Gary Lineker [5]

Another bandwagon insincere Mega Cunt who keeps his ugly mush shut when it suits.
Why is Gary Lineker silent over 400 Walkers staff facing the sack? Employees say vocal presenter is turning a ‘blind eye’ to the crisp plant’s closure to protect his £1.5m deal.


Nominated by Kendo Nag

TV celebs on a jolly


Those fuckin’ TV progs featuring fuckin’ so called celebs off on a jolly to some far flung country.

Either motor cycling ( Ewen fuckin’ McGregor) or jumping on trains ( Michael ( Dolphin Sq ) Portillo, Chris Tarrant ).

Who wants to watch these annoying twats being paid to have a fucking good time. Ben fuckin’ Fogle is another one.

Fuck off out it – we’re not fuckin’ interested!

Nominated by: Ozmandias


2014 is a cunt

2014 is already a cunt. Fucking drunken bastard cunts letting off fireworks and launching Chinese firebombs all night. I need me fucking beauty sleep.

Winter Olympics. Euro elections. Commonwealth games. Same sex weddings. Coagulation still in charge. Scottish referendum.

More fucking Strictly, more X Factor, more Britain’s Got Talent (No. It hasn’t!), more I’m a Nonentity Get the Fuck Outta Here!, more British Bake Off, more Robson fucking Green going fucking fishing FFS! And it all kicks off on Friday with the live launch of Celebrity Big Brother.

And don’t forget soap, soap, soap. More Corrie, more Emmerdale, more Holyoaks, more fucking Eastenders.

All we need now is Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor to carry on from this years biggest Christmas Turkey (was that shite, or what ?). Oh fuck! He’s going to!

Too many cunts to count.

Jeezus H Keriste! 2013 was bad enough…

Nominated by: Dioclese

Downton Abbey

The entire cast, crew and writers of that kaleidoscope of cunts that is ‘Downton Abbey’ for a Daily Mail sanctioned fucking upper class ridden pile of steaming fucking donkey turds.

A cavalcade of racist, sexist, ageist and just about any other ‘ist’ you can care to mention.

Nominated by HurlingDervish