The Netball World Cup

The Women’s Netball World Cup.

Yep that’s what I thought.

Good old Auntie is wetting itself over this previously unknown and unwatched competition, no doubt in their quest to promote ‘wimminz’ rights.

Being the cunt that I am I decided to take a look at how inclusive Wimminz Netball is.

What a revelation.

Englandnetball have a handy guide on their website all about ‘Trans Guidance’.

Nothing at all about encouraging males to take up the ‘sport’, just Trans Guidance.

It starts thus;

England Netball embraces diversity, is committed to providing enjoyable netball for all who wish to participate, and has developed guidance in respect of transgender people in all aspects of the Sport: players, coaches, volunteers and spectators.
Transgender and transsexual people, and the ability to obtain legal recognition of their acquired gender are protected by legislation against discrimination.
This guidance uses a number of terms associated with transgender people, see definitions below:

There are no fewer than 16 terms that all have an explanation, here are the first 2;

Term: Assigned Sex


The sex, male or female, assigned at birth based on physical characteristics

Term: Gender-affected sport


Netball is ‘gender-affected’, and means that the average woman will always be at a disadvantage when competing against men

So how does this pan out when it comes to ‘competitions’?

England Netball explain….

The overriding sporting objective is the guarantee of fair and safe competition. Netball clubs must not restrict the participation of a transgender person in competitive sport unless this is strictly necessary to uphold fair or safe competition; any other restriction may amount to direct discrimination.

Transwomen, whether or not they have a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), can play, attend training, become officials, coaches and volunteer at your club; however when it comes to competition, clubs should work in accordance with the Equality Act, which states:

5.5.2 ‘The Act allows transsexual competitors to be prohibited from competing where the physical strength, stamina or physique of average persons of one sex would put them at a disadvantage compared to average persons of the other sex and where such a prohibition is necessary for fair competition or the safety of competitors’.

Well, who’d have thunk it!

Funnily enough, their bullshit policy rambles on and on about being ‘inclusive’ and not tolerating discrimination.

You really couldn’t make this shit up.

Over to you cunters.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

Michael Walker of Novara Media

This berk has just been on tv banging on about electric cars.

He suggests the government invest money in the project thereby turbocharging a green technological revolution. It will then turbocharge our economy.

Well I’ve got news for you fuckwit, a turbocharger is a device that rams more fossil fuel into an internal combustion engine by using its exhaust emissions to spin it.

Novara Media looks like a left wing pile of cunt website too.

Nominated by Duke of Cuntshire

John P. McEnroe

You cannot be serious… a cunting for John P. McEnroe?

Yep. This old cantankerous cunt deserves to feel the sharp steel of my cuntability. For starters, McEnroe is now part of the BBC cast of sports presenting cunts, more specifically the ‘boorish, lovable rogue’ of the tennis cast. I suspect he is intended to be the foil to stern trouthunter Clare Balding and Sue ‘giggling like a schoolgirl with Alzheimer’s’ Barker.

This cunt rambles on way beyond anything intelligible. Thinks he’s the bee’s bollocks in tennis when in truth he only had a few good years in the sun thanks to Borg’s premature retirement and diminishing interest in the game. As soon as Lendl, Edberg and Becker came along, this cunt could only feature prominently in doubles.

Probably the most cuntish thing about McEnroe is how he is another in a long line of cunts who were ‘anti-establishment’ then slowly became ‘establishment’ – filed alongside most punk bands, socialists and any cunt who wore pop-art Che Guevara t-shirts in 2003. A recent BBC documentary on McEnroe, as sycophantic as you would expect, revealed that this man is a cunt to the core.

John McEnroe once said that if he was only sworn at six times a day in New York, then he considered it a good day. Well unfortunately for you McEnroe, if this nomination gets passed you will feel the full ire of me and my anti-BBC comrades. Fuck off McEnroe, may you be hung from the highest lampost and have a million tennis balls fired at your scrotum from a serve machine set to speed setting ‘Sampras on experimental steroids’

Nominated by The UMPIRE Cunts Back

Richard Curtis (2)

Richard Curtis is a cunt….

Apart from producing steaming cultural turds like Notting Hill and Love Actually, this cunt trumpet now wants to resurrect Blackadder… Now, Blackadder was very good originally, apart from the extremely overrated and badly done fourth series (the war one)… But now Curtis is a fully paid up member of the PC mob and I have no doubt that a modern millennial Blackadder would be a masterclass in ticking boxes and would have far too many gobby wimmin in it, and there would also be a peaceful or two and more colours than jelly babies…. Curtis said that his idea involves Blackadder as a college lecturer… Which basically means a load of snowflake students and ‘diversity’… In other words, a load of PC bollocks… I only hope Rowan Atkinson has the sense to say no…

And let’s not even start on the latest Curtis abomination… A supposedly ‘feel good’ film which is just a load of sinister ‘diversity’ propaganda about an Asian personage stealing the Beatles’ legacy and making it his own… ‘But… but that’s cultural appropriation!’ the snowflakes will cry… Not this time they won’t… It’s OK if they do it apparently…

Nominated by Norman

Rufus Hound

Rufus Hound is a cunt, isn’t he?

Not only stupid enough to suggest that The Maybot was responsible for the Manchester Arena bombings by peacefuls, and then grovellingly apologising, he also has to wear a fucking cloth cap INDOORS! He was on Cuntdown yesterday, and there he was, fucking cloth cap! What a wanker.

Just had a thought, perhaps he’s actually black, ‘cos those cunts all wear headgear indoors too.

Nominated by The Mogs