically means ‘good voice’, but I find that quite modest for a man who prances about like a walking incarnation of God. We could also look at how Bono brags about being such a humanitarian hero, while being too selfish to pay his taxes to the country he thinks he owns. But, the other week he and the rest of U2 topped all that. They went to record in Abbey Road studios, and only went and fucking stood on the abbey road crossing.

Bono thinks he can stand where John Lennon stood? And some cunt who calls himself ‘The Edge’ in George Harrison’s place? These egotistical cunts are barely worthy of breathing the same air the Beatles breathed, never mind replicating their iconic album cover. Bono probably thinks they’re already bigger than the Beatles to be honest. After all, a band fronted by God himself is a pretty rare fucking sight to behold. Plus, it’s not like John Lennon ever did anything to help people, right..?

Bono is truly one of a kind. And then there’s the guilt-inducing ‘thank God it’s them instead of you’ from Band Aid, from a man who looks down upon everyone else, and spends the money he should pay as taxes, on making out like he’s changing the world. Also the irony in God himself telling people to ‘thank God’ is quite something.

In summary, Bono is a cunt. ‘The Edge’ is a cunt. U2 are cunts.

Nominated by LG1994

And lest we forget this classic moment :

Donald Tusk [3]

Following the visit of the Westminster La Gobs yesterday, that demented old fuckwit Donald Tusk has yet again said today we are welcome to change our minds about leaving. What the fuck do they take us for?. Very wealthy
men – Mandleson, Blair, Dick Branson, Gina Miller, Ken Clarke, Fukka Umunna are far too anxious to remain so it must be good for them, but not good for the rest of us.

Why don’t we just walk away from the EU and tell them to fuck themselves.

Tusk is like an old pikey who won’t accept no to his offer to sharpen our knives means no.

Nominated by W.C Boggs

Theresa May (11)

Ourillustrious PM is rolling over to the frogs today by bunging Macron another £45 million of OUR money and agreeing to take in more fucking 30 year old unaccompanied child jihadis and economic migrants.

What the fuck is the matter with the woman?

“Bloody difficult woman”? Fucking pussy!

Enough ! ! ! !

Nominated by Dioclese

Enoch Powell denigraters

I’d like to cunt those who denigrate Enoch Powell, the most principled, honest and patriotic politician Britain has ever had since the second world war (only rivaled by Sir Nigel Farage).

The only politician to listen to the consensus of what people wanted rather than what the political establishment consensus decided the people should want. And that is why they hated him so much.

So here’s to you Enoch. And here’s a massive fuck you to the bastards who denigrate you.

Nominated by Toomanycuntstoomanymanycunts



A cunt par excellence. Had the same Hotmail address for 20 years and once upon a time it was really easy to use. Now, nothing appears in date order and even replying to an email is not at all straight forward. You have mails sitting in drafts that you thought had been sent and can never find anything. I’ve got no interest in cunty Instagram or whatever the young cunts use now, I just want to send an email like a grown up without the accompaniment of a selfie with a load of narcissistic cunts pouting at the screen.

PS: I’m new here. Are any of you cunters from cunts corner on holymoly back in the day?

Nominated by Mecha-rigsby.