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  1. I see Mavis and Catweazle are cosying up together to discuss “alternative arrangements “ to her sell out deal.
    I can’t wait to find out what this pair of EU cocksuckers come up with.

  2. I don’t know what you are all worrying about.
    Nothing matters because we are all going to die.
    Even if the sun doesn’t explode, the second we leave the eu, like the BBC want you to beleive. Then there is still the fact that Brussels are not going to allow us any air to breathe.
    We will never survive without them. Everyone knows that the universe started in 1973 with Belgium at the center, and nothing existed before that!

    The fuckers would do well to remember that they would all be speaking German had it not been for us.

  3. You are right……mass destruction is just around the corner. The Mirror today reports that the NHS is stockpiling body bags.
    What more evidence do you need?

  4. Emergency cunting please for Yvette “I’ve got Ed’s balls” Cooper, and her attempts to block a no-deal Brexit. Not that she’s doing it alone, mind you – there are plenty of willing enablers of her cuntitude in the Commons, from all sides.

    I don’t care what side of the Brexit debate you came down on, or whether you angle for a “People’s vote” (aka. “Referendum part 2: this time listen to your masters, plebs”), or argue that the referendum only passed by a gnat’s pube, the fact is that as a country, we’re now balls deep in the negotiations and to be fair, it ain’t going great for us.

    I know what I voted for, and I’m equally certain that everyone else who cast an X in whichever box also knew what they were voting for. And whether you want hard or soft Brexit, the facts remain that we still need to negotiate with those EU fuckers and they’re more than happy to play hardball. Removing any options from the table is really not going to help matters, but Cooper and her cunt enabling cunts in Westminster seem intent on nobbling our choices down with the obvious aim of bypassing the public and putting a stop to Brexit.


  5. Guy Verhofstadt

    This flabby faced, lank haired ageing mogherfucker wins this weeks Tusk Award for most infantile Remoaner comment, suggesting Brexiteers could be executed:


    This seems to have followed a boozy encounter with walking cadaver George Soros.

    Last week we had Tusk and then that demented Cambridge cunt appearing stark naked on radio with David Blunkett’s beard dangling round her cunt.

    How much more desperate can these oily heaps of shit get?

  6. Well, as many know i live in Bulgaria and have just discovered that in the event of a ‘No Deal’ my UK driving licence is no longer valid for over here as I am resident not just on holiday.

    So I will have to exchange it for a BG one, no great hassle I suppose but given this cuntfest has been rumbling on for over 2 and a half years and we are still no nearer knowing if the UK will just leave or have some agreement in place come March 30th it means that I will have to hedge my bets and go through the rigmarole of the Bulgarian Bureaucracy for a BG licence safe in the knowledge that as the UK might well leave with no deal their ability and desire to be as fucking awkward as possible rises exponentially.

    What a pile of cunt, someone make a fucking decision, are we leaving with nowt or are we having some sort of deal, just get on with it you lot of fucking cunts


    A gold plated cunting please for this oily heap of shit, who has been given far too much power, way beyond his intellectual capacity, to fuck around with the Brexit negotiations:


    Look how smug the grinning little motherfucker looks – like a money that has seen a bag of nuts.

    This man is a traitor, well appreciated by fellow cunts such as Dame Kier Starmer, John Bercow and of course George Osborne, whose comic accomodates this story today.

    This rancorous civil servant should be moved to some sinecure such as the records office at Ballymucky. Cunt!

  8. Guy Verminhofstadt.

    In the Telerag, he is quoted as saying that brexiteers such as Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg could suffer a similar fate to that meted out to leaders of the French Revolution, who ended up on the guillotine.

    Now, I know I have long advocated a late wire-coathanger offensive against this odious little prick, but, let’s face it, who is more likely to succeed ? Me, or the all-powerful Goebbels of the IVth Reich ?

    I view his comments as a very obvious incitement to murder, in which he would no doubt be aided and abetted by the “EU Army” (repressive licensed thugs).

    If I hear that he has been dragged down a dark dog-shit alley in Brussels, and kicked to death, I shall not shed a tear.

    In fact I shall celebrate by drinking a bottle of Belgian beer, and eating a Belgian cheese sarnie…

    I like Europe, just despise the feckin EU.

  9. You have to hand it to Mavis, she played for this stalemate from the very start.

    She calculated that her “deal” would never get parliamentary support and that given the majority of MPs are remainers the only option when yhey can’t make their minds up would be a 2nd referendum.

