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  1. All quiet on the Brexit front as the parasites are on their jolly Holi bobs.
    But you can bet your life that all sorts of threats and promises are flying about, lining up even more cunts to betray this country.
    Mavis needs to get her Brino through the House so she can cancel the Euro election, the result of which will be a total embarrassment for all these traitors.

    • Failing that the 4th Reich will keep on imposing extensions until the House of Common Cunts caves in and ratifies their Vassal State ‘Withdrawal Agreement’.

    • I see that wreck of a Cunt Emily Cuntberry was at it again last night on the good old British Bulshitting Corporation.
      What a truly horrible fat oxygen thief she is.

      I’d like to get hold of the biggest shovel I can pick up and rearrange her fat piggish features. Of course I would have to apologise and compensate the shovel for being so cruel to it but if it shuts her the fuck up even for a little while it would be well worth it.

      • I desperately despise the man haired fuck cunt. I wish to destroy her with a paper clip whilst her boy/girl/xq friend watches on. The filthy hypocrite.

    • I see that cunt, Elton John. He’s the cunt who told a crowd at his gig everybody who voted leave are thick. He went on to express his embarrassment at this point of view. He exclaimed “I am not british i am European”. This cunt sung a song for a fallen,sovereign princess. What a fucking cunt this cunt is. Come to work with me for one week you deluded cunt. What a cunt he is.

  2. Tory politician Mizzzzzzzzzzz Nicky Morgan is an arsewipe.
    Brexiteer Bill Cash has written an article for The Telegraph, accusing Maybe of ‘abject surrender’ to the EU, using terms such as ‘appeasement and ‘capitulation’, and accusing the PM of making us ‘crawl on our hands and knees to the EU’.
    Nicky Nock reckons that these sorts of comments should be condemned, as ‘this is not the kind of language that frankly, any normal people would use’.
    NORMAL people? Presumably, you don’t include the 17.4 million who voted to fuck the EU off in your definition of what constitutes ‘normal’. Well, given the deceit, double-dealing and lies which Brexit voters have been subjected to by politicians and remainers, I’d say that Mr Cash’s comments are perfectly ‘normal’. Here’s a bit more language that ‘normal’ people use. Fuck off Morgan, you priggy little cunt.

  3. Ugly posh lawyer remoaning bitch. Wouldn’t know normal if it kicked her in the cunt. A cunt which has been invaded by the Gove puppet I reckon.

  4. The Liberal Democrats have launched their European election campaign with an “unambiguous” pledge to stop Brexit.

    Leader Sir Vince Cable accused the Conservatives and Labour of a “stitch-up” and said a “people’s vote” was the only way to end the Brexit “paralysis”.

    He added it was “a pity” that fellow Remain-backing party Change UK had not agreed to running a combined campaign.

    The UK is due to leave the EU on 31 October, after Brexit was delayed, amid continuing parliamentary deadlock. It means the UK must now hold European elections on 23 May, or leave on 1 June without a deal.

    Its a pity Vince, you sad old fuck, that you and other politicians do not respect democracy. The only way “to stop the Brexit paralysis” is to LEAVE WITHOUT A DEAL. The one and only saving grace to this is that you, and other politicians will be out of a job soon. What a truly fantastic day that will be for us all.

    Useless cunts the lot of you. Fuck off.

    • Great clip Willie, I always liked Peter Shore.

      We actually joined the EEC in 1973.

      1975 was when we held the first IN/OUT referendum. For the record, the question on the ballot paper was:

      ‘Do you think that the United Kingdom should stay in the European Community (the Common Market)?’

      Maggie Thatcher (who called referendums “a device of dictators and demagogues”) campaigned passionately for YES.

      Btw, I don’t think Remoaners are wholly to blame for the mess we’re in today. Leading Brexiteers have a lot to answer for, allowing Remoaners to set the post referendum agenda, giving them such an easy ride.

