International Wimmin’s Day (2)

I would like to cunt International Women’s Day which was earlier this week. Here we fucking go again. It looks especially lame in this part of the world where they face the tyranny of wearing certain shoes at work or the deep injustice of someone suggesting they are a bit overweight.

What I can’t understand is how gender is relevant to most situations you find yourself in. Theres a special day for everything now (with the glaring omission of Men’s Day of course) it seems. At least no cunt has asked me for a pound yet!

Nominated by Mary Hinge.

International Women’s Day is a cunt…Well, the way it is done in Britain is anyway… At work today the radio had a ‘women only’ schedule… Which was basically a load of silly cow presenters babbling endless crap and playing total shite like Celine Dion, Madogga, Lily Mong, Adele Arbuckle, Sheryl Crow and Kylie on a loop… And praise was dished out to celebricunts like Madogga, Beyonce, Concorde Conk Streep, Dog Spice Beckham, and (naturally) Saint Jo Cox, Patron Saint Of Snowflakes…

No mention of the brave women in Syria who are fighting IS (while the greasy cowardly men fuck off to Germany to go -a-rapin’ and theivin’)… Shows what a joke this ‘womens day’ really is… It’s just a chance to arselick celebricunts and dumb down and throw shit at men… Fucking shite…

Nominated by Norman.

Dido Harding


Dido Harding, the incompetent CEO of the worst ISP in the country TalkTalk, is an absolute cunt!

Last week TalkTalk was hacked for the third time this year. THIRD TIME FFS! What the fuck was the woman doing? Clearly not her job of running the fucking company that’s for sure.

So how the fuck did Baroness Harding of Whinscunt get this fucking job? Well, she started off at Woolworths (who went bust) then moved to Tesco (where she ‘resigned’ aka was sacked) then after a spell at Sainsbury (much declining profits) ended up as CEO of TalkTalk. Now you might think she sucked somebody cock to get the job? You may very well think that, but I couldn’t possibly comment.

Ditto how did she qualify to become Conservative peer? Well, that’s a lot easier to answer – in October 1995, she married John Penrose, MP for Weston-super-Mare, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport since 14 May 2010. 2010 you might recall is about the time she landed the TalkTalk job. I’m sure it’s a total coincidence, along with the peerage.

Highlight of last week? Watching the bitch squirm on TV. Highlight of the TV moments? Watching her admit she didn’t know whether the data that was hacked was encrypted or not. Didn’t know FFS! It’s her job to know!!! It’s bloody basic – especially after two previous hacks within the past year.

If this cunt keeps her job after this, there’s no hope for any of us any more. Worryingly, In February 2013 she was assessed as one of the 100 most powerful women in the UK. The honour was repeated the following year, when she was named in the 10 most influential women in the BBC Woman’s Hour power list 2014.

Even more worrying is that the incompetent cunt is a non-executive director on The Court of The Bank of England. Christ help us!!!

What a total cunt.

Nominated by: Dioclese

Women in high heels


Women are cunts. Clomping around in high-heel shoes like circus dwarfs doing tricks for the crowd so they don’t get whipped by the clowns. Why can’t the bitch cunts wear normal shoes instead of tippy-toeing on gaudy stilts.

It is grotesque seeing ugly fat bitches with orange faces and bingo wings in high-heel shoes. The sad cunts are now even putting platforms on the front (like club-foot foot shoes for Welsh incest babies) so their ugly little fat hairy bodies are even higher in the air.

We need to get back to more civilized times when women were used as farm animals and organic incubators to produce men.

Nominated by: Harvey

…and that perfect Christmas present for the women who has everything?