    She’s still there despite every cunt expecting her to be oustedand I would not be surprised if she is still Tory leader by the next election.

  10. In today’s Telerag, Jean-Clod Druncker (lui, encore…) complains of “Brexit fatigue.”

    Take some responsibility for your own actions, you CUNT.

    If you were breathalysed, the feckin bag would ignite.

    As Treesa’s gob probably does, when she’s nibbling your foreskin.
    Senile old git.

  11. March 29th is a meaningless date. There’s no way these cunts are going to allow this to happen. They’ve already made that clear. 6 months extension of article 50 at the very least.

    • And the inevitable second referendum – tick one box only:

      (a) The worst possible deal you can imagine, keeping the UK tied to the EU in perpetuity, unable to make its own trade deals, a rule taker not a rule maker, a down payment of £39 billion (they’ll be back for more). Better to live on your knees than die on your feet. ◽️


      (b) Remain… and live to fight another day. ◽️

      It’s been their cunting plan all along.

  12. BREXIT what a fucking joke!!!

    Anyone with an ounce of intelligence can see that those fucking retards in Government, both Tories and Labour, are duping the majority of this country’s population with a big fat fucking conspiracy.

    The turd’s will vote to delay Brexit, then call for a second referendum and scaremonger people into a remain vote!!!

    We are all fucked!!!

    • Apparently the 1st referendum was won on falsehoods and lies. The only absolute lie which these fucking cunts conveniently forget is : whatever the result will be respected. Cunts Cunts Cunts

  13. Latest bloody bollox from Mayhem…

    Theresa May warns that Britain might not leave the EU at all if MPs reject her Brexit deal (Telerag, 8th March).

    So it’s
    a) Forget the referendum, and everything that’s been said or done since then, or
    b) Cave into a pathetic and utterly squalid attempt at mass blackmail by Mrs. T Quisling.

    Off with her tits, rip her fanny out, stick her on a metal spike somewhere prominent in London.

    Mrs. May, I never had great expectations of you, but you have now scraped the bottom of a very unsavoury barrel.

    Sod off and die in agony.

    • It was the plan from day one:

      1. Repeat mantra of “Brexit means Brexit” and “No Deal is better than a Bad Deal” while at the same time cook up the worst possible deal imaginable with Merkel, Macron and the EU Commission.

      2. Fail to get it through Parliament, so take the only card we have left to play (No Deal) off the table by extending Article 50, and hey presto we eventually ‘leave’ with an incredibly bad deal that pleases no one apart from the Remain Establishment and the 4th Reich, keeping us tied to the EU’s apron strings forever, unable to compete with them on the world market, no top table representation, a rule taker not a rule maker, and paying £39billion for the privilege.

      And they’ll be back for more in a couple of years, you can bet your granddaughter!

      May’s deal is worse than Remain, at least with Remain we’d live to fight another day… but of course, this was their cunting plan all along…

      Better to live on our knees than die on our feet? Yow decide. But that’s what May’s deal would sign us up to.

  14. Telegraph, March 10 7.34 pm

    “Tony Blair secretly advising Emmanuel Macron on Brexit as former PM accused of ‘unacceptable behaviour’.”

    Christ, will this obnoxious little turd never stop ? I REALLY do hope that he gets either pancreatic cancer (said to be the most appallingly painful) or cancer of the larynx, which is said to leave you struggling for every dying breath. Yes, I really WOULD wish this on B Liar, he disgusts me so much.

    As for Macron… I just hope that the French get him. They’re quite good at civil unrest and violence.

  15. And now, the end is near
    And so we face the final curtain
    My friends, I’ve said it clear
    I’ve made my case, of which I’m certain
    I’ve lived a life that’s full
    I’ve travelled each and every highway
    And more, much more than this…
    Let’s have a vote on how it will play.

    This is not, however, a nomination for a cunting of Karaoke, which appears asyet un-cunted, oddly. That topic lives on for those happier, more halcyon future times, when we are all a-glow in those balmy “sunlit uplands”.

    It is instead an opportunity to “cast one’s vote”, rather as with Dead Pool, for how things pan out after this month’s end, vis-à-vis Brit-exit. A list of possible choices, just like Dead Pool, is clearly impossible due to the near-infinity of options.

    I therefore propose cunters making verifiable statements, such as: “Sterling falls to $1.20 by April 1”, “Jacob Rees-Mogg is subject to egg attack/wounded/found dead on Dartmoor by July 14”, “rioting in Bristol enters its third week in August”, “martial law to be imposed in major cities next week”.