      From day one it was obvious what the Remain establishment were up to, at least it was to many of us posting here on ISAC. But it took complacent cunts like J-Rees-Mogg and Johnson 2 years before they appeared to twig what Mavis and Olly Robbins were about.

      And where had good people like Bill Cash and John Redwood been until relatively recently? Too late now, the damage has been done, useless cunts all.

      Mark Francois for PM!

    • We agree but you have to do it for the whole site or not at all. We tried that and it didn’t go down well.

      Just reset the site to break comments into pages of 40 with latest page on top. That should improve things.

    • Except you can’t fucking read it unless you are a subscriber.

      Er….. maybe that’s the point you were trying to make?

      Too fucking clever for me.

  5. Philip May wants his wife to resign within five weeks to avoid humiliation.

    Other people are now saying seven days.

    I nearly died when someone mentioned December… Another seven months of PM Gaga and her incessant verbal diarrhoea, not to mention “Strength & Stability.”

  6. I read recently that Assisted Dying is a subject that is likely to be raised again in the Houses of Parliament (any hope of intelligent debate? No fucking chance, methinks…).
    I think it would be an excellent chance for our Rt. Dishonourable members to learn to multi-task; a vote of no confidence in Mavis Might, followed by a vote in favour of Assisted Dying. The outcome could be celebrated by the Swiss Embassy kindly donating a mug of barbiturates and half a bar of Lindt to take the bitter taste away, and – hey presto ! A result.

  7. Admin,

    Apologies if misplaced – speaking as a web page simpleton, how hard or how easy would it be for a given photo on the Wall of Cunt, if clicked, to lead you to a search result of all the nominations tagged with that particular cunt’s name?

  8. Well the EU election result is in, I looked at the figures ect , Then listened to BBC radio 4 this morning coming in to work (I don’t know why).
    Mr Farage was speaking and the presenter stated that it was a victory for the remain party (rather fucking confusing if you ask me) and I thought, well pretty much what I have been thinking for some time.
    Why do I listen to this shit? Why the fuck is everyone circumnavigating the obvious?

  9. It really is quite irritating how, because London garnered so much support for the Lib Dems in the Euro elections, that the media seem to think the Brexit Party success is really irrelevant and that the seats won by the Lib Dems in London should be conclusive prove that Britain really voted to remain in the EU!

    My only other concern for Farage is that he is really a one-issue party. He talks about Brexit and the EU and “we’re ready for a general election”. But what about all the other important issues such as security, defence, education, NHS etc. He hasn’t announced any policy ideas for them, which makes him weak should an election be called.

    Farage needs to think about these other issues before banging on about being ready for an election

    • I understand he is due to publish the Brexit Party’s wider manifesto soon, hopefully before the Peterborough by-election (6 June).

  10. Flabbott tweeted this morning saying the following “We have to take the time to analyse the EU vote. But, when we come in third after the Brexit party, that is a clue something is wrong with our strategy. We need to listen to our members and take a clearer line on a public vote.”

    Why is she so fucking thick? And why does she think we need yet another public vote after the resounding defeat in the Euros last night? A clear message has rung out and yet Labour treat it with utter contempt, and the Lib Dems call the Brexit victory “fascist”

    I am so sick and tired of these cunts and their playground politics. And they expect the electorate to vote for these cunts as shining examples of British democracy?

  11. Sorry fellow cunters, I’ve just spotted this dedicated page after having a few days moaning in the main comments.

    Remainers are Cunts that will never accept the result/s.

    St Nigel is on course to be the next PM and a GE can’t come soon enough in my opinion. I just hope that he doesn’t cave in and he’s well protected, because we’ll have a civil war on our hands if some gobshite remainer tops him.

  12. On a lighter note, “ISAC Fashion Follies”…

    Recently, a grim picture of the slithy Gove, wearing a t-shirt, looking rather sweaty and dishevelled.

    He looks like he’s doing Community Service, or on day-release from some sort of “institution.” The cunt.

