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  1. The Brexit Secretary.
    Good job title yes?
    But what are the duties or ‘ roles and responsibilities’ in management speak? Or. to ramp the bullshit up some more, – what are the Key Performance Indicators?

    Negotiating with EU negotiators? Er, no. May and Whitehall do that.

    Setting out a plan for leaving the EU? Er, no. There is no plan to leave the EU.

    Planning for a ‘No Deal Brexit? Certainly fucking not. There is one deal only, May’s. All else is Project Fear as ramped up by May, Whitehall, the Treasury, CBi etc etc. No actual planning required thank you very much.

    Negotiating trade deals and alliances? Er, no. We cant unless there is a ‘No Deal Brexit’ which cannot happen (See Project Fear, above) Any deal will prevent us from ever negotiating on our own account.

    So, what the fuck is the purpose of this job? A thick cunt like me cant fathom it so I ask the views of the erudite company of cunters.

  2. It’s not just self important wankers in the government that needs a cunting it is all the poofter Labourites from Mangeldbum down to Ben Bradshaw (ex BBC) rentagob Wes Streeting, the poofy Tories Alan Duncan and femme lessie Justine Greening, her of the 12 year olds voice, the old wanker has beens like Adonis spouting his shit on tonights Any Questions = the supercilious darkies like Umunna and Lammy but at least these people are professional political whores. The biggest cunt of the lot has to be fucking Gina Miller.

    I despise the lot of them. I’d like to throw a bucket of piss all over their gobs

      • Not much is heard from Miller’s co-cunt, Dier Dos Santos, a Brazilian hairdresser. You couldn’t make this shit up, two cunts who aren’t even British frustrating a democratic process on the most important issue of our time.

  3. Elmer Fudd is back in the cabinet.
    Another excellent candidate…for a thorough kicking in the cunt.
    Hopefully the chairman of the 1922 committee is being discrete re the number of “no confidence” letters, in the hope that people who might not otherwise have written one might be encouraged to do so.
    It would be excellent news to start the week on Monday, to hear that there would at least be a vote. May sticks loike shite to a blanket, but I think even she will go eventually. It would be wonderful if the Dips accidentally forgot to escort her home.

  4. Mavis isn’t going anywhere just yet. They need her to take the flak for The Great Betrayal. Less than a year before the election they will dump the bitch, replace her with some cunt promising to sort it out, in the hope they can keep their noses in the trough.
    Then bingo, another five years!! Eventually everything will be blamed on not being fully in the EU…….2nd referendum…..jobs a good un!
    Say hello to the Euro, Schengen, the EU army, Parliament a rubber stamp, annual influx from the new EU countries (eg Turkey, Albania.)
    Say goodbye to your country you racists. 🇬🇧✖️🔛🇫🇲✔️

  5. The cobweb encrusted old cunt, Lord Heselslime, on the radio this morning backing the Appeaser to the hilt.
    “There is no alternative “ he croaks.
    No, not for you, you money grabbing old traitor.

  6. Let’s face it, we’ve been well and truly fucked over, almost from the moment A50 was activated.

    Given that the majority of May’s cabinet were/are remainers, it came as no surprise that they would sabotage the whole fucking deal because they want the easy life of future posts within the EU Parliament, directorships, and doing the public speaking role at £30k a time.

    They don’t really give two fucks about being public servants doing what is right for the public interest – especially the consensus that won the referendum vote. Instead they colluded with Whitehall, the City of London, the CBI and all the other influential institutions in order to come up with fucking deal that it is a shitload worse than when we were just an ordinary member!

    So now the county is locked into a deal that no one wanted, and I have a feeling any thoughts of a rebellion or a vote of no confidence are receding by the day.

    And if there is a second referendum it will be rigged in such a way that it will be almost impossible to vote out and expect a real deal because again it will just get watered down.

    How the fuck these ministers can call themselves Right Honorable” is beyond me; they’re treacherous, disloyal, self-centred, braindead, gutless cunts of the highest order.

    And I will never EVER vote Tory again. They can go fuck themselves as far I’m concerned.

  7. This is the greatest betrayal of the majority of the British people in history. It is tantamount to the people electing one political party to govern and another party with a completely contrary manifesto installing itself against the electorate’s wishes. If this agreement is passed by the House of Commons your MP will be ratifying the end of democracy in the UK. May’s deal is not Brexit. It is a deal that dictates the UK’s continued membership of the EU in perpetuity and without representation. If it passes then the UK will no longer be a sovereign nation. Do you understand that you remoaners? This is not about trade or just in time supply lines for businesses or being able to travel across Europe without a passport. This is politcal warfare.whose objective is the reduction of the UK to a subordinate POLITICAL status. Most people thought the UK was joining a trading block when it entered the then EEC in 1973. Wrong. The EEC which morphed into the EU over the years was always a political construct with Germany and France the driving powers. The final objective is the establishment of the United States of Europe. Both the Germans and French know that this will never happen with the UK as a troublesome and empowered member of the EU. May and Robbins have been complicit in attempting to remove the UK as an obstacle to the achievement of this final objective. They are traitors. There is no other word to describe them. Not only have they betrayed the living British people but also the millions that gave their lives so that our country could continue to exist as a freedom loving democracy. May and Robbins are attempting to achieve what Hitler failed to do not all that many years ago. To see May laying a wreath at the Cenotaph is one of the most nauseating sights I have ever witnessed, worse even than Blair doing the same. So play what you think is hardball May but if you get this agreement through you risk civil disturbance and then you’ll find out what hardball really is . And don’t rely on the Army and Police to sort things for you. Treacherous cunt.

  8. Gary Linekunt, Lily Mong, Fanny Izzard, Benderdict Bummerbatch, Banana Gob, Hairy Mulligan, Damon Blurcunt, Dickie Branson, Poodle Perm Coogan, Patrick Stewart (cunt), all those Labour scum (too many to mention), Bonio and Geldof (Irish twats), that bogtrotting unfunny Norton sodomite, and anyone else who has publicly denounced and attempted to subvert the result of a democratic vote and referendum should be arrested for high treason and the fucking key thrown away… The cunts…

  9. No deal is the only sensible way to go now.

    The Poles are putting up the immigration barriers.
    The Italians are attacking Barnier for punishing the UK and damaging UK/Italian trade relations
    The french are passing regulations in their parliament to ensure trade with the UK continues on 30th March

    So why are we panicking? Why has she given away so much? What are we being asked to pay billions for? How the fuck does she reckon to get this through the House?

    Is she deluded? No, she’s Hitler in a skirt. Sooner or later all dictators come to a sticky end. May is in her Downing Street bunker moving her imaginary armies across a map of Europe. Sooner she follows Hitler’s example and ends it all the better as far as I am concerned.

    This country needs a leader, not a quisling. If this gets through then millions have died in two world wars for nothing. Let’s hope they come back and haunt her…

  10. If Remain had won, there would be no diluting it, the UK would be locked in forever, shackles tightened, accepting fatuous laws, contributing £Billions to bolster the flaky EU experiment, and the incoming immigration, which is already woefully out of control, would worsen.

    Yet Leave won. It was close, but it was C L E A R. Not by a few hundred votes, or a few thousand, but by over a million people, and that’s despite the avalanche of fear that is always used to sway elections.

    However the result must be watered down. Why?

    There is only Leaving. There is no qualifying it by placing an adjective before the Brexit, no soft, hard, cliff-edge, no keeping one foot in a Custom’s Union, no allowing migration to perpetuate, and certainly not letting a foreign body create our laws.

    The United States, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Canada, South Korea, and Australia are all normal, independent countries with superb economies that all thrive outside the clutches of the EU Fourth Reich.

    If the feeble cowards in charge get the fuck on with it, the UK can too.

    • It’s the ‘feeble cowards’ that want another country to run this one, that way they get all the money from being in a high position with none of the responsibility. Cunts.

  11. I have always thought that a spell in the army would do these soft snowflakes a world of good.

    Of course, I was thinking of the British Army 🇬🇧 not the fucking Waffen SS !

  12. Did anyone actually believe Theresa May was going to deliver Brexit? We’ve just learned the hard way that our votes don’t mean shit if the Establishment don’t like the result. Our once great country will be a mere region in a Federal Europe and white Brits will be an ethnic minority by the turn of the century, if not before. Our future is going to be a mixture of Islamic terrorists, grooming gangs, violent crimes and race riots, with a Far-Left dictatorship who will blame the white Brits for all the problems. Meanwhile our “masters” will get richer ruling over a completely divided nation. That’s our future! Now buckle up.…

  13. Time for a smug “told you so”. Today’s Daily Express – Barnier denies bullying UK and says Nanny T asked for a customs union – utterly treacherous bitch. No cunting is big enough for her.