    Of course, and given the politics here at ISAC, those verifiable statements could equally be: “net migration figures negative for the first time since records began”, “Albanian family on benefits buys entire street in South Shields for £74.10”, “Honeycomb Tripe back in ONS¹ ‘shopping basket’ ditto” etc.

    Like Dead Pool, the first cunter with a correct prediction wins, and the process restarts. Admin’s adjudication is final, and especially its power to exclude woolly, imprecise prognostications like “it’ll all be fine by Christmas”, “we’re fucked” etc.

    Could be a goer, and suggestions please for refinements on a postcard to c/o Cowper-Coles, FCO, King Charles St, SW1A 2AH.

    ¹Office for National Statistics

    [suggest: pic of Frank Sinatra & a the title “Whose Way” with BGM: https://youtu.be/RFJLoZdGg0g%5D

  16. The withdrawal agreement and the ‘meaningful’ vote.
    I now understand that the hugely unpopular WD is going to be voted on for the third time. Quite likely it will be defeated again and a fourth vote is not out of the question.
    Was the first vote, which resulted in one of the biggest defeats in Parliamentary history not meaningful then?
    Due to the sheer incompetence of Treasona May and her ‘negotiating’ skills, we are now in a position where people are being urged to back her shit deal or lose Brexit altogether.
    What happened to no deal is better than a bad deal?
    I fucking give up

  17. A progessive cunting for celebrity politicians. When I say celebrity, I mean all these cunts who post on Twitter advising their thousands of arse creeping followers to sign Revoke Article 50. Brian Cox, the simple smiling astro cunt, seems to believe he is now some Brexit expert, as does the once semi famous, but now reduced to rolling around the country on a fucking train, Tony Robinson. Tell you what you pair of self believing cunts, fuck off to Europe. If it’s such a wonderful place to be part of, go live in the cunt, so the rest of us might have democracy upheld. Doubtful I know now because old Mave, who has clung on like shit stuck to a blanket, might very well get her cunt of a deal passed. This basically allows the EU to fuck the UK everyday, and we should be thankful for such an amicable split.
    Too many cunts with a fucking opinion, myself included, but I do not have thousands of sheep following me, who believe everything I say. Normally sheep run away from me, but that’s another story.

  18. Jacob Rees-Mugg
    Well, well. Arch Euro-sceptic Rees-Mugg is saying that he’s willing to back Theresa Maybot’s appalling Brexit ‘deal’ if the DUP agrees to it, on the basis that the ‘deal’ is better than not leaving at all.
    What the fucking fuck?!?!? Is this the same man who has consistently argued that accepting Maybot’s deal is worse than remaining in the EU, on the basis that it turns us into a vassal state of the fucks in Brussels, a cash cow without any effective representation? What the fuck happened to ‘no deal is better than May’s deal’? What the fuck happened to ‘this deal is not Brexit’?
    Can ANY politician be trusted to remain true to their word, and true to their supposed principles? If someone like Rees-Mugg sells out and supports May’s deal, then we really are well and truly bum-fucked; after everything he’s said and done, he’ll accept being dealt a truly shite hand after all. Jacob, I’ve respected and admired you as a man of principle. Are you actually going to reveal yourself to be just another cunt who sells out the referendum and 17.4 million people? If you now vote for the deal that you have repeatedly insisted is not Brexit, you can fuck off over there and die with the rest of the weaselling, hypocritical cunts. You’ll be in good company.

  19. So.…. the great Brexit Betrayal continues, May is going to attempt to work with Cuntrag Corbyn on this….. is she insane?

    Oh, and another extention……

    May….. just…. fuck off….

  20. Theresa Dismay. What a fucking cunt. To deal with the deadlock her way forward is to further prevaricate and delay Brexit further.

    This is getting beyond a bloody joke. She should resign and call an election.

    My piss is boiling! Cunt!

  21. The ‘Sick of Brexit’ Nomination
    Mmm. I sense a difference of opinion opening up on our beloved IsAC.
    I think we’re all pretty pissed with the shenanigans and betrayals displayed over Brexit by politicians both at home and in Europe, not to mention the windbaggery and whingeing of Remoaners and their meeja acolytes.
    On the other hand, as far as the content of this site is concerned, there are those who clearly feel frustration at what they see as the ‘highjacking’ of every topic by Brexit related comments.
    The answer, my friends, is breathtakingly simple and we have but to embrace it.
    As has been pointed out, we have a dedicated ‘Brexit; Have Your Say’ page. Henceforth, ALL Brexit related material should be posted on here, be it on the subject in general or on the Brexit antics of individuals such as May, Corbyn, Druncker or whoever. ANY Brexit related nomination should simply be booted straight onto this page.
    This will free up space as far as noms are concerned, and should keep those getting bored of the subject happy when other topics are being aired.
    Stick to this simple principle, and everyone’s a winner. Sorted.

