Piers Morgan [6]


I think it’s also worth taking a moment to gloat at Piers Morgan’s recent sacking from the US talk show he hosted. Morgan’s screen presence and interview technique makes Jeremy Kyle look like David Frost. The former tabloid cunt has been boasting for months of his lavish lifestyle, trousering small fortunes for brown-nosing the rich and famous. And now it’s all come crashing down.

Morgan Le Cunt has been trying to spin his departure as being related to his stance on US gun laws, but this is fooling no one. The Americans might be race of obese fucktards, but even they can recognise a smug British Uber Cunt when they see one and they’ve sent him packing pretty sharpish. So Morgan has now received TWO high profile sackings: one from the Daily Mirror (for faking front page photos) and another from CNN (for being a smug and hated cunt).

Let’s hope this odious, talentless, unemployed and unemployable abortion makes it a hat trick by topping the Dead Pool sometime soon.

Nominated by: Fred West

Left Wingers


I want to nominate all left wingers for a cunting. Normally I would just ignore these tofu eating, hug a hoodie, solar powered, hippy friends of the Earth. However today I just can’t. Thatcher is dead. I was never particularly a fan, but she did stand up to the Argies and got a rebate on our financial contribution to the EU.

Today has seen those on the left show us what a bunch of dishonourable, evil, intolerant, disrespectful, ignorant, insensitive, vulgar, disgraceful, uncultured fuckwits they truly are. I know that Thatcher was exceptionally divisive. But to celebrate her death by partying in the streets, dancing with joy, swigging champagne from the bottle (common as fuck) and posting nasty comments is a complete and utter disgrace.

For fucks sake, the woman had been out of power for 23 years. She was 87 and showing signs of dementia. How did the left react? As stated above. Some of these twats weren’t even an itch in their daddies nuts when she was in power, but this didn’t stop the Stalinist little cunts from celebrating her death. Have we as a nation really stooped to such a barbarously low level?

What really made me angry though, were the comments made by that triumvirate of cunts, Derek Hatton, George Galloway, and Ken ‘Newt Fucker’ Livingstone. Three shining examples of the cuntishness of the left. Absolute proof that left wingers are absolute scum. The left constantly presume to preach to us about respect and tolerance for others, yet they are disrespectful to, and intolerant of, anyone who holds a different view to them. And they have nerve to call the likes of the BNP and the EDL scum? Pot, meet kettle. I’m not a supporter of the BNP or the EDL by the way. Blair and his mob did far more damage to the UK than Thatcher ever could, but the hypocritical fuckers conveniently forget that. So I want them cunted.

Nominated by : Quick Draw McGraw