  14. But the Express has the solution to our woes….helpless, uncontrollable laughter at this superbly comic proposition:


    ” “What Britain needs above all is a leader with the confidence and the character to command respect and bring people together from all sides of this bruising two-year meltdown.
    “If there is a Conservative Party leadership election, no doubt many able MPs will throw their hat in the ring.
    “But there’s one name that should also be on the list: David Cameron”.”

    Which (seriously) begs the question – why did the cunt disappear with a whoosh after the referendum and leave us in this state?

    • Cameron missresigned. He misspoke. When he said:

      “I will do everything I can as Prime Minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months but I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.”

      He meant to say:

      “I will do everything I can as Prime Minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months and I think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.”

      Cut the cunt a little slack Komodo. After all, he’s only a simple pigfucker.

  15. Theresa May is renewing her efforts to sell her draft Brexit withdrawal agreement – saying it will stop EU migrants “jumping the queue”.

    She said migration would become skills-based, with Europeans no longer prioritised over “engineers from Sydney or software developers from Delhi”.

    Why have Europeans been given priority over those from Commonwealth countries, who may well be better qualified? Who is to blame for this? One Theresa May when Home Secretary. And who is she talking to and trying to reassure about her deal? Businesses, who want us to Remain. Preaching to the converted.

    The PM also insisted to business leaders at the CBI that her withdrawal deal has been “agreed in full”.

    Quelle surprise. “Her agreement” (the one drawn up by the cunts at the EU) has amazingly been agreed by all 27 member countries. Most of the countries who agreed get a lot more out than they put in so if fucking course they agreed.

    Smoke, mirrors and lies from the Conservatives from the moment David Cameron announced the referendum. The party is finished.

    • Doctor from India who wants to work in the UK? Fill out these numerous forms in triplicate, wait six months then we’ll interview you and check your qualifications.

      Computer engineer from South Korea who wants to work in the UK? Fill out these numerous forms in triplicate, wait six months then we’ll interview you and check your qualifications.

      Dentist from Kenya who wants to work in the UK? Fill out these numerous forms in triplicate, wait six months then we’ll interview you and check your qualifications.

      Unqualified drug-dealing, burglar from Romania/ Poland/ Bulgaria/ Lithuania/ Slovakia/ Hungary? Here’s the keys to your house and the first month’s benefits.

  16. When I read that, I assumed that it was some kind of a joke. A man who organised “Project Fear”,arranged for Obama to make his “back of the queue” speech, lied about not resigning if the vote went against him(commenting to an Aide”Why should I do the hard shit?”),only allowed the Brexit referendum out of a sense of hubris and has left the Country in,arguably, the most perilous position since the war fancied being Foreign Secretary because he was bored “shitless”?
    The entitlement of the Cunt is incredible….”Oh, I’m a bit bored, think I’ll go back to my rightful place ruling the Plebs”. I see he has also “forgiven” his old Eton chum, Johnson, and has been having cozy dinners with dear Boris recently…wonder what they could be talking about?…. whatever it is,I bet it involves much sneering at the stupidity of the Plebs who just don’t understand that The Old Boys are bred to rule this country,it’s their birthright,and we common people should accept it and be damned grateful.

    I would be genuinely delighted to hear that he had croaked….and fucking Johnson.

    • I’m looking for a tower with a moat somewhere North of Hartlepool. Also a couple of surplus field pieces, landmines and searchlights. This country isn’t fit for purpose any more. Please let me know if any of the above come on the market.

      • There’s a bastle just on the edge of the Otterburn training ranges. When they get round to totally doing away with the Army,it should become available…the field-pieces,landmines and searchlights’ll probably be available for a song direct from the on-camp armoury.

        🙂 .

  17. Despite voting remain if we don’t leave the EEEYEWW i’m never voting for anything ever again, what would be the point? Are we going to just keep having referendums till remain get the result they want? There’s going to be huge riots if we don’t fully leave the EEYEEWW for good. Someone should do a guy fawkes on parliament and the EEEYEWW HQ. They can shove their european superstate up their arses. Fuck them.

    • Somebody is definitely gonna fucking go full Guy Fawkes when they fail to deliver Brexit for sure. I’m not usually one of the apocalyptic doom mongering types but I’ve got a strange feeling that some major civil unrest is just around the corner.

  18. What does the bitch mean by her little deal has “been agreed in full”. Agreed by whom? Not by her own party. Not by Parliament and not by the 27 countries who are supposed to be meeting on Sunday to discuss it.
    Has she let the cat out of the bag ? It only needs one country to veto the whole thing but I suspect the decision was made months ago. She’s a fucking liar.

    • Agreed by her and Ollie, and the cunts heading up the EU (who’s deal it is).

      Reckon all 27 EU member countries will have absolutely no say in the matter and will be threatened or bullied if they step out of line.

      Have absolutely no idea how everything will pan out. As Farage predicted Brexit hard line Rebel have simply melted away.

      • Unless she resigns, May should be forced to stay on as PM and SUFFER the consequences of her treachery to the bitter end.

        A new leader would make fuck all difference anyway, the EU has dictated the terms of the deal and they’re not going to budge – they have us right where they’ve always wanted us.

        Apart from No Deal, which is what we should have gone for the day after the referendum, there is nothing a new leader can offer that would make the slightest difference.

        May, Robbins, and the Remoaning political establishment must not be allowed to escape responsibility for what they have wrought on the country. And I speak as someone who voted remain.

  19. Anyone else see Frumpenfuher Merkel and her poodle Macron laying wreaths in Berlin?..
    Those pigs should get nothing… We should commemorate and remember heroes, not fucking murderers… Hun Cunts….

    • Did you see that story about Macron wanting to bring in National Service in France? Easy to force everybody else’s kids into the “doing their bit” when you haven’t had any kids of your own (many of these weird cunts haven’t).

      Not one child from May’s, Sturgeon’s, Merkel’s or even Macron’s vagina.

    • I wonder if the snail-sniffing surrender monkey has shagged The Merkelsau yet ?

      Out of curio, I watched Ravel’s Bolero on youtube – the Armistice Centenary one at Arc de Triomphe.

      Everything about it suggested that silence is athe only dignified way to pay respects.

  20. Brexit,
    17 Million people got it wrong, Its obvious, most were too thick to vote, others were just being naughty, a few right wing cunts.

    Well fuck you remoaners…. that is democracy.

    If you dont want the proletariat to vote them the “party” shouldnt ask.

    Finally the change if it happens has come from the proles….. where did i read that, back in the 1984’s

    The EU is a pile of shit, free trade was a great idea, even a free travel area (until the migrant invasion) but the fucking cunts who run the EU went roo far with all this “closer” bollocks…. We may think our politicians are shit but still no where near as shit as the EU.

    Brexit MUST happen even if we have to suck up the May deal, to stop brexit and stay in the EU will ensure we are governed by Berlin and Paris for evermore

