Help nail a Nazi cunt and earn £20,000

Nazi Twilight. No not a heavy metal band cunts. What in the scum finding trade is known as ‘the last chance’. The remaining unhung of the Fuhrer’s finest are edging screaming yet ever closer to the edge of the old mortal coil. The people at the Simon Wiesenthal centre are offering twenty grand a pop for information leading to etc etc. Hang ‘em before they die. Money for old rope I hear you say.

Opportunity for cunters to do a public service (probably our first and last) and trouser a nice little earner from the smockos. Given the degenerates, psychos, and generally unhinged that frequent this august blog, I wager that someone out there is in a position to finger an old kraut.

See below the list from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre of current extant Nazis (2013).

  1. Alois Brunner (age 101 if still alive, last seen in 2001, in Syria. Cataloged in 2013 as Priority Target)
  2. Aribert Heim (age 100 if still alive, last seen in 1992 in Egypt) note: Heim, known as Doctor Death for atrocities at Mauthausen Camp, Austria, is a particular sweetheart and my personal favourite
  3. Gerhard Sommer (age 92. Last known location: Germany)
  4. Vladimir Katriuk (age 92. Last known location: Canada)
  5. Hans Lipschis (age 94. Last known news: Found and arrested in Germany, 2013.)
  6. Ivan Kalymon (age 93. Found in United States, lost US citizenship, Ordered deported in 2011, but remains in the United States pending an appeal)
  7. Søren Kam (age 92. Last known location: Germany)
  8. Algimantas Dailidė (age 93. Last known news: Deported from USA to Germany in 2004. Sentenced to five years imprisonment, but was diagnosed “medically unfit to be punished”.)
  9. Mikhail Gorshkow (age 91. Last known location: Estonia) – case dismissed due to insufficient evidence in October 2011.
  10. Theodor Szehinskyj (age 90. Last known location: United States)
  11. Helmut Oberlander (age 90. Last known location: Canada)

More details, photos etc can be found here, here ,here and here.

92 thoughts on “Help nail a Nazi cunt and earn £20,000

  1. Is there a place on this site for all the banking cunts who sare ruining the world and their lick spittle cunt politicians who keep making us pay for their cuntingly good lifestyle? Not to menytion the warmiongering cunts (mainly from Wall St) who love to send other poor cunts to their deaths in the name of American Cunterialism.

    I look forward to being a fully informed cunt on this matter.

    PS. You wouldn’t believe how many cunts there are in France…

      • I am a big fan of French cunts mate. Im off on holiday to perpignan this year and i have holidayed in every corner of your wonderful country. Entente Cordial! Vive la France!

        • I would rather holiday in a pig farm than spend my money in a Nazi Collaborating CoUNTry like France. I once had a pen pal from France who was a complete cunt and I whacked him over the head with a cricket bat as he did not know how to play French Cricket, the frogs leg eating, garlic munching, horse eating wanker.

    • hey, Nazis are faking great……..the world wouldn’t be half as bad as it is today if they won the war….yer cunt

  2. Dear Di,
    Noted the difficulty in inserting a thumbnail image into the header re SS Death’s Head logo. Worth using elswhere perhaps. Gristle had a little hack and informs me you are using the WordPress 2012 theme. He further informs me that customizing WordPress Themes can be a geeky nightmare – wanking around with css style sheets, php ect. If you have purchased the Custom Design upgrade then matters are easier but spending money is a knock to the cunter ethos rather. Not the done thing.
    If he finds a workaround then I shall report back. All too much orf a headbanger to be arsed I reckon. Otherwise go bugger a geek.

    • Ah, were you on the site when I was messing around with the death’s head in the header bar? Yes, I monged the layout for half an hour. Apologies etc.

      It’s actually the TwentyEleven theme that I’ve twatted around with on here. Not a paid-for upgrade though. The theme mods are in-house.

    • I help out over here – it’s not actually my blog and I don’t have – nor want – access to the server and therefore the tech side of things. That’s done by the Eye. I know you see me over here a lot but that’s only because I’m an obsessive bastard and if I’m honest I enjoy it. It’s very therapeutic!

      ‘Shitipedia’ is a WordPress blog of mine and I co-author ‘Small Town Man’ but I’m not a WordPress expert which is why ‘Dioclese’ is on Blogger. Blogger’s a lot easier and less limited on the freebie side. WordPress comes into it’s own when self hosted and that costs money. I’m a tight cunt…

      I considered porting Dioclese across to WordPress when I started getting spammed and trolled. The controls on WordPress are better than Blogger, but without shelling out for self hosting there were too many restrictions on the layout and options, so I dumped the idea. (Happily the trolls fucked orf!) If you look at my WordPress blogs you’ll see what I mean about a more minimal layout.

