Joel Dommet


Caught a bit of ‘I’m a cunt get me in there’ the other night and apart from the usual crap I noticed they have done well in selecting an unusually desperate load of cunts. Top of the list is Joel Dommet this middle class cunt is a ‘Comedian’ apparently and surprise surprise he’s not funny at all.

I don’t know what it is but as soon as I hear these well spoken comedians I know they’re going to be shit. I know the middle class make up more of the population than the working class now but cmon surely this cunt only appeals to uni types and the right on brigade. I would love to see this cunt try to entertain a working class northern crowd. The unfunny cunt.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

Dave Gorman


Dave Gorman – what an unfunny pillock.

I’d happily go to prison for a month if I could punch this average, no, less-than-average comedian in his average bearded mug for no other reason than I did it for all the people in tv land (as I’m sure his negative bearded shite has infected other shores) who have to switch over when he appears on tv spouting his trivial, mind-numbing drivel disguised as comedy entertainment.

Noninated by: Donkey Kongs Balls



Went from being Quite Funny to Quite Shit to a complete sack of cuntspill.

Formula is as follows:

Stephen Fry says “bum” or “bottom” or something equally brilliant.
Audience laughs.

Cuntishly unfunny knobhead panellist (Jack Whitehall, Sue Perkins etc) says something cuntishly knobheadedly unfunny.
Audience howls.

Alan Davies does a few cuntishly stupid facial manoeuvres to act out whatever the cuntishly unfunny knobhead panellist has just said.
Audience goes berserk.

Cunts. The whole bloody fucking lot of them, including the audience.

Nominated by: Galted Asas

Sue Perkins [3]

sue-perkins-0003 (1)

Apropos of fuck all can I nominate Sue Perkins for a cunting?

I’ve just sat through her usual piss-poor appearance on a panel show. How does this cunt get on the BBC? I mean all she is is gay, Cambridge educated and female. She’s not funny, but what comedian needs that attribute these days?

Nominated by: Guardian Hater

Remaking Porridge


More Beeb cuntery… The twats want to remake Porridge… With Fletch’s grandson in the nick for computer hacking…

For fuck’s sake, is that all they can think of? Porridge was of its time with excellent scripts, actors and characters… All leading players from the series are now dead, so expect piss poor copies of McKay, Barrowclough, Godber etc… Also, a little cunt in for computer hacking in an all mod cons holiday camp modern prison is not the wide boy stuck in a shithole 70s jail, is it? Hardly the same earthiness to it really… I also don’t see how it could work…

A modern comedy in a men’s prison that will obviously be ridiculously PC and full of the token multiculti and gay characters… It’ll probably be like Mrs Brown’s Boys behind bars… Porridge was a man’s show, but this won’t be….

Nominated by: Norman