  21. Take this doine with a coupla stiff whiskeys. From a friend:

    I’m sharing with no comment.I’ve been told it’s behind a paywall,so here’s the text.
    This week, Theresa May’s government teetered on the point of collapse over her proposed Brexit deal. The withdrawal agreement between the UK and Brussels led to Dominic Raab and Esther McVey resigning in protest. However, May’s remaining ministers have since attempted to rally around her at least in the short term. Speaking on Friday, Liam Fox – the International Trade Secretary – gave a speech in which he declared ‘a deal is better than no deal’. This is rather different to May’s old claim that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’.
    So, is Fox right? Mr S thought it best to let readers decide for themselves. In theory, Britain is leaving the EU on 29 March 2019. But the legal small print, published by Brussels, shows what this means. Parliament will be asked to ratify a deal which clearly admits that ‘all references to ‘Member States’ and competent authorities of Member States…shall be read as including the United Kingdom.’ (Article 7). So the UK will be bound by EU laws, at least during a transition period. But this ‘transition period’ can be be made to last forever (Article 132). And even if a successor deal is agreed, the UK will have signed away other rights for years to come.
    Just in case readers don’t have the time to go through the lengthly document themselves, Steerpike has compiled a list of the top 40 horrors lurking in the small print of Theresa May’s Brexit deal:
    In summary: The supposed ‘transition period’ could last indefinitely or, more specifically, to an undefined date sometime this century (“up to 31 December 20XX”, Art. 132). So while this Agreement covers what the government is calling Brexit, what we in fact get is: ‘transition’ + extension indefinitely (by however many years we are willing to pay for) + all of those extra years from the ‘plus 8 years’ articles.
    Should it end within two years, as May hopes, the UK will still be signed up to clauses keeping us under certain rules (like VAT and ECJ supervision) for a further eight years. Some clauses have, quite literally, a “lifetime” duration (Art.39). If the UK defaults on transition, we go in to the backstop with the Customs Union and, realistically, the single market. We can only leave the transition positively with a deal. But we sign away the money. So the EU has no need to give us a deal, and certainly no incentive to make the one they offered ‘better’ than the backstop. The European Court of Justice remains sovereign, as repeatedly stipulated. Perhaps most damagingly of all, we agree to sign away the rights we would have, under international law, to unilaterally walk away. Again, what follows relates (in most part) for the “transition” period. But the language is consistent with the E.U. imagining that this will be the final deal.
    The top 40 horrors:
    1. From the offset, we should note that this is an EU text, not a UK or international text. This has one source. The Brexit agreement is written in Brussels.
    2. May says her deal means the UK leaves the EU next March. The Withdrawal Agreement makes a mockery of this. “All references to Member States and competent authorities of Member States…shall be read as including the United Kingdom.” (Art 6). Not quite what most people understand by Brexit. It goes on to spell out that the UK will be in the EU but without any MEPs, a commissioner or ECJ judges. We are effectively a Member State, but we are excused – or, more accurately, excluded – from attending summits. (Article 7)
    3. The European Court of Justice is decreed to be our highest court, governing the entire Agreement – Art. 4. stipulates that both citizens and resident companies can use it. Art 4.2 orders our courts to recognise this. “If the European Commission considers that the United Kingdom has failed to fulfil an obligation under the Treaties or under Part Four of this Agreement before the end of the transition period, the European Commission may, within 4 years after the end of the transition period, bring the matter before the Court of Justice of the European Union”. (Art. 87)
    4. The jurisdiction of the ECJ will last until eight years after the end of the transition period. (Article 158).
    5. The UK will still be bound by any future changes to EU law in which it will have no say, not to mention having to comply with current law. (Article 6(2))
    6. Any disputes under the Agreement will be decided by EU law only – one of the most dangerous provisions. (Article 168). This cuts the UK off from International Law, something we’d never do with any foreign body. Arbitration will be governed by the existing procedural rules of the EU law – this is not arbitration as we would commonly understand it (i.e. between two independent parties). (Article 174)
    7. “UNDERLINING that this Agreement is founded on an overall balance of benefits, rights and obligations for the Union and the United Kingdom” No, it should be based upon the binding legal obligations upon the EU contained within Article 50. It is wrong to suggest otherwise.
    8. The tampon tax clause: We obey EU laws on VAT, with no chance of losing the tampon tax even if we agree a better deal in December 2020 because we hereby agree to obey other EU VAT rules for **five years** after the transition period. Current EU rules prohibit 0-rated VAT on products (like tampons) that did not have such exemptions before the country joined the EU.
    9. Several problems with the EU’s definitions: “Union law” is too widely defined and “United Kingdom national” is defined by the Lisbon Treaty: we should given away our right to define our citizens. The “goods” and the term “services” we are promised the deal are not defined – or, rather, will be defined however the EU wishes them to be. Thus far, this a non-defined term so far. This agreement fails to define it.
    10. The Mandelson Pension Clause: The UK must promise never to tax former EU officials based here – such as Peter Mandelson or Neil Kinnock – on their E.U. pensions, or tax any current Brussels bureaucrats on their salaries. The EU and its employees are to be immune to our tax laws. (Article 104)
    11. Furthermore, the UK agrees not to prosecute EU employees who are, or who might be deemed in future, criminals (Art.101)
    12. The GDPR clause. The General Data Protection Regulation – the EU’s stupidest law ever? – is to be bound into UK law (Articles 71 to 73). There had been an expectation in some quarters that the UK could get out of it.
    13. The UK establishes a ‘Joint Committee’ with EU representatives to guarantee ‘the implementation and application of this Agreement’. This does not sound like a withdrawal agreement – if it was, why would it need to be subject to continued monitoring? (Article 164). This Joint Committee will have subcommittees with jurisdiction over: (a) citizens’ rights; (b) “other separation provisions”; (c) Ireland/Northern Ireland; (d) Sovereign Base Areas in Cyprus; (e) Gibraltar; and (f) financial provisions. (Article 165)
    14. The Lifetime clause: the agreement will last as long as the country’s youngest baby lives. “the persons covered by this Part shall enjoy the rights provided for in the relevant Titles of this Part for their lifetime”. (Article 39).
    15. The UK is shut out of all EU networks and databases for security – yet no such provision exists to shut the EU out of ours. (Article 😎
    16. The UK will tied to EU foreign policy, “bound by the obligations stemming from the international agreements concluded by the Union” but unable to influence such decisions. (Article 124)
    17. All EU citizens must be given permanent right of residence after five years – but what counts as residence? This will be decided by the EU, rather than UK rules. (Articles 15-16)
    18. Britain is granted the power to send a civil servant to Brussels to watch them pass stupid laws which will hurt our economy. (Article 34)
    19. The UK agrees to spend taxpayers’ money telling everyone how wonderful the agreement is. (Article 37)
    20. Art 40 defines Goods. It seems to includes Services and Agriculture. We may come to discover that actually ‘goods’ means everything.
    21. Articles 40-49 practically mandate the UK’s ongoing membership of the Customs Union in all but name.
    22. The UK will be charged to receive the data/information we need in order to comply with EU law. (Article 50)
    23. The EU will continue to set rules for UK intellectual property law (Article 54 to 61)
    24. The UK will effectively be bound by a non-disclosure agreement swearing us to secrecy regarding any EU developments we have paid to be part. This is not mutual. The EU is not bound by such measures. (Article 74)
    25. The UK is bound by EU rules on procurement rules – which effectively forbids us from seeking better deals elsewhere. (Articles 75 to 78)
    26. We give up all rights to any data the EU made with our money (Art. 103)
    27. The EU decide capital projects (too broadly defined) the UK is liable for. (Art. 144)
    28. The UK is bound by EU state aid laws until future agreement – even in the event of an agreement, this must wait four years to be valid. (Article 93)
    29. Similar advantages and immunities are extended to all former MEPs and to former EU official more generally. (Articles 106-116)
    30. The UK is forbidden from revealing anything the EU told us or tells us about the finer points of deal and its operation. (Article 105).
    31. Any powers the UK parliament might have had to mitigate EU law are officially removed. (Article 128)
    32. The UK shall be liable for any “outstanding commitments” after 2022 (Article 142(2) expressly mentions pensions, which gives us an idea as to who probably negotiated this). The amount owed will be calculated by the EU. (Articles 140-142)
    33. The UK will be liable for future EU lending. As anyone familiar with the EU’s financials knows, this is not good. (Article143)
    34. The UK will remain liable for capital projects approved by the European Investment Bank. (Article 150).
    35. The UK will remain a ‘party’ (i.e. cough up money) for the European Development Fund. (Articles 152-154)
    36. And the EU continues to calculate how much money the UK should pay it. So thank goodness Brussels does not have any accountancy issues.
    37. The UK will remain bound (i.e coughing up money) to the European Union Emergency Trust Fund – which deals with irregular migration (i.e. refugees) and displaced persons heading to Europe. (Article 155)
    38. The agreement will be policed by ‘the Authority’ – a new UK-based body with ‘powers equivalent to those of the European Commission’. (Article 159)
    39. The EU admits, in Art. 184, that it is in breach of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which oblige it to “conclude an agreement” of the terms of UK leaving the EU. We must now, it seems, “negotiate expeditiously the agreements governing their future relationship.” And if the EU does not? We settle down to this Agreement.
    40. And, of course, the UK will agree to pay £40bn to receive all of these ‘privileges’. (Article 138)

    • Thank you for recovering this from the paywall (that particular organ having turned into a moneygrubber par excellence lately) I am sorry to say all my piss boiled off by around #10, and I appear to be suffering from a fried bladder now. No deal? That’s a proper ‘no deal’, isn’t it? Not even the pretence of a deal, but complete craven surrender. Should be worth a revolution…but no doubt generous helpings of pie in the sky with jam tomorrow will be presented to pacify the populace as this shambles unfolds. My vocabulary is insufficient to damn this sufficiently: I am defeated by superior and overwhelming cuntitude.

      And if I have attempted to be fair to May before, that ends immediately. Treacherous harridan cunt, irrevocably tainted by participation in this global clusterfuck for cunts.

        • I shall say it again, as I have done here, and on other sites…

          Theresa May must be hanged for treason.