      • So sorry dear hearts. Not an earthly that the Illustrious Eye is indeed a geek as well and that the pair of you have a fine tuned working relationship. Time to execute me grossest grovel as I assure you both that I remain eternally gratefull for all your sterling efforts ect ect ect and what sadder bastards we would all be without you (or is that with you?). And is it time to cunt geeks? I remain ect ect.

  3. My poor departed father was a captain in the SS. Do I get any gelt for dobbing him in? Though enthusiasts will have to dig him up first. He always told me: ‘Work makes you free.” Now there is a philosophical conundrum. Couldn’t argue with the old man.. He was a tough old bird and was always a pondering about the vast Russian steppe. I sold his Luger pistol for 332 quid the other day. His pictures of atrocities will always remain, mine.

    • There’s a big market in nazi memorabilia especially with the Tipton Branch of the BNP

      Rumour has it that there’s one or two old nazis hiding in the Tipton Holiday Camp Orchestra as well…

      • Blimey FS old sport, if the old cunt has died before you can cash him in (and what sort of vater would do that to his own sohn?) then get out there and get a deal on his holiday snaps. Plenty of sick bastards and newspapers would pay a fortune for an ‘album of atrocities’. Not a bad title to keep in mind for the book deal.
        To keep things humming along on this strand of the blog I have opened an account for you on (no need to thank me, it’s free). You are on there as flaxensaxon in the female section with a rather fetching photo if I may say so. Let us hope you will help net some Nazis you sexy beast.

        • Thankyou old sport. I think I look rather fetching in my black uniform. However, I always envisaged my self with bigger tits. Can’t complain tis free after all. Need to put a comment about my accessory nipple. In my book, the more nipples the better. By the way, I’m being pestered by a Mr Bimmler who keeps banging on about the incorporation of the Sudetanland into the Greater Reich. The point is: is it worth 20,000 grand and possibly a sound bumming to get the old party to confess?

  4. You joke about selling an SS pistol as if it’s all that nefarious but I remember a few years ago walking into a local antique/junk shop with an avuncular owner to buy a friend an 18th birthday present, that had ceremonial SS daggers, SS or at least wehrmacht medals, Luftwaffe medals and all sorts. It’s not considered outrageous at all believe it or not.

    Now I’ve done it, you chaps will probably have the affected-indignance mob claiming that this is a Nazi website…

    Can’t help but wonder, by the way, what sort of discussion would’ve developed here had this site been made in exactly the same format as a certain closed-down site that shall not be named; let us call it Don’t Get Me Started. I distinctly remember reading (sadly I never had the guts to post, ever-too fascinating to observe for me to interfere) the discussion of a members only relaunch causing the point to be raised that without making the site public there’d never be any new blood and the quality and humorousness of the discussion would flatline. Well the heroic efforts of you staunch few who regularly comment here do make this site worth reading and one even learns a thing or two but this post we’re commenting on is exactly the sort of thing that would warrant this site being more popular so why not promote it more?

    • I had a nice little line in totten kopf badges, I bulk bought from a supplier .25p each and then sold them on e-bay as panzer corp badges as e-bay can be a bit funny at times about some stuff.
      any way a nice little write up about the symbolisum of the 3 main bones of the body required for christian burial and a disclamer about the views of the vendor and I was quids in some of them went for £14 !!!!

  5. David Icke is a fucking Nazi spastic cunt, with his delusional Reptilian arsewank and scamming his acolytes of over £500,000 for his shitty website called the peoples voice.
    FUCK OFF. The peoples voice my arse, the peoples funded voice more like.
    He sucks satans cock whilst the jews wank in awe

  6. fuckin stinkin german Bastaads man! My grandad was at the pegagsus bridge an ee gave em a reet fuckin kickin!…aye ee gorrem fukkin telt like…fuckin served em up some shoe pie n’all…fix bayonets they divvent like it up em!……..cunts

  7. Well, he wasn’t on the list but it seems they nailed another nazi cunt this week :

    A 93-year-old former Nazi SS guard, known as the “Bookkeeper of Auschwitz”, has admitted he is “morally” guilty.
    Oskar Groening spoke at the beginning of his trial for being an accessory to the murder of at least 300,000 Jews at the concentration camp.
    He described his role of counting money confiscated from new arrivals and said he witnessed mass killings, but denied any direct role in the genocide.
    If found guilty he could face three to 15 years in prison.
    Addressing the judges, Mr Groening also said: “I ask for forgiveness. I share morally in the guilt but whether I am guilty under criminal law, you will have to decide.”
    This is expected to be one of the final trials for Nazi war crimes.

