Cunt of the Year 2019

It’s that time of the year again when we nominate who we would like included for the ISAC “Cunt of the Year” award. It’s been a difficult year. There have been so many cunts to choose from!

Here are this year’s categories :

– British cunt, your very own home grown asshole
– Political cunt, Lord or Right Honourable, but not the whole commons please
– Anti democratic cunt, Gina Miller prequalifies
– EU cunt, MEPs officials and parties allowed
– Corporate cunt, businesses not people please
– Foreign cunt, a world of choice

One nomination per category please, in the same order as above would help in the counting.

Nominations will close, rather appropriately, on 12th December. It’ll give you something else to think about rather than which cunt to vote for in the General Election.

Results on the 31st December, hangovers permitting.

85 thoughts on “Cunt of the Year 2019

  1. British Cunt – Boris
    Political Cunt – Jess Phillips
    Anti Demo Cunt – Steptoe
    Euro Cunt – Angela Merkel
    Corporate Cunt – BBC
    Foreign Cunt – Greta Thundercunt

    • British cunt ….. Pygmy gobshite bercow
      Political cunt …. mr punch grieve
      Anti democratic cunt..swinson
      EU cunt…. granny rider macron
      Corporate cunt …. bbc
      Foreign cunt …. spoon face thunberg
      Team/ body of cunts …. parliament

  2. British Cunt…Prince Harry Halfwit-Halfblood.
    Business….the pub in the village that banned me.
    Foreign…Prince (lover of young meat) Andrew….well the Cunt is as good as Kraut,anyhow I had to get the bastard in somewhere.

  3. British Cunt – Nicola ‘wee Jimmy’ Sturgeon.
    Political Cunt – John Bercow
    Anti democratic Cunt – Jo Swinson
    Euro Cunt – Jean Claude Junker
    Corporate Cunt – Proctor and Gamble (Gillette)
    Foreign Cunt – Jacinda Ardern

  4. British cunt Gary Lineker
    Political cunt John Bercow
    Anti demo cunt Dominic Grieve
    Euro cunt Emmanuel Macron
    Corporate cunt McCain frozen foods (mutant adverts)
    Foreign cunt Recip tayip Erdogan
    Cunt of Cunts Jerzy Corbynov

  5. British Cunt – Dominic Grieve
    Political Cunt – John Bercow
    Anti democratic Cunt – Jo Swinson
    Euro Cunt – Emmanuel Macron
    Corporate Cunt – Farcebook
    Foreign Cunt – Greta Thunberg

  6. British Cunt – John Bercow
    Political Cunt – John Bercow
    Anti democratic Cunt – John Bercow
    Euro Cunt – Guy Verhofstad
    Corporate Cunt – Kelloggs
    Foreign Cunt – Kim Kardasian

  7. British Cunt – John Bercow
    Political Cunt – Hilary Benn
    Anti democratic Cunt – Sourtits
    Euro Cunt – Guy Verhofstad
    Corporate Cunt – BBC
    Foreign Cunt – Macron

  8. British Cunt – John Bercow
    Political Cunt – Hilary Benn/Dominic Granny-Grieve (take your pick, equally revolting, both smell of piss and halitosis)
    Anti Demo Cunt – Gina Miller
    Euro Cunt – Leo Varadker
    Corporate Cunt – BBC
    Foreign Cunt – Greta Thundercunt

  9. Danny Dyer
    Nicola (Wee Jimmy) Sturgeon
    The Swinson bitch
    The Magid Magid cunt.
    Thomas Cook
    Magid Magid (born in Somalia therefore a foreign cunt)

  10. British Cunt – Suckdick Khan
    Political Cunt – Jo Swinson
    Anti Demo Cunt – Banana Gob
    Euro Cunt – That Granny fucking French Gnome Macron
    Corporate Cunt – The BBC
    Foreign Cunt – Megan ‘That fucking woman’ Markle

