COTY Theresa May (32 – no, really)

A valedictory cunting for Mavis May.

Her term as Home Sec was a fuck-up it turns out.
She took over EU negotiations using Remoaner aides and without planning for a No-Deal fallback from day one. The only thing the EU fears.
She called a general election where it was deemed that her personality would win the day. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have one.
She somehow managed to unite Remoaners and Brexiteers against her deal. Some fucking feat.
She didn’t sack Chris Grayling, surely the most incompetent cunt ever to hold public office. Also some fucking feat on Grayling’s behalf.
And she clung on and on and on until even her fucking soppy cunt of a husband lost faith.

Farewell my Lovely.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Jamal Hijazi

Most towelheads who land up on the beach at Herne Bay or Folkestone in the early hours usually just ask for the address of the nearest benefits office, but now we have a new breed of soy boy for whom child allowance is just not enough.

A cunting with benefits please for this sixteen year old money grubbing fucker – a Syrian “refugee” who has found the wherewithal to sue Tommy Robinson for defamation, because his little teenage feelings have been hurt

We have quite enough fucking trouble makers of our own clogging up the courts. If this little cunt doesn’t appreciate free speech, perhaps he should fuck off back to Syria and take a boatload of his fellow “refugees” with him, but I know and you know he will weep in the witness box and win.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

Robert Webb

I’d like to nominate ex-comedian Robert Webb.

“Who he?’ You might ask. I dont blame you. Robert Webb was part of comedy duo Mitchell and Webb many years ago. Since then he’s been rather preoccupied with being a full-blown male feminist and beta male on Twitter rather than a succesful comedian.
He’s been sucking up to deranged feminists and cultural Marxists off al stripes, while denouncing the right and anyone talentless enough to find fame on youtube.

Sadly he’s now been caught lying about Carl Benjamin, the media’s favourite alt right target de jour.

He claimed Benjamin had sent in scripts to Mitchell and his wonderfully talented self many years ago. Apparently they were shite *snark*

This, however, turned out to be a fabrication. Obviously poor underemployed Webb thought he’d get some interest by jumping on the smear bandwagon, perhaps to rejuvenate a barely-there career in entertainment.

One hopes he will be able to leave the confines of Mitchell and Coren’s spare bedroom soon.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

Kier Starmer

“…fully erect? About this long. Why?…”


An emergency for the many not the few cunting for that lily heap of New New Labour shit Starmer, who has yet again donned the facepowder and lipstick to plead for a second referendum/peoples vote/confirmatory referendum :

We all know that the old queens of New Labour, their Green friends, all the kids pansies and Dark Keys not to mention old idiots like Ken Clarke, Mangeldbum, Heseltine, Cable aided and abetted by Osborne’s comic would turn up the Project Fear amplifier to full volume if the government were stupid enough to give in to this titled ponce.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

The Pope (4)

The Pope and all he stands for.

News report below:-

‘Pope Francis has made it mandatory for Roman Catholic clergy to report cases of clerical sexual abuse and cover-ups to the Church.

In an Apostolic letter, which is set to become Church law, he makes clear that ‘any sexual advance involving the use of power will now be considered abusive.’

Mandatory? Sexual advances using power?
Surely any organisation would require this? But for the church which claims superiority and prohibits birth control and priests’ marriage this is an eye opener.
How could anybody be taken in by these mealy mouthed charlatans in fancy dress advising on matters of belief and morality?
The Pope and all who don’t see through this façade of self-righteous bullshit disgust me. Abusers by supernatural appointment.

Nominated by Cuntstable Cuntbubble