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There’s been a lot of off topic discussion on the burning issue of the moment, so here’s a page where you can get it off your chest!

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  1. All quiet on the Brexit front as the parasites are on their jolly Holi bobs.
    But you can bet your life that all sorts of threats and promises are flying about, lining up even more cunts to betray this country.
    Mavis needs to get her Brino through the House so she can cancel the Euro election, the result of which will be a total embarrassment for all these traitors.

    • Failing that the 4th Reich will keep on imposing extensions until the House of Common Cunts caves in and ratifies their Vassal State ‘Withdrawal Agreement’.

  2. Tory politician Mizzzzzzzzzzz Nicky Morgan is an arsewipe.
    Brexiteer Bill Cash has written an article for The Telegraph, accusing Maybe of ‘abject surrender’ to the EU, using terms such as ‘appeasement and ‘capitulation’, and accusing the PM of making us ‘crawl on our hands and knees to the EU’.
    Nicky Nock reckons that these sorts of comments should be condemned, as ‘this is not the kind of language that frankly, any normal people would use’.
    NORMAL people? Presumably, you don’t include the 17.4 million who voted to fuck the EU off in your definition of what constitutes ‘normal’. Well, given the deceit, double-dealing and lies which Brexit voters have been subjected to by politicians and remainers, I’d say that Mr Cash’s comments are perfectly ‘normal’. Here’s a bit more language that ‘normal’ people use. Fuck off Morgan, you priggy little cunt.

  3. Ugly posh lawyer remoaning bitch. Wouldn’t know normal if it kicked her in the cunt. A cunt which has been invaded by the Gove puppet I reckon.

  4. The Liberal Democrats have launched their European election campaign with an “unambiguous” pledge to stop Brexit.

    Leader Sir Vince Cable accused the Conservatives and Labour of a “stitch-up” and said a “people’s vote” was the only way to end the Brexit “paralysis”.

    He added it was “a pity” that fellow Remain-backing party Change UK had not agreed to running a combined campaign.

    The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October, after Brexit was delayed, amid continuing parliamentary deadlock. It means the UK must now hold European elections on 23 May, or leave on 1 June without a deal.

    Its a pity Vince, you sad old fuck, that you and other politicians do not respect democracy. The only way “to stop the Brexit paralysis” is to LEAVE WITHOUT A DEAL. The one and only saving grace to this is that you, and other politicians will be out of a job soon. What a truly fantastic day that will be for us all.

    Useless cunts the lot of you. Fuck off.

    • Great clip Willie, I always liked Peter Shore.

      We actually joined the EEC in 1973.

      1975 was when we held the first IN/OUT referendum. For the record, the question on the ballot paper was:

      ‘Do you think that the United Kingdom should stay in the European Community (the Common Market)?’

      Maggie Thatcher (who called referendums “a device of dictators and demagogues”) campaigned passionately for YES.

      Btw, I don’t think Remoaners are wholly to blame for the mess we’re in today. Leading Brexiteers have a lot to answer for, allowing Remoaners to set the post referendum agenda, giving them such an easy ride.

      From day one it was obvious what the Remain establishment were up to, at least it was to many of us posting here on ISAC. But it took complacent cunts like J-Rees-Mogg and Johnson 2 years before they appeared to twig what Mavis and Olly Robbins were about.

      And where had good people like Bill Cash and John Redwood been until relatively recently? Too late now, the damage has been done, useless cunts all.

      Mark Francois for PM!

    • We agree but you have to do it for the whole site or not at all. We tried that and it didn’t go down well.

      Just reset the site to break comments into pages of 40 with latest page on top. That should improve things.

    • Except you can’t fucking read it unless you are a subscriber.

      Er….. maybe that’s the point you were trying to make?

      Too fucking clever for me.

  5. Philip May wants his wife to resign within five weeks to avoid humiliation.

    Other people are now saying seven days.

    I nearly died when someone mentioned December… Another seven months of PM Gaga and her incessant verbal diarrhoea, not to mention “Strength & Stability.”

  6. I read recently that Assisted Dying is a subject that is likely to be raised again in the Houses of Parliament (any hope of intelligent debate? No fucking chance, methinks…).
    I think it would be an excellent chance for our Rt. Dishonourable members to learn to multi-task; a vote of no confidence in Mavis Might, followed by a vote in favour of Assisted Dying. The outcome could be celebrated by the Swiss Embassy kindly donating a mug of barbiturates and half a bar of Lindt to take the bitter taste away, and – hey presto ! A result.

  7. Admin,

    Apologies if misplaced – speaking as a web page simpleton, how hard or how easy would it be for a given photo on the Wall of Cunt, if clicked, to lead you to a search result of all the nominations tagged with that particular cunt’s name?

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