Tony Blair [10]

I’d like to nominate Tony Blair for a cunting.

His utter contempt of the British people as being “too thick to decide” with regards to Brexit (and that cuts both ways against those wishing to leave as well as those wanting to remain) just exudes everything that is wrong with him and his faux left-wing cronies, i.e., “Ours is the party of the people! Now let us dictate exactly how you live because you cannot be trusted to make any decision for yourselves. Power to the people! We just don’t expect you to use it, we’ll do that for you.”

The conceited superiority of this cunt really needs slapping down! And would he have been so vocal had the result gone the other way? His way, the gravy train for him and his cronies way?

It’s no secret that Tony B.Liar had designs on the top seat in the EU with all of his toadies in tow like Mandy Mandelson and Alistair Campbell, which halted as the WMD scandal hit.

But now the cunt is back and is shilling for another seat in the EU and his vehicle is to rabble-rouse the remoaners into kicking off (not that they need much of an invitation), even after parliament has now decided and passed through that Article 50 should be invoked (House of Lords aside – another nest of unelected cunts).

The cunt has obviously been promised something from Juncker, Tusk or Verhofstadt to attempt to derail democracy because once invoked in the UK they’re bricking it that their house of cards will collapse all over them! And let’s face it, that would be no bad thing, unless you’reof the ilk of Tony Blair and his cronies!

Tony Blair, you are a cunt. An educated lawyer type of cunt (to worm you way out of shit with your smarmy legalese) but when it came to Brexit yours was one vote. When it came to Brexit, mine was one vote.

Your vote does not count more than mine just because you are a cunt of undefined proportions!

Nominated by Rebel Without a Cunt

GQ awards voters


Tony Blair has been cunted many times on this esteemed blog. Blair is definitely a cunt. No doubt about it. But is he a philanthropist? Is he dedicated to doing good for his fellow man? Is he fuck as like!

So, dear reader, we are forced to cunt the cunts who nominated and voted for him to be awarded GQ Magazine’s Philanthropist of the Year at last night’s swanky ceremony at the Royal Opera House.

Maybe these cunts were just joking? Maybe they finally realised the meaning of irony? Maybe they’re just totally disconnected from reality (well, they do read GQ Magazine)?

On the other hand, maybe they just are a bunch of total uber-cunts.

What next? Putin awarded Peacekeeper of the Year or Clarkson Feminist of the Year maybe.

Or perhaps the Nobel Peace Prize for Obama? Oh fuck, hang a mo…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Lutfar Rahman


Lutfar Rahman is the vote-rigging, extremist Muslim cunt that owns Tower Hamlets. The place is overrun with freeloading cunts that cannot speak English.

Flatten it and turn it into a car park. Cunts.

Nominated by: Miserable Cunt

Lutfar Rahman, the controversial mayor of Tower Hamlets, is to face a High Court trial over claims of electoral fraud. Four petitioners won their bid to expose Lutfur Rahman’s election victory to a full inquiry after allegations that voters were promised council houses if they voted for him.

They claimed Rahman’s team used a “variety of forms” of fraud when he won the mayoral ballot by 3,000 votes in May. Now the cunt is going to have to go to court and defend himself. Hopefully the court will see right through him and lock the cunt away where he belongs.

“I am completely confident that at the end of this process such claims will be exposed for the smears that they are” he said. Well, we say not just a cunt, but a crooked lying cunt to boot.

Nominated by: An Honest Muslim Cunt



People who vote are cunts. Doesn’t matter which party, they are all the fucking same. You only encourage them into thinking that the reason they have attained a following is because they deserve one, instead of the real reason, which is invariably that they wish to inflict their petty prejudices upon the nation in the form of new laws, whilst robbing the taxpayer blind and sucking cock, usually.

What really gets me fuming are dopey fuckers who realise, for example, that the tories are a bunch of chinless, spineless, hopeless bastards, and use this as a justification for voting Labour, even though they are a bunch of bum-sexing, war mongering, expenses fiddling cunts, and vice versa.

The best thing to do with politicians is kill them. Cunts.

Nominated by: Termujin



Been screwing around on this mortal coil long enough to know that all politicians are cunts. Only difference is that once they had some experience of life so at least were self taught cunts. Now they are mostly young done politics at uni and nothing else type cunts.

Think of voting UKIP? Wait till they will turn out to be UCUNTS. Our only salvation from politicians ( and police, unions, NHS, bankers, BBC, Church, Eton boys etc etc ) is to be bigger cunts than thay are

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke