I would like to cunt DESTROYS videos on YouTube. You know the type – Ben Shapiro DESTROYS leftist, Jordan Peterson DESTROYS insane feminist, Jacob Rees Mogg DESTROYS arrogant Remoaner. Really? Is this kind of cringeworthy circlejerk REALLY what we are doing to counter the menace of political correctness and regressivism? All these videos are just part of a masturbatory, self-congratulatory circlejerk which just serves to enforce the echo chamber mentality instead of alerting people who aren’t more aware of the very real problems that we face as a result of regressivism to what’s going on. Because less politically inclined people see this kind of shit and think ‘oh, these people are arrogant, know-it-all assholes – i don’t want anything to do with them.’ And the channels who contribute to it – You Kipper, Patriotic Populist, Earthling Carl etc – are, in that regard, a part of the problem, not the solution.


Nominated by OpinionatedCunt

Owen Jones

Ok a juicy cunting for Owen Jones.

My reason for yet another cunting for this horrible shit is this video:

Watch it, but you need to make it past 5 minutes and his pathetic little piece where he seems totally unaware that calling everyone who disagrees with him a fascist is a childish argument. However he loves childish arguments as the rest of the video shows. He goes on about the rise in fascism (his word for honest people not what you and I would call fascist), and how the Conservative Party somehow created it all, because of course nobody apart from him can think for themselves etc.

It’s a This Week video; Portillo, Neal and guest proceed to make him look stupid by speaking the truth, nothing new there then.

But look at the way the oily tick conducts himself. He’s like a frustrated teenager at college constantly interrupting the class because he’s delusional. It’s embarrasing.

But even more, and a point I have made many times, he is so much like the parody character Ollie Plimsolls from the League of Gentleman series that it’s amazing. Just have a look at this video, just the first in a google search.

His mannerisms, the way he speaks, the underlying resentment and bitterness, it’s all there!

Owen Jones is so much of a cunt that a parody of a cunt is accidentally and frighteningly highly accurate.

Nominated by Cunting Rank Wags

Snowflake Complaints


Another day, and another non-political nomination, that also happens to be local to me. This time, I’m nominating miserable cunts who take offence at the most irrelevant shit, and phone plod to complain. Just read in the Daily Fail about a pub a couple of miles away from my house called the Sportsman. This pub has a Cuban restaurant, apparently because the pub’s landlord is married to a Cuban woman. In one of the windows on the first floor, the have, or rather HAD, a Cuban flag with an image of Che Guevara printed on it. I say had, because they recently had a visit from aforementioned plod, (a licensing officer no less), because some nappy wearing miserable cunt phoned up to that they were offended by the sight of Che on a flag.

Now, unlike a lot of people, who consider Guevara to be a revolutionary hero, I consider him to be an evil, homicidal psychopath. I don’t particularly agree with seeing his image plastered all over t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. And I often wonder how many are aware of how many people Guevara and his chum, Castro, murdered in the name of their own idea of a socialist utopia. And how many would actually care? That said, despite the fact I hated seeing the image of that cunt every time I drove past, I never once considered phoning plod to complain that it offended me. Instead, I accepted that the landlord of the Sportsman and his wife were expressing their right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. That’s because I’m what is commonly known as, ‘a rational adult’.

2018 especially has been the year of the snowflake, but this kind of shit has been going on for years. People complaining about England flags and Union flags being racist, people complaining about gollywogs, fucking dolls, being racist. People complaining that someone with sense took the piss because the offended cunt thinks biology is a lie, and that there are actually five thousand genders. And that males can have periods. I really hope that 2019 will be the year that people with common sense will get into power and tell all the snowflakes to shut the fuck up, and grow the fuck up. Unfortunately, that won’t happen, because the vast majority of our political class are snowflake cunts too.


Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

Angelina Jolie (5)

Slagelina (thanks for that nickname Norman) Jolie. They’ve just had her on Radio 4 (a true recipe for cuntitude) and she said that nationalism isn’t a good thing because, it espouses the idea that, quote, “our problems are the only ones that matter.”

Yes, of course they are you silly Femistapo bitch! We elect politicians to govern US and fix OUR problems! They are accountable to US because WE voted them into power, so it is by definition their duty to put OUR needs first! Silly fucking cow.

Nominated by OpinionatedCunt