Ashley Judd

Ashley Fudd is in India just now and her tweets say she’s loving it.
Is she aware about the way a lot of Indian girls are treated like shite ?, and is she going to start and speak at a march for women/girls who get raped in front of onlookers in public ?
Most probably not.

She has also defended Muslims for aiding people who’s religion sounds like flewish ( trying to get by moderation there) in the second world war.
Good on the Muslims that aided them, but it means fuck all today, when muslims are the enemy and are hell bent on spreading their filthy shite everywhere.

Talking of Muslim shite, the local parkies have had to cut back the eucalyptus trees coz the Moroccan cunts that are infiltrating my town go under them and take a shite. Dirty cunts.
If you go to the park, quiet back street, car park corners or down to the old ruins of an old fort by the beach, you will find dried up pitch black Moroccan shite with the odd bit of skid marked toilet paper lying around it.
That to me is a major reason these cunts should be sent back to north Africa. It proves they are animals that cant respect their new “home”.
The park used to have a tunnel made of eucalyptus trees in a row that was lovely. Not anymore.
Why can’t we have a nice park and just tell the cunts its not on ?
They’re just going to do it somewhere else.

Ashley Fudd to Moroccans shiteing in my park, how does my mind work ?

Nominated by Birdman

Carol Vordeman [4]


I don’t know anyone who actually likes Carol Vorderman. She does seem like a greedy, money grabbing, attention seeking media whore and can always be relied upon to dress in totally inappropriate clothes that she obviously thinks makes her look younger but sadly have the opposite effect.

I could nominate ‘Loose Women’ for a cunting; I can’t even watch that program any more, it makes me cringe too much. A bunch of stupid women pretending to be intelligent, and don’t get me started on that unpleasant loud-mouthed creature Janet Street Porter.

Nominated by: Serena

Fake titties


Fake titties are cunts. Especially the saline type which look and feel about as natural sticking a couple of cricket balls to your chest with sellotape. Silicon ones are slightly better in that they feel marginally more realistic but they still don’t look right.

If there are any ladies out there thinking about having fake tits let me implore you not to do it. The only type of bloke you are going to attract with fake titties are cunts and if your present man wants you to do it then dump the cunt immediately, no trial separation, pack the cunts bags for him and give him his cards.

A nice big pair of squishy wobbly sagging tits, preferably with stretch marks are the way to go.

As for breast reductions, they are an abomination and should be outlawed.

Nominated by: Fat Rich

( Just a little something for the weekend. Ed. )

Barbara Windsor [3]


I know that most people consider Barbara Windsor a ‘national treasure’, but most people are fucking wrong. What she is, is an annoying, talentless, mockney shitbag, with all the charm, wit and charisma of a rotting corpse. She ruined ever Carry On film she was in with her shite acting and her annoying laugh. And will fucking despise the bitch to my dying day because of that. What the fuck did Sid James see in her?

I’ve never watched Eastenders, so she really didn’t get on my nerves during tenure on that show. But she annoys me greatly in those shitty Jackpot Joy adverts. On their own they’re bad enough, but with this ancient harpy in them they take shite down to a whole new level. Since the ridiculous twat shows no signs of pegging out any time soon, I have no choice but to nominate her for a cunting.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Kanye West


If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and Kanye West, I would shoot Kanye West twice…

Funny to see all them wankstains at Glastonbury: all those white English folk singing along to Kanye Kunt’s set, and then all the furtive looks and awkwardness when it came to the ‘N’ word….

Nominated by: Norman