          Obviously, no official court in this cuntry would find her guilty, and Miranda B Liar struck off the death penalty for treason, so I guess it’ll be up to a few brave souls, some appropriate rope / chain, and a lamp-post in Wetminster.

          Allison Pearson was writing in the Telegraph yesterday, saying that she suspects the whole Brexit negotiation fiasco to be a deliberate conspiracy.

          Dear, dear.
          What a shame she didn’t bother to read ISAC, she’d have been much better informed, and a long time ago.
          MSM – no self respecting cod & chips would be seen dead wearing it !

          Brussels vegetables have in the last hour or so rejected Italy’s proposed budget.
          I really hope the Italians fuck up the EU; then Shithead O’No-Brains will have trouble talking about “Little Englanders.”

  22. There are only two conclusions to draw from this “deal”. Either Mavis is as thick as shit and has been bamboozled by the Robbins traitor.
    Or, they are both in it together……a fucking conspiracy with the EU fascists. Obviously a minority of Tory MPs ( the ERG ) can see it while the rest of them are just terrified of losing their seats.
    Never forgive, never forget.

    • It’s the second of your conclusions Freddie – conspiracy with the EU fascists.

      May’s deal is far better for the EU than having us remain as a member. And if we have a ‘people’s vote’ and Remain wins, the EU won’t allow us back unless we adopt the Euro, join Schengen and forfeit our £4 billion rebate, you can fucking bank on it.

      Our only hope now is to leave with No Deal. But the Establishment won’t allow that. Thanks to May & Robbins the 4th Reich have us over a barrel.

      • ‘…the Fourth Reich have us over a barrel’ is the correct answer! Thanks to May and her traitorous cronies, the EU is holding all the cards. Accept this deal and we are well and truly fucked in perpetuity as far as I can see. We surrender loads for nowt in return. It’s far worse than actually staying officially in, it’s a cunt of a ‘deal’. Those in Westminster and Brussels responsible for this shitfest are cunts of galaxy size proportions. I genuinely despair.

  23. Yeah, it’s a conspiracy alright.
    Nobody is that fucking thick.
    She’s a lying fucking cunt. Once you understand that you know you are being fucked up the arse.

  24. It’s carefully structured to be absolutely impossible for May to get it past Parliament, of course, even if she wanted to, and even if her majority weren’t dependent on the Apprentice Boys of Derry.

    Dog preserve us from weak government. All that was needed from our ‘negotiators’ at the outset was:
    “We have democratically decided to get out. We are, therefore, getting out. Without reference to what anyone else wants. We are asserting our national sovereignty.
    We will of course sympathetically consider any suggestions you may have to ease the transition for the EU. We may accept – or not – some bartering of advantage…but…
    …In 2019 we’re off.”

    And planning for a hard exit should have commenced pretty well as the referendum results came in.

  25. Britain’s destiny; the Withdawal Agreement. 500 odd pages. But it seemed so light in their hands; Tusk and Barnier. Lifting it up, flicking the pages, passing it about. They seemed inordinately happy.

  26. I remember one or two cunts on here suggesting that Mavis deliberately tried to throw the 2017 Election to land Labour with the EU problem and let them fuck it up.
    At the time I thought that was bollocks but, with the benefit of hindsight, and in light of the recent Great Betrayal i’m beginning to change my mind.
    She calls an election she doesn’t need and then proceeds to conduct the most inept campaign in history and lose a 21 point lead! How the fuck did that happen? Are the Tories really that useless? Or are they smarter than we think?

  27. Mavis off to Brussels today to see Juncker.
    “This deal ain’t gonna get through Parliament, what do I do now you cunt?”

    Not the sort of thing you can discuss on the phone obviously.

    • They’ve no doubt planned to announce some phoney ‘concession’ which will be hailed as a ‘breakthrough’.

      “EU flexible – May triumphant!”

      More like “Fucking charade!”


    • She wants to feel his “leuve”….
      Go on, Treesa, get your fuck-me high heels on, and bend over for Oncle Jean-Clod…

      Dirty old man.
      Duplicitous old bitch.

      Sod them

  28. There is only one deal that will get through parliament which is the fucking SNP deal ….. fucking BRINO….. because the majority of MP cunters want to stay in the fucking EU, that has been obvious from day 1 ….. All the “I voted remain but respect the result” quotes…..
    There is a lack of moral fibre in society today which sadly reflected in out elected representatives….. Cunts!

  29. The Daily Mail, formerly reliable over Brexit, has followed its new editor up its own arse and become pro remain. This is from The Guardian for fuck’s sake:

    As a rule, it is a mistake for the press to write about itself. Journalists will always find journalism fascinating. But readers are not nearly so interested in media navel-gazing. If newspapers spent each day analysing one another, readers would rapidly lose interest, and rightly so. Yet the editorial in today’s Daily Mail about the Tory party and Brexit is such a striking change of course that an exception to normal self-restraint is in order.

    The headline on its leader – “Saboteurs endangering the nation” – may have seemed like normal Daily Mail fare. This was the newspaper, after all, which in its “Who will speak for England?” headline in 2016 pushed David Cameron aside and placed itself firmly at the head of the leave campaign; which used stories like “Plans to let 1.5m Turks into Britain” to make leave’s final push explicitly anti-migrant; which charged Britain’s impartial judges with being “Enemies of the people” for ruling that parliament was sovereign in the Brexit process; which welcomed Theresa May’s 2017 election launch with a call to “Crush the saboteurs”; and which, under the snarling headline “Proud of yourselves?”, excoriated 11 Tory MPs who backed a meaningful vote on Brexit for their “treachery”.

    Yet the tone and, in particular, the focus of this morning’s leader were, in fact, very different from that confident in-your-face era. Instead of firing up the Brexiters for yet another act of anti-European contempt and defiance, as it had done for so long, the Mail this week turned its fire on them instead. It denounced the “arch-Brexiteers” for their “self-promotion and peacocking” and their efforts to undermine Mrs May. Former Mail heroes like Iain Duncan Smith, David Davis and Mr Johnson were dismissed as “vulgar bit-part players” and “back-stabbing plotters”, compared unfavourably with Brexit secretary Dominic Raab – “grown in stature” – and above all Mrs May, “the only person” who can secure an “acceptable outcome” and “sensible deal”.

    Such language is not just a media milestone. It is also a political one. The Mail is in many ways what it was from the start in 1896: a very brilliant newspaper. But at many points in its history – from Lord Northcliffe’s warmongering before and after 1914, through its publication of the Zinoviev letter forgery in the 1920s to discredit Labour, to its support for fascism under Lord Rothermere in the 1930s, it has also been a reckless political protagonist. So it has been, once again, in our own time. The Mail has been a propagandist for Brexit and for a radical reactionary Tory tradition that looks back to empire and Margaret Thatcher as its guiding lights. The rage and aggression that marked its advocacy of Brexit were absolutely in the Northcliffe tradition. But, like him, they left an indelible mark for the worse in politics and public life. The shockingly violent remarks by Tory MPs about Mrs May this week are part of this legacy. So is the gross Brexit-derived insult to the family of a seriously sick child by Mr Davis’s former chief of staff this week.

    The easy explanation for this shift would be to attribute it to the new editor, Geordie Greig, who replaced Paul Dacre last month after a 26-year reign. That is a big factor. But the deeper reason is that the national mood is changing. Brexit is becoming a burden on Britain. Doubts about the future are deepening. Last Saturday, parts of middle Britain to which the Mail does not speak took to the streets against Brexit. Today, police leaders, medicine distributors and scientists were the latest to voice Brexit concerns. Meanwhile the cabinet went on squabbling at home and Liam Fox continued chasing a fantasy trade deal with Donald Trump abroad.

    Fanatics are often the last to see that their dreams have turned to nightmares. But the British public, who are not fanatics, get it. So, belatedly, does a Mail that drove so hard to the cliff edge. The message has yet to reach many Tories. But they risk being swept aside if it doesn’t. The hard Brexiters are on the run.

  30. For info.
    Anyone interested might like to go to ‘e-mail 10 Downing Street’ to give their view on May’s shitfest betrayal of a plan for withdrawal. I just went on to vent my spleen, and threaten never to vote Tory again. It only takes about 5 min, and you never know, the more people who do so, the more they just might start shitting themselves.

    • Have just done this.
      Quite a linguistic challenge not to call her a droopy-titted old cunt, particularly as my piss was superheating, and I seemed to be heading for an intense fulminating diarrhoea moment.
      Sadly, I had to drop the line advising her to perfect her Spencer Perceval impersonation – lack of space.
      If you don’t hear from me for some time, I may well be appearing in court alongside Mr. Robinson.