  11. Scottish cunt – Turdgun
    Fat Scottish Cunt – Ian “who ate all the pies ?” Blackford
    Annoyin’ personality vacuum Scottish cunt – Jo Swinson
    Welsh cunt – Gutto Bebb
    Dark quay Welsh cunt – Vaughan Gething, the lying cunt bastard
    Oirish cunt – Leonora Verruca-Wankseach
    English cunt fuck me help I’m struggling… Ken Clarke. Lord of the puke and piss-stained Hush-Puppies
    Foreign cunt stealing O2 in GB – Linekunt
    Overseas psychotically-deranged foreign cunt – Guy “The Rant” Verminhofstadt
    Corporate cunt – BBC
    Spasticated wire coathanger dodging, junior category cunt – Gretta Thunderbox.

    I’m all cunted out.

    • Luvvies have a disappointingly poor showing so far…cun’t really call “Fanny” Dyer a luvvie. I should’ve included Air-Miles Emma Thompson; maybe food for thought for someone else…

  12. British Cunt….Bercow
    Political Cunt..Corbyn
    Anti democratic Cunt….Swinson
    Euro Cunt…….Merkel
    Corporate Cunt…Proctor and Gamble, jamrag gate
    Foreign Cunt….Erdogan

  13. – British cunt – John Bercow
    – Political cunt – John Bercow
    – Anti democratic cunt – Ian Blackford
    – EU cunt – Guy Verhofstahdt
    – Corporate cunt – Gillette
    – Foreign cunt – Greta Thunberg

  14. British Cunt – Dominic Grievance
    Political Cunt – Nicola Sturgeon
    Anti Demo Cunt – Jo Swinson
    Euro Cunt – Teresa May
    Corporate Cunt – BBC
    Foreign Cunt – Sudick Khan(t)

  15. British- Kay Burley
    Political- Hilary Benn
    Anti democratic- Jo Swinson
    EU- Guy Verhofstadt
    Corporate- Gillette
    Foreign- Hilary Clinton

  16. – British cunt: John Bercow
    – Political cunt: The Right Horrible John Bercow
    – Anti democratic cunt: Jo Swinson
    – EU cunt: Guy Verhofstadt
    – Corporate cunt: Google
    – Foreign cunt: Justin Trudeau

  17. British; John ‘Short Arse’ Bercow, for outstanding service to the EU
    Political; Nicola Sturgeon
    Anti; Jo Swinson
    Euro; Guy ‘Mr Pumpkin Head’ Verhofstadt
    Corporate; British Biased Cunts
    Foreign; Greta ‘Death Stare’ Thunberg

    Just for the fun of it, the Knee household would like to give honourable mentions to the following;

    Group Cunt of the Year; Extinction Rebellion
    Luvvy C of Y; Dame Elton of Bogg
    Race Baiting C of Y; David Lammy, Doreen Lawrence (dead heat)
    Advert Cof Y; Gillette
    Newsrag C of Y; The Groaningremoaniad
    Scruffy C of Y; Jeremy ‘Catweazle’ Corbyn
    Sports C of Y; Lewis Hamilton
    Hissy SJW Cunt of Y; Owen Jones
    Ugly Fat C of Y; Emily Thornberry
    Gravedigger C of Y; Dominic Grieve, Philip Hammond (dead heat)
    Arrogant C of Y; Kay Burley
    Royal C of Y; Air Miles Andy
    TV C of Y; Fleabag

    Cunt Without Portfolio; Gary ‘Jug Ears’ Linekunt

    So many cunts, so little space…

    • Perhaps ISAC should acquire not so much a wooden spoon, but a “rubber spatula” for these also-ran cunts.
      It’s gettting to the stage where it’s easier to list non-cunts…
      Nice one, Mr. Knee (and household).