  13. The Gove puppet (him again) says in today’s Telerag that he is willing to delay Brexit until late 2020. He justifies this by believing that a No Deal Brexit risks triggering a GE that Corbyn would win.
    Well, the slithy Gove is entitled to his point; I think he’s wrong. I’m beginning to be more worried by the LimpDumps than Corbyn’s lot, who must be haemorrhaging massively.

    And he looks like Chris Evans on a vibrating dildo in the picture…

  14. The SMART METER Advert

    First off O Lords of ISAC and Keeper of the Miserable Cunt Flame; What happened to the “CUNT BUTTON” for submitting stuff, meaning I’ve got to be an awkward cunt using the clearly wrong Brexit Button to post a cunting?

    RIGHT, on to my, IMHO, WELL deserved cunting of that, annoying, preachy and above all LYING, fucking “Smart Meter” Advert that assails my senses, seemingly every 20 fucking microseconds.

    Normally, I like children, but that advert puts me into sadistic, mad-axeman mood and if I were any less restrained, would’ve had the coffee table hurled at light-speed through the TV screen.

    “I want to live in a world where there are polar bears”………… FUCK OFF YOU LITTLE TWERP…. I want to live in a world where I can feed your smug-Islington-faced body to the fucking polar bears.

    Then another two giant children, (naturally a gender-balanced boy and girl), lie down on the landscape, under the wind-turbines. The thoughtless cunts just wiped out all wildlife and crushed the woodlands under their huge bodies. Heres hoping that the windmills are actually ALIEN ROBOTS that then uproot themseves and chop the smarmy giant little cunts to pieces, leaving the landscape awash with giant blood and guts. “I want to live in a world where the air is clean”… IT IS CLEAN, cleaner than it’s been for 7 fucking centuries at least, especially in the cities… NO power stations, NO heavy industry, NO open coal fires, catalysed vehicles, you can even see the horizon.

    Then there is another giant kid running next to the power lines. RUN INTO THEM for fucks sakes and give us a break from this propagandist SHITE.

    But THE WORST is left for last, a kid in a rainbow top, with a mouth full of metal on her teeth, standing on a fucking balcony, in a CONCRETE JUNGLE, people stacked on top of one another, no grass, no gardens, no parking, no safe open spaces, looking in open-mouthed, starry-eyed wonder at the giant CGI butterflies, that I hope are carnivorous, drag her off the balcony, and lay eggs on her for their giant larvae.

    And what is this load of emotive WANK promoting? SMART METERS, that for the propagandized millions, are touted as “saving the planet/polar-bears/butterflies” by saving energy and saving the future for our preshhhhhhhuuuuuussssss chiiiiiiiilllllllldrennnnn. yep, invoke “the Children” in order to get us stupid adults to have even more of our diminished freedoms and enjoyment stolen from us. Christ, if those brave men who laid down their lives 75yrs ago could see us now, they’d weep. On the other hand, with the speed they must be turning in their graves, we could generate enough electricity to power the planet.

    Which brings me neatly to the main subject, the actual “Smart” meters. The £400 a pop “Smart” meters DONT save you ANY electricity and CANNOT save you any. An energy usage display can be fitted in ANY house and costs a few quid. OK. theoretically, it stops “estimated readings”, but really, who apart from a few souls, really gives a fuck? Besides, the first generation meters go “dumb” if you switch suppliers. The REAL: issue is that these abominations contain a “Smart” remotely controlled SWITCH a large set of contacts the utility or government agancy can turn off by remote control. The meters also contain a SIM so that they can communicate with the utility, government agency etc via the mobile network, Vodaphone in this case. Even the “Smart” GAS METER does this.

    Which brings me to the final point: Do you remember when the government, GreenPiss, the Friends of No-One etc told us that we should switch our TVs OFF due to the 1-watt idle current?? Well here it is ALL no-analogue (spinning disk) meters consume 2-watts just to operate, EVEN the new “Smart” GAS METERS that previously used NO electricity.