        • As the wonderful Francis Urquhart (FU is a bloody good choice of initials for a PM) was in the habit of saying…
          “You might think so; I couldn’t possibly comment.”

          Christmas tv needs livening up – and not in the Mx. Gizzard sort of way.

    • Done. As follows:

      Dear Mrs May (or duty flak catcher)
      The terms you are proposing mean that we remain attached to the EU, with less input to its policies and at higher cost than before. I would like to know why you did not do as any businessman would do; play hardball from the start, plan for a clean break and let the EU worry about mitigating the effects on its policies? You must have known that the EU has a flawless record of ‘persuading’ dissident members to change their minds about democratically-derived positions. Too late to do much about it, of course, but I’d still like to know how we got here.
      Thanks in advance,

  31. Phil Hammond tonight on Peston (I could only stand about 30 seconds or so) said that if we cannot agree on a deal we must consider the possibility of a no Brexit.

    I don’t understand. We have voted to Leave the EU and eventually triggered article 50. The EU threatened that this once we triggered article 50 it is irreversible. I know since then they have moved the goalposts.

    Surely the only options are that there is a deal (BRINO) or we crash out with No Deal.

    May has been going on about “it’s either my deal or no Brexit”. So has Hammond.

    What the fuck are the treacherous cunts talking about?

    • It’s been the plan all along, and the EU wins either way.

      With May’s plan we give them £57 billion (they’ll be back for more) and become a vassel state, and if we choose ‘No Brexit’ the terms will be join the Euro, Schengen, and lose our current £4 billion rebate.

      ‘No Deal’ is the obvious way to go – was from the outset. But Big business and the Remain establishment (virtually everyone in Parliament) won’t wear it.

      This nation has been shafted.

  32. Just been looking at the ‘leaked’ Brexit document. My goodness, there’s a lot of ‘to be discussed’ and ‘best endeavours’ sort of terminology in it. A lot of issues have just been kicked into the long grass, no doubt in the hope that we’ll take our eyes of the ball as the govt. slowly allows the EU to stick its foot repeatedly up our arse in the coming months and years. You’d have to laugh at this cowardly ineptitude on May’s part if it wasn’t so damned serious.
    We’ve been cunted by our own side, and that hurts even more than anything that those shits in Brussels can do.

  33. Just seen a report on look north, fucking Slovak gypsy kids running riot in Sheffield.
    I have some normal friends in Slovakia, they hate the gypos – I bet they were happy when they joined the EU so they could offload the shit into the UK.
    I remember seeing, a good few years ago, a peaceful complaining about Slovak gypos hanging around on the street lowering the tone of the neighbourhood, so funny.
    This is want the fucking EU have done for us, thank you EU – NOW FUCK OFF!

  34. So the Spanish, having observed our pathetic weakness, are now kicking off about Gibraltar.
    How many more foreign cocks does Mavis want us to suck?

  35. Damian Hinds (Secretary of State for Education) has been doing the studio rounds today, sycophantically repeating Appeaser’s mantra that her treacherous deal “is a great deal for Britain and is overwhelmingl in the National interest.” Over and over and over again FFS!

    An EVEN BIGGER CUNT than I originally took him for, Hinds deserves to go instantly onto the Wall of Cunts… perhaps an honorary position could be created?

    PS: J. O’Shithead quote of the day:

    “Foraging for food in the park will soon become a necessity after Brexit.”

    He’s also plugging his ickle booky-wooky every 10 minutes (RRP £12.99) “currently on Amazon for £4.00”. Ha ha, soon be £0.01.

    Of course he only mentions his “2nd best selling book in Tesco after Michelle Obummer’s” in the virtue signalling guise of knocking Amazon…

    Check out a couple of the more perceptive reviews:

    “The irony of calling a book ‘how To be right’ when daily he refuses to engage with any opposing viewpoint is glorious. This book is an exercise in feeding the authors narcissistic belief in his own soothsayer philosopher schtik. The problem is, when you write a book you have to have the intellectual cajones to debate, the problem is that the author is incapable of listening to any opposing viewpoint without insulting or demeaning them. How to be right – just block any dissenting view.”


    “Sanctimonious drivel from the worlds most famous champagne socialist. Gave it a go as his written words might offer a new perspective, but it is exactly the same as his daily echo chamber.”

  36. Think Tory MPs will fuck up May’s “Deal” in the Commons? Do not me hearties hold your breath. All the powers orf scumbaggery, graft and corruption are being brought to bare. In the meantime the DUP bides its time waiting to extract its price from May and the EU.

    From our friends at Sky News:

    Earlier this week, Tory Brexiteers claimed Theresa May and government whips would use their power of patronage to influence next month’s big Commons vote on the EU withdrawal deal.
    And just days later, late on Friday afternoon, Downing Street started handing out baubles: a knighthood for a veteran eurosceptic ex-minister and appointments to the Privy Council for two senior parliamentary business managers.
    The knighthood goes to John Hayes, a right-winger who prospered when Iain Duncan Smith was Tory leader, held ministerial posts under David Cameron and has – so far – questioned the prime minister’s Brexit deal.
    But, significantly, he has not written a no-confidence letter to the 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady, and, crucially, has not yet declared how he will vote on the Brexit deal when it comes to the Commons.
    Labour denounced his knighthood. Shadow cabinet office minister Chris Matheson said: “It would be a spectacular act of desperation for Theresa May to be giving away knighthoods in a bid to win votes for her botched Brexit deal.”
    Pro-Remain Labour MP Jo Stevens MP said: “This stinks of cronyism. It seems that in order to pass it’s unpopular Brexit deal, the government is willing to hand out knighthoods left, right and centre.
    “Instead of sneaking out rewards for loyalty on a Friday, the government ought to come clean with the public and tell them that Brexit will leave us poorer and more isolated on the world stage.
    “Then the public can decide whether they want to continue with this shambles, or stay and lead in Europe.”
    Sir John’s knighthood will also come as little surprise to leading figures in the European Research Group, whose leader Jacob Rees-Mogg admitted this week his bid to oust Mrs May had run into difficulty.
    The Sunday Times reported this week: “MPs also have contempt for the tactics of the whips and their ‘narks’. Sir Edward Leigh, who is presumed to want a seat on the Privy Council, and John Hayes, who some MPs believe will soon be granted a knighthood, have attracted particular ire.
    “‘The whips are offering bribes of knighthoods and peerages to get people to go around telling people to back the prime minister or we will get Corbyn,’ said one MP.”
    Membership of the Privy Council is one of the most coveted perks for MPs. All cabinet ministers and many senior backbenchers are privy councillors and are called right honourable members instead of honourable members.

  37. Phillip Hammond is a like the runt of a litter of cowardly rats. Everything this dead-eyed, yellow-toothed skeleton in a suit says makes me furious.

    I hope the perfidious, smug wretch finds blood in his urine.

  38. Brexit: May gives way over Gibraltar after Spain’s ‘veto’ threat.

    Fucking bitch.

    How I would love to see an uprising in this country for what is currently happening.

  39. The sight of Mavis scuttling off to Brussels to beg and scrape to the EU fascists is making me physically sick.
    Anybody who cares anything for this country will never forgive this shameless traitor.

  40. The EU took 38 minutes to decide on Mavis’s sell out this morning. Nice to know we gave them everything they wanted.
    We wouldn’t want to waste their valuable boozing time.

  41. It was quick, wasn’t it? Almost as if it had been dictated by the EU and no further discussion was needed.

    Juncker issued a plea* to the UK Parliament after laughing his arse off at the ease with which the con had been put over, and signing….to the effect of ‘this is the only possible deal. There is no alternative. We’ve got you over a barrel. Pass it, cunts.’

    * aka ‘an order’

    • This ‘deal’ is the biggest fucking sell-out of a country since Munich. Chamberlain sold out the Czechs. This time, would you believe, a Conservative PM has sold her OWN country down the river. Mrs T wouldn’t have stood for this shit from those cunts in Brussels. May’s a coward and a dissembler, a complete and total cunt.

  42. You’ve got to laugh.
    Grannyshagger Macron’s govt. imposes increased tax on fuel. Increases cause civil unrest. Grannyshagger blames Le Pen for causing trouble! ‘Notheeng to do viz me, Gurvnor!’. What a cunt, and I think Les Cunts now realise this.

  43. And that’s just the start of it. The greedy conniving Frogs are looking to INCREASE their access to our fisheries. “…Macron… suggested that if the UK was unwilling to compromise in negotiations on fishing, which would need to make rapid progress, then talks on a wider trade deal would be slow”.