  18. British cunt – John bercow
    Political cunt- dominic grieve
    Anti democratic- gina ( dirty whore I hope you die you bastard) miller
    Eu cunt- donald tusk
    Corporate cunt- asda ( treat staff like shit )
    Foreign cunt- anybody who says they’re european. Filth

  19. British cunt – Stormzy
    Political cunt – David Lammy
    Anti democratic cunt – Alistair Campbell
    EU cunt – Donald Tusk
    Corporate cunt – The whole CBI
    Foreign cunt – Dominic Grieve, French cunt really

  20. – British cunt: Jeremy Vine
    – Political cunt: Bercow
    – Anti democratic cunt: Gina Miller
    – EU cunt: Guy Veryofftrolleystadt
    – Corporate cunt: Branson
    – Foreign cunt: Nancy Pelosi

  21. British Cunt – John Bercow
    Politicunt – Dominic Grieve
    Anti demo cunt – Jo Swinson
    EU cunt – Donald Tusk
    Corporate cunt – Facebook
    Foreign Cunt – Gina Miller (she certainly shouldn’t be classed as British)

  22. British Cunt – Hairy Halfblood
    Political Cunt – John Bercow
    Anti democratic Cunt – Jo Swinson
    Euro Cunt – Tony Blair
    Corporate Cunt – Philip Green
    Foreign Cunt – Ursula von der Leyen

  23. British Cunt – Gina Miller
    Political Cunt – John ‘munchkin’ Bercow
    Euro Cunt – Von Der Leyen
    Corporate Cunt – Extinction Rebellion
    Foreign Cunt – Greta Thunderpants
    Anti demo Cunt – The People’s Vote campaign

  24. Brit Cunt : The boy Hewitt
    Pol cunt : The traitor Bercow
    Anti-D cunt : Mrs Swindler, Queen of the Lib Dumbs
    EU cunt : Emperor Verhofstadt
    Corp cunt : the B.B. cunting C
    Foreign cunt : Princess Free Loader Markle

    May I venture to suggest some additional and/or substitute categories for future consideration?

    Bitch of the Year
    Sexual Degenerate of the Year… include poofs, trannies, gender neutrals and Black and White Cunt.
    Lying Cunt of the Year

    I thank you.

  25. British Cunt… John.Bercow
    Political Cunt..John Bercow
    Anti democratic Cunt….Jo Swinson
    Euro Cunt…….Ursula van de Leyen
    Corporate Cunt…Kelloggs
    Foreign Cunt….Drunker

  26. British Cunt….John Bercow
    Political Cunt..Oliver Letwin
    Anti democratic Cunt….Dominic Grieve
    Euro Cunt…….Macron
    Corporate Cunt…Virgin
    Foreign Cunt….Joe Biden

  27. Some popular cuture cunts…

    Luvvie Cunt – Olivia Coleman
    Musical Cunt – Ed Sheercunt
    Unfunny Cunt – Phoebe Waller Cunt
    About As Sexy As A Pissing Toad Cunt – Madogga
    Wooden Cunt – Emilia Clarke
    PC Pet Cunt – Stormzy
    Lifetime Achievement Cunt – Bonio
    A Cunt But Still Would Cunt – Scarlett Johansscunt

  28. British Cunt – Prince Andrew
    Political Cunt – John Bercow
    Anti Democratic Cunt – John Bercow
    Euro Cunt – Guy Verhofstadt
    Corporate Cunt – BBC
    Foreign Cunt – Megan Markle

  29. British Cunt – Nicola Sturgeon
    Political Cunt . Ian ( fat cunt ) Blackford
    Anti democratic- Sir Oliver Left win
    Euro Cunt – guy verhof cunt
    Corporate cunts / the royal family
    Foreign cunt – midget macron cunt

  30. British cunt: Jeremy Corbyn
    Political cunt: John Bercow
    Anti Democratic cunt: Jo Swinson
    EU cunt: Emmanuel Macron
    Corporate cunt: BBC
    Foreign cunt: Mo Farah