    As most electricity meters are now digital, there are about twenty MILLION in use, consuming FORTY MEGAWATTS whereas if we had the older analogue meters, the wastage would be less than a tenth. With about FIVE MILLION “Smart” gas meters at 2-watts, that’s another TEN MEGAWATTS just to power the “Smart” digital meters. FIFTY MEGAWATTS in total and that’s on top of all of those MAINS POWERED DIGITAL DISPLAYS at about a watt each, PLUS the power for the digital circuitry on “Smart” thermostats, light switches etc that are active all of the time and increasing in number. We are probably in the region of 70-80 MEGAWATTS just on monitoring circuits and paranoia-inducing energy consumption displays, even those annoying “Ring” “smart” doorbells cansume a watt or so.

    Despite all of this “Green” “Smart” cuntritude, we haven’t built a single fucking NEW POWER STATION IN DECADES, to power all of those new gadgets, rathole dwellings, HS2, data-networks, which if we have a blackout, we are FUCKED.

    How many ill-educated, paranoid saps have bought into this “Smart” shit to “save the polar bears” when the reality is that the utilities are facing massive FINES next year for not hitting the “let’s put a remote switch in people’s homes” target, fines tha twill be added to OUR FUCKING BILLS.

    There is NO legal requirement to have one of these RF radiating abominations and if your utility says there is, GO ELSEWHERE.

    AS for that fucking cunt of an advert, I stand by every word. “Smart” Meters for Dumb Cunts.

  15. The EU again, although this could be a real cunting…

    Today’s Telegraph says that “EU prepares to cut off Swiss stock exchanges in warning to Brexit Britain.”
    Fuck the bloody EU, festering pile of rancid old jizz. Nuke that goddamn odious shitehole Brussels, and Frankfurt / Main, home to the Coundenhove-Kalergi 3ry dementia sickness. I am sure Bern has some large and destructive APDs it can send in their general direction.

  16. From The Express…

    LibDems recruiting Barnier and Macron to Remain crusade.

    Just imagine Cable and those two trying to circle-jerk.

  17. So Ursula Von the Liar is elected our new President…….the winning candidate in a field of one! Marvellous!
    Can we have a second vote please? Of course not…….EU democracy is the finest in the world.

  18. Excellent analysis from The Australian here:

    Particularly enjoyed this –

    The greatest agreement over Brexit is found among the intellig­entsia. The experts are in agreement, as experts so often are, since they are frequently considered to be experts because they uphold the establishment opinion.

    The experts are the ones who BBC presenters find most agreeable to interview and are mostly allowed to state their case without rude interruption.

    A random exchange from the corporation’s flagship Newsnight program last week illustrates the point. Rod Liddle, a former BBC news and current affairs producer who went rogue, was interviewed about his latest book on Brexit, The Great Betrayal.

    Emily Maitlis: Would you describe­ yourself as a racist?

    Liddle: Well no, obviously not. But I am used to going on BBC programs and being accused of such things.

    Maitlis: When all you do is write about suicide bombers blowing themselves up in Tower Hamlets …

    Liddle: Do you have to, at every possible juncture, show the BBC’s grotesque bias? Get a grip, Emily.

  19. Fuck knows what Boris is playing at. He’s running around like a cunt in an election campaign spending money ( in his head ) like it’s going out of fashion and practically promising everyone free pussy.
    Either he’s planning an early election or…………well fuck knows!!!

  20. Watched a couple of episodes of Red Dwarf this pm.
    I was left thinking that the prick-faced, utterly insufferable, smug, boss-eyed garlic-sniffing surrender monkey Macron looks rather like Rimmer. Although the latter is about 2 ft taller.

    • The European Commission is keeping secret details of talks between EU commissioner Pierre Moscovici, former UK prime minister Tony Blair and Hungarian-US billionaire George Soros, about a second Brexit referendum.