    The slimy blackmailing cunt.


    Just. Get. Out. You verminous cow. Hop it. And order some more fishery protection vessels as you go.

  44. The public is now being asked to swallow the fiction A BAD DEAL IS BETTER THAN NO DEAL…

    Whatever happened to the mantra “NO DEAL IS BETTER THAN A BAD DEAL” repeated tens, possibly hundreds of times since the bitch was crowned PM in 2016?

    Does anyone still believe “There will be no second Brexit referendum.”? Recently adjusted to “I want to be absolutely clear, ‘this government’ will never accept a second referendum.” Aha, so some wriggle room then…

    Now remind me who it was that said, on more than one occasion:

    “I’m not going to be calling a snap election. I’ve been very clear that I think we need that period of time, that stability, to be able to deal with the issues that the country is facing and have that election in 2020.”

    All very easy to say when you’re a pathological liar.

    Does anyone who has been paying attention since 2016 still believe a SINGLE WORD this quisling says anymore?

    Meanwhile Project Fear continues apace in overdrive.

    • You maybe didn’t catch the latest wheeze from the temporising classes –
      1. Have another referendum: two options, Leave or Remain.
      2. And yet another referendum.
      2a. If (1) was for Leave, options Hard or May ‘exit’.
      2b. If (1 ) was for Remain, job done, thick public conned, (and terms of surrender to EU probably more arduous than before).

      But we’ve already had (1) and voted Leave, so any second referendum should be (2a), with no option for Remain. Shouldn’t it?

      • ‘Remain’ won’t be on the ballot paper, it’ll be ‘No Brexit At All’.

        Anyway, as we’ve already voted to Leave, remaining has to be ruled out. Which leaves only two legitimate options:

        1. Accept May’s (Merkel’s) Bad Deal.
        2. Leave on WTO rules.

        I wonder how long it would take the EU to come up with a much improved offer if Parliament threatened to put that question to the British people…

  45. I can’t remember exactly what day she made her announcement (November 15th?) as I am still in shock!

    But you know we celebrate Bonfire Night on November 5th for the terrorist Guy Fawkes; perhaps we should have another annual Bonfire Night every November 15th to remind us of that traitorous shitbag, Theresa May selling the country down the pan over her fucking Brexit shitfest?

    If only we could stick the cunt on top of a bonfire and set fire to the fucking thing, 17 odd million people would rejoice!

  46. The day after the referendum my dad said that we wouldn’t actually leave the EU because the Establishment wouldn’t allow us to. If only I’d known how right he was.

  47. Let’s get an email campaign going. Write to your MP. Write to the PM. Likely they’ll both ignore it but at least you’ll have done something and it might make you feel better. However, if the PM can ignore 17.5 million voters, the House of Common and her own Cabinet, ignoring a few thousand emails should be easy. But then again why roll over and make it easy for her. That’s her style, not mine!

    You can email the PM at theresa.may.mp@parliament.uk and mayt@parliament.uk
    She won’t answer you if you’re not in her Maidenhead constituency, but it should piss off her local office.

    To send a message to Number 10, you need to use https://email.number10.gov.uk/

  48. Reuters, today:
    “LONDON (Reuters) – Europe’s top court will hold an urgent hearing on Tuesday over whether Britain can unilaterally reverse its decision to leave the EU, in a case supporters of membership hope could pave the way to a second referendum and ultimately stop Brexit.
    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) is being asked to interpret whether Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – the mechanism by which Britain notified the European Union of its intention to leave – can be revoked. ”

    And who’s been stirring the shit? That’s right….

    “…“Theresa May wants to blackmail us into voting for her bad deal by thinking the only alternative is the disaster of crashing out with no deal,” Joanna Cherry, a Scottish National Party lawmaker and one of the group of Scottish politicians who instigated the case told Reuters.

    “We say (Article 50) can be unilaterally revoked – whether that’s the case or whether the court just says it can be revoked with permission – we’ve got the answers that we need in order as members of parliament to be able to say there is a concrete option of stopping Brexit.” ”


    (scroll down a bit for the full story)

  49. If the CBI and Big Business are so keen on May’s treacherous deal, might I suggest they step up to the plate and pay the £60 billion+ ransom themselves? Shouldn’t have too much trouble finding it in the small change.

    No? Thought not.

  50. Peoples vote pow wow today, all the usual suspects
    Front and centre the mega bitch cunt Sourby,
    in the wings two super cunts Mandlebum and Cuntbell

    This lot should be thrown into the fucking tower, they could fuck each other in there, and i reckon the Sour faced cunt would have the biggest cock.

  51. Fuck me! Mavis v Catweazle live tv debate! Two of the biggest liars on the planet.
    Good job there’s no such thing as a fib-o-meter, the fucking thing would burst into flames after ten minutes.

    • I can’t see the point. May is a Juncker robot in drag, and Corbyn scored the EU 7/10 whilst campaigning for Remain, apart from that I don’t have the first idea where the anti British cunt stands on Brexit. One thing’s for sure, it’ll be waffle on both sides… maybe it’s all part of the grand conspiracy?

      Just hope it winds up enough of those self-serving MPs to kill the deal stone dead and default to No Deal.

      Some fucking hope!

      • Somebody was saying it should be Miranda B Liar vs. Mavis the Duplcitius Toad-Hunchback.

        I’d love to see that…

        Blow a pair of the most odious cunts into oblivion

  52. Having a think today, this is how I see it unfolding ….May has said there will never be a second (peoples) referendum … so ( for the first time) true to her word, she won’t hold one.
    By all accounts, Appeaser May’s current deal proposition has absolutely no chance of getting voted through the House of Commons … unless she has a huge following of her MP’s behind her. In the public eye, they wouldn’t be seen to be agreeing with her deal with a barge pole.
    Why her ‘tour of the common people’ around the UK … (Hmmm..?). Supposing, due to her ‘peoples tour’, miraculously, the ‘public’ non believers then ‘see the light’ … and contact their MP to go along with the vote on the 11th / 12th of December. Of course they won’t, but then how can it be proven (?)
    Then, ‘due to all Tory and turncoat Labour MP’s ‘ supposedly being inundated by their constituents’ to back Theresa May’s deal … they had to do the right thing by the public … and vote it through. A faux ‘Peoples Vote’ … That leaves most ‘sceptical’ MP’s laying / blaming the vote at the feet of the public for the result and they are able to say they were only carrying out their duty. . I’m hearing too much on ‘how the nation are backing’ her deal …Job done …

    I’ve also noticed in recent TV and Radio interviews, and in particular that new Cunt of a ‘Brexit Secretary’ Stephen Barclay, many of the ‘leaver’ MP’s ( read …Tory MP slimeballs towing the Tory party line ) will continue to spit out the fact that they were leavers … but think Theresa May’s deal is the only deal that can work … That Cunt Barclay, in the space of a two minute interview, must have mentioned about 30 times …he was a leaver. Cunts to a (spineless) man…

    • You’ve definitely got something there… been thinking along similar lines myself… it’s either something like that… or they haven’t got a fucking clue. Or maybe they’re having another go at passing the poison chalice on to Catweasle and his hapless cronies, like they tried to do at the last Election… and failed miserably.

        • Liam Fox .. prominent leaver .. buckled. ‘Theresa May’s deal is the only deal’ ..

          I believe the Tory whips are now saying to their MP’s if the deal doesn’t go through first time, they may not see much of their families over Christmas …

          It’s now a case of looking after the Tory party and fuck the rest of the country and the democratic vote.

  53. The Bank of England has announced that house prices could drop by a third in the event of a hard Brexit. Bring it on, cunts. Let’s see the law of supply and demand back again rather than the law of foreign investment fund hedging. Oh, and let’s see the cunt Carney hanging by his ankles from a lamppost, while we’re there.

    • I’d suggest, if house prices are going to drop by a third … the young Millenial / ‘Snowflake’ brigade should be rubbing their hands at the possibility of houses now becoming ‘more affordable’ .. the Leave side should be taking advantage of this scare statistic ….

      Millenials and Snowflakes voting for a No Deal Brexit … bring it on …

      • My thoughts exactly. And who would dare contradict a BoE forecast, eh?

        Well-known economic thinktank, the Komodo Institute for Global Stasis, said today, “Remaining in the EU will result in UK house prices rising beyond the reach of a Russian oligarch.” (All editors)

  54. This is going to get nasty.
    December 9th 11:45 STOP THE TREASON MARCH Park Lane
    December 9th 12 noon PEOPLES VOTE MARCH Park Lane

    I predicted this would lead to civil unrest. Looks like this is the start of it….