  8. Carling swigging, Sun reading halfwits trying to track down pensioner Nazis?


    You’re on par with the social justice Tumblr lesbians: But at least they don’t desperately try and convince us their site is edgy and funny …

    • The fact they were “Pensioner” Jews did not stop these nazi bastards throwing them in the gas chamber, why shouls age be a restriction on bringing the cunts to justice?

      • Quite so. Interesting that the Germans changed the law so these guys could be prosecuted. Not sure that would have been allowed in the UK as laws can’t be retrospective as this one seems to have been?

        • Yes. A strange one, because there is no “statute of limitations” for murder.

          I think what actualy changed was the ability to prosecute for running the machinery of the system, like this recent one that was the “accountant” of Auschwitz.

          It was declared to be an offence at Nürnberg. So it is not really retrospect, rather a case of removing the Statute of limitations” for those offences.

          “Retrospect” would be doing some one for an offence which was not an offence at the time of it happening.

          In theory, you could say Nürnberg broke that rule. But Germany not.

  9. The 2015 Annual Nazi war criminals report[1] lists ten men:

    Gerhard Sommer (age 94. Last known location: Germany)
    Vladimir Katriuk (October 1, 1921 – May 22, 2015. Last known location: Canada, reported to have died in May 2015, aged 93.[2])
    Alfred Stark or Stoerk (Last known location: Germany. Last known news: former corporal convicted in absentia by Rome Military Court for participating in killing of 117 Italian prisoners of war on Greek island of Cephalonia.)
    Johann Robert Riss (Last known location: Germany. Last known news: on May 25, 2011, the former sergeant found guilty in absentia for participating in killing of 184 civilians near Padule di Fucecchio in Italy)[3]
    X – unnamed person (Last known location: Denmark) wanted for murder of Jews in Bobruisk, Belarus
    Y – unnamed person (Last known location: Germany) wanted for being accessory to the murder of Hungarian Jews in Auschwitz
    Z – unnamed person (Last known location: Norway ) wanted for murder of Jews in various locations in Poland and Ukraine
    Oskar Groening (age 94. Last known news: Trial in Hannover, Germany, July 2015. Found guilty of being accessory to murder of 300,000 people and sentenced to four years imprisonment.)[4]
    Algimantas Dailidė (age 94. Last known news: Deported from USA to Germany in 2004. Sentenced to five years imprisonment, but was diagnosed “medically unfit to be punished”.)
    Helmut Oberlander (age 90–91. Last known location: Canada)

  10. I’ve found Wernher Magnus Maximilian, Freiherr von Braun. After helping work 10,000 slaves to death on the Nazi vengeance weapons, the Americans gave him a big house and a big salary working for NASA and total immunity. Now where’s my money?

      • Tom Lehrer’s song is good…

        Werner von Braun, a man of reknown
        a man whose allegience is ruled by expedience…

        When the rockets are up, who cares where they come down,
        It’s not my department says Werner von Braun

    • You don’t think the jews are going to let something that happened in the early part of the last century get forgotten do you, not a chance! That piece of ancient history that they will drum it into everyone at every opportunity and then some will run for centuries yet! I mean imagine if the jews didn’t play the holocaust card to guilt trip the world into virtual silence about how israel get away with the Palestinian holocaust that is actually happening now in present times, how dare I even think that nevermind let alone write it, the insolence of me!

      • I have a pamphlet and the strap line is:

        Six million of our brethren murdered.

        Thing is: it was printed in 1919; yep, they tried it after the first debacle du Rothschild, but it didn’t catch on; not the same power in the fourth estate to lead the semi literate. 1945 they were ready with the presses primed.

  11. well I met Dinko Sakic when he was deported to Croatia (former comandant Jasenovac) He disapeared into the hospital wing of Lepoglava (an interesting place, former nazi extermination center then comunist work camp dito).
    He seemed to be under the misconception that with the fall of comunisum that the NDH had reformed and everyone was goose stepping with joy!

  12. The Nazis lost which is the reason they were found guilty of war crimes. Even JFK thought the Nuremberg trials were a joke and he wrote a paper on it. How can you be guilty of a crime if it wasn’t illegal at the time the event took place? War crimes legislation came into existence after the Nuremberg trials so the Nazis are free and Blair should be in jail.

  13. Read about that Josef Mengele cunt , – The yanks had him in custody twice in Germany, and fell for the story he was just some corporal. Twice the cunts.

    Cunt then was living it up in Argentina then Brazil before he died.

  14. A cunt is a cunt is a cunt. If your ideology involves killing innocent people purely based on your own prejudice your a cunt. If there was a god I am convinced the only commandment would of been don’t be a cunt and if you are a cunt go back and try and put right what you did so cuntishly.

  15. YOU are a cunt not YOUR a cunt

    Would HAVE been not would OF been.

    Would’nt like you negotiating on my behalf……how do you spell ILLITERATE?

    Thick socialist cunt!!

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