      The commission told EUobserver in reply to an access to documents request that the need to protect the EU’s decision-making process weighed heavier than any public interest in what was discussed last January in Davos.

      Despite the commission claiming responsibility of ‘an unprecedented wave of transparency’, it still feels the need to redact its papers ‘to protect its decision-making process’. (Photo: EUobserver)
      Moscovici, responsible for economic and financial affairs in the EU, met several politicians and business leaders in the margins of the World Economic Forum, the annual get-together in the Swiss Alps.

      The commission released an emailed summary of what was discussed with the French EU commissioner, in what the author of the email described as a “Quick readout of a day and a half of sub-zero speed-dating in Davos”.

      It revealed, for example, that the financial sector saw “Italy and Brexit” as “main risks in Europe”.

      But the email was heavily redacted in some places.

      Six lines were redacted that followed the sentence “Soros and Blair: discussions with the two earliest backers of a ‘People’s Vote'”.

      Blair, who was the UK’s centre-left prime minister from 1997 to 2007, is against the UK’s departure from the EU, and a vocal supporter of a second referendum – called a People’s Vote by its supporters.

      Soros, a Hungarian-born Jewish philanthropist, is often at the centre of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories – some initiated by the prime minister of EU member state Hungary, Viktor Orban.

      At one of the daily press conferences of the EU commission in January, a Hungarian journalist from a pro-government TV station asked about the contents of the meeting.

      A commission spokesman replied he would not comment “on the many contacts that are happening in Davos” but claimed that the Juncker commission had led “an unprecedented wave of transparency”, by consistently disclosing when commissioners meet lobbyists.

      “Everything is out in the light of the day for everyone to see and form an opinion,” he said at the time.

      But in fact, Moscovici’s meetings with Blair and Soros have not been listed on the commissioner’s web page, three months after they took place.

      The list of registered lobby meetings on Moscovici’s website, with the most recent entry three months old (Photo: European Commission)
      Several parts of the documents were redacted, with different reasons relating to exemption clauses in the EU’s access to documents regulation.

      The redacted email was released on 25 March, and was followed up with an explanatory letter from the EU commission on 15 April.

      In that letter, the commission explained to EUobserver that it had to blank out parts of the document because of the exemptions.

      In particular, there was a risk of violating privacy, and of damaging “the institution’s decision-making process”.

      “We have looked into the text carefully and did not assess that there would be an overriding public interest in disclosure of this parts of the document,” the commission said.

      EUobserver has appealed the decision. A reply is due on Thursday (25 April).

      Meanwhile, the commission has also replied to a separate access to documents request, related to meetings held by the commission’s second-in-command, vice-president Frans Timmermans.

      The Dutch politician, who wants to succeed his boss, commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, reported a meeting on 6 November 2018 with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

      However, according to the commission no documents existed relating to that meeting: no minutes or presentations, or even emails sent in advance for setting up the meeting.

      The commission wrote “we regret to inform you that the European Commission does not hold any documents that would correspond to the description given in your application.”

      The access to documents application also revealed that no minutes existed for a meeting between Timmermans and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

      The only documents that were released were emails between Apple and the commission.

      In September 2018, the US technology company informed the commission of Cook’s visit to Europe, and requested a meeting, which was then scheduled for 25 October.

      Later that month Timmermans also received an invitation from the US ambassador to the EU, to attend a dinner “in honour” of Cook.

      However, his cabinet declined this dinner invitation – although Timmermans did attend the 25 October meeting with Cook.

      The lack of minutes for lobby meetings with EU commissioners has been repeatedly revealed by access to documents requests by this website.

      Last month, Timmermans declined an opportunity to pledge improvement.

      A spokesman for his campaign said that “nobody has done more for promoting transparency than Frans Timmermans” and that before he wanted to talk about “possible next steps”, other EU institutions needed to improve on their transparency record

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