Zeineb Badawi

Zeineb Badawi is a cultural marxist BBC cunt.

Am ill at the moment so couldn’t sleep last night and stupidly put on hardtalk on BBC news.Badawi was interviewing a mixed race south African comedian Trevor Nah who is. Pretty liberal. Anyway she sneeringly asked him if he regretted telling racist jokes about himself. When he dismissively said no I am a comedian and that is self deprecation which is part of my act

Badawi kept quoting Lenny Henry saying he regretted telling un pc jokes and asked Trevor Noah why he didn’t agree with Henry before saying I wouldn’t ever say racist comments about myself to which Noah said yeah well you aren’t a comedian. Did this stupid bitch think she could pull the race card on a black guy and succeed? Fair play for the guy for not walking out.

I mean surely the fact she assumes that all black people should automatically agree with her and Lenny Henry is a sign of racism on her part. Badawi is a cunt and the license fee is a joke.

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69