    • That’s why the page is there and we do move comments across to it but we don’t have the time or inclination to shift through them all.

      Anyhow, we’re leaving on Friday 😢😁😀😎🎉👍😂😥🤗🙄😕😩😊😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

    • Considering virtually everything is Brexit related to some extent at the moment (apart from possibly ‘bluebottles’ Ron 🙄), that means 90% of all nominations would have to be moved to the Brexit site, wouldn’t it?

      • Lol RTC That’s one of the reasons i put the ‘bluebottles’ post up! No doubt some ornery cunt on here will find a way to make the link!

  22. The Dancing Queen is licking Merkel’s fanny today, sucking Napoleon’s cock tomorrow……..business as usual.
    This country has been totally humiliated by this hopeless bag of bones and is now the laughing stock of the world.
    Never mind about fucking stress, this bitch will never be forgotten for this. 👹👹👹👹 I’m as mad as hell and i’m not gonna take it any more!! 👹👹

    • Did you see what Merkel was wearing? She went to the meeting dressed as Blofeld from you only live twice. All she needed was the scar and a pussy to stroke. Mind you, she does have the look of a pussy stroker….

  23. Time for the so called Conservative “Euro-Sceptic”😏 ERG to be given a full on Cunting.Recently its poster boy,Old Etonian Snowflake Jacob-Rees-Mogg posted on Twatter:

    “If a long extension leaves us stuck in the EU we should be as difficult as possible. We could veto any increase in the budget, obstruct the putative EU army and block Mr Macron’s integrationist schemes.”
    So the ERG are willing to countenance a year long extension,which itself will be extended Ad Infinitum. What a load of treasonous bullshit.
    If the so called “ERG Hardliners” had a single bollock between them, Treason May would have been Julius Caesared a long,long time ago.Its as clear an Elephant shitting in the middle of Piccadilly Circus that they are all fully paid up supporters of the Kalergi Plan for the mongrelization of the indigenous peoples of Europe.Just shut up and Fuck Off.

    • You can bank on it CnR! Unless the EU changes the rules again to exclude us…

      Pity they don’t do that re the Eurovision Song Contest.

      • I’m starting to believe May has played the long game. If Brexit is killed it will be interesting to see what her reward is.

        • Brexit proper was never on the cards. It was always going to boil down to Vassal State vs. Remain. And there’s no way this could have happened without EU /UK Government collaboration and the Remainiac Labour opposition.

  24. Looks like it’s going to be a long delay and Mavis is hinting that the House of Traitors will be given a vote on a 2nd Referendum. She doesn’t want it of course, she’s always said that remember? But, oh dear what can you do? The Tories are desperately bailing out the sinking ship chucking votes overboard as every day passes.
    These cunts are finished for a generation.

    • Labour are fucked as well. They can’t play the free-university-fees con again, so out go the student votes. They’ve turned their backs on Leave voters, who as far as I’m aware make up about 70% of their constituents up North. And people who have served in the armed forces, along with their relatives, are not going to warm to a man who has sucked up to every anti-British terrorist going. So who’s going to vote for them apart from the peacefuls and the London Intelligentsia??

    • Problem is which Remainer party are you going to vote for. Unless the Nigel gets up and running, they’re all Remainers.

      I suffered the Limp Dump party political broadcast last night. Vince “the invisible man” Cable saying that we needed another referendum because the issue is too important to be decided on the knife edge of 2016.

      Fucking knife edge!!! A majority of 1,700,000 is one bloody big knife.

      Then again perhaps he was referring to the stabbing epidemic.

      Silly old bastard…

  25. Brexit.

    Ffs, just accept that it’s over.We have been humiliated and cheated. Bury the stinking corpse and be done with it.

    Fuck Off.

    • The problem is, Dick, the stinking corpse is still prime minister and the lying cunt keeps asking for extensions. I think her plan is to keep extending Article 50 until all Leave voters have finally died!

