TFI Friday


Just when you thought TV was taking a turn for the better with axing ‘The Voice’ some gormless cunt decides to bring back ‘Oh Fuck It’s Friday’…

Chris Evans – a cunt who has been sacked more times by the BBC than Clarkson and that’s saying something – is clearly running short of dosh and not content with bolloxing up Top Gear, he’s going to subject us to more of this mindless fucking drivel. Christ help us!

Yes, all the old shit is there – including Freak or Unique and Baby Left, Baby Right and It’s Your Letters. The only good thing about this tripe is that Evans insists it’s the last time he’ll do it – he’s so busy with Top Gear and the BBC Breakfast Show (from which he was sacked twice for not showing up). And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything!

Is there anybody out there who doesn’t think Chris Evans is a solid gold, weapons grade, self centred, carrot topped, egotistical, good for nothing piece of ubershit? If so, you’re a cunt too!

Nominated by: Dioclese

Tony Blair [5]


How does Tony Blair get back on the news? He bailed just before the credit crunch and left Gordon “iron chancellor” brown holding the baby. Now he is telling us that the crisis in Iraq was not his fault (Saddam had no problem keeping the locals in line).

And now his Tonyness is blaming it on us not invading Syria too. Funny how, since this jug eared prick got appointed as special peace envoy to the middle east, everything has got worse there. I suggest we drop him into Iraq so he can explain it to them personally

Nominated by: The Mongcoming Wart

What does my head in about Blair is what the fuck it had to do with the UK to begin with?… I don’t remember Pinnochet, Pol Pot, Gadaffi (not for a long time anyway) or Khomeni being invaded because they weren’t very nice guys. So why was Saddam any different? Oh I remember now: The Blair Poodle’s owner (and leash holder), Dubya Bush Junior told him to invade….

War On Terror my arse though. I didn’t see the Yanks invading anywhere or getting upset when Britain was taking seven types of shit from the Provos for over twenty years… Where was their indignation or war on terror then? There wasn’t any. Instead they threw money at the murdering IRA cunts and portrayed them in the American media as Robin Hood type figures… Fuck them all!

Blair went on about big bad Saddam. Yet Blair put out the red carpet and had tea with Gadaffi! What a hypocritical bullshitting New Labour cunt!

Nominated by: Norman Whiteside