The Chinese Cuntmunist Party

Aaand….Back to the politics. The Chinese Communist Party is most definitely in need of cunting, and I am officially nominating them for the great accolade of ‘Cunt of the Year’. Not content with unleashing a virus (which may are may not have been man made) on to the entire world that has already killed hundreds of thousands of innocent of people, they are entering a phase where they are preparing to take full control previously autonomous Hong Kong. It’s a coming people. It’s a coming. I response to this Boris has announced the UK is considering granting up to 3 million Hong Kong citizens refugee states and allowing to come here. Personally, I support this, but I know a lot of you wont. Of course, this means kicking out 3 million undesirables, illegal immigrants, criminals, terrorists etc. But still, I would rather have 3 million Hong Kong refugees come here. Why? Because unlike the illegals, they will come here and work for a living, study and for the most part, not engage in violent behaviour against our police or the public in general. Most of them won’t make constant accusations and demands.

In case anyone as has forgot, today (4th June) marks the 31st anniversary of the Tiannenman square massacre. Those of us of certain age remember well the images of those Chinese tanks driving through the square, until three of them are stopped by a lone protester with his shopping bags, who bravely stood in front of the first tank, and refused to move. That image was sent all around the world, and helped to force the CCP to take a step back.

It worked. And for the past couple of decades things started to improve. Over the past few years though, the CCP have been slowly taking steps to claw back control and introduce even more Draconian laws and rule. Even their dear leader has gone all North Korea and declared himself ‘leader for life’. They are systematically erasing the gains that were made in 89. What’s more worrying is that they seeking to withdraw the autonomy that China granted to Hong Kong. But what to do? The most sensible thing would be economic sanctions, hit them where it hurts. China has a reckoning coming. Done sensibly, they could easily get China to roll over.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Queuing for hours

People who queue for hours to get into a superstore are total cunts. Saw this on the news this morning, a huge queue snaking all around a massive IKEA car park.
You have to be a particular kind of cunt to stand for hours in the baking sun just so you can buy a new plant pot. Cunts.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

Keir Starmer

An opportunistic cuting please for the ageing queen of Socialism in Britain, Dame Kweer, who it seems, can never find a belt that it can’t punch below, or a bandwaggon it can’t lift it’s frowsy petticoats high enough to leap upon.

Today, the oilyfucker has decided that if the Covid19 virus breaks out again it will be the personal responsibility of Boris:

Yes, the Starmer fanzine has given the flabby faced arsehole another chance to use his favourite expression “get a grip”. Judging by the idiots crowding to beaches this past weekend, going on demos and other close up and personal events it is £100 to a Vera Lynn 78* that there WILL be an increase in reported cases. Dame Kweer could bet Russell-Moyle’s HIV medicines on that, safe in the knowledge the screaming queen won’t run out of prescription medicine.

No government – not even a Labour one – can be responsible for the individual stupidity of the public, but her Ladyship is staking his party’s fortunes on this.

There is something especially unpleasant about this champagne socialist and his bunch of Brexit denying cronies forever trying to whip up unrest. He is Blair 1994-1997 – everbodies friend,everything would be so much better under him and he is wetting his Y-Fronts in anticipaton of getting to number ten – and when he does, it will be fuck you Jack, Kweer’s alright.

*78 RPM – an old shellac record, I point this out since my son didn’t know what this was a few weeks ago – and he is bloody 55.
Nominated by W. C. Bpggs

Guy Verhofstadt (11)

Goodness me, the year’s rolled by quickly, and it seems that Haloween’s here again already. Well, Guy ‘Mr Pumpkin Head’ Verhofstadt has escaped from his carers once more, and is roaming around neighbourhoods scaring kids with his renewed calls for a ‘United States of Europe’.
Gormless Guy tweeted recently “Fifteen years ago, I wrote ‘The United States of Europe’, calling for a ‘Hamilton’ moment in politics so that Europe can finance itself properly and be more than the sum of its parts. Hopefully the Macron-Merkel proposal* will deliver this historic leap forward”.
Yes, the aesthetically challenged Mr V is up to his old tricks, fiddling while Madrid, Paris, Rome and elsewhere burn. It appears to have escaped his notice that, what with Brexit, Covid-19, a huge migrant crisis, an imminent economic collapse, ‘north v south’ infighting, the persistent growth of Euroscepticism and what-have-you, the EU is heading rapidly up Shit Creek without a paddle. Never mind though; in Pumpkin Head’s closed and deluded mind, there’s no problem that can’t be solved by more bureaucracy, less accountability, and greater centralisation and control. So bring on the United States of Europe, that great ‘historic leap forward’. Let’s just not bother asking the people of Europe whether that’s what they actually want.
He’s nothing if not tenacious, I’ll give him that, standing as he is pissing steadfastly into the wind, and getting showered by his own piddle. It’s getting harder by the day for the sad twat though. Who can take seriously an increasingly desperate-sounding zealot who also looks as if he lets his cleaner cut his hair and his gardener sort his teeth?
Ah hold on a sec, these two people in blue uniforms must be his carers. Come along now Guy, they’ll give you your Horlicks and your medication, read a chapter of your book to you, and get you ready for bed.

*the plan for a mega billion fund to mitigate against the financial effects of the C-19 pandemic.

Nominated by Ron Knee

Robert Peston


Peston is basically what happens when you grant Royal status to the village idiot.
He’s a delusional left-wing half-wit. Forced to survive in the real world, he would have been exposed as a talentless and ideologically retarded annoyance that should and would be regarded with the upmost contempt.
Fortunately for him, Peston has found employment at the great British Broadcasting Corporation. Yes, the very same BBC that stands on a pedestal of liberal values, yet is more than happy to see vulnerable women thrown into a prison cell if they fail to pay the compulsory tax that funds them.
This arrogant, drooling fool is therefore wrapped in the bubble-wrap of unaccountable left-wing ideology. With his generous salary being forcibly extracted from the ignorant masses, he is free to unquestionably pursue his political agenda.
What a complete and utter CUNT.

Nominated by Gary Morris