      • The idea is to wear down Parliament sufficiently for it to cave in and vote through her Vassal State Treaty aka Withdrawal Agreement.

        And it’s going to be more and more tempting by the day for the self serving cunts to sell this country down the river if the reward is seeing the back of Mrs May.

  26. When we go to the polls for the EU election, as we inevitably will, do I vote for UKIP/Brexit, in the knowledge that if they win, they’ve got a nice blethery job on a big salary for the next few years as long as the Whitehall traitors manage to keep us in, as they inevitably will? Or do I go for a phal curry, exquisitely timed to allow me to take a foaming, stinking, fluidised shit in the ballot box?

    Will no-one rid us of these doubledealing cunts? Do we have to do it ourselves?

      • Music to the ears of the 4th Reich and the democracy hating UK Establishment!

        Btw, does “cretins” include us cunts planning to spoil our ballot papers?

        Whatever you feel right now, spare a thought for the generations of our ancestors who suffered, fought and died for the right to vote.

  27. We gif you anozer 6 months to wear down your Parliamentary Schweinhunds into signing on ze dotted line…………….. (bitte hier unterschreiben)

    Unt if you fail, Frau May….. it vill be LAMPSHADE TIME!

    PS: Bitte legen Sie 39 Milliarden Pfund Sterling bei.

    • Fuck em, they may have the money and the power but we have the numbers. Voting is crucial, vote for anyone who is not a reamainer,

      Their hope is to stop Brexit and we will carry on grazing and play the democracy game forgetting how they fucked us over. I won’t and I hope millions of other won;t forgive and forget either.

      Punish them, use their own scheme against them.

      Cunts need to be voted into oblivion.

  28. October 31st, another meaningless date. This ought to be the beginning of the end for Mavis but it won’t be. The way the Tory leadership election works they will end up with a leaver, very probably Boris.
    They can’t allow that to happen, too fucking risky. The bitch is going to see this treachery all the way to it’s inevitable conclusion.

  29. Dear Fellow Cunters,
    The Conservative Party has reported me to the police because of this message I posted on its website:
    “Please tell your Fuhrer Mrs Treason May to do the honorable thing and blow her brains out.History might then judge her a little less harshly. O by the way,will you lot be sticking by the statement made by “The Leader of the House🤣” Andrea Leadsom that for the UK to hold European elections was “utterly unacceptable”? Fuck Off you Treasonous Cunts”

    Apparently this is considered a serious threat.

    • I can’t see what you’ve done wrong. You haven’t said that you’re going to blow her brains out.

      Thin-skinned Cunts.

      • Thanks Mr Fiddler.I have contacted the boys in blue and provided them with all the relevant details.I wont be cowered by a bunch of traitors.

        • I’d say to “stick to your guns”….but perhaps not.

          Fucking ridiculous that they can waste Police time over something so trivial. The Police shouldn’t be getting involved in such matters.

          Good Luck, CRU.

  30. They should be thanking you not getting the Thought Police on your arse. You have shown them how real people think and feel not some posh PR snake oil salesman.
    They are cutting their own throats and can’t see it.
    If that was me when the Stasi come round to give me their “advice” I would hold out my wrists and insist they arrest me. The last thing they want is a fucking martyr. Not suggesting you do the same thing just my own thoughts.

    • I can only assume they are being inundated with mail similar to mine and are basically bricking it.Apparently some Conservative activists are already refusing to campaign for the European Elections because they fear for their physical safety

  31. Good!
    If any remoaner cunts come knocking on my door they’re going to get the benefit of my wisdom. I might even invite them in and deadlock the door.
    They’ll regret trying to sell me their stinking EU fascist bullshit I can tell you.
    Total cunts.

  32. I need five signatures to get this petition live and try to force May into another confidence vote – will you sign it?

    Click this link to sign the petition:

    My petition:

    The Prime Minister must allow an further Vote of Confidence in her leadership

    It is clear that since the Prime Minister survived a vote of no confidence by the Parliamentary party that she has acted in a high handed manner and broken the promises set out in her manifesto.

    The Withdrawal Agreement has been overwhelmingly rejected three times by Parliament. This clearly demonstrates that the Prime Minister’s strategy for Brexit does not enjoy the support of the majority either in the House of Commons or her own party. She must seek approval of her continued leadership and should this vote go against her, she should resign immediately

    • Link leads to this page:

      “We’re checking this petition
      5 people have already supported this petition.

      We need to check it meets the petition standards before we publish it.

      Please try again in a few days.”

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