    • My slight concern, certainly on the numbers front, is that on the Treason March .. London wasn’t exactly the hub of the leave vote. I’m sure people will travel, but the numbers could be far greater if it (some) were held in leave majority ‘constituancies’ …. only saying.I hope I’m wrong

    • If we end up with remain or one of these shite deals they’ll be civil war let alone unrest. I would imagine there will be some fisticuffs during those marches.

    • One thing’s for sure, the Government and MSM will spin whatever happens to discredit Brexit and promote May’s treacherous deal… or use it as an excuse to postpone Article 50 and legislate for a second (third) referendum.

  55. Introduction to the O’Shithead Show this morning:

    “On the one hand the governor of the Bank of England with an impeccable track record… and on the other hand Jacob Rees-Mogg who can’t even add up to 48. Which one would you believe?”

    Classic. You couldn’t make it up. Except he has, of course.

    • JO’B.. accusing Rees-Mogg of racism for calling, Canadian Carney .. ‘… a second rate, failed, Canadian politician’ .. I’d imagine JR-M was calling him that, because that’s what Carney is …..
      Like many others, I give myself 30 seconds of the J O’B introduction just to hear how big a Cunt he is going to be on the day … so far, he’s got a 100% record.

  56. With all the stupid things I have heard about Brexit I thought nothing could suprise me, until Politics Live today.

    But….. the shit for Brains Brummy Jess Phillips has uttered the most stupid thing I have ever heard

    She said, she supports a peoples vote, when asked what would be the question she said we could ask the people what the question should be, what the fuck!!!

    Silly fuck cunt she is….. so we have a referendum to ask the people to write down on a scrap of paper what question(s) they want on the ballot, The two most popular question are then voted on.

    My two favourites would be 1) drop Jess Phillips in the Thames, televised on the BBC or 2) drop Jess Phillips in North sea, televised on ITV.

  57. I’m not (wasn’t) really one for conspiracy theories. I do however feel this next couple of weeks will be a well constructed (and two years in the making) bombardment of ‘Project Fear’ (take 2) for the next couple of weeks … telling of a disaster if we go out without a deal.

    Today … House price crash …
    Yesterday … Bank of England, financial disaster .. and the UK Security Secretary saying it would be a disaster for the UK Security, that is the sharing of information and dealing with illegal attempts to cross the channel, if we go for a no deal.

    We’ve a current, highly unseasonal, attempt of channel crossings by illegal immigrants …. On a BBC news bulletin today, I hear that it’s been announced there will be a joint task force effort between Britain and France to stop these channel crossing attempts…. all very timely … These fuckers will try and plant a seed of doubt wherever they fucking can.

    Don’t piss up my back and tell me it’s raining …..

  58. Prime Minister Theresa May has accepted the BBC’s offer to take part in a debate on Brexit on Sunday 9 December, two days before MPs vote on her deal.

    But Labour sources say the party has not yet agreed to take part, with Jeremy Corbyn telling This Morning he preferred ITV’s offer.

    The useless cunts cannot even agree on which TV channel.

    What a pathetic pair of inept wankers, and a sorry pathetic shambles of a country and laughing stock we have become.

    • There’s good reasoning behind this one : May wants it on the BBC to clash with I’m A Celebrity so nobody watches it. Corbyn wants it on ITV so it doesn’t clash and people do watch it.

      Never thought I’d say it – as a Conservative PArty member – but I agree with Corbyn on this one.

      Also, a la Call Me Dave’s £9million propaganda leaflet, May is arranging for all party members to be sent a card to be forwarded to your MP demanding that they vote for her sell out deal.

      Needless to say there isn’t an option on it to tell them to vote against it. So – MPs get bombarded with cards that all say vote it through and no cards that say vote against. Goebells would be proud. More shite from the PM’s Ministry of Truth…

      Orwell was right. He just got the year wrong.

  59. God, I cannot abide that treacherous, self-serving cunt that is Corbyn. Whatever channel he appears on, I will be throwing darts at the screen, so personally I couldn’t give a shite.

    He is doubtless purposely disagreeing as to which channel to spew his shite on, purely to be an argumentative cock….no other reason, despite his bleating about ‘wishing to reach as may viewers as possible’.

    He should be so lucky. CUNT!

  60. **Breaking Brexit Breakfast News**

    Apparently Treasoner May has “an overwhelming sense” that “the people” back her atrocious Deal…

    Yes I know she’s LYING again (at one time I would have given her the benefit of the doubt and said she’s deluded), but either way,

    This country is finished.

      • I wonder what the odds are for a peoples vote, it might be worth a few quid bet, its about the only fucking thing I might get out this farce.

          • Just checked the latest odds, best price 11/8 , its not going to be worth it unless I bet a fortune, maybe if I am filmed being beaten up and get some crowdfunding to help me recover.

  61. BBC News.

    Will EU renegotiate if MPs reject Brexit deal?

    EU leaders aren’t panicking. They believe either:

    1.the divorce deal (officially known as the withdrawal agreement) will pass through the House of Commons
    2.the UK will end up opting for a closer relationship with the EU than the one currently envisaged
    3.the UK will decide to stay in the EU after all.

    The sense in the EU is that option 1 is the most likely, even if there have to be two votes in the House of Commons to get the deal passed.

    A no-deal scenario remains possible, of course, but the EU doesn’t think most UK MPs will allow that happen.

    • The 4th Reich LOVES May’s deal. They’re creaming their long-johns! Well they would, wouldn’t they? After all, they wrote it. And they’ll want to stick to it like limpets because it means they get all the money (£57 billion at last count and more to come) with zero guff from the UK who will no longer have any influence or say in anything.

      It will also be up to the 4th Reich to decide if or when the UK can leave the Customs Union, curtesy of the backstab which our own government is trying to fool us into believing will never be used, ha fucking ha.

      Of course, one of the many upsides for our Government is that they’ll no longer have any responsibility for trying to reform the EU. They will legitimately be able to argue that they no longer have any influence, so the electorate will have to lump it.

      As usual the big losers will be Democracy and the British people.

      Anything other than NO DEAL (or possibly Remain – strictly on current terms & conditions) would now be a COMPLETE DISASTER.

  62. I don’t know why you would have, but maybe just through sheer interest, or maybe you caught a headline whilst wiping your arse with it, but, has anyone read recent Guardian articles regarding Brexit the last couple of days?

    I will post some headlines, see if you can spot the recurring theme……





    Anyone guess which side of the fence they’re sat on?

    That stupid cunt editor of theirs must be being paid a fuck load of backhands to keep the doom train running. They’ve targeted everything and everyone to say that Brexit (particularly no deal) will bring about the end of the world as we know it. Today was a particular close hit for me, as it said no deal Brexit would hit the gaming industry and our share of the gaming economy. Someone should maybe mention to them that the majority of game development studios are based in North America or Japan. Most studios in Europe are just offices from these American or Japanese companies. Also, their explanation for it being so bad is that we won’t attract European talent to work here. The answer to that is, create our own fucking talent, with British people. Why is it always that we need to attract foreign workers to do jobs in this country? Someone should tell them that British people need jobs too.

  63. I keep hearing some self named ‘celebrity’ ( he’s been on a couple of radio show phone in’s) transport manager .. I didn’t catch the Cunts name … saying how there will be border chaos for transport companies and ‘white van men’ if we go to a no deal Brexit ……..

    I’d like to ask the Cunt how many non UK drivers he employes … I certainly know that an easy 8 out of 10 ‘white van men’ that arrive at my door are Polish / Eastern European. And this fucker wonders why the majority of the UK voted for Brexit / border controls ( jobs for UK citizens) … Take a step back you Cunt.

  64. Theresa May has sought to reassure world leaders that her Brexit deal is “good for the global economy”.

    The big nosed high heeled traitorous EU puppet is selling the EU plan to World leaders as though it is her own, only problem is it has not been signed off yet.

    Fuck knows how Brexit will be finally resolved. What a fucking mess. Feel a no deal is more and more unlikely as time goes on.

    Whatever happens the country is finished. Truth be known it has for many years.

  65. I have this morning emailed the office of the PM.

    Subject: Your resignation (overdue)
    Text: You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing lately. Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

    Perhaps not the most original (and the quote seems to vary…), but if enough people send it in…

    I just feel that there are going to be an endless number of hopes raised then dashed, until it’ll all be over in a flash, and yes, you’ve guessed it, we shall be totally stuffed.

  66. The Marr Show this morning.

    Fuck me, Delia Smith isn’t half a dull arrogant, elitist, face-fucked, remoaning cunt! Thank Dog I knew how to boil an egg by the age of 6… never even considered buying or perusing one of her condescending books. Years of cosmetic surgery has left her with only one expression: smug.

