Ashley Judd

Ashley Fudd is in India just now and her tweets say she’s loving it.
Is she aware about the way a lot of Indian girls are treated like shite ?, and is she going to start and speak at a march for women/girls who get raped in front of onlookers in public ?
Most probably not.

She has also defended Muslims for aiding people who’s religion sounds like flewish ( trying to get by moderation there) in the second world war.
Good on the Muslims that aided them, but it means fuck all today, when muslims are the enemy and are hell bent on spreading their filthy shite everywhere.

Talking of Muslim shite, the local parkies have had to cut back the eucalyptus trees coz the Moroccan cunts that are infiltrating my town go under them and take a shite. Dirty cunts.
If you go to the park, quiet back street, car park corners or down to the old ruins of an old fort by the beach, you will find dried up pitch black Moroccan shite with the odd bit of skid marked toilet paper lying around it.
That to me is a major reason these cunts should be sent back to north Africa. It proves they are animals that cant respect their new “home”.
The park used to have a tunnel made of eucalyptus trees in a row that was lovely. Not anymore.
Why can’t we have a nice park and just tell the cunts its not on ?
They’re just going to do it somewhere else.

Ashley Fudd to Moroccans shiteing in my park, how does my mind work ?

Nominated by Birdman

Oisin Tymon


Like Clarkson or not, I think whiney cunts like that Oisin Tymon deserve a bit of a cunting.

Its an endemic problem in this country. Clearly production crew know the schedule and how long filming etc is going to take so if the ruckus was all over a hot meal at the end of the day, then some cunt deserves a fucking good kicking for failing to get even the simplest arrangement (nobody really knows what happened, so I’m only going by whats reported), that is to provide a hot meal at the end of the day. I can only surmise the ‘well thats all their is’ response was enough to tip Clarkson over the edge.

I did a pretty old school apprenticeship, and it was hard going. You had be aware of what was going on at all times and persistent mistakes that affected others meant that you would be ‘checked back into line’. Im not talking some Dickensian work place scenario, and fuckers that go on about bullying in the work place need a reality check, that seldom happens these days, unless of course being asked to do something not in your job description constitutes bullying and harassment. What we do have is the touchy feely, social, PC bullshit that leads the majority of the workforce to a massive sense of entitlement, not yet earned.

This is the reason fat Maureen down the council offices acts with impunity, because she does not have any fear of loosing her job, being disciplined or even actually having to do the job. We have a nation of fireproof cunts who can do and say whatever they like without fear.

I think more people should start kicking fuck out of frontline services staff and jobsworth cunts when they start to cop a shit attitude, because it might make the whole country a little more pleasant. I am still wary of my work impeding someone else’s and the prospect of getting a kicking for it focus’ the mind a bit better.

Clarkson maybe a loud mouth cunt, but in this instance he appears to have responded to cuntishness in general. Call me a cunt for defending him. But I’m tired of dealing with smug cunts telling me ‘thats just how it is’.

Nominated by: The Captain

The McCanns


Fuck me, I thought the Mccanns had given up, but the whining sub council estate absent parents are at it again. They couldn’t be arsed to stay in and look after their children, or pay for someone to, so we get subjected to 7 years whining, and police investigations at our expense.

You fucked up, and don’t deserve kids. So shut the fuck up!

Nominated by: The Oncoming Fart

Also this from the Daily Mail back in January :

A lawyer defending a woman who was caught drink-driving while her small child was at home alone has accused Madeleine McCann’s parents of child neglect.

In what has been described as an ‘outrageous’ slur on the missing girl’s parents, defence lawyer Gareth Morgan compared them unfavourably to his client, who left her five-year-old son at home by himself before being arrested after she crashed her car at traffic lights.

He told magistrates at Merthyr Tydfil, south Wales: ‘The parents of Madeleine McCann were guilty of child neglect for leaving their little girl much longer than my client. They were never prosecuted.’

Too fucking right as far as I can see!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Sol Campbell


Does this cunt ever shut up?! Built like a brick shithouse, yet he whines like an air raid siren. His latest comments about him being the England Captain for ten years, and not being given the the job because he is black, are total bollocks.

For a start Paul Ince was captain of England when Campbell was playing. So that’s Campbell’s ‘racist’.theory up the spout (Ince was a far better player anyway). Campbell’s claim about him being a dead cert for the England captaincy also show this giant wallflower’s self importance. To be a team captain you need guts, leadership qualities and an ability to inspire those around you (Bobby Moore, Bryan Robson, Franz Beckenbauer, Tony Adams, Dino Zoff etc). Campbell has none of these.

He carps on about how he could have been England skipper (if he was so fucking great, then why wasn’t he?), yet Campbell throws his toys out of the pram when Spurs supporters call him a poofter! That’s real captaincy material, isn’t it? What a big, whinging, mincing cunt.

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside

Scotland the Brave [3]


When you lot piss off you can take the Jock mafia in the BBC, Labour and Tory party with you. I’d happily take back the several hundred thousand English who live in Scotland if it means the whining, saltire waving Braveheart watching sheeps guts munching lowland doggerel reading Jock cunts fuck off back to that shithole you call Scoortland.

The noo!

Nominated by: Colin Murray’s Brain