Traffic planning


I would like to cunt traffic “planners”.

These oxygen thiefs hate cars so much – they are undoubtedly all spiteful small-minded creeps who probably use public transport or bicycles – that their junction control programming hold up the flow of traffic for no reason. Sets of traffic lights with pedestrian crossings are timed so much in favour of the walkers that few cars escape in the 20 seconds they’re given, before the peds get another 3 minutes, plus another 10 seconds on top with all lights on red, presumably just in case a paraplegic is rolling slowly across the road. The frustration caused has led to many accidents, as drivers take risks to escape their imprisonment.

Bloody useless cunts!

Nominated by: Ed P

Emma Tapping


Emma Tapping is a cunt…

This daft bitch shows off all over social media about her expensive 300 presents Xmas haul for her three kids, yet she’s now bleating that she doesn’t want her pictures splashed all over the papers… She has no problem rubbing her lavish spending habits in less fortunate peoples’ faces, but she cries foul when it backfires and she looks like a cunt…

Well, you know what they say: a cunt is as a cunt does…

Nominated by: Norman

Cgagi Gladyng


Cgagi Gladyng is a cunt… An inflatable toy shark is (his words) like an axe?

Taking a football fan to court for assault for hitting him over the head with it?

He said he became frightened as the Grimsby Town fans surged towards the pitch?

So why the fuck is this cock a security steward at a football ground?!

Fucking jobsworth health & safety Little Hitler soft shithouse cunt…

Noinated by: Norman

Russell Brand [7]


Russell Brand. An totally unfunny fuckwit and general pissant of the first water. After his stunt with Andrew Sachs and the total bullshit he was spouting during the election, I really didn’t that my loathing for this piece of human excrement could get any worse. But I was wrong.

Yesterday, as the bodies of tourists butchered on the beach in Tunisia were being flown into Brize Norton, Brand said the minute’s silence was an ’empty, hollow gesture’. He went on to say that it was “part of a general policy of bullshit, so that our government can continue selling arms around the world and perpetuating a cycle where its own needs are met.” So basically, Brand is saying that it’s the UK government’s fault these poor buggers were mown down.

I have two important questions about this arsehole that need addressing :

(1) Why does anybody listen to a single word this pathetic, immature, ex-junkie, shite-spouting, degenerate waste of good air has to say about anything?

(2) Why wasn’t he on holiday in Tunisia last week?

The fucker needs chinning and his lips sewing up. He’ll do and say anything to get his sad arse in the news. What a disrespectful piece of shit he is!

Nominated by: Dioclese