    Surprisingly Marr actually had quite a good go at Pob…


    … who was no doubt expecting an easy ride selling Mistress May’s treacherous ‘agreement’ on the Remoaning A-BBC.

    Note to Admin: would it be possible to have a new ‘Have Your Say (2)’? Trouble is it now takes about half an hour to scroll down to the end to Leave a post. Just a thought…

    • Fuck you Freddie, time is of the essence for cunts like me and Soros, every second counts when you don’t have long to go, no cunt should have to spend his /her final moments eternally scrolling down through the same old ISAC Brexit shite, just to leave a post that no-one in their right mind would be bothered to read FFS… you’ll learn when you’re old and wretched like me and George, struggling with dementia and almost dead if there’s any justice left in this foul world.

      On a more Alice In Wonderland note, I heard on the News this morning Oily Robbins is now advising the Hunchback that the Brexit Deal would be a “bad outcome” for the UK, specifically with regard to the Irish backstab…

      You could not fucking make it up!


  67. Someone needs to show this article to all the remoaning or no deal bashing cunts.


    Particularly the parts that suggest the work by businesses has already been done to prevent crisis if there’s no deal and the fact that only 8% of our economy relies on trade with the EU, so 92% will feel no effect whatsoever. This is the first article I’ve found that isn’t suggesting come March we’ll all be living in a box, eating our own shit and drinking our own piss. Refreshing.

  68. I’m sick of hearing about Brexit. The damned idea is just a vehicle for every cunt under the sun to make an ill-informed comment about something that is an unknown quantity. It’s like that old joke about the scientific experiment about the cork up the elephant’s backside for 12 months. Someone will be up to their neck in shit laughing about watching the monkey trying to put the cork back in.

  69. And another thing, why the fuck can’t we have a hard border in Ireland, exactly the fucking same as before we joined the Euro Circus. It’s not rocket science is it! Obviously the Micks will kick up a bit of a fuss and maybe the odd improvised explosive device but otherwise its a simple solution.

    Perhaps we can bring back a few other things like Aztec Bars, Space 1999, Jim’ll Fix It, Gary Glitter, Austin Allegros, power cuts, Green Shield Stamps, smoking in pubs, 3-2-1, Doctor Who (REAL sci-fi), Embassy Coupons, corporal punishment in schools…

  70. Just in case anybody was in any doubt about this “deal”, Ken Clarke stood up (eventually) in the House of Commons to praise not only the “deal” but also to kiss the arse of that attorney-general twat while he was filtering through the partial, piecemeal, opaque legal advice . To watch the old Europhile bidet smiling smugly and puffing out his saggy, red cheeks is enough to repel anyone.

    They call hm “The father of the House.” I call him him a cunt.

  71. That fucking smug banana-eating gurning cunt David Miliband, has-been minister and MP crawled his way back on to the BBC yesterday (The World At One) to give his little opinions on Brexit as a *prominent remainer* for God’s sake.

    This little arsewipe fucked off to America in a fit of pique years ago to earn an enormous salary working for *charity*.

    Why the fuck are the BBC so desperate for remainer fuckwits they are prepared to interview this self important little cunt?. Who gives a shit what he thinks about anything?

    • There are good reasons for that

      £10000000 every fucking year in their back pockets…. CUNTS.

      I doubt if they would give shit if Lithuania or Latvia left

  72. Dominic Grieve currently fucking us all with his motion to let MP’s decide a back up plan if the current deal is shot down in flames. (Basically a get of jail free card). Surely the back up plan should be no deal, but no in this instance, their idea of a back up plan is no Brexit at all. Fucking spineless, cunts.

  73. Also just wanted to put this in here for all to read, as I’d like everyone to be as pissed off as me….

    Joanna Cherry, the SNP’s justice and home affairs spokesperson, says the SNP will be backing the Grieve amendment. She says she is one of the parliamentarians who took the article 50 case to the ECJ and she welcomes today’s ruling from the court’s advocate general saying the UK can revoke article 50 unilaterally. (See 9.09am.)

    She says the government should delay the final vote until the ECJ has delivered it judgment.

    Surely we voted to leave the EU to avoid the ECJ giving us legal advice. That’s like asking the bully on how not to get bullied.

  74. Project Fear’s obsession with Dover and the Channel ports.

    Again today we have the scare ‘6 months of queues at Dover and channel ports.’
    Dover is 7th in British ports tonnage. Yes, 7th. Southampton is only other channel port in top 10 (4th) and that is much bigger than Dover, although further from London of course.
    Immingham and the Humber port cluster is by far the biggest in the UK and they have invested millions of private money to cope with anticipated increase in demand and procedures. They are not spreading panic to the people of Lincs and East Riding.
    I suppose you cant get to your place in the Dordogne from Immingham or Felixstowe so perhaps that is why Remoaners are obsessed with Dover. But it does show how fucking pig ignorant they are.

  75. Theresa May you can add chicken-shit to your long list of adjectives. You really must be SO enthusiastic, so desperate that the bloodless EU cunts receive their £Billions. You spineless, UK-despising Hunchback cunt.

    • Compo said, “We don’t have a functioning government” and he was right.

      What a humiliation this government is, especially the Prime Minister. An unflushed toilet would make a better PM.

      By the Bowels of Satan, will we ever be rid of this wretched, awful cunt.

  76. Another kick in the bollocks for democracy. What’s the point in having a debate and a vote if the Hunchback can just cancel it because she thinks she’ll lose?
    Off she goes to Brussels to suck some more cock.
    The EU fascists must be kicking themselves for settling for only 39 million. They could have snatched twice that from the shaking hands of the Westminster jellyfish.

  77. SNP are a bunch of cunts, why cant they do the decent thing and fuck off back to Jock land , stay there eat haggis and fucking die
    The fucking accent is annoying
    Cant understand what they are saying
    Sick of hearing the word Scotland
    They are all ugly cunts
    I Wish they had won their fucking independence referendum.

    • Not only are they cunts, they’re cunts who won’t accept a democratic verdict unless it’s their verdict. If the indiref had been for ‘leave’, does anybody believe they’d ever offer the electorate a chance to ‘reconsider’? The SNP is a rancid bunch of fuckwits.

    • Totally agree.
      I cannot abide the perennially moaning, fucktard Jocks, nor that helmet headed megacunt, old fishface herself, STURGEON.

      I too wish that they had voted wholeheartedly for independence so we would not have to put up with the miserable cunts whining and moaning about the evils of the English and Westminster.

      Let them have their freedom and see how the skirt wearing cunts get on without our support.

      By the way, have a Happy Hogmanay fuckwits. I hope you all get alcoholic intoxocation in extremis and drop into a collective coma.

      Ahhh, peace and quiet will be bestowed upon us all…..

  78. As The UK is in complete fucking turmoil with this Brexit, I wonder if Admin might consider a temporary ‘sticky’ or ‘sub heading’ for the cunt that is Theresa May. This thing ticks so many cunt boxes, allow me to list a few for your approval.

    As Prime Minister – she is a fucking joke. Must have more EU cum dribbling down her chops than a hooker from Amsterdam. She has foregone the will of the people in favour of her own agenda which is getting her cunt ugly face onto EU Parliament for massive salary and even more opportunity to excel and hone her craft of cuntism
    As Negotiator – as long as you want someone who is as weak as piss she’s your person
    As a woman – mmmm not really. The cunt can’t do woman, she seems uncomfortable being a woman, she has a stance like a baby giraffe with a bowling ball shoved up it’s arse
    As a self important cunt – oh yes, this creature of untold uglyness is a self important cunt. She canceled the vote on her deal because it would get fucked off – another demonstration of democracy.
    There are a thousand more reason this thing is a cunt, in fact the word cunt is too good for her, the word cunt, as we all appreciate, is a word we use, amongst other well crafted ramblings. This woman might be so much of a cunt she is actually beyond cunt. She brings out so much fucking anger in so many, that if an orderly queue was formed to to whip the cunt with a sock full of piss, it would circumnavigate the fucking globe.
    We have had some of the best cuntings for this woman I have ever been privileged to read. The level of expertise by the masters of cunting on here has shone, because the subject is an ever evolving, self promoting, cunters opportunity.
    But in reality she is leading The UK of a cliff. Telling lies and scare mongering, trying to fuck up Brexit so badly it gets pulled. When the majority of voters wanted to leave The EU.
    So I rest my case, I have tried hard to think of a cunt who is more of a cunt that this cunt, but cannot, fuck she is a cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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