  31. British cunt: Nicola ‘we want to be an Independent nation within the EU’ Sturgeon
    Political cunt: John ‘Berkowitz’ Bercow
    Anti democratic: Jo ‘dead heat in a zeppelin race’ Swinson
    EU cunt: Leo ‘The Taoiseach Tosser’ Varadkar
    Corporate cunt: BBC (absolute no brainer this one)
    Foreign cunt: Rachel Meghan ‘Choc Ice’ Markle

  32. British Cunt – John ‘short arse (hole)’ Bercow
    Political Cunt – Oliver ‘Traitor’ Letwin
    Anti Demo Cunt – Gina ‘cunt with too much money and time on her hands’ Miller
    Euro Cunt – Donald ‘manchild EU bully’ Tusk
    Corporate Cunt – British Broadcasting Cuntery
    Foreign Cunt – St. Greta Thunberg

  33. British Cunt – ‘Skeena Rathor’ from extinction rebellion.
    Political Cunt – Has to be Bercow the dirty little shit.
    Anti Demo Cunt – Joe Swinson. Fucking lunatic.
    Euro Cunt – Guy Verhofstadt. Twat.
    Corporate Cunt – Gillette. Not the best a man can get.
    Foreign Cunt – Greta The Lord and Saviour.

  34. British Cunt Extinction Rebellion
    Political Cunt Oh Jeremy Corbin
    Anti Democrat Jo Tits Swinson
    EU Cunt Fuhrerin Merkel
    Corporate Cunt BBC
    Foreign Cunt Greta Thunderbox

    So many cunts, so few choices.
    Admin what about an all round cunt of the year one that has excelled in more than one category?

  35. British Cunt – the Prince Harry Hewitt Windsor
    Political Cunt – Jess ‘soap dodger’ Philips
    Anti Democratic Cunt – Comrade Corbyn
    EU Cunt – Obergruppenfuhrer Merkel
    Corporate Cunt – British Airways
    Foreign Cunt – Greta ‘gobshite’ Thunberg
    Cunt of All Fucking Cunts – Rachel Markle!!!

  36. British cunt, Bercow

    – Political cunt, Steptoe aka Magic Grandpa

    – Anti democratic cunt, whoever that fucker is who ‘leads’ the Illiberal Undemocrats.

    – EU cunt, Macron by a short head from the Irish Teashop.

    – Corporate cunt, Thomas Cook. Have just come back from the Canaries and the damage these cunts have done is unbelievable. A cunting all on it’s own.

    – Foreign cunt, Hilary Cunton by a short head from the Grunter Thunderbird.

  37. British Cunt – Nicola ‘Hadaway & Shite’ Sturgeon. HRH’s Public Enemy #1 Due To Her Jumped Up, Insanely Deluded, Cunty Attempts To Sabotage The UK.

    Political Cunt – Hillary Benn. The Forming & Passing Of The ‘Benn Bill’ Almost Constitues Treason.

    Anti-Democratic Cunt – Jo ‘Enemy Of Democracy’ Swinson. No Need To Elaborate Here.

    EU Cunt – Michelle Barnier. This Distant Relative Of The Weasel Is Intent On Embarrassing The UK To The Hilt , All Out Of Spite For Not Wanting ‘In’ His Dystopian EU Shitehole.

    Corporate Cunt – Facebook. Banned For Using A Pseudonym, Yet They Allow For The Subversion Of Democracy, Radicalisation Of Youth & Slimey Data Theft/Resale. Cuntbook Get My Vote.

    Foreign Cunt – T.I , WOW Recently Admitted That He ‘Virginty Checks’ His 18Yo Daughters Minge. Albeit A Very Recent Occurence, David Baddiel’s Tweet Firmly Placed T.I In #1 For This Category. “I Wonder If TI Himself Gets A Hymen Check, As He’s Clearly A Cunt”

  38. British Cunt … Ian Blackford
    Political Cunt … John Bercow
    Anti democratic Cunt … Titty Swinson
    EU Cunt … JC Drunker
    Corporate Cunt … BBC
    Foreign Cunt … Leo Varadkar
    Fuck them all.

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