Lefties [2]

Just wait, lefties will be out this afternoon, anxiously telling us that Islam is THE religion of peace and that we shouldn’t blame muslims. The muslim community itself will be more concerned about a backlash against muslims than it will about the victims. Corbyn has issued a statement in which he managed to avoid condemning the atrocity. Don’t worry though everyone, he’s going to talk to ISIS, have a nice cup of tea with them, and everything will be sorted out.

I might try a cunting on this issue later. I need to calm down first though, because my youngest daughter and my niece were at that gig last night. Physically they’re ok, but we’ve been up all night because they’re terrified and in deep shock. And I’m trembling with rage.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

(Sorry for uploading this before you had elaborated but it helps strike home how close to home the threat now is to us all)

These sycophantic leftists trying to out virtue signal each other are making my piss boil.I am conviced now that they seriously to some degree want the country to be conquered by the peaceful ones as a sort of avenging for slavery western intervention and any other shit you can point it that doesn`t involve blaming the Religion of Peace.If it is a religion of peace why do they warn us against speaking out against it through fear of radicalizing people?Either they know it is a lie and are saying “shhh don`t burst our lovely multicultural utopia” or they are indirectly being complicit in the spread of this ideology.As Enoch Powell said “I can already hear the chorus of execration. How dare I say such a horrible thing? How dare I stir up trouble and inflame feelings by repeating such a conversation? ”:

“As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see “the River Tiber foaming with much blood.”

Powell`s issue was that he mistook the problem as lying with race when it was culture that was the issue.
Nominated by Shaun of the Dead

Ashley Judd

Ashley Fudd is in India just now and her tweets say she’s loving it.
Is she aware about the way a lot of Indian girls are treated like shite ?, and is she going to start and speak at a march for women/girls who get raped in front of onlookers in public ?
Most probably not.

She has also defended Muslims for aiding people who’s religion sounds like flewish ( trying to get by moderation there) in the second world war.
Good on the Muslims that aided them, but it means fuck all today, when muslims are the enemy and are hell bent on spreading their filthy shite everywhere.

Talking of Muslim shite, the local parkies have had to cut back the eucalyptus trees coz the Moroccan cunts that are infiltrating my town go under them and take a shite. Dirty cunts.
If you go to the park, quiet back street, car park corners or down to the old ruins of an old fort by the beach, you will find dried up pitch black Moroccan shite with the odd bit of skid marked toilet paper lying around it.
That to me is a major reason these cunts should be sent back to north Africa. It proves they are animals that cant respect their new “home”.
The park used to have a tunnel made of eucalyptus trees in a row that was lovely. Not anymore.
Why can’t we have a nice park and just tell the cunts its not on ?
They’re just going to do it somewhere else.

Ashley Fudd to Moroccans shiteing in my park, how does my mind work ?

Nominated by Birdman

Lutfur Rahman


This evil piece of illegal immigrant shit has been running Tower hamlets as his own personal fiefdom by threatening legitimate human voters with his gangs of illegal immigrant ISIS supporting fucktards.

The muslim über cunt played the race and islamophobia card any time a member of the public or an opposing political party dared to mention massive irregularities in the local elections.

Plod were of course worse than fucking useless when it came to investigating allegations of voter fraud so as not to upset what is basically an entire London borough of illegal muzrat filth.

Visit Tower hamlets if you want to see what a corrupt third world shithole looks like and also what it felt like to be George Custer at the battle of little bighorn.

Is he going to jail? Of course not, that would racist.

Nominated by: Odin’s Balls

Ed Miliband [10]

The last who wants to be a millionnaire

Ed Miliband is a stupid hand gesturing, socialist tripe peddling, question dodging, nasally-voiced fucking bastard of a cunt. He needs his adenoids removing…

Is he a cunt?…”Hell yes!”

Nominated by: Fleaboy

Watched the opposition parties debate last night? I did.

Miliband won’t do business with the SNP, or the Greens, or UKIP, or the Welsh and thinks Cameron is a cunt and Clegg is a waste of space. The arrogant little shit still thinks he can form a government on his own and just in case he can’t, he’s shutting the door on anyone who will support him.

Is Miliband a too faced, politically naive little shit? “Hell, yes!”

Is he going to win 326 seats on May 7th? “Hell, no!”

Nominated by: Dioclese

Harriet Harman [9]


Harriet Harman is another arsehole due a right Royal cunting. The source of her irritation today is the theatre and opera. Apparently, they are ‘too white, middle class and metropolitan’. Which translates as ‘not enough proles and mynoritees are experiencing these forms of cultured entertainment. And, being a patronising, hypocritical, liberal shitehawk, I’m incredibly guilty and offended’.

The fact that anyone can either go to the box office, or go online an purchase a ticket is, seemingly, irrelevant. OK, the tickets are probably pretty expensive, but I would argue that absence of mynoritees and proles from theatre, ballet and opera productions, would indicate that most such people considered it to be pretentious shite.

And why is it only recently that she’s become bothered by these publicly funded groups not attracting a more diverse audience? This was going on when her mob of retards was in government. She didn’t give a fuck then. In fact back then, she probably sat in her taxpayer funded seat at the opera and thought, ‘thank fuck the peasants aren’t interested in seeing a fat cow with steel tits and pig tails singing about how she’s a beautiful 19 year old girl’.

With all the problems this country is currently facing, most of which she and the previous government are responsible for, she has to get worked up about ‘ordinary people’ not giving a fuck about ‘the arts’. Time to fucking quit love. Get me